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If you are new to the world of online gaming it won´t be long before you begin to wonder if someone re-invented the #English #LanguageLearning while you were asleep. This is because many of the terms in the gaming world will seem like Greek to you.… There is enough of variety in the gaming world to keep all the different kinds of people that play the games happy. However, it is impossible for any person to keep abreast of all the developments in online gaming. Besides, the sheer volume of terms and definitions ensures that it is impossible for you to keep track of all of them So what is the best way out of this maze? The most obvious thing to do, of course, would be to do a little bit of research before you begin your journey into the mysterious
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#StokesSchool is 100% virtual RN and we will continue online learning this SY. We are proud of how our teachers and scholars adapted to online learning. Learn more today ⬇️⬇️
Student government surveyed all scholars about what aspects we should continue when we return in person. #remotelearning #virtuallearning #studentgovernment #studentagency #useyourvoice @padlet @zearned @Seesaw @dcpave @dcpavevoices
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The #Language-on-the-Move #ReadingChallenge2020 is now out. If you don't have time to hop over to its page, find the #ReadingChallenge below in a series of 10 quick tweets

February #ReadingChallenge2020: a book about the #ClimateEmergency - not strictly about #language but it's impossible to do #linguistics when your house is on fire

@NaomiAKlein, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, or #ONFIRE ImageImage
March #ReadingChallenge2020: a novel providing an #Indigenous perspective and some #languagelearning opportunities

Melissa Lucashenko, #Mullumbimby, or Too Much Lip ImageImage
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Dear @estNATO @MoD_Estonia & @MFAestonia: The official #LanguageLearning site (keeleklikk) doesn't work on mobile; the fact we need a 6-page download to troubleshoot Flash is telling. @duolingo has no classes yet, so we're making do with a mix of EKI, Youtubers, and helpful
2/x colleagues to get by. @LV_NATO & @LithuaniaMFA we have the same issues with #Latvia & #Lithuania as with #Estonia, wanting to learn but finding few mobile resources and no Duolingo options.
You are important allies. Please help us with mobile #teaching so we can study and
3/x visit and socialize and study your history and enjoy trying your cultures like good guests - namely, language skills - so we're not helpless or tiresome to the people we'll meet around town or in uni.
Would you please fix this situation?
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If YOU struggle with learning languages or WANT to start learning a new language

...listen carefully.

This is How to Learn Foreign Languages FASTER and RETAIN them LONG TERM.


I took 2 years of Spanish in high school and forgot 95% of it.
So I know how you feel.

This all changed with memory techniques...

With this SIMPLE linking trick, I've learned words / phrases from 9 different languages on my world travels.

I still remember them 4+ years later.
Step 1: Foreign Image
Create a mental IMAGE that sounds like the word or phrase you want to learn.

Spanish (English) examples:

Piscina (swimming pool)
= "piss in a"

Aquí (here)
= a key

Cuál (which)
= koala bear

Cuándo (when)
= taekwondo

Aprender (to learn)
=app render
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