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Ethical Care for Patients with Self-Managed Abortion After Roe 1/5…
The 2022 Supreme Court decision leaving the regulation of abortion to the states is sure to result in a complex regulatory environment for patients and nurses. In states where abortion is illegal, patients may self-manage abortions using me... 2/5
dications they obtain through the mail or by other means. Nurses may care for these patients in multiple settings and may wonder about their own legal and ethical obligations. This article reviews patient privacy as it relates to self-manag... 3/5
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Podcasts as a Method to Deliver Education on Stigma Surrounding Opioid Use Disorder 1/5…
The objective of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of a podcast miniseries to reduce stigma surrounding opioid use disorder (OUD) among student pharmacists. Students in their second and third professional years from two school... 2/5
s of pharmacy listened to five, 10-23 min podcasts incorporated into their coursework. The podcasts highlighted: (1) interviews with OUD professionals and those with lived experiences; (2) types of stigma and how it affects health outcomes;... 3/5
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Advancing New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) for Tobacco #HarmReduction: Synopsis from the 2021 CORESTA SSPT-NAMs Symposium 1/5…
New approach methodologies (NAMs) are emerging chemical safety assessment tools consisting of in vitro and in silico (computational) methodologies intended to reduce, refine, or replace (3R) various in vivo animal testing methods traditiona... 2/5
lly used for risk assessment. Significant progress has been made toward the adoption of NAMs for human health and environmental toxicity assessment. However, additional efforts are needed to expand their development and their use in regulat... 3/5
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"It's Also Pushed People to a New Level of Desperation:" COVID-19 Impacts on Experiences of Persons Who Use Illicit Opioids 1/5…
The purpose of this qualitative study is to characterize the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on drug use experiences among persons who use illicit opioids (PWUO) in Arizona. Between 12/2020 and 05/2021, interviews were conducted via Zoom w... 2/5
ith 22 PWUO from across Arizona. Participants were recruited through Craigslist and social media ads, referrals by a local #harmreduction organization, and other participants. The interviews were transcribed and analyzed using NVivo. Partic... 3/5
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ADOLESENTS: NIH Study (Stanford study, SF). "School shutdowns, severed social channels, and amplified stress at home and in their communities" during COVID amplified anxiety, depression, and brain aging "reflecting more lasting effects of adversity"…
Important piece from @NEJM this week on #harmreduction in pandemic management. Do everything in your power to minimize severe disease but stop interventions which cause harm without decreasing pathogen impact; new era in COVID 2023 w/ immunity/vaccines
A holistic view of public health during a pandemic (consider societal effects of interventions; are they really helping?), can increase trust in public health. I - like most ID MDs on this platform- am concerned about trust & less uptake of other vaccines
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I've recently finished my internship with Care International in Thailand! The aim of the project was to understand the specific needs of women who inject drugs, and how to improve drug harm reduction services for them. A 🧵
My research was based on literature reviews and semi-structured interviews. I travelled to the northern border of Thailand with Myanmar, to speak to women in Lahu hill tribes, the central Bangkok region, and the border with Malaysia to interview Southern Thai muslim women Border with Myanmar, foggy sky and green lush foreground Raks Thai staff, Gabriella and TDN staff smiling and making Lahu village with very orange earth, blue sky, raised wooden
The program of drug harm reduction wasn't attracting women, and we wanted to understand what needed to change. The first step: Asking women what they want. The women we interviewed were very vocal, and had plenty of suggestions. They simply had never been consulted.
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Let's uncover something with #SubstanceSaturdays

1/ #Xylazine is a sedative and analgesic drug that is commonly used in veterinary medicine to sedate and immobilize animals. It is also used as an anesthetic in laboratory animals and as a tranquilizer in horse racing.
2/ Xylazine is a Schedule III controlled substance under the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances, meaning that it has a potential for abuse and dependence, and it should be used under strict medical supervision. One of its nicknames is "#tranq".
3/ Unfortunately, Xylazine is being used to contaminate the drug supply, and it is being sold as a street drug. This is a dangerous practice as Xylazine can cause serious side effects, including respiratory and cardiovascular depression, and even death in high doses.
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The #AlbertaModel at work. 🧵

“A Medicine Hat-based recovery organization, which has to date received six-figures in government funding, has endorsed an anti-supervised consumption site ad campaign in the U.S.”

First, a must read from @JeremyAppel1025…
This attack on supervised consumption services is not a one-off. It’s a pattern of misinformation.

From @ehyshka:

“It is unfortunate to see an Alberta-based organization lobbying the United States government against supporting this intervention,”

Unfortunate, but not surprising. There is a coordinated movement underway to shift public opinion away from #HarmReduction. A movement heavily influenced by the misinformation machine in #Alberta.
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Und wieder einmal Desinformation zur #Ezigarette in Reinkultur! .@hessenschau…

Inhaltsstoffe in Liquids sind in erster Linie PG, VG, Aroma, ggf. Nikotin.

