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Maybe I’m tweeting into the void but I’m in isolation after testing positive on Monday and I feel insane so we’re going to talk about #schools and #teachers and #VirtualLearning
At this point, talking about the harms of #virtuallearning is a dog-whistle for me. Not one person I know thinks it’s good. That’s neither here nor there.
This morning, MCPS announced that 90 bus routes were cancelled AFTER students had already gone to their bus stops. This is because of no #staffing
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And there it is. I will not expect children to go back to school. If they do, I will be surprised... Parents did this. Teachers enforced it. Unions demanded it. Shame on everyone that reinforced the fear narrative.

#4IR #GreatReset…
There are 139 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):…
Global Business Coalition for #Education member companies include #Microsoft, #McKinsey, #Deloitte, #Accenture:…

Advisory board:
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#StokesSchool is 100% virtual RN and we will continue online learning this SY. We are proud of how our teachers and scholars adapted to online learning. Learn more today ⬇️⬇️
Student government surveyed all scholars about what aspects we should continue when we return in person. #remotelearning #virtuallearning #studentgovernment #studentagency #useyourvoice @padlet @zearned @Seesaw @dcpave @dcpavevoices
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Advocates for Angels: Meet the Panelists!

➡️Marc Levine: Marc is a retired Special Education Judge. He retired to help families of children with special needs. He co-founded Levine & Maybaum, LLP, a law firm that specializes in matters involving special education.
➡️Rita Fernandez-Loof: Rita has led efforts to improve education for children with disabilities and educate parents about their children’s rights. She authored legislation (SB 1327—Soto) to strengthen protections for children with disabilities attending private schools, which
ultimately became law.

➡️ Raven Woods: Raven is a Special Education and IEP Advocate from Northern Virginia. She has advocated for children for over 14 years. Raven has advocated not only for her own child, but for thousands of families across the US.
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We have grouped our #MedEdTwagTeam #tweetorials by topic in separate "Twitter Moments" below.

Follow @GStetsonMD & @JenniferSpicer4 on Tuesdays to see new tweetorials. Image
Click on the link to find all tweetorials on #ClinicalTeaching by @GStetsonMD & @JenniferSpicer4…
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1/ Hey #MedEd and #MedTwitter! We are back with a brand-new edition.

For this week’s #TweetorialTuesday from the #MedEdTwagTeam we are going to talk about #VirtualWhiteboards

#VirtualLearningEnvironment, #VirtualLearning, #Zoom (@zoom_us)
2/ Here is the series of #tweetorials that @JenniferSpicer4 from @EmoryDeptofMed and I have been bringing you every Tuesday.

Welcome to Week 5! Make sure to go back and check out our previous threads if they are of interest.
3/ Last week, @JenniferSpicer4 dropped some knowledge on improving the #learningclimate & interaction.

One of my favorite ways to increase interaction when I am teaching IRL is a #chalktalk

🙏 to @a_steverson for her #chalktalk on “troponinemia”

👀 the @gradydoctor #shoutout!
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1/ Trying to figure out how to connect to your learners during #VirtualTeaching & avoid this response?

Don’t worry, the #MedEdTwagTeam has you covered w/ today’s #TweetorialTuesday on optimizing the virtual #LearningClimate

#MedEd #EdTech #VirtualLearning Image
2/ In my previous poll, most of you identified “lack of interaction” as the most challenging aspect of #Virtual Teaching.

Today we will discuss how to increase interaction. Image
3/ And if you missed last week’s #MedEdTwagTeam #TuesdayTweetorial by @GStetsonMD, check it out here.

I know that I learned some new tricks from him!

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1/ Welcome Back for another edition of #TweetorialTuesday from the #MedEdTwagTeam! #VirtualLearningEnvironment Edition.

Last week, @JenniferSpicer4 helped you to optimize your settings on #Zoom. Pssst, go check it out.

#EdTech #MedEd #VirtualLearning #VirtualTeaching Image
2/ Again, here’s an outline of our sessions for this series.

Aqua icons are #tweetorials by @JenniferSpicer4
Blue icons are #tweetorials by @GStetsonMD

This week we are talking about how to use Zoom with other apps (PPT, Word, etc.) Image
3/ Often when teaching, online or IRL, many of us use resources to help us organize our thoughts.

