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#nodevember2021 day 3-4, 4-sided

3D recursive subdivision in geometry-nodes. A popular one, but was a good exercise for me to do it purely in GN after old work in AN

#nodevember #b3d #geometrynodes
#nodevember2021 day 3-4, 4-sided

Just more subdivisions. Interesting to see the approach from @FaustXins and @Bbbn192. Better randomness (and cleaner node-tree), but not sure how it would work in pure 3D subdiv.

#nodevember #b3d #geometrynodes
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1./ Now Col-5 has launched it's time to look forward. Let me take you straight to September 2022.

It's been a rough year. All the centralised stable coins suffered from the actions of the regulators, but their was one stable coin they couldn't get their hands on: $UST!
2./ Because of this, combined with the ongoing mainstream adoption of crypto currencies $UST now has a marketcap of more than $USDC, $USDT and $UST combined one year ago. Of course this means $LUNA went parabolic and now is the most wanted asset around
3./ The few other stable coins that are still being used are mostly deposited into @orion_money where also the users of other chains receive an APY of around 20% because @anchor_protocol keeps delivering, helped by @neptune_finance.
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Hinderling Volkart heisst jetzt Dept und wird holistisch #dept «Gemeinsam haben die Teams ihre Werte in einem digitalen #Manifest verankert und das Kernangebot neu definiert.»
Dept entwickelt digitale Produkte, Services sowie Kampagnen und
beschleunigt durch die Verknüpfung von Daten, Kreativität und
Technologie das Wachstum ihrer Kunden.
Als «erste holistische Digitalagentur der Schweiz» bietet das rund hundertköpfige Team seinen Kundinnen und Kunden UX & Design, Digital Marketing, Engineering & Technology sowie Branding und
Business Consulting vollkommen integriert an.
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- September Wrecktember! NineSeventeen?
- Markets planned to crash under BidAn
- 99% cryptos will tank
- Digital Yuan & #ISO20022 tokens backed or pegged to #Gold/other assets
- Grab ISO bargains now
- New Fork
- New Fin system will rise from the ashes
- New Gov
- #tiktok 3, 2, 1
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#ESCCongress #HOTLINE #LOOP study #CVprev
Screening for #Afib with loop recorder to prevent stroke
🫀 Incl:age >/=70& 1+ RF; Excl:known Afib
🫀 ILR (Linq) vs Control: afib: tx with OAC
🫀1o: Time to stroke or systemic embolism: 64m F/U
💥 AF 32% ILR vs 12% Control w/ OAC ImageImageImageImage
#ESCCongress #HOTLINE #LOOP study #CVprev
Screening for #Afib with loop recorder to prevent stroke
🫀1o outcome:NS
🫀2o outcome NS
🫀 death from any cause NS
🩸 NS dif in Bleed
[Baseline SBP>157: benefit from ILR but hope they tx BP!]
💥Afib diagnosed but NS diff in any outcomes ImageImageImageImage
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Explaining Loop 🔁
Loop is the fundamental building block of programming, used to repeat or iterate the fixed number of steps.
Loop saves the time and labour.

Thread 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity #javascript #programming #loop
2. Real time example
Suppose you are donating $100 to each one of the 50 homeless.
For that you will keep count of people who are you done with.
So, 3 things we r doing:
• setting condition to 50
• counting ( increment )
• donating
There are many ways out there to implement loop in programming:
• foor loop
• while loop
• forEach
• do while
and many, you can also develop your own.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/07/2020-2…

The race for coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide…

#coronavirus #vaccines #health
The Idea of Entropy Has Led Us Astray - Issue 86: Energy - Nautilus…

#energy #entropy
The Present Belongs to Crowds | The New Yorker…

#crowds #present
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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A brief history of how the #WeAreNotWaiting hashtag came to be. (thread)
On November 15, 2013, @AmyDBMine @DiabetesMine @Tidepool_org Line co-hosted the first D-Data Exchange in a small room at @Stanford.
Line was @skrugman and @ianjorgensen's healthcare design studio - they were working with @Tidepool_org at the time and helped produce the event. That week, all of the Tidepoolers were having an offsite at my house.
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