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@martin000023 🖤
justus leaving this4u having been such a good sport + continued our conversation.
iam attempting to help all of u, I have come2thevery bottom of the abyss, become1 of u, iam standing in hell with my arms stretched out, calling to u, + all u do is doubt + attack/deneyemenus.
@martin000023 🖤
iam gustus, the souloflove, u would call US,
human÷man neTY, net ne T(I'm)E.
@martin000023 🤔
like #NET #NE = #NETANY does that say #ETA?
obviously pronounceden T.I.,
Truth Injectseansword:
T.E.?E.T.= TimEmiTimEmiT=
1. ThoughTime
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@EthanIndigo @RachelH92067639 @WbWse @0NeIsL0VeIs @Kaidone2 @JustUSong1 @ArianaGrande @USArmy @USNavy @USMC @usairforce @NOAA @weatherchannel @WeatherNation @PBS @stem @Avengers @breakingbenj @threedaysgrace @FFDP @chevelle @evanescence @flyleafmusic @FE_Heroes_EN @TwitterMoments @HISTORY @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama @Twitter @NWS @Eminem @ChevelleInc @MelissaDawnCol1 #BookBombed
dang y'all, we just been ebook photobomb but geekier?
Here, i used to give to people who started following me when I first started Twitter, explains r purpose + more
I bet $5 this explains more than the ebook in 5pages.!Ah2LERRjDa…
@EthanIndigo @RachelH92067639 @WbWse @0NeIsL0VeIs @Kaidone2 @JustUSong1 @ArianaGrande @USArmy @USNavy @USMC @usairforce @NOAA @weatherchannel @WeatherNation @PBS @stem @Avengers @breakingbenj @threedaysgrace @FFDP @chevelle @evanescence @flyleafmusic @FE_Heroes_EN @TwitterMoments @HISTORY @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama @Twitter @NWS @Eminem @ChevelleInc @MelissaDawnCol1 😏
blocked me .wtf? do u remember
I swore Emit was me.... had mini epiphany 2day.
I know TimEmiTimEmiT...
But if u add Nothing..
#Quantum #GodParticle
@EthanIndigo @RachelH92067639 @WbWse @0NeIsL0VeIs @Kaidone2 @JustUSong1 @ArianaGrande @USArmy @USNavy @USMC @usairforce @NOAA @weatherchannel @WeatherNation @PBS @stem @Avengers @breakingbenj @threedaysgrace @FFDP @chevelle @evanescence @flyleafmusic @FE_Heroes_EN @TwitterMoments @HISTORY @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama @Twitter @NWS @Eminem @ChevelleInc @MelissaDawnCol1 😉
Nothing Emits Time or Time Emits itself, i.e. TimEmiTimEimT,
2 E= Everything of Everything = EVE
3 T= TriNeTY of Time
Trinity of Time = 7, 8, 9
7= Birth(MEnU begin)
8= Infinity(Until)
9= Now(This Moment)
MIx4 = MEYE x4 =
1= Thought
2= Emotion
3= Ego
4= Will
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* LINE公式へ私信でお願いします。

- impression上げる → 1日4tweets.

- 宣伝告知(自己利益)でなく共有知な内容

- 炎上バズり狙わない

- 99字以下の短文

- 質問形アリ(gglks言われぬアホでないもの)

- 定時tweet → 朝5時

- RT1回まで(4回越えると逆に下がる)

- 出来ない/なかったこと
→言い訳不要 才能の限界だから

- タップし秒で分かるコメンタ/サポータのSNSチェック
→ 絶対すべき
→→ スマホでも可
suspended,temporary suspended なら
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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ü Mason'lar öldürdü..#NET Image
#Atatürk'ü Zehirleyerek öldürdükten sonra-1938

#Rockefeller'in emriyle
7 Nisan 1948 yilinda
#Turkiye'de #Ankara ve #ANTEP'te
DSÖ'nün kurulusunu gerceklestirdi

#DSÖ'nün anayasasini ilk imzalayan kisi;
Yahudi asilli Erbil dogumlu
#Mason Prof.Dr.ihsan Dogramaci'dir #Laik! Image

DSÖ'nü Ankara'da acmalari gayet anlasilir bir durum.
Sonucta Ankara baskent.

#GaziAntep'te acmalari acik bir mesajdir

"Biz adami
Hem Saglik sorunundan öldürürüz
Hem de DSÖ-Saglik Örgütünü,
#Atatürk'ün Kütükte Kayitli oldugu sehre binamizi kurariz "mesajidir.. Image
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#NationalSecurity Wrong man was chosen for role of #founder #CDS. Q is whether it was appropriate to raise NSA position to full Cabinet rank & thus reduce NSA's access to contrariarian professional opinion from within/outside Govt. Diverse opinions is only solution to uncertainty
2/ns The qualifications for a founder CDS included, (1) knowledge of all dimensions of war; land, air, sea, (2) Capability in Strategic thinking & methodology, (3) Familiarity with, & ability to understand, frontier technologies(eg hypersonic, lasers), (4) Geopolitical interest
3/ns There is a big diff btwn single-point advice and single-uniform advice. A National security advisor must present alternative views & options, before giving his own advise on which he thinks is best option. If all he receives are views similar to his own, diversity is lost!
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Emin olmadiginiz
Hicbir #Kasap veya Marketten #ET almayin..

Kureselci efendilerine hizmet etmekte SİNİR Tanimayan
Bill #Gates
Uzman oldugu yazilim dunyasinin dişinda,
Ve İlac'tan sonra,
Et ürünlerine de el atti.. Image
Bill Gates ve Richard Branson'un destekledigi,
Memphis #Meats isimli şirket,
CRİSPR Teknigiyle
#Laboratuvar ortaminda #ET üretmeye basladilar.
Genetik uzmanlarin,
#Genom'un çeşitli kisimlarina ekleme/çikarma yapmalari,
DNA diziliminde degişim yapmalaridir.. Image
Hayvan hücreleri
Hayvan dokulari kullanilarak,
Laboratuvar'da Et üretiliyor artik.
Vebunu Crispr teknolojisiyle,
DNA diziliminde degisiklik yaparak uygulaniyor
Laboratuvar'da ET üretimi yapan Memphis Meats şirketinin,
Bu alanda 2 tane #Patent'i var.
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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Analysis: #NYSE $NET

Case 284 #Cloudflare Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#NET 1/4
Chart 1
Daily Chart: Good upside #momentum has been building since Mar. 2020 and a new all time high of 30.23 has been recorded. Price is currently attempting to close above trendline #resistance at 29.00 - a two .....

NET 2/4
..... day close above 29.52 is key for it to target the main objective 34.70. Good #support is seen off the #SMA 50 at 23.19 and rising #trendline support.

NET 3/4
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Given the moderate #economic backdrop that we’ve outlined for 2020, can risk #assets continue to perform into next year? There are historical examples of strong back-to-back year repeat performance in #equitiesImage
Current conditions differ from other periods, of course, but the massive #liquidity injections we’re witnessing (in the form of central bank policy, FX reserve growth and corporate share #buybacks), when combined with the low vol of #growth and inflation, suggests sustainability. Image
Further, there are some secular tailwinds to U.S. #growth that may help explain why its #economy has been pulling away from some of its developed market peers; with more favorable #demographic trends being a critical longer-term factor. Image
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