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Privatisation of the UK's rail network, simply, has been an overall disaster.
Credit due to @Mark_J_Harper for taking the abysmally failing Trans Pennine routes back under Govt control. The northern service generally, is a remaining vestige of the north/south divide.
#HS2 was a good idea, implemented poorly, with no proper fiscal scrutiny. I supported the principal, but not this version of the scheme.
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How does #HS2 deliver those things? How, for example, will it improve local rail services?

Some people seem to think HS2 is about “knocking 35 minutes off London to Birmingham”. But there's much more to it than that... 2/n
Yes, #HS2 will dramatically reduce journey times: the project will cut London-Manchester from two hours to one; it takes around an hour off the journey to Scotland; and Birmingham-Nottingham, which currently takes over an hour, falls to an almost ridiculous 20 minutes. But... 3/n
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The scrapping of the #HS2 Phase 2b eastern leg to Leeds offers a welcome reprieve for a significant number of nationally and locally important designated nature areas, including Derbyshire (1/4).
Alongside thousands of others, we have long campaigned against #HS2 due to the huge damage it will do to nature and communities along the route. (2/4).
In Derbyshire, the impacts of HS2 would have been catastrophic with damage to ancient woodlands, up to 26 local wildlife sites were threatened, 13 looked likely to be completely destroyed and around 20 other sites of wildlife value would have been adversely affected (3/4).
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The @Independent is calling this "the North's rail betrayal" and they're absolutely right. Talk about levelling down.

Lots of issues with this austerity-driven proposal. THREAD... 🧵 1/n
First and foremost, let's talk about capacity. Are the lines between the East Midlands and Yorkshire at capacity already? Predominantly, yes. I've had first-hand experience of this. 2/n
The whole logic of #HS2, of which the eastern leg is an integral part, is to release capacity on *three* main lines, freeing them all up for new local services and freight. This logic relies on HS2 services beating current East Coast Mainline services to Leeds. 3/n
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Big thanks to Austin Barber for an absolutely fascinating lunchtime tour of the #HS2 site at Curzon Street. Hearing about how the scheme is enabling new green spaces, tram networks and hub-oriented residential development. #GPC21 #GPConf 1/n ImageImageImageImage
This is sustainable development in action. The location of the new housing, located next to Curzon Street and other public transport hubs, means that it has *zero* car parking spaces. This is how we tackle car supremacy. #GPC21 2/n
And thinking holistically, the density of the housing means fewer fields built on at the edge of town, where public transport is also more scant. #GPC21 3/n
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Crunching some numbers:
🚄#HS2 's construction is 8-14 million tCO2 (~12)
🔌1 electric car (Nissan leaf)'s construction is ~10 tCO2
🚘The UK has ~44.5 million petrol&diesel cars
🤯Replacing them all with EVs would take 445 million tCO2 or *37* HS2s
🚉HS2 = 1.2 million EVs
For context, 10t CO2 = 1 UK person /year
Also, #HS2 will last much longer than 1.2 million electric vehicles.
Plus there's ecological impacts of lithium mining for EV batteries. Though building rail takes more concrete?Still :#RailNotRoad
@Greens4HS2 /2
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Today, three #NationalEvictionTeam (NET) agents, who are HS2's bailiffs/hired thugs of choice, appeared in court faced with a lengthy list of violent charges for an alleged attack they carried out on peaceful activists in a hotel car park on 4th October 2020

Phillip Ashley John:
2 counts of Section 18 - grievous bodily harm with intent
3 counts of false imprisonment

Alan Mark Winkler:
3 counts of false imprisonment
Assault by beating
Assault causing actual bodily harm

Adrian Mark Long:
3 counts of false imprisonment

This is just one of a depressing + awful list of alleged #NET crimes; many are facilitated by the police

Your taxes fund #HS2 to continue employing these violent thugs, despite these charges and video evidence of other brutality


(Note: photo is NOT of the alleged incident)
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The Government response to the #SternReview was the #ClimateChangeAct: domestic action on #ClimateChange.

Its response to the #DasguptaReview starts with a promise on international biodiversity that HMG can't deliver. A better response would be to halt #nature's decline at home.
Of course, it should also commit to reducing the UK's #GlobalFootprint as a way to contribute to the international biodiversity crisis.
Next, the Review focuses on raising private finance. That's an excellent ambition & the Impact Fund is welcome.

