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Worth using google translate to watch the #propagandalive as @Erkanomia is in #Moscow to cover the #Kremlin #Military parade #HappeningNow. Some ++good #OSINT & #IMINT in his #live & candid coverage. 😎
For example, while the #Moscow #Elite typically use a black #SUV with license plate ending in 88 (sometimes 888 for family of senior officials & oligarchs who must #Drive themselves), here we see the first of the latest #cars with new #licenseplatedata.

Close-up I made from the #Finland team's #photography showing @mod_russia's Army #celebrity #swag bags for the Diamond Jubilee #celebration of the #Soviet #WWII win... ignoring 1939-1941 🙄

The Hon Minister Mr Singh, #IndianArmedForces, is a special guest at #VictoryDayParade.
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William Brown (1777-1857): Irish-born Argentine admiral
- Regarded as one of Argentina's national heroes for his victories in Independence War, Cisplatine War and at Río de la Plata
- Creator/first admiral of Argentina's maritime forces
- Known as the father of the Argentine Navy
ht @seansaid_ @ThisDayIrish "This day 210 years ago - 25 May 1810 - William Brown, a native of Foxford, Co Mayo, founded the Argentine Navy" @ggohom @draziraphale @patmcgrath @mayobhoy @anabrown75 @jhessmorrison @PaulTyredagh81 @roberttroytd @siobhnomorain
Brown was born in Foxford, Co. Mayo on 22 June 1777. His family emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, around 1786, when he was nine years old. A short time after the arrival, the friend who had invited them and offered them food and hospitality died of yellow fever. @wikipedia
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4/10 - Cut & paste your surroundings to Photoshop


Book: @HOLOmagazine
Garment: SS17 by @thekarentopacio
Type: Sainte Colombe by @MinetYoann @ProductionType
Technical Insights: ↓

#ML #AR #AI #AIUX #Adobe #Photoshop
The secret sauce here is BASNet (Qin et al, CVPR 2019) for salient object detection and background removal.

The accuracy and range of this model are stunning and there are many nice use cases so I packaged it as a micro-service / docker image:… Image
And again, the OpenCV SIFT trick to find where the phone is pointing at the screen.

I also packaged it as a small python library:…

Send a camera image + a screenshot and you get accurate x, y screen coordinates! Image
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Some children...

Alexander Street, Waterford

2 February 1924

Photographer: A.H. Poole

Source: @NLIreland

Colourised/Enhanced/Restored with #DeOldify #Remini #Photoshop
Some children... and their parents, grandmother...

Alexander Street, Waterford

2 February 1924

Photographer: A.H. Poole

Source: @NLIreland

Colourised/Enhanced/Restored with #DeOldify #Remini #Photoshop
Some children... and their parents, grandmother... and their "home"

Alexander Street, Waterford

2 February 1924

Photographer: A.H. Poole
Paid for by Mrs E. White, see…

Source:… @NLIreland

Restored w/ #DeOldify #Remini #Photoshop
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We hope you enjoyed today's photographs, in fact, all of this week's photographs!

We're off for the weekend, but ICYMI, here's a megathread of what we had for you this past week...

Claddagh Swans, 1941
Waiting for Mass/Inishmaan
The Catalpa Six, 1866
Lady Gregory, 1900-1910

Peter O'Connor, Irish athlete who held the world long jump record for 20 years, 1927
Countess Markievicz on her release from prison, 1919
Tomás Ó Criomhthain by Carl von Sydow, 1924
Tom Crean and his pups, 1914-1916

Young girl with doll and teenager in Labre Park by Alan MacWeeney, 1967
Travelling people in Páirc Gharbh, 1956
Petty Officer Curran of Kilkee, Irish pro cruiser/heavyweight boxer photographed in Australia, 1913
Michael Collins in Dublin, 1922

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Comment font les trains pour savoir OÙ ILS VONT ?

⤵️⤵️⤵️ Un thread pour la réponse que tout le monde se pose.
Reprenons la base:
- un train n’a pas de volant (il avance, il recule mais il ne « tourne » pas.
- c’est l’aiguilleur qui décide de là où va là train.
Du coup, comment le conducteur sait quelle « direction » l’aiguilleur lui donne?

On a intérêt à la savoir avant d’arriver sur l’aiguillage, car si ce n’est pas la bonne direction, c’est très compliqué de faire marche arrière à un train.
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Herkästi asioista kiinnostuva ja ideoista innostuva idealisti, jota kiehtovat ilmiöt niin kulttuurin, teknologian kuin kestävän kehityksenkin saralla. Valmistuttuani siirryin heti työelämään, virkamieheksi valtion virastoon. Vaikka virkamiestyössä on puolensa, nyt on uuden aika.
Vahvuuksiani ovat mm. viestintä (F2F, sähköposti, puhelin ja sosiaalinen media) asiakkaille ja sidosryhmille. Ymmärrän myös sosiaalisen median sisällöntuotantoa ja analyysia. Esiinnyn itsevarmasti, pidän kiinni sovituista aikatauluista ja nautin tiimityöstä.
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(1) @NYPDONeill is in the @nytimes today, defending the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition, but his defense left us with more questions than answers. S.T.O.P. and other advocates have challenged the #NYPD’s facial recognition dragnet. #NYC needs reforms, not PR.…
(2) The truth is that the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition system is biased and broken. Their database will return more than 200 possible “matches” for every single photo. Meaning that AT BEST it is wrong 99.5% of the time. All too often, NONE of the “matches” will be the real suspect.
(3) #FacialRecognition can be a powerful tool, but only when used correctly. Per @GeorgetownCPT, #NYPD artists #Photoshop images before testing them, altering the faces and copy/pasting #celebrity photos. This isn’t #ForensicScience; it’s an art project.…
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Can't Save Photoshop Files on Shared Folders Through SMB
Problem - saving a PSD on a shared folder results in this error:
“Could not save because write access was not granted.”…
Happens even with correct permissions.
The fix?
In Finder:
• Hide Preview when viewing files.
• Hide Preview -> ⇧ + ⌘ + P
• If Show Preview is enabled, de-select the file you’re working on in Finder before you save.
#Photoshop #Workflow
Also, in #Photoshop:
• Preferences -> File Handling -> File Saving Options -> Image Previews -> Never Save
#SMB #macOS #Workflow
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