#ezigarette #edampfe #dampfen #rauchfrei #THRworks #ecigs #vaping
Bisherige Studien haben gezeigt, dass im Dampf der Anteil von Formaldehyd etc. im Vergleich zum Tabakrauch minimalst ist! Die meisten gefundenen Stoffe sind gerade so an der Nachweisgrenze. Daher ganz klar, der Zuschauer wird im Dunkeln gelassen.…
Weiterer Fakt: Raucher, welche auf das Dampfen umsteigen sind faktisch Nichtraucher!

Die E-Zigarette ist ein Produkt zur Tabakschadensminimierung und effektiver zur Erreichung des Rauchstopps als herkömmliche NET.
Das zeigt auch @CochraneTAG…
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We get told many ignorant, cruel stories about #SelfInjury & why we do it.

I feel like doing a myth-busting thread, with some of the real reasons from my own life.

Understanding *why* is important.

It can give us power to make the choices that are right for us.


#selfharm The word ‘me’ is painted on...
Transforming pain

It’s hard to feel two kinds of different pain at once.

So sometimes, if my emotional pain feels unbearable, I create physical pain—like a kind of alchemy. It still hurts but it’s often more bearable.

This kind of SI can help keep me alive.

Shame & punishment

The worst ongoing impact of child abuse for me is shame. It’s insidious. Sometimes my SI is a response to that, a way of trying to feel like a good person.

This is often hidden, very private SI. Sometimes it makes shame worse, sometimes it helps.

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Research says most people who use drugs are men. And many people think there is no reason to involve #women in #drugpolicy. But they are mistaken. The drug phenomenon is not #gender neutral.

Why a #feminist perspective is essential 👉💡🧵...
Due to gendered norms and notions of #femininity that are incompatible with #drugs use, the complex realities of women are often ignored. However, a growing movement is trying to shift this perspective to better understand the unique challenges that female users face.
Let’s have a closer 👁️👁️ why…

#Women who use drugs are often judged because they don’t comply with socially constructed #norms and challenge the traditional role of women.
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Drug checking is a #harmreduction tool aimed at combatting the dangerous consequences of illicit #druguse. However, some critics say that it actually promotes drug use – but they’d be wrong!

Let’s find out why 👉💡🧵:
First of all, consuming illicit substances from the black market comes with huge risks: unknown dosage and purity, the presence of unexpected (potentially dangerous!) adulterants, and the constant influx of new, unresearched chemicals. #DrugChecking directly combats these risks.
But what exactly is drug checking?
It is the chemical analysis of substances which, according to the @EMCDDA, allow drug users to receive “information on the content of the samples as well as advice, and, in some cases, counseling or brief interventions.”
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(1/16) 🧵 on the understanding the opioid settlement landscape & how #HarmReduction orgs can access desperately needed funding.

The opioid settlement process is a big ole mess, but the Coalition for Syringe Access & @AIDS_United created a slide deck to try & clear things up.
(2/16) To be clear, this is a very incomplete overview of the opioid settlement landscape.

This is just the preface of a book that we as a community still need to write & there is so much that I need to learn about the opioid settlement infrastructure. Image
(3/16) Y'all know the backstory:

Pharma did some shady 💩 around opioid marketing & distribution that supercharged the opioid epidemic. State, local & tribal governments sued, & now Pharma is on the hook for billions of dollars. Image
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This is an ignored epidemic caused by our govt vilifying prescription opioids. When we restrict Rx opioids from ppl that need them to treat their debilitating pain, it doesn’t reduce drug deaths, it causes pain patients to commit suicide rather than live in pain. RIP @Dano1330 🧵
2. We can’t keep looking at the drug problem and assume that EVERYONE using Rx opioids is addicted. We can’t assume the only solution is treat addiction… pain patients are NOT addicted to opioids but they get treated like it and it’s been nothing but harmful to them.
3. The DEA made these pain patients’ doctors afraid to treat pain with Rx opioids, (doctors can lose their licenses), pain patients are weened off their current prescriptions, they’re told to take Tylenol or smoke weed, some patients can’t even get a Rx filled, etc.
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New face, same murderous policy.

As @ABDanielleSmith shuffles the cabinet and dispenses her favours, let’s take a quick look at the storied history of being a #UCP “Minister of Mental Health and Addictions”.

@NACMilliken is your next prohibition peddler for #ABLeg.

First up is @jasonluan88.

Jason came out strong with his tin foil hat and big pharma conspiracies.

