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Dem gescheiterten Bürgermeisterkandidaten für #Dresden und #Querdenker #MarcusFuchs wurde das Twitter-Konto gesperrt.

Jetzt will er 5000€ Euro von seinen Spendenschafen einsammeln um "Twitter in die Schranken zu weisen".

Man finde ihn jetzt beim rechten Netzwerk GETTR.
Laut Querdenker #MarcusFuchs würde GETTR nicht "zensieren".

Dann wird er sich aber auf was gefasst machen müssen. Auch GETTR kennt Grenzen:

"Gettr started to block users from posting the word “groyper,”" (24.12.2021)…
Selbst manche Rechte sind für #GETTR zu rechts.

""Jon Miller was suspended from GETTR because he used the N-word in his profile. This is a clear violation of our terms of service," a Gettr spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Tuesday." (12.01.2022)…
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#Extremism #Terrorism #Gettr
Turner Diaries, inspiration for Mc Veigh's 1995 Oklahoma Bombing. Featured by a Gettr account w/ "Exterminate everything liberal!" Has 718 followers (some listed w/military experience), "pureblood" theme, & Disney depicted as a target.
#Extremism #Terrorism #Gettr
The Disney-Like image was copied to the Turner Diary account from "Faraz Shanyar Iranian concept artist" at machinegames-
#Extremism #Terrorism #Gettr
The Turner Diaries Gettr Account also reacted directly to founder of the Gettr platform, w/ discussion of "bombing" "Twitter HQ" in April 2022. 3 people have liked this comment on Jason Miller's timeline.
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Der rechte Streamer #DigitalerChronist (alias Thomas Grabinger) traf sich mit Jason Miller (CEO des rechten sozialen Netzwerkes GETTR) in #Berlin.
Später war GETTR CEO #JasonMiller auch beim "Zuschauertreffen" im #Berlin|er Umland anwesend.
Das Netzwerk #GETTR ist aufgrund seiner laxen Regeln gerade in rechten Kreisen beliebt.

Am Launch-Tag wurde es direkt gehackt und anfangs wurde das Netzwerk mit "very niche porn, like furries and hentai" geflutet.…
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Come promesso, oggi parliamo delle molte cose dette da #MoniOvadia, persona degnissima, contro la quale non ho nulla, che interviene molto circa #Russia e #Ucraina e che dovrebbe documentarsi meglio, perché molte cose che dice sono imprecise e parziali.
vediamo insieme perché
la sua pessima opinione sull'informazione italiana, in parte fondata, non gli impedisce però di presenziare giornalmente a trasmissioni come #lariachetira, dove esprime opinioni su cose che conosce evidentemente in parte.
ad esempio parla dei curdi:
1) le armi ai #curdi le abbiamo giustamente mandate, dal 2014 al 2018, USA, Germania, Italia, Svezia hanno armato i curdi dell'YPG, proprio quelli aggrediti da #Erdogan
Non mi ricordo di nessuno che dicesse che questo avrebbe "allungato la guerra".…
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The leftist censorship continues as @YouTube permanently “terminates” our Frontline America channel today. I’m actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
@RealAmVoice @JackPosobiec @AmandaHead @bennyjohnson @jsolomonReports @ACTBrigitte @AP @Saorsa1776 @UniteAmerica1st @RepMTG
I thought it would happen during the four years of insurrection against President Trump but somehow ours was one of the few truth speaking channels that survived the propaganda Gestapo.
@KariLake @JennaEllisEsq @realLizUSA @AnnaPerezDC @DBrodyReports @stevegrubershow
It’s interesting that they waited until now to do it but they still had to go back to videos from two and three years ago to justify their actions, taking them down based on ubiquitous and enigmatic “community standard” violations - Never really telling you why.
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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New York court slams #GETTR founder Miles Guo Wengui (aka Kwok) with a $134,000,000 judgment. In a very tough decision and order, the court gives Guo 5 business days to pay.
In a video earlier today, Guo talks about leaving the United States (where he was denied political asylum) to head for London or Japan.
Guo’s private jet is at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut.
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#TerraXtra vom @ZDF zeigt öfter nachgestellte Situationen, das ist eines der Werkzeuge dieses Formats. Diese nachgestellten Situationen werden bei der Ausstrahlung besonders kenntlich gemacht, damit eine Verwechselung mit dem tatsächlichen Ereignis nicht passiert.

Komparsen werden selbstverständlich für ihre Arbeit bezahlt. Es sind keine Demonstranten.

@SHomburg schreibt weiter:

"Gestern hatte ich nach Verifikation der Autorinnen getwittert, wie @derspiegel mit Geld des @ZDF
Stimmung für Zwangsimpfungen macht."

Das ist eine #Lüge!

In den Schreiben geht es nirgends um #Impfungen, geschweige denn um #Zwangsimpfungen.

Und in diesem Tweet schreibt SHomburg wieder gegen @ZDF und gegen @derspiegel, den er jetzt als #Gates und Relotius-Magazin beschimpft.

Ich denke @SHomburg übertrifft #Relotius locker.

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Just received a response from @GETTRofficial to our @tl_eng report. Their Global Communications Director @ebonybowden has emailed and asked us to publish a series of comments from their CEO @JasonMillerinDC. So we are. 1/
This thread will address Miller’s rebuttals point-by-point. In the images attached to these tweets, when GETTR quotes our article the text appears in quotation marks. GETTR responses appear in bold type.