But the top thing Gov can do to unlock finance is a commitment to halt nature's decline that's "long, loud and legal": a #StateofNature target in the #EnvironmentBill
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🧵*A shocking attack on nesting songbirds* by @BasingstokeGov 1/8 Last month @Channel4News reported #HS2 developers were flying Harris Hawks to deter songbirds from nesting.… @BirdGuides
2/8 This was roundly condemned by Jeff Knott @RSPBEngland and Luci Ryan @WoodlandTrust
3/8 Also last month @BasingstokeGov approved the felling of 67 mature oak and 3 mature beech trees at #OakdownFarm for a giant warehouse. Our petition protesting this (89k signatures thus far) is here:
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BREAKING NEWS: Justice Laing orders @HS2Ltd to cease all felling which has been licensed by @NaturalEngland at #JonesHillWood with immediate effect, pending hearing which will happen on 24th of May at the earliest. #StopHS2 #HS2
Mark Keir said "We have to accept that this does not stop all felling, but I would ask NGOs and the public to put as much pressure on #HS2 to stop all felling at #JonesHillWood pending the outcome off the hearing. We await a response from @HS2ltd and @NaturalEngland." #StopHS2
This must have been just so satisfying for @MarkKeir6 to serve #HS2 with papers.....

"My turn!"

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Rail nerds of twitter: When this excellent project finally gets built,... which station in Birmingham will the trains go to? Is the plan still Moor Street? Or have they gone back to New Street?
New Street it is. As a veteran of the 50 bus, at worst close to an hour in traffic up to Kings Heath, I am well aware of how important this is for Birmingham's economic success. Excellent stuff.
As long-time followers will know, I have tracked most buses in the West Midlands for about three years now (sounds very weird when I write it). It's all #opendata so I can show you how long buses from Birmingham to Kings Heath took on 22 November 2019.…
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Another day, another #HS2 scandal!
Please witness sophisticated intimidation techniques used by security staff towards local residents and photographers.
It gets more serious as it develops. By the end of the day we are left traumatised and nearly trampled by our horses.
A walk along a public footpath past #HS2 compound and demolition site, with a friend documenting #ecocide, takes a dark turn when we are both interrogated and pursued by #HS2 security team.
Back at home, surveillance continues in the most arrogant way, making us feel increasingly disturbed. This time we decide to complain.
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The world pop'n is 7,850,000,000,000

UK pop'n is 68,000,000

#HS2 will cost £170,000,000,000 at least,
likely several times that

That works out at £22 for each human being on Earth
. . . or £2,500 for every person living in the UK

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BREAKING #StopHS2 News: In the last few minutes, #Lazer has voluntarily left the tunnel. It is understood that in exchange for coming out, he secured concessions from the bailiffs, which have been delivered to the brave tree protectors remaining in the tunnel.... Image
...These include lights and various sanitary and hygiene products. He is currently being checked by paramedics but is thought to be in good health after what can only be described as a legendary stand against the #HS2 gravy train. Further updates to follow. Image
Tunnel Video Update from #Lazer. #BattleForEuston #HS2Rebellion
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Read below @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan's response to an email, urging him to #StopHS2 & protect the lives and rights of the protesters underground at Euston. Clearly shows his brazen lack of care and denial to the present situation happening in the city he is meant to represent:
"No matter what your views are on the construction of #HS2, the excavation of makeshift tunnels at Euston is not a safe way to protest. These protestors are putting themselves, #HS2 staff & the general public in danger, as well as increasing pressure on the emergency services ...
... at a very difficult time. The Mayor believes that tackling climate change & improving rail services across the UK are not mutually exclusive goals & that encouraging greater use of public transport is good for the environment."
We need to continue putting pressure on ...
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1/ Aside from government sponsored greenwashing there is a full on pro #HS2 cult who have swallowed the PR

One of the biggest lies they believe is HS2 is the way to improve local services.

When presented with facts/ requests for evidence they just regurgitate soundbites. Crazy.
2/ Some of them will only engage with other members of the cult. Oblivious to wider public opinion.

These ultra #HS2 supporters act like members of a religion.

Fact doesn't matter, it's all about faith and confirmation bias.

