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1 What MSM isn’t going to tell you:-
2 What MSM isn’t going to tell you:-
3 What MSM isn’t going to tell you:-
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1) Am intrigued by death of Carla Zampatti. Very sad. She was brilliant, and clearly dying after accident, then coma, an awful way to go ... But somehow I don't think we're being told full story (kinda like with #StairmanDan). (H/T @HeidiJBlackwell)
2) Firstly, speaking of Dan Andrews and his mysterious accident recently: How many people fall down stairs? It happens, but rarely. This misfortune struck two household names within weeks. One has disappeared from public view. The other is dead. What are the odds?
3) Then there was the event at which the accident occurred. It was premiere of #LaTraviata, which literally means "the fallen woman". Again, what are the odds?…
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This is incredible. First, read this article - who was CIA Director in 1976? George HW Bush...…
A failed bill was introduced in 2016 to recognize the work of these survivors and non-survivor family members and afford benefits. Clapper made more than an effort to block this from happening in 2011.
The bill was re-introduced in July 2020. Anyone else thinking maybe all that money may not be there anymore. And if not, where is it? Black Ops?
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You can AND SHOULD investigate anything - even #Evergreen 🚢 ship memes

Remember - anything that carries information can carry disinformation @firstdraftnews

Let’s look at some practical tips and tools that can help you do this #OSINT
First a definition!

Ⓜ️⍷ℳe - an idea or behavior that spreads person-to-person by propagating rapidly, & changing over time (Dawkins, 1976)

It can be a song, a video, a dance trend, a parody website and it is only limited by people’s creativity + ability to remix/create
Memes and images are incredibly powerful ways of conveying disinformation and spreading it quickly.
➡️They are self-contained stories
➡️They can be really emotional
➡️They’re easy to forward because image files tend to be smaller
➡️They’re easy and cheap to make
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Important Message
You have the right to know

#Evergreen Ship
#EVERGIVEN daily loss is an estimated 9 to 11 Billion in goods a day.

An global collapse is coming. Food, medicine and perishable goods will double in prices.

Smoke and mirrors
You will begin to hear about enormous
Insurance claims.

An inpeeding collapse was already coming.
Panic, chaos, shortages resulting in anarchy is what they are attempting to prevent.

High level officials around the world have been meeting.

As restaurants and small stores begin to reopen and restock,
Food shortages were already expected.

You will begin to hear reports about raw materials for food production being spoiled.

This will include traditionally non-perishables and parrishables
Even flours, grains, by products used mass production.
Meats, produce that is imported
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Why is a CIA front company (Evergreen) causing blockages in the Suez canal and on Highways throughout the world? A thread. #SuezUnblocked #Evergreen
Evergreen group control both the airlines of evergreen, and controls the shipping industry for evergreen.

Sources here.…
Evergreen international airline, worked for CIA.…

"Evergreen also maintained a large aircraft maintenance and storage facility at the Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona, that the company acquired from the CIA's Air America operation. "
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#Breaking: According to Updated Satellite AIS tracking, #EVERGIVEN has been refloated successfully. #suezcanel
Update: photos confirming the refloating of #EVERGIVEN, the #SuezCanal lane is expected to be opened in front of navigation traffic within the next few hours.
Inchape Shipping Services Group is confirming the refloating of #EVERGIVEN successfully. #suezcanel
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#EverGivenShip #Evergreen
This is the K-Club Missile System.
Missile systems disguised as shipping containers, 100% Satalite operated.

Iran, Russia both use the systems.
We may be witnessing a military operation.
I pray not but worth paying attention just in case.

See Thread
Over the last month things have been heating up in the middle east.
Iran vs Israel

Both have been firing missiles at one another.
Land and Sea.

Iran back militia have been building up forces along the Lebonan border, Iraq and all around Israel.

#EverGivenShip is stuck here
Russia and China are now in alliance and have been holding war games together.

The trio have been holding training exercises on both land and at sea.
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@LovesTheLight @Augustia0017 It’s just incredible. 😱
These are my saved threads only since October 2020. That’s it. But I’ve been tracking 117 since FEB/MARCH 2020. 🤯
@LovesTheLight @Augustia0017 2. I could LITERALLY do this all day long🎯 But I won’t😂.