Read our original @tl_eng report here: 2/…
Miller admits @GETTRofficial user data is supplied to Facebook and Google, because GETTR’s growth strategy is dependent upon feeding data to #BigTech. Miller says the info is not shared with anyone else, but it is public knowledge that Fbook & Google share data with partners. 3/
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Robert Malone has created his own mRNA vaccine.

It has precipitated, unintended genetic transformations in him. He says he feels 20 years younger. 😊
If you would like to sign Dr. Malone for a contract to produce on a massive scale, kindly contact him on #Gettr.

The minimum order, as far as I can estimate, should be $63 Billion. If he can accommodate, he might consider $52 Billion.

It's up to him.
Here's his business card.
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#GETTR Set up my account at
Not sure what’s up with this link. My GETTR handle is also @GadSaad.
Hey @GETTRofficial, what's up with this broken link? Also, I tried to set up my account using Safari and Chrome. It failed six times. It only worked when I used my iPhone. Let's get rid of these bugs.
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When it is proposed that I should sign-up for GETTR. QRD:
⇢Literally hosted by Amazon Cloudservices subsidiaries
⇢Google ReCAPTCHA implemented
⇢Big Data Honeypot, data is sold to 3rd parties by Google as they wish and also used for Ad Words
So @FreedomPhoneUS - Quote - "The Phone for Conservatives" - is NOT relying on Big Tech anymore, but all happy on GETTR?

Interesting. If you put in their mail address into Google, you literally find yourself in MossadLand in N.Y.

I wouldn't download their app(s), both of them. ImageImageImageImage
Remember the "alt right" PsyOp "White Nationalist Richard Spencer"?

That was also literally a CIA / Mossad Social Engineering Data Gathering Operation.

He literally voted for Joe Biden then, LOL.…
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We tried to warn people. Some didn't listen. Some retaliated. #SteveBannon #GETTR…
Fox News: "Guo Wengui has partnered with former Trump political adviser Steve Bannon to build a large online following"
Fox: Guo "used a partnership with former Trump political adviser Steve Bannon to build a large online following. In China, he has faced longstanding allegations of money laundering, fraud and other crimes, all of which he has denied, and has applied for asylum in the U.S."
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MichaelWaller 系列长推大意

1)没有人能反驳 #GETTR 创始人郭文贵是中国共产党代理人,其资金来自于中共国大陆

在 4 月 22 日的法庭审判中给了郭文贵澄清资金来源的机会,但他只会使用第五修正案来拒绝正面回答问题

2)郭文贵在2021 年 4 月 22 日纽约南区联邦法院参与庭审时被问及他从中国共产党那里获得的钱吗?

图片可以见:郭文贵拒绝回答任何有关—— 中共政协委员余建明同志—— 是否给他钱的问题
2)-2 背景补充

下方是关于郭文贵的 #钱袋子余建明 同志的系列长推
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Nobody has refuted any of my allegations and facts about #GETTR founder Miles Guo Wengui being an agent of the Chinese Communist Party with his cash coming from the mainland. We gave Guo the opportunity to do so at trial on April 22, but he kept pleading the Fifth Amendment.
Guo is asked in federal court about money he gets from Communist China. He keeps pleading the Fifth. This was in the Southern District of New York, April 22, 2021.
The New York Supreme Court concurred with my argument that Miles Guo Wengui had to plead facts about what I said about him. Guo did not plead facts. The court agreed with me.…
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1) #GETTR founder Miles Guo Wengui (aka Miles Kwok) pled the Fifth when asked in federal court about his money man, William Je. He didn't dispute that Je is a member of the CCP's Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CCPPC).
2) #GETTR founder Guo is asked at the April 22, 2021 federal Strategic Vision trial, "Who is William Je?"

Guo: "The Fifth Amendment."
3) Strategic Vision: "Aren't you concerned with Mr. William Je being your money man if he is associated with the CPPCC?"

#GETTR founder Guo: "The Fifth Amendment."
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Am receiving reports that #GETTR is blocking more accounts of people who criticize its founder and lead investor, Miles Guo Wengui.

In April, when asked in federal court if he is still an asset of Communist China's Ministry of State Security, Guo pled the Fifth Amendment.
#GETTR says it transfers your private information to "recipients in countries," and that it can't guarantee that your private data will be protected. #GuoWengui #MilesGuo @JasonMillerinDC Image
#GETTR also treats your private data as its own personal assets that it can sell or transfer to other companies. The founder of the original Chinese version is known for transferring assets through shell companies based in China, Hong Kong & elsewhere. Image
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#GETTR founder Miles Guo Wengui rails against a Hong Kong businessman who found Guo was a fraud, and shows who wears the pants in the Bannon relationship.
#GETTR backer Miles Guo Wengui had a quarrel with his computer engineer who is said to have built what became the GETTR platform. So Guo threatens to turn the man over to the Communist Chinese secret police: “I can still have you rubbed out.” #CPAC2021
#GETTR's Miles Guo Wengui pledged his allegiance to Xi Jinping in this August, 2017 video. He says he supports Xi's "China Dream," which is to make the Chinese Communist Party the world's prime power, and would subjugate the United States.
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If anyone wants GETTR's source code, they published with source maps on. Funny, their admin page lets them add and remove trending topics. GETTR, the #FreeSpeech platform!
Level 5 Influencers get auto followed on GETTR? Preping to game the system for grift? h/t @AustinSudomemo
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