He immediately displayed his incompetence with this gem below. Image
Then one time Jason suggested naloxone, the life saving antidote to opioid poisonings, was enabling opioid use. Image
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Brief demonstration using turmeric and salt to show how I believe fentanyl contamination of cocaine occurs accidentally towards the end of the supply chain. Easy to do if using the same surface. #HarmReduction
One more quick one about surfaces that look like they’ve been cleaned off. Still can pull more than trace amount after I’ve done the first scrape.
Please test your drugs!!
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Twelve years ago (!!) one of my first introductions to #harmreduction was doing my ⁦MPH⁩ capstone project with Drs Collins & Clifasefi and now I am going to their talk at #harmred22! Image
"We realized how we talked to people as treatment professionals was not effective for people most severely impacted by substance use, racial injustice, and socioeconomic stressors, & people we were working w/ had more effective sustainable ideas for how to revision treatment.”
things people wanted: help people work towards own goals, don't require abstinence, offer group AND individual counseling options
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💥"Safer supply is some people's last chance. It should be one among many options in our toolbox."
- Robyn Kalda's @MoreCoffeePls @NSS_CoP 🔥 response @globeandmail (September 21, 2022)…

#SaferSupply #SaferSupplyEnablesLife #HarmReduction

1/4 White background.  Right si...
Full response reads:

"Re As Safe-supply Study Appears To Show Benefits For Drug Users, Critics Raise Warning Flag (Sept. 19): Author and doctor Vincent Lam wonders whether safe-supply clients are improving owing to wraparound care or a safer supply of drugs.

It shouldn't matter: That wraparound care is part of the program. If someone brings their old car in to be painted yellow and they're offered a seatbelt and airbag too, the point should be that they're safer. Safer supply is not being offered to people instead of traditional

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🚨 Something huge happened today. 🚨

@US_FDA @DrCaliff_FDA listened to harm reduction programs and made it infinitely easier to purchase #naloxone in bulk. With 100,000+ overdose deaths each year, we need BIG solutions.

w/@RemedyAlliance @ejwheeler9 @coreysdavis
🧵 1/26
@US_FDA @DrCaliff_FDA @RemedyAlliance @ejwheeler9 @coreysdavis The FDA Guidance provides clear federal support for bulk purchase and distribution of naloxone to meet one of the biggest public health challenges of our times.

Full text via link below, but let's break it down.

@US_FDA @DrCaliff_FDA @RemedyAlliance @ejwheeler9 @coreysdavis This is a watershed moment. Along with low-cost naloxone available through @RemedyAlliance and state standing orders, this Guidance establishes a trifecta of innovations that will help rapidly scale up naloxone distribution.
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C’era una volta un paese chiuso tra un mare altrettanto chiuso e una catena di monti che cucivano una valle via l’altra. Erano pochi gli abitanti che ne varcavano i confini, e siccome non facevano mai ritorno né mandavano notizie, ciò scoraggiava altri a seguirne l’esempio.
L’isolamento geografico di Nullandia, questo il nome del paese, si era tradotto in chiusura mentale dei suoi cittadini, convinti di vivere uno dei territori più floridi e giusti del pianeta (di cui sapevano molto poco, data l’assenza di telefoni e figuriamoci internet).
Erano noti per lamentarsi poco, o solo di problemi inesistenti come una probabile invasione straniera, la cui minaccia pareva incombere una volta al mese, almeno secondo le fonti governative.
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Hallo alle zusammen. Die Uniklinik RWTH Aachen hat ein Video herausgebracht, dass über die Mythen von Cannabis aufklären will. Schauen wir uns das Video mal genauer ein. Ein Thread.
Mythos 1: Durch eine Legalisierung werden mehr Jugendliche zum Konsum angeleitet.
Hier geht Fr. Herpertz-Dahlmann auf die USA ein und sagt, dass mit einem signifikanten Anstieg des Konsums bei Jugendlichen auszugehen ist, wenn man sich diese Zahlen ansieht. (2/x)
Leider werden von ihrer Seite keine Quellen genannt, sodass sich die Zahlen so nicht überprüfen lassen.
Was hierbei besonders auffällt ist, dass in diesem Punkt die unterschiedlichen Regulierungsmodelle und die kulturellen Unterschiede, was Markverhalten angeht, (3/x)
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I'm getting the train to Utrecht in the Netherlands on Thursday for the opening of the world's first MDMA shop.

Sadly the shop is only a demo/ proof of concept at this stage; a research project from @poppiamsterdam & that cant yet actually retail MDMA - but seeks to engage stakeholders in the debate on how regulation should work

But they have built a real shop..
The set-up presents three different models for how retail MDMA might function.
1. A low threshold nightclub retail model
2. A more strictly regulated pharmacy-type sales model
3. A 'smart shop' model (somewhere between 1 & 2)
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Dehumanization lets us treat others as less than human - this prejudice about unhoused folks is part of the systemic violence harming already vulnerable populations.

Gross, editorial moralizing from the local media & elected officials is irresponsible.🧵…
Above the fold, on the front page of the @newsminer’s 6/5 Sunday paper, an article ran with the title “Golden Heart Plaza safety concerns continue.” The article’s spotlight on safety begs a question: Concern for whom?
When Roberto froze to death last November, unsheltered in -20°F temperatures, where was the article concerned about his safety? Or, for all the people experiencing the same crisis.
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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