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Fantastic heme grand rounds on HLH at @DanaFarber @BrighamHeme today from @ZorefAdi @CCHMCPostdoc - a 🧵

Starting with a timeline, the pathogenesis and defining the clinical syndrome of HLH
#HLH #lymsm (1/8) ImageImageImageImage
How to diagnose HLH? Soluble CD25 and ferritin are the most specific inflammatory markers (best ROC), so @ZorefAdi et al combined them into an 'optimised HLH inflammatory' (OHI) index, with an improved specificity for HLH… @BloodJournal (2/8) ImageImage
Once you have made the diagnosis of HLH, the next step is to find the underlying cause.

Great flowchart from Paul La Rosée et al in @BloodJournal:…

A tip: 'lymphadenopathy is not a symptom of HLH so should raise suspicion for underlying lymphoma' (3/8) Image
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In May 2019, Dr. @rschilsky & I co-chaired the #AAADV19 Workshop Plenary Session "Decentralized #ClinicalTrials: The Future is Now." An incredible group of panelists from academia, industry, govt, & patient #advocacy 👇discussed the rationale, challenges, & opportunities of DCTs. Image
No one knew yet that the #COVID19 #pandemic was just around the corner. In Mar 2020, FDA released a guidance on conduct of #clinicaltrials during the pandemic:…, & colleagues wrote about the impact on #OncTwitter trials:…. /2
FDA has now released a draft guidance on decentralized #clinicaltrials for drugs, biological products, & devices covering #telehealth, remote assessments, consent, shipping of IP, & more:…. #MedTwitter #regulatory #drugdevelopment Image
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We at HCC are so proud of our team and participating centers. 6 abstracts of our collective work have been accepted for #ASH22. If you wish to be a part of this movement either as an individual or as a participating institution, do visit us at
#2976 Prognostic Factors and Outcomes of Adolescent and Adult Burkitt Lymphoma and Leukemia from a Low-Middle Income Country: An Experience from Hematology Cancer Consortium…
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Blood smears @ASH_hematology 🧵Heme boards
🩸Malignant Hematopoietic Neoplasms🩸
#mmsm #lymsm #leusm #bmtsm
1⃣ classic Hodgkin's lymphoma
🩸Reed-Sternberg cell👇
🩸Most common: Nodular sclerosis 👇(fibrosis)
🩸Usually:CD30+, CD15+, weak PAX5 +. CD20-, CD45-
🩸9p24.1 alteration
Blood smears @ASH_hematology 🧵Heme boards
🩸Malignant Hematopoietic Neoplasms🩸
#mmsm #lymsm #leusm #bmtsm
2⃣ Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma
🩸popcorn cell (from germinal center B-cell)👇
🩸CD20+ (different than cHL),Rituxan used in ttt
🩸can transform(DLBCL)
Blood smears @ASH_hematology 🧵Heme boards
🩸Malignant Hematopoietic Neoplasms🩸
#mmsm #lymsm #leusm #bmtsm
3⃣ Follicular lymphoma
🩸Bone marrow with small lymphocytes👇
🩸t(14;18) in up to 90% of cases
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The many faces of plasma cell neoplasm, diagnostic challenges of the great imitator in #hemepath ➡️ with @ljmedeirosMD & @ShiminHuMDPhD #mmsm #lymsm #pathtwitter #leusm
1) The small cell variant (mimicking B-cell lymphoma, particularly mantle cell lymphoma➡️CyclinD1 positive) #hemepath #pathtwitter
2) Cleaved cell variant (mimicking follicular lymphoma) #hemepath #pathtwitter
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So #twitterx doesn't throw me in Twitter jail, here are 10 #ASH21 HARRY POTTER characters.

I couldn't decide if I should rank based on "impactful" or "practice changing", so these are some that I think everyone should *read carefully*, and I tried to make it fun!
1. POLARIX = Severus Snape… Why? Because of how controversial this is, and also this is a well done study. Should we change practice based on a drug without an OS or QOL benefit? I argue no. Nagini, kill. #lymsm
2. GRAAPH-2014 Study = Dudley Dursley… Removing HiDAC from chemo in Ph+ ALL worsened outcomes. A cautionary tale that we can’t get greedy and we need RCT data like this as we “de-intensify” regimens in ALL with novel therapies like blin, TKIs, etc. #leusm
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"VEXAS SYNDROME", a multidisciplinary team of researchers @genome_gov have identified this new disorder:
➡️Monogenic adult-onset autoinflammatory disease affecting males ♂️👨‍👦 Image
➡️Caused by a mutation in the UBA1 gene 🧬 that encodes major E1 enzyme that initiates ubiquitylation
➡️Suggests postzygotic somatic mutation may be a more frequent cause of human disease👨
➡️Patients develop inflammatory symptoms🔥and hematological abnormalities🩸👇
👉Fatigue 😫
👉Recurrent fever 🤒🌡️
👉Lung infiltrates 🫁
👉Skin lesions🔴
👉Ear chondritis👂
👉and vasculitis
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Delighted to share our new study… introducing PhasED-Seq out today @NatureBiotech.
A fantastic collaboration from @StanfordMedicine led by Dave_Kurtz & Joanne Soo with @max_diehn to help transform #cancer interception & monitoring by improving #LiquidBiopsy #ctDNA detection of #MRD.
For many cancers & nearly all currently available techniques, the impressive KM plots of #ctDNA #MRD immediately after definitive Rx w/ curative-intent unfortunately still miss ~50% of all events which occur in the MRD-negative subset, thus having modest NPV.
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Key takeaways from LOTIS-2 study leading to Loncastuximab approval in R/R DLBCL # Tweetorial #lymsm @ccarlostella @paolocaimiMD
Open-label; single arm; Single agent (important for efficacy data)
No exclusion for pri refrac; double hit NOT excluded (1/10)…
LOTIS-2 dosing of 150 µg/kg every 3 weeks (Q3W) for 2 doses followed by 75 µg/kg Q3W deduced from large phase 1 study in @BloodJournal (2/10)
LOTIS 2; N enrolled = 145
ORR = 70 of 145 (48·3% [95% CI 39·9–56·7]);
35 had complete response and 35 had partial response.
Median DOR 10.3 mons
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First described by Dr. Burkitt as a sarcoma, this lymphoma is notorious for being rapidly fatal without treatment. Here is the remarkable history of the discovery of Burkitt’s lymphoma and the men and women behind it. #lymsm
Denis Burkitt was born on February 28th, 1911 in Enniskillen (Northern Ireland). He grew up in a Presbyterian family, and his faith influenced him greatly. He went to Trinity College in Dublin, with a goal to follow in father’s footsteps as an engineer.
He soon realized that engineering was not his calling. During that first year, he joined an evangelical group in College and was inspired by his uncle, a missionary physician stationed in Kenya, to pursue a career in medicine. He excelled in medicine, graduating in 1935.
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“Hodgkin’s disease” led to the earliest classification of lymphomas, which still stands today! If a lymphoma is not a Hodgkin’s then it’s a non-Hodgkin’s. Much has been written about the history of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Here is a short visual walkthrough. #lymsm
Thomas Hodgkin, born on August 17 1798, was raised in a devout Quaker family. Because of his religion, he was unable to study medicine in England, which required people to be part of the Church of England.
Instead, he was allowed to rotate at Guy’s and met Sir Ashley Cooper who advices him to go to Edinburgh, Scotland. University of Edinburgh (pictured) was considered to be the best in the region.
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