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(1/3) #DidYouKnow there is a #FLOSS / #FOSS counterpart to #LastFM? It's #LibreFM.

Example, here's my LibreFM account:

It is powered by #GNUfm.
(2/3) LibreFM can federate with other GNUfm instances. A new version is currently being developed called #Hacienda where it will be possible to federate with the larger federated #socialweb.
(3/3) If you are interested, be sure to check out Hacienda's official Git repo:…

#fediverse #federation #music #listening #dev #opensource #LibreSoftware
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's Hospitality ~ Cass~ #Dezmall - NSFW - Samethreestones 1 year ago
i made an account simply just to say i came looking for copper
and i found gold - that’s an appropriate comment for #AuntCass 3D CGI porn that reaches this level of artistry - with the……~
…With the new #GenerativeAI #AIArt tools combined with #ChatGPT we will see in the next 12-18 months literally 1,000’s of animation clips of this quality and variety explode onto the scene. We will see at least several dozen FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS at 90’s Disney level quality
Make no mistake we are 12-18 months away from seeing the first entirely #AIArt 2D animated film that looks like a $100 million 1990’s Disney animated masterpiece. It’s gonna get surreal in a hurry. 30 second text prompt makes a dozen images that would otherwise take 10 HOURS EACH
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Once upon a time, the F in #FOSS meant "Free" as in "freedom". Nowadays some of the developers are ascribing instead to some different political theories (which is fine) and perceive FOSS as a way to advance a politcal view or agenda (*not* fine). 1/
In fact, some argue that software should not be used if there are moral or ethical issues, forgetting for example the legal issues around the JSON license (what does "not for evil" mean?). But, to me, it seems that some developers *hate* the idea of freedom. 2/
It looks like they have issues with how people use their software, even though the license perfectly allows them to do so. Yes, some people will use your software for stuff that is displeasing, sometimes illegal, sometimes even vile.
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#Azure Managed Identity assignments are "secure by default."

Dangerous attack paths can emerge around these assignments.

Here's those attack paths emerge, how attackers abuse them, and how defenders can eliminate them: 🧵
First we should understand what Managed Identities are. I think the best way is to understand the problem they are designed to solve.

We have a great recent example of this problem from the alleged Uber breach, where a PowerShell script may have been storing plain text creds:
This problem is not new and not surprising to many people:
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#Updates on @videolan being inaccessible on ISP platforms.
As per the last #RTI response, @GoI_MeitY
had said, “No information is available with this ministry related to website”.
We have filed a second appeal for it & are awaiting a response.
After not receiving satisfactory response from @GoI_MeitY, we have filed two applications under the Right to Information Act, 2005 with @BSNLCorporate and the @DoT_India as well.
#WebsiteBlocking #FreeSpeech #blocked #rtItBot
Latest tests on various carriers show different messages being displayed every time we try to load the "" website.
@ACTFibernet states that "The website has been blocked as per order of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under IT Act, 2000."
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I used to trust Juan, aka @reduzio. Never again. This manipulator cannot be trusted. I'm talking about this as someone who has spent years contributing to @GodotEngine.

Whatever you decide to do with Godot, please, do not give money to them.

#GodotEngine #CancelGodotEngine
If you're not aware of manipulation techniques, you'll instantly believe Juan, since he is very skillful in gaslighting. So skillful to the point that what you see on the fragment above must be broken down into smaller pieces and be explained in detail.

I am an open and honest person. But in a community-driven project, where Godot explicitly mentions that "community-driven" implies "open discussion", Juan wants to feel me guilty for being an open person, which is ridiculous.
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People of #GameDev used to raise reasonable questions about @GodotEngine when it went #OpenSource!

The leadership of Godot acts like contract game developers that benefit from free labor, which explains everything about Godot's governance.

#GodotEngine #CancelGodotEngine
You can read my analysis as an ex-contributor regarding Godot's governance model which confirms the above comments:

Commenting on "what's wrong with that" regarding free labor:

The lead developer Juan Linietsky (@reduzio) wrote that there's "true meritocracy" in Godot. But if you ask him directly, he says that everything is based on trust, and "not meritocracy":

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As promised, a thread of amazing folks working in Open Source. Like most people in FOSS they probably don't get the recognition they deserve.

If you like #Python and programming, I suggest you following everyone in this tread.

Doubles as #FF

Please RT for visibility.

Follow João S. O. Bueno @gwidion

João is building terminedia and rows…
Patrick Loeber @python_engineer produces amazing Youtube content. Essential viewing for #Python engineers!

