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NL macht einen riesigen Fehler: Aromenverbot in Liquids wird zu mehr Raucher führen. Die Aromenvielfalt ist der Schlüssel des Erfolgs von #THR mittel E-Dampfprodukte!…

#ezigarette #edampfe #dampfen #rauchfrei #THRworks #ecigs #vaping
Negativ Beispiel San Francisco…
Die DEBRA Studie zeigt, Jugendliche experimentieren zwar mit der E-Dampfe, konsumieren sie aber nicht dauerhaft.…

Von einer "Einstiegsdroge" kann keine Rede sein!
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Und wieder einmal Desinformation zur #Ezigarette in Reinkultur! .@hessenschau…

Inhaltsstoffe in Liquids sind in erster Linie PG, VG, Aroma, ggf. Nikotin.

#ezigarette #edampfe #dampfen #rauchfrei #THRworks #ecigs #vaping
Bisherige Studien haben gezeigt, dass im Dampf der Anteil von Formaldehyd etc. im Vergleich zum Tabakrauch minimalst ist! Die meisten gefundenen Stoffe sind gerade so an der Nachweisgrenze. Daher ganz klar, der Zuschauer wird im Dunkeln gelassen.…
Weiterer Fakt: Raucher, welche auf das Dampfen umsteigen sind faktisch Nichtraucher!

Die E-Zigarette ist ein Produkt zur Tabakschadensminimierung und effektiver zur Erreichung des Rauchstopps als herkömmliche NET.
Das zeigt auch @CochraneTAG…
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1/Epic twitter thread on the JUUL settlement b/c, after years of looking at MSA funding & seeing these AGs all excited to get moneys from a #THR product. I'm pissed. So let's settle in for a wild ride that'll probably end up an op-ed.
2/So, ICYMI, JUUL reached a settlement w/32 states (and 1 territory) regarding it's role in the so-called "youth vaping epidemic."
3/In June 2021, North Carolina was the first state to reach a settlement w/JUUL. Getting $40M over several years.…
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When it comes to #THR advocacy, there are 2 things that are a bee in my bonnet. Misinformation and the lack of agreeing on common goals/working to achieve them is the other. In honor of #WNTD22, I'm redoing a thread from a while ago. #ChangeTheConversation

From @Dr_KiranMelkote
"Tobacco control organizations have become mired in the “hows” and have lost sight of the “whys” – we have a common goal. Let’s join hands to save lives and improve public health."
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I remember how excited I was a year ago when @cdoug Tweeted his statement about how we need to #ChangeTheConversation about #THR and #Smoking. His latest tweet reminds me that his voice is one of many. This gives me hope.

"The debate is heated, driven as much by emotions and philosophies as by facts. One hopes that the debate will move to an evidence-based discussion as research fleshes out the factual basis for evaluating the roles of these novel products."…