I can also connect MANY 333 #Evergreen in gematria to 117. Aallll daaay. Loooong. 😆 But I’ll add a few.

I think it’s possible 117 & 1117 are interchangeable b/c both can be as Three 7’s. 11 = 3 in binary. 1+1+1=3 also.
@LovesTheLight @Augustia0017 3. 💥
117 Majestic! “as LEAD 🚢⚓️ in the mighty waters”💦😆 Can’t even attempt to make it up. It’s RIGHT THERE! 😂 ADDIR MEANS BRIDGE!🎯

Tick Tock = 117
AND Double 117’s for October Revolution 👉🏻aka RED OCTOBER. The RED LINE! “Double O 7 = 1515 is double “O”. It’s not a zero 0🎯
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Começando a listagem de tweets recuperados para a arroba FaleiroAirton. Sumiram desde a nossa última checagem 1 tweets.
O tweet com id 1375536832172195841 de 2021-03-26 19:55:11 que falava sobre:
Nas redes, mais um meme do Barco do Canal de Suez! #Evergreen #SuezBLOCKED #BolsonaroGenocida https:/ /
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The latest update on #EVERGIVEN in the #Suez. To quote @ever_stucc, it is still stuck.

Efforts to pull her off on Friday failed. The tides are peaking on Mar 31/Apr 1. Rates for tankers nearly doubled.

SMIT has 2 tugs set to arrive on Mar 28.…
US and Turkey have offered support.

Blockage may cost trade between $6 to $10B per week.

Oil rose 3% with tankers diverting around Africa from the Atlantic.

Impact will hit European manufacturing and car part suppliers.
SMIT announced that a crane will arrive this weekend to start removing containers. Modern container cranes can move about 1 box a minute. This will be much slower on a ship that carry nearly 20,000.

2004 incident w/tanker took 3 days to clear.…
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@PatriotAU BOOM! #Evergreen Shipping 1993. " Evergreen officials admitted making more than $172,000 in illegal campaign contributions to more than 20 CA politicians, ranging from LA City Council candidates to Gov. Pete Wilson and Dianne Feinstein."…
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The latest shows that the #EVERGIVEN sistership #evergreet has diverted from the Suez Canal, it is in transit from Asia to the Cape of Good Hope.
Shipping makes alternate Suez plans with removal of Evergreen boxship not a given via @splash_247
Suez Canal traffic pre & post the Ever Given incident
This visual, created by our Data Team using #marinetraffic AIS data, shows all traffic in the area from 17 March until earlier this morning, highlighting the slow down following the Ever Given incident.
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1) As a former sailor here’s my hot take on the stuck boat in the Suez. I’m actually in admiration of the skill of whoever did this. They managed a crash in one of the busiest water ways and all they damaged was a wall. No lives lost. No other boat involved, no damaged cargo. A+
2) Lemme tell you about pilots. Pilots are tug boats or crew who lead you through challenging passages. Usually harbours or narrow water ways. The Suez requires you to hand over control of your boat to a government endorsed pilot crew. Some pilots are great. Suez Pilots are not
3) they don’t protecc. They don’t atacc. Mainly they sleep and snacc. Yep. The Suez takes roughly 13 hours for a big ship to navigate. I have yet to hear of a diligent Seuz pilot who actually stayed at the helm even half that time. And pilots are not free. We pay extra for them
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Diese Tage zeigt sich wieder, wie verwundbar die globalen Handels- und Ölrouten sind.
Ein verunglücktes Containerschiff hat komplett den #Suezkanal blockiert.
Ein riesiger Stau aus Frachtschiffen hat sich gebildet. Der Ölpreis geht nach oben.
Details im Thread 👇
Das Containerschiff #Evergreen ist eines der größten Containerschiffe der Welt.
Es wird nicht selten mit einem Wolkenkratzer verglichen.
400 Meter lang.
49 Meter breit.
Durch eine Verkettung von Pannen hat sich das Schiff jetzt quer im #Suez -Kanal gestellt.
Seit mehreren Tagen steht nun die Schifffahrt im #Suezkanal still.
Alle Versuche, das Schiff mit Schleppern wieder umzudrehen, scheiterten bislang.
Eines der Probleme ist, dass das Schiff sich mit dem Bug in eine der Kanalwände praktisch hineingebohrt hat.
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Quand #Panama bloque #Suez : le porte-conteneurs #EVERGIVEN bloqué au sud du Canal de Suez, vu par le satellite #Sentinel2 le 24 mars. Première leçon : faire demi-tour dans un canal de 300m de large n'est pas l'idée du siècle quand on mesure 400m... #Copernicus #EarthObservation Image
Mise en service en 2018, #EVERGIVEN est un gros navire, un des plus gros porte-conteneurs : 400 mètres de longueur et 220000 GT (drôle d'unité) de tonnage. Il appartient à la société taïwanaise Evergreen Marine et bat pavillon panaméen. Photo Kees Torn #Suez Image
L'accident du porte-conteneurs #EVERGIVEN s'est produit le 23 mars au matin, bloquant la totalité du trafic du canal de #Suez. Les données #AIS montrent que ça se bouscule au portillon. Pour fixer les idées, une vue globale du canal de Suez. Image #Sentinel2 du 24/03 #Copernicus ImageImageImage
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Whoa! Ever Given 👉🏻 EverGreen.
Going to ROTter DAM 👉🏻 ROT HER DAMN
Under flag of PANema. Was in China
At Red Sea. I literally just👇🏻💥 Follow the Rabbit!🐇
SALT. Salinity.
BARAKA tugboat built in 1993 💥👉🏻 Cult 93. Left Egypt on “23” 👉🏻 “PA!N”.
AND “SALAM” means PEACE in Arabic👏🏻 ImageImageImageImage
2. This is huge frens. HUGE!