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Hey @DestLinuxPod Halfway through ep271 and I'm liking your rundown of #foss/#floss on mobile📱. Personally I use Opera browser as it's the only one to support fit-to-zoom so I don't have to strain to see small text on sites that don't render well on mobile. But I'd like to draw
your attention to Bromite, particularly @dasgeekchannel. It strips all tracking kind of like ddg. I'm dubious about ddg as the company is based in the USA but they have held up well so far.
I really prefer a folder structure with my notes and nowadays lean heavily toward #markdown. I've tried many over the years but all seem to cease development. Found Markor on F-Droid and it's perfect for me, so I donated him a tenner.…
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"Wir haben herausgefunden, dass es eine übergeordnete Koordinationsstelle braucht."
Es mangelt in der Verwaltung an fast allem. Aber nicht an zu wenig Verwaltung.
Dieser ganze Vortrag, ey 😂.
"Wir wollen uns keine 100 Entwickler in den Keller sperren!"
Sach ma Andreas Reckert-Lodde gehts noch?
Diese völlige Abwesenheit der Kompetenz festzustellen, das man Kompetenz braucht, ist echt faszinierend.
"Wir wollen stattdessen eine zentrale starke Auftraggeberrolle einnehmen."
Ja genau, dieser Gedanke, dass man ohne Fachkompetenz Auftraggeberkompetenz erlangen könnte. Das ist einer der Gründe, warum ihr die letzten Jahre so verkackt habt.
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Es ist gut, dass das Zentrum für Digitale Souveränität nicht kommt.

Es ist totaler Quatsch und die #osba bekam letztes Jahr schon 15 Millionen Euro für die nutzlose Kommerzialisierung von OpenSource Software. Die niemanden etwas bringt, außer den Beteiligten Unternehmen.
Ich finde das gekuschelt zwischen Verbänden, die Wirtschaftsinteressen vertreten und zivilgesellschaftlichen Verbänden ziemlich befremdlich.
Und auch die Unterstützung der weiteren Kompetenzexternalisierung der Verwaltung, wie sie bei #Zendis passiert, finde ich schwierig.
Wir brauchen aber weiterhin eine ordentliche und global funktionierende #FOSS Förderung von Staat.
Das sollten wir aber damit kombinieren, dass wir der Verwaltung selbst Kompetenzen über #FOSS vermitteln. Dabei wäre etwas wie das #Zendis geradezu hinderlich.
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#NoCode #buildinpublic

Many people think that free #OpenSource software is only for #Linux.

But I use a lot of #FOSS software on my @Microsoft #Windows desktop that I'd be lost without!

These are some of my faves!

25+ FOSS Tools to Improve Your Windows Experience 🧵 👇
7-Zip (@7zip)

Great archiver supporting


Unpacking only:
Audacity (@getaudacity)

If you need to perform some audio editing, Audacity is a huge help. I often use it when fixing audio for a video or converting a recording for use in a phone system menu.

Tons of features & useful tools!
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Das ist ein super Beispiel, wie die öffentliche Verwaltung ihren Verpflichtungen zu #publiccode unter dem Vorwand der "Digitalen Souveränität" nicht nachkommt.
Es ist einfach das allerletzte staatlich finanzierte Software nicht auf GitHub zu entwickeln.
Leider ist es aber genau das, was das @BMI_Bund und Vereinigung wie die "Open Source Business Alliance" mit ihren eigenen Verwaltungsrepositories propagieren.
Weil es ihnen bei #FOSS eben nicht um die Zugänglichkeit zu Code und Community sondern ihr Geschäftsmodell geht.
Das Konzept der Digitalen Souveränität im staatlichen Sinne ist für uns als Zivilgesellschaft einfach immer nur von Nachteil und muss endlich sterben.
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1/ Blockstream 2021: #TowardsHyperbitcoinization

2021 was a breakthrough year for #Blockstream and the #Bitcoin ecosystem. In the spirit of the new year, we wanted to reflect on some of our ambitious projects.

2/ January: We first announced the #BlockstreamJade hardware wallet (now fully compatible with @SpecterWallet and @BitcoinCoreorg nodes). 💎🌊

3/ February: #BlockstreamSatellite began broadcasting the Bitcoin Core source code worldwide. 📡🛰️🖥️

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Today I started compiling a list of twitter accounts of online media who write all about #Linux and #opensource.…

