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Full Video of #PatriotFront when they get off the train in Boston.
Fuck the fash!…
2/ patriot front video temporarily down for security. Will repost soon.

Some Nazi named "Butthead" wants to talk. So, using Beavis voice, I tell him their drummer sucks.

He's like "complex meters are hard."

I accidentally insulted the Nazi Band's drummer!



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Ireland's GRA 2015 was "an extraordinarily high-profile piece of legislation, with all the accompanying media coverage, political debates and processes", claims Mulally, in @IrishTimes. Check Google search results for the topic from 1/1/2014 - 31/12/2015:…
Google Trends data for 1/1/2007 (the year of Lydia Foy's High Court win regarding changing factual birth cert to one recognising "legal gender") to 31/12/2016. The GRA was enacted on 15/7/2015 (blue peak on graph below). Does this look like it was "extraordinarily high-profile"?
The #DentonsDocument lobbying playbook recommends piggybacking gender ID legal changes on more popular reforms, citing Ireland's marriage equality legislation as providing a "veil of protection" to GRA, which was "more difficult to win public support for".…
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There's much about #fascism that is largely hidden from us in Britain.

#Fascist ideas prospered politically only when perceived economic threats increased their appeal to members of certain social groups.

In 1928, before the onset of the Great Depression in Germany, Hitler received less than 3 percent of the vote; after 1930, however, far more voters—many of them middle and lower-middle class individuals fearful of “proletarianization”—gave him their support.
The economic anxiety underlying the success of Nazism was reflected to some extent in party membership, which was drawn disproportionately from economic elites and other high-status groups—especially for leadership positions.
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Alongside women's rights in the twenty-first century is the development of the men's rights movement, parts of which have culminated into the contemporary #manosphere, in the UK associated with Laurence Fox's Reclaim Party Deputy Leader, Martin Daubney.…
Consisting of online communities that ascribe to misogynistic ideologies, which objectify, disparage, & dehumanise women, the #manosphere also houses those who identify as involuntary celibate #incel. Last year, 'The Incel Rebellion' was published, examining this disturbing turn. Image
Drawing on ethnographic research & interviews, the book provides an original & timely insight into the development of the #manosphere, & into how & why men join & self-identify as #incel. But as this article reveals, how people write about them matters.…
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The torrent of #racist #disinformation in Ireland in the few days since the tragic killing of #GeorgeNkencho has shown it’s driven by a very vocal minority, in concert around key accounts. Co-ordinated, deliberate #FarRight agitators supporting Irish neo-nationalist groups. ImageImageImageImage
Many of these accounts are bulk generators of #racist and #conspiracy content across social media platforms. Well-established among these propagandists is the avowedly racist and #AntiSemitic YouTuber, Keith Woods - aka #NUIG graduate Keith O’Brien of Roscommon #AltShiteUnmasked ImageImageImageImage
#Racist Keith O’Brien generates masses of #FarRight #Propaganda, to 29k subscribers on @YouTube alone. Voices like this are pivotal to local #AltRight movements, but Ireland is small and #AltShiteUnmasked all have real names, addresses, streets they walk down, and a job... ImageImage
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What is politics in online anonymous imageboards (think 4chan, but in Finnish)?

We have a 🚨new paper🚨 out, answering just that! Here's a #thread unwrapping computational & qualitative investigation of Ylilauta done with @tuukkaya & @SKRHardwick

The paper is just out at @SocialMedia_Soc, and is available in glorious #openaccess at…

Ylilauta (Overboard) is a Finnish translation of 4chan – it runs the same basic software, has the same anime, and the same naz.... alt-right tendencies. But there's more to it!

We wanted to find out what is the big picture of politics on the board, and boy was that a ride!

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To every involuntarily celibate #incel, I have to tell you

GO OVERSEAS before you give up all hope and kill yourself like I was about to ! or before you shoot anyone!

LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN WILL ACCEPT YOU, even if some of them will use you, it's BETTER than American women reject Image
And NOT ONCE have I *ever* met a Colombiana who would EVER THINK of rejecting an American man because

1) he's too short (even 5'4 is fine, many women tell me they prefer me being their size there! and seem genuine!)
2) too fat,
3) other superficial reasons American women give.
Colombian women, and Latin America in general (in Peru and Honduras, etc. there's so little competition every single woman will probably accept you):

They want an HONORABLE man who 1) won't cheat on them, 2) won't hit them, 3) respects them, 4) lets them be feminist and work,etc
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I come across a lot of different shit in my research on ‘heroic rape’ art and rape culture in general, and most of it doesn’t change the way I think about a lot of the issues. But @IncelProject somewhat did.
Incels are not directly related to my research, but as it is a community that is mostly known to breed misogyny and radicalisation, it’s something of interest to me. They are also not unknown for rape related comments and jokes.
I’ve had strong opinions about incels, largely based on generalised media coverage of radical individuals, or bite sized social media shit posts taken out of context. When I came across the podcast “Incel” I was intrigued and highly sceptical.
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Das ‚Manifest‘ des mutmaßlichen Attentäters von #Hanau ist in großen Teilen #paranoid und gespickt mit #Wahnvorstellungen, die nicht zu einer #Entpolitisierung des Attentats führen dürfen, denn er vertritt eindeutig völkische, rassistische und rechtsextreme Ideologien (Thread):
Eliminatorischer #Rassismus &ethnische ‚Säuberungs‘ Imagination:„Daher sagte ich,dass folgende Völker komplett vernichtet werden müssen...Dies wäre erst die Grob-Säuberung. Ich würde diese Menschen alle eliminieren“. "Innerer Feind" sind all diejenigen, die Migration befürworten.
#Verschwörungsideologie: Er vertritt die Ansicht, dass die Menschheit "von einer ganz kleinen sogenannten ‚Elite‘ für dumm verkauft". Diese würden über ein Geheimwissen verfügen, welches sie vorsätzlich vorenthalten würden. "Elite" als antisemitische Chiffre.
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A cultura pop e os incels

Quer saber mais sobre a relação entre produções como o novo filme do Coringa e os incels? Siga os comentários.

Para mais informações:
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THREAD: 1/ Here is what is NOT being talked about re: white supremacy, and what no one is asking in these 3-minute interviews: Words matter. Especially from a president. I wrote words 30 years ago that inspired Dylann Roof to kill in 2015 Mr. President, like me, you are to blame.
2/ My lyrics that Roof posted about 4 months before his terrorist act were also about an "invasion." Step up and own it, your words are inciting the death of Americans.
3/ MENTAL HEALTH: It is irresponsible to say that mental health is to blame for violence. More accurately, the circumstances surrounding mental health are to blame: isolation, disillusion, uncertainty, and marginalization. Fund mental health support and stop demonizing it.
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Aly, you’re quite smart for a profoundly dumb potato! So this is how you’ve been killing off all the burner accounts, ha?!
Such a busy busy potato with your lil stubby reporting fingers! Bad potato, bad potato🗞🗞 Image
Aly vacationed in “Indonesia” last year and posted this. Only this...nothing else! 🧐
But he wants to take 5 young women to “Greece”. Okay. Sure, Jan!🙄
#alyashleyjash #scammypotato Image
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Am 27.4 griff ein 19-Jahriger eine #Synagoge in Kalifornien an, tötete eine Frau und verletzte drei weitere Personen. Er kündigte die Tat auf #8chan an, verwies auf #Christchurch und sprach von einem Livestream. Thread zur Tat und den Reaktionen online 1/x…
Um die Tat zu verstehen, ist es wichtig die online Kultur zu verstehen die ihn radikalisert hat 2/x…
Sein "Manifest" erinnert an #Christchurch:
"The sheer density of in-jokes and references to obscure aspects of “channer” culture in both manifestos leaves one with the question: What can we take seriously?
The Nazi stuff. Take the Nazi stuff seriously."3/x…
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.@lilbirdmanrg1 I notice your profile says your original account got banned, wonder why? Let’s take a quick look shall we?
These maybe?
Or maybe these?
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