It doesn't matter how weak the case for HS2 gets.
3/ Bubbles and echo chambers teach us nothing.
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In the latest Yougov poll (Dec 2020)#HS2 support has fallen to 23%
Only 7% strongly support
2/ London supports #HS2 most at 28% but this has fallen by 6% points since the summer.
3/ in the Midlands 24% support #HS2 but only 7% strongly support.
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The #HS2 protesters are heroes. HS2 is the Concorde of the 21st Century: a money-guzzling, carbon-pumping white elephant that - if it ever comes to fruition - will serve the rich at everyone else's expense.…
I suspect that as the business case for HS2 becomes ever more absurd, the project will eventually be abandoned, but not before many £bns have been spent, and more precious habitats destroyed. The protesters are speaking truths that even the government will one day have to hear.
From the beginning, you had to believe several impossible things to justify #HS2, as I explained here, when it was costed at a mere £25bn. Now you also have to believe that long distance business transport across the UK will return to pre-pandemic levels.…
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1/3 Dr Larch Maxey was acquitted yesterday at City of London Magistrates Court for his #StopHS2 tree occupation in Parliament Square in September 2020.
However, with the eviction of Euston Square Gardens looming and further arrests for tree occupations likely... Image
2/3 ...this outcome serves as a reminder to #HS2, police & Government that they aren't above the law. The courts aren't known for siding with activists against big business, but they've come down firmly on the side of the tree protectors. Dr Maxey says "We occupied the trees ....
3/3 bring attention to #HS2 ecocide. We defend trees in the countryside & nobody hears about it but when we do it in London we get attention. We will be defending Euston Square Gardens against eviction & what has been lawless thuggery by HS2 & their bailiffs."
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So we start with the 1st line & hit the buffers as we hit the “reallocate funds fallacy”. This has been explained so many times. Cancelling #HS2 means no money for anything else. Funds raised for #HS2 can ONLY be spent on HS2 & these funds are borrowed against future use.
If there’s no HS2, there’s no funding for HS2 & no money. Also please explain how NR received an initial £48bn for CP6 back in 2019 if HS2 was “hoovering up funds”. As for value, as seen with existing lines, heavy capital costs are made back over the lengthy operational timespan
Remember that parts of today’s WCML are almost 200 years old. How many times has that paid for itself over & over & over again above its initial costs? Also, what’s with a #Green going with the austerity rhetoric?? We can’t afford not to decarbonise, at any cost, esp public spend
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We've seen a lot of evidence over conference week and today that @TheGreenParty is still some way from being able to discuss #HS2 constructively, based on a good understanding of what it offers as well as what it costs. The party's policy on high speed rail remains confused. /1
We say again: we are Party members who support #HS2 because it furthers the Green agenda rather than hinders it. We are happy to explain this case to any other member, including senior party figures, if asked. We aren't shills, trolls, astroturfers or trainspotters. /2
HS2 is being built. We aren't going to stop it. But we can campaign along the way: for HS2 Ltd to behave respectfully to the habitat and communities they disturb, for freed capacity to be used for local benefit, for transport policies to be put in place for road pricing, ../3
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We know many very committed Greens are involved in these protests against #HS2, concerned about the loss of habitat and woodland - we respect their dedication. But they’re protesting about the wrong thing - the real enemy is the #RIS2 roads programme. /1
Unlike #RIS2, #HS2 is an investment in a low-CO2 future. It may not look like it now during construction, but the tree loss and upheaval we see is going to be paid back over decades because of how it helps the shift from high-CO2 cars and planes to low-CO2 travel. /2
(Here’s our CO2 thread: . The chart summarises: over 60 years HS2 with no policy assistance will be neutral or better; over 120 years a huge win; with Green policies behind it, a major sustainability win. Note the numbers: worst case 1.2m tonnes CO2.) /3 Image
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HS2 respects the right to peaceful, lawful protest. However, we must correct the incorrect and misleading information about the #HS2 project, such as false claims that entire woodlands are being destroyed.
HS2 is very conscious of its impact in building the new railway and takes its responsibilities very seriously, employing world leading ecologists delivering many miles of ecological and landscape investments.
The UK, in particular the Midlands and North, need this vital investment to bring more job opportunities and better connect towns and cities, as well as help decarbonise our transport network. We are committed to delivering the greenest major project ever delivered in the UK.
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We often hear from Greens, including very senior ones, that #HS2 is a climate disaster because it won’t be CO2-neutral for a long time. “120 years!” is quoted, “HS2’s own figures!”. One big problem with this: it isn’t true. Let’s take a look at HS2 and CO2... /1
HS2’s official position is that after 60 years #HS2 will either be slightly CO2-negative (if construction doesn’t improve its CO2 efficiency) or slightly CO2-positive (if it does). (The Oakervee review covers this:… - sections 5.30 to 5.37) /2
The modelling is covered in more detail in this document:…. We’ve extracted the numbers below from that. They consider 2 future scenarios - Scenario A in which electric cars and grid decarbonisation happen slowly, and a more optimistic B. /3
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