“AGROUND” on 3/23 💥 👉🏻 “23” = PA!N

SueZ Canal. The Ballah Bypass (BB) The GREAT BITTER LAKE!

👉🏻 CHOKE Point.
@LovesTheLight 💥😆 So much here! ImageImageImageImage
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Dans un autre registre, Exemple 6.
« Il y a vraiment de nouvelles croyances culturelles selon lesquelles les mots et les idées peuvent nous traumatiser. (...) les étudiants sont plus fragiles, ils souffrent beaucoup plus de troubles de santé mentale. »…
Génération offensée. Exemple 7. Glaçant, car préfigurant ce qui nous attend : le cas #Evergreen. Même le @nytimes avait accepté d’en parler, c’est dire !…
J’arrête (provisoirement) les exemples permettant de répondre à l’accusation de « chimère » avant d’être accusée de faire des listes... Affabulateurs ou maccarthystes, nos contradicteurs, si rigoureux, si scientifiques, jamais militants, vous laissent généreusement le choix. 😘
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Fâcheuses retombées du post-modernisme à l’#Université: l’affaire de l’Université #Evergreen, aux US, a mis en lumière qu’une partie des étudiants et universitaires, principalement issus des sciences sociales, s’opposent parfois par la violence au débat.…
Le laboratoire de l'avenir des #Universités post-modernes: l'université d'#Evergreen, la prise du pouvoir du #wokisme et de l'#intersectionnalité... c'est le #progrès !🤓
Le #woke ou la trahison des idéaux des années 1960: défenseurs d'une justice sociale fondée sur les critères de #race et de #genre, les tenants de la culture woke revendiquent l'héritage des mouvements d’émancipation nés aux États-Unis dans les années 60.…
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this is meta af...

... but, it's also how i learned to kick content in the ass.
ppl are always like... what, how are you so good at writing and curating content?!

... is it magic!?

no, bitch. i've been doing it for years:

... and if you become this, it's #godmode, #finalboss:

... yo, you see me doing this every single day in #yenFM!

... my blog is my mind, links are the synapses firing, it's the motherlode of my ideas and being.

... i live for this shit.
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