In this thread🧵 I will tell you what project is behind each account on this list Image
Learn to use Linux command line, SysAdmin tools, server setup etc with us. Image
Enjoy Linux, Unix, OpenSource, Programming, Sysadmin & DevOps? Follow to make the most of your geeky IT career. Ad-free Patreon content Image
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der @KonstantinNotz ist alles andere als amused angesichts des Agierens der #Bundesregierung im Allgemeinen & dem von @BMF_Bund & @BMI_Bund im Speziellen in dieser Frage. Kurzer THREAD zu den Gründen #Cloud #FOSS
(2) am 17.09, also noch vor der #btw21, stellte @KonstantinNotz folgende Frage zum weiteren Vorgehen n Sachen #Cloud und #FOSS an die #Bundesregierung
(3) Hintergrund der Frage: auch vor Hintergrund der Diskussionen um #digitaleSouveränitaet hatte Thema #FOSS kurz Konjunktur in #Bundesregierung, doch uns erreichen wiederholt Hinweise, dass man sich derzeit bei #Cloud & Co. wieder erneut in andere, proprietäre Richtung beweg
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🧵#LatinXChem En mi experiencia optar por software gratuitos surge de la necesidad de encontrar alternativas al pago de licencia. No cuento con 💵 y tampoco quiero bajar "cracks", ni versiones piratas por miedo a los 🦠s, ademas de que está 🚫por la ley
Bien dicen que "no hay mal que por bien no venga" y es que el encontrarme con una barrera de pago, fue una oportunidad enorme para entrar al mundo del software libre y de código abierto (Free Open Source Software #FOSS)
Durante mi doctorado mi compañero el admirable Dr. Víctor Duarte Alaniz me había platicado varias veces sobre cómo usó el software libre para escribir su tesis de doctorado y realizar sus aclamadas y famosas portadas en revistas científicas con @Blender
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I'd like to finish my collaboration on @imakefoss with a last thread about a personal reflection about #FOSS and the connection that is created between the developer and the code, after my experience working on #raylib for 7 years and thousands of hours. Opening thread! 1/n
Similar to an artist that puts a part of itself into the created piece of art, same happens with code but I think it is specially noticeable on #FOSS projects, usually originated from passion, a passion to create something to be shared with the world, like #raylib. 2/n
Every #FOSS project includes in some way a piece of the creator, not only its mindset reflected on the way the project is developed (commitment, organization, care for detail, presentation...) but also an emotional component that usually gets unnoticed by the users... 3/n
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Today I'll share some amazing #FOSS #gamedev projects/libraries, mostly C/C++, that I like and I follow the development. First one is GLFW, a window/context/input management lib, for OpenGL and Vulkan initialization: 1/n
Next one: the popular STB libraries: C/C++, single-file, header-only, self-contained, portable... The most notable ones are probably stb_image and stb_truetype, intended to load multiple image file formats and TTF/OTF fonts rasterization: 2/n
Next: miniaudio, a complete audio library to manage device initialization, playback and recording, supporting multiple OS and and backends... and all contained in a single portable header-only C file... just amazing! Check it out:… 3/n
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Hi! Today I'd like to share some thoughts about code quality and deterioration on #FOSS, also related to technical debt, maintainability and product growing. Here it is my experience with #raylib after 7 years working on it... 1/n
When I started raylib, my programming knowledge was not the same than now, I learned many things during this journey and I know there are some pieces of code that should be rewritten from scratch. That requires redesign, implementation and testing... it requires time... 2/n
If that problem happens with a small project like raylib (~50K locs) and requires a fair amount of work to review and redesign, I can't imagine how painful it could be for bigger #FOSS projects with way more years in development. Same happens with closed source project... 3/n
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Usually, when checking a #FOSS project on GitHub, project Stars it's the first that draws attention, it could be a nice popularity ref. but, personally, the first info I look for is the project CONTRIBUTORS. I think it's a good sustainability indicator. Let's talk about it! 1/n
At the very end, to keep a #FOSS project alive you need people working on that project. It could be the creator, maintainers or contributors. Anyone putting some time and effort into improving the project is welcome... really? Here my experience with #raylib... 2/n
Contribution to a project usually imply following some rules, that's one reason why a file is recommended to be included in the repo:…. That file could also be accompanied by a to define the project aim. 3/n
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After my last two threads about #raylib #FOSS SUSTAINABILITY and MOTIVATION, today I'm going to talk about a tightly related topic: MONEY. Is it required for the survival of a project? How much is required? What options are available to get some? Here it is my experience... 1/n
I think a #FOSS project can survive with no money but once it becomes more demanding (improvements, features, community...), it requires more time and money could help to get that extra time to be put on the project grow. We can even see some #FOSS project turning into orgs.! 2/n
In the case of #raylib, I tried to keep the project small and under control... but that's not easy and in the last two years community has grown exponentially! My option to finance it: working as a full-time #gamedev teacher/lecturer, a job that really takes lot of my time! 3/n
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Let's talk a bit about MOTIVATION on #FOSS. How much do you need? How can it be maintained?How long can it last? Here it my experience working with #raylib for +7 years... SPOILER: It's not possible to be motivated all the time! 1/n
Original motivation: #raylib started as a weekend project, for my students to learn programming and be able to easily put things on the screen... also view/understand what was happening at a lower level (#opensource)! The idea itself seemed cool enough to motivate me a lot! 2/n
Results motivation: Students loved raylib and they started learning and creating things in just a few weeks... that was a great motivation to keep working, improving the library and adding new features! I received lot of positive feedback and engagement! Very motivating! 3/n
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Our analysis reveals that the #SourceCode that has been released as the “backend code” is grossly incomplete. Though any effort at transparency needs to be lauded, much of how the @SetuAarogya operates is still opaque…
@NICMeity @GoI_MeitY
The code released on 20th November does contain code that corresponds to the #frontend of the website and the code released also contains code that lets the website interact with the application through the #webview.
#COVID19 #ContactTracing
However, some of the libraries/modules that the code depends on have not been released and very little of the released code is meant to run on the #backend.
#coders #aarogyasetu #COVID19 #FOSS
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