That may be PowerPoint slides, a Word document, white board, or even pieces of paper (*gasp*).
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1/ @SickKidsNews released guidance today about school reopening. Colleagues, mentors +caregiver advocates among co-authors. I was not involved in its development, and can appreciate concerns raised re: content and comprehensiveness. A few thoughts as peds + ID/IPAC physician:
@SickKidsNews 2/ This was a summary of current published evidence + #IPAC principles to consider w/school reopening, and would've benefited from ON-specific data - BUT we couldn't routinely test sx'ic kids for MONTHS unless they were admitted. Huge gap in knowledge of provincial epi.
@SickKidsNews 3/ Clinicians are trusted sources of knowledge + community partnership; we have a role in knowledge translation. Need scientists at table to dissect real-time data + model impact of strategies (screening/cohorting/shielding) to inform dynamic approach ie responsive to local epi.
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1/ Welcome to the first #TweetorialTuesday from the #MedEdTwagTeam

This week, we will discuss optimizing #Zoom settings for the #VirtualLearningEnvironment

#EdTech #MedEd #VirtualLearning #VirtualTeaching
2/ Here's an outline of our sessions for the next 7 weeks.

The aqua icons will be #tweetorials by @JenniferSpicer4
The blue icons will be #tweetorials by @GStetsonMD

Last week I provided an introduction to #virtualteaching & #virtuallearning

3/ This week: Zoom settings

Adjusting default settings on your virtual platform of choice is key to an effective #virtualclassroom

I've primarily been using Zoom, so that's the platform I will focus on

(And shout out @YihanYangMD for the inspiration for this slide template!)
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1/ In response to my Twitter polls, I received many responses from teachers/learners regarding successes & difficulties with #VirtualLearning

I wanted to summarize & share those responses before starting weekly #MedEdTwagTeam tweetorials on #VirtualTeachingTips w/ @GStetsonMD Image
2/ First, from a teacher standpoint, 70% of you mentioned the lack of interaction as the most difficult aspect of #VirtualTeaching.

I will have lots of tips & tricks to increase interaction for #VirtualTeaching in upcoming tweetorials.

3/ Some other difficulties included:

✅Inability to “read the room” – i.e. the non-verbal cues from learners
✅Disliking how “quiet” teaching can be (with everyone else muted)
✅Worries about competing with students’ other distractions (email, internet, etc)
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1/ Alright #MedStudentTwitter & residents/fellows, we want to hear from you.

What has been the most challenging aspect of #VirtualLearning for synchronous lectures?
2/ What has been the most challenging aspect of #VirtualLearning in small group settings?
3/ What do you wish that teachers/speakers would do different for #VirtualLearning (for lectures, small groups, or asynchronous learning)?

Comment below or DM me if you want to remain anonymous and I will post for you.
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Some reflections & tips on delivering workshops to health professionals online via interactive webinar. @OCPHDeakin
A thread.
Ask participants join 5-10 minutes early. A welcome slide may reassure those less confident with the tech that they are in the right place. #ZoomMedEd 1/ Image
Structure1 Explain how the workshop will be delivered including tools in the software,where to find them & how to use them. Create an icebreaker that builds group rapport & asks learners to test the tools. This will save time & ensure all can participate.@DeakinMedicine #MedEd 2/ Image
Structure2 Consider working with a co-facilitator if the workshop is very interactive. It is tricky presenting, keeping an eye on raised hands & the chat box. Make them co-host so you can both manage the webinar. Make roles explicit by explaining these with all along the way. 3/
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As the #COVID19 crisis continues, many of the L&D folks may be facilitating virtual learning for the first time. Here is a short thread (my first!) with a few things to keep in mind. 1/11
Keep the class-size small. Just because the tech allows you to have hundreds of participants, don't go beyond the class size that you would have for a traditional classroom. My experience suggests that larger the group, lesser the interaction and less effective the learning. 2/11
Find a quiet place with good internet speed & uninterrupted power supply. Use a good quality headset while facilitating the session so that you don’t have to hold it with your hand. Make sure you and your background both look presentable and professional. 3/11
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