“We must not focus our efforts so narrowly on preventing tobacco use by youth that we send smokers the message that we have abandoned them -- that their addiction is their own fault and that we don't care about them.”…
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If VLNC helps some people stop smoking, I will be glad to see it. I'm concerned about sending people the wrong message about nicotine. I'm going to park some random thoughts throughout the day in this 🧵, as I work on the @SaferWiki VLN page.…
Some people are concerned when people making the switch from smoking to vaping dual use. What happens if people dual use cigarettes and VLNC? Is smoking less/day a good thing? Is it reducing harm? Some against vaping have said "no". Image
3/🧵… (page 6)
My concern is sending consumers the wrong message about nicotine. It's not the nicotine that causes death and disease. If someone likes smoking and doesn't want to quit they need to understand that VLNC isn't safer, it's less addictive. Image
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Watched the show today like I do often. Good show.
But a lot of this information is old news as well. Nearly 10 millions ppl have quit cigarettes with Ecigs. And a large Number of organizations has been doing tons of great research. Nearly 100 million 🌎 have quit.
So now we have 100 million adults all using ecigs to stay off of cigarettes. Starting out at their higher levels allowing the Ecigs to actually replace that cigarette without feeling deprived.
Like me smoked for 22yrs started out around 36mg, but now I am around 0mg to 3mg
Ecigs allow users to drop down the Nicotine level gradually as you use. And Nicotine it's self doesn't contain any carcinogens. Remove the Tar and thousands of chemicals all burning smoke. So Ecigs are much safer. Now for adults the flavors are a factor that helps them Adult's
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It's not that the ongoing battle between #tobaccoharmreduction and #tobaccocontrol has taught me this, but it shows how easy it is to claim the moral high ground, act disingenuously, and then point fingers at the people they're stigmatizing. Hypocrisy is all too easy. /1
For sure, we should turn the mirror on ourselves as well, because, as I said, hypocrisy is easy. #thr is a balancing act between the ethical and the pragmatic. By advocating for it and selling vaping products and things like #kratom, I have to be open about risks. /2
At face value, that's not hard. Tell the truth. Embrace the consequences. But the consequences aren't just to me. I don't want to lose a sale but more importantly (for me), I don't want customers to keep choosing the devil they know (cigarettes, opioid painkillers, etc.). /3
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People in #TobaccoControl often chant a mantra to the effect "#ThinkOfTheChildren!"
Of course, children should be considered, & protected, but why not focus on the harm facing adult smokers? If they can #QuitSmoking by 40 years old (some say 35), they can avoid any serious health implications.
Well, I've thought (probably too) much on this, and suspect these folks all hold the same beliefs:
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Senescent, sour, Sydney moonhowler @SimonChapman6 has been 'shaking his cane' at #tobacco shops for selling #vapes. Thing is, they are a 'highly addictive' **0%** #nicotine strength.

Hey .. one is even sour, so may be right up his alley.

How ya' like /them/ apples, Simon? 😏
As such.. it is not 'highly addictive', 'highly habituating', or even 'mildly habituating'.

I picked those two up in Sydney the other day at a tobacconist - who was proud to tell me they had no nicotine at all.
Reassuringly, one of those is actually /made in #Australia/. So applying sensible consumer regs(1) for Quality Control should be easy, and save us (consumers) from having to get them from countries that do not demand high standards in construction or ingredients.
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On behalf of KAC, the #GSTHR's @GerryStimson gave evidence to the UK @AppgVaping's inquiry into the #FCTC in Feb - see yday's Daily Express featuring @MarkPawsey MP:…

A summary of Prof. Stimson's points can be found here and ⬇️:…
Professor Stimson:
"The UK is a world leader in #tobaccoharmreduction – expertise, governmental and institutional support, the data, and evidence that access to safer #nicotine products speeds up the switch away from #smoking."…
Professor Stimson:
"The UK’s experience with #THR is being systematically ignored or worse, derided behind the scenes by the
@WHO and #FCTC process, instead of being highlighted as a best practice. Why is this?"…
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1. This is a “20 pt mini review” of the scientific facts that show the harm reduction potential of electronic nicotine delivery products (ENDP). These facts are consistent across studies and coherent along the causal chain of events linking smoking to disease (CELSD) (see Figs).
2. Let’s focus on COPD, and start from the last event: “population harm”. Recent publications have shown that since the market introduction of heated tobacco products in Japan, cigarettes sales have started to decline more sharply than ever before (PMID: 31209129, 32443663). …
3. … and that this drop in cigarette consumption is in large part due to smokers switching to heated tobacco products (HTP) (Figure 1 in PMID: 32443663). Question: can we already see an effect of this change in tobacco product use prevalence on COPD?
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@SimonChapman6criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
@SimonChapman6 criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
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What Skerrit is saying in regard to not bringing #tobacco under the prescription model is complete rubbish. The @TGAgovau site explicitly mentions novel #nicotine products - #SLT & #HTP.
Huh.. @hollieahughes just said they're due to report by /18th/ December. I'd thought it was the 1st of December.
Emily Banks 'sum total of world experience' .. yeah, with some heavy #CherryPicking.
The Oz #ANTZ /all/ seem to be loving 'the #GatewayEffect' which is a 'real thing'.. 🙄
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1/There is so much wrong with this article

▪️Only anti-vaping views quoted
▪️Extensive misinformation not challenged
▪️No alternative views offered

Can I have a right of reply @Dana_Adele

2/ nicotine is highly addictive

The addictiveness of nicotine depends on how it is delivered. Smoking is highly addictive due to rapid nicotine delivery and other chemicals in smoke. Vaping is significantly less addictive than smoking
3/ doctors should be focused on getting people off cigarettes and nicotine completely

Ideally yes. But many smokers can't quit nicotine and switching to a safer alternative is lifesaving. The focus of #THR is reducing disease, not ceasing nicotine
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Fascinating (but not surprising) that MOST #ANTZ call out from their ECHO (Echo echo) chambers claiming to know what ALL #vape 'fans' think. So here's a tweet thread from a persons who #vapes and is a fan of #TobaccoHarmReduction, to clarify what ONE person in that group thinks.. Image
I'm completely in favor of 'phasing out' combustible #cigarettes. #THR products like #vape, #snus & #HTP could do that in a decade or so if the moron #ANTZ (like Ruth) had not demonized #nicotine & currently .. 'fight' against alternative nicotine products.
But when an #ANTZ says 'phasing out', my auto-correct inserts 'prohibition', and I definitely don't support that. It is a #HumanRight for people to choose to consume drugs, and the role of (ACTUAL) #PublicHealth ppl should be to encourage them to do so in the safest way possible.
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Following a long line of articles from #TobaccoControl types who completely fail to 'get' #TobaccoHarmReduction, @LauraRossouw chimes in to prove she can misunderstand it up with the 'best'.
So let's look at a brief overview of the article..
Firstly, the title itself. Not only do #THR advocates support (sensible) regulation on #eCigarettes / #vaping, but there are, in most countries, a variety of legacy consumer protections that apply to them (e.g. standards for electrical goods or standards for labeling poisons).
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"Maybe next year they could hear from a group of people who were unable to quit [#smoking] using traditional methods, but have succeeded by #vaping?" @JohnOyston…
Though I disagreed with a variety of points in the bullet list of 'points of agreement', this article has a lot of sensible suggestions.
This one jumped out at me though, as .. impractical, given the #COI created by #BigPharma funding ..
.. as well as the ideological opposition of many #ANTZ in #TobaccoControl).
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Do #HealthWarnings on #cigarette sticks dissuade #smokers and #NonSmokers? A focus group and interview study of #Australian university students.
@AaronDrovandi, Teague PA, Glass B, Malau-Aduli B.
Being a former #smoker from #Australia I found it rather odd the researchers asking questions about #GraphicWarnings and their effect, of a group that included NON #smokers.
As time has gone by (not necessarily in this order):
- #Tobacco advertising was banned long ago.
- #Smoking bans put #smokers outside, where they were more obvious to people walking past the #SmokeFree buildings.
- #GraphicWarnings were included on cigarette packs.
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@realDonaldTrump @SecAzar @FDACommissioner @CDCDirector @Surgeon_General
After all the sensational stories, #smokers of #America need assurance that it is safer to #vape.
Please implement something like described in "#THR messages targeted to smokers".
(And please excuse the parts about #GraphicWarnings & the British accent narration, I had very little budget & made it for an international audience.)
Of course, a message for #American #smokers would feature different messages. Here are some messages suitable for inclusion as inserts in #cigarette packs. 1/
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A fisking of the opinion piece by Michelle Jongenelis (from the doghouse of @DrOliviaDoll1) in Fairfax media. No public link known (it appeared in a variety of regional newspapers around #Australia).
"THE recent death of a US man who contracted a serious lung disease after taking up #vaping comes as no surprise to many #PublicHealth advocates."
No mention of #BlackMarket, unregulated #cannabinoids, despite 6 US regions involved, explicitly mentioning it.
"Contrary to the messages being disseminated by the vaping industry (an industry now largely owned by #BigTobacco), .."
Wrong! Neither the majority of companies, nor vape sales, involve products ownership by the #TobaccoIndustry.
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