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@pithypacky @Shoq @ThePlumLineGS Thank you so much — this is the first quality article I’ve read from that paper, tho I’m biased as it articulates my ideal of fairness very well.

What it doesn’t do is understand the problem. Why follows this.

Again thank you for your generosity.
@pithypacky @Shoq @ThePlumLineGS Fundamentally, GOP is about wealth disparity v racism & an elite class governance protects & expands its privilege & power via max wealth acquisition of wealthy. Flexibility of adding others who achieve wealth due to their talent, efforts etc.. exists but wealth is what matters.
@pithypacky @Shoq @ThePlumLineGS You need to understand what you’re fighting to effectively counter it.

GOP fear well educated, enabled voting public that can’t be manipulated into backing policies that use taxes to make those with wealth wealthier & firmly lock many into poverty or struggling to make ends meet
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Call it racism, misogyny, sexism, religious righteousness, some combination or just plain plutocracy — fundamentally, GOP are against equality.

It’s not new or news GOP are against a fully functional democracy.

#inners #maddow #deadlinewh
#ToxicMasculinity which includes bullying & cruelty to keep others down in GOP hierarchy of value.

Unapologetic amorality born of core righteousness are fear based reaction to democracy & equality as it means loss of privilege/entitlement/freedom to unfettered wealth & power.
Democracy thriving requires we #MakeAmericaHumane

Reconciling our various spectrum of ability with equality of rights & dignity

Reconciling freedom with fairness, abandoning “might is right” for justice

Economy thriving = raising the standard of basic quality of life for all
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“For a few to be immortal, #ManyMustDie” movie #InTime
Same is true for a few 1000s to be multi-billionaires

#MakeAmericaHumane & better at #CriticalThinking

#COVID19 exposes we afford what we value

What’s our value? What’s the value of work?

Without discussing power, understanding money is meaningless.

Money is about trade of our contributions to living so we together, cooperatively survive. Sounds all so simple until we wonder about power.

Hierarchy v Democracy
We’ve tied money with power as though that’s justice & fairness & it’s not

Why not? Arbitrariness of worthiness of work v ownership

Economies require us all—workers & consumers—so when it thrives, why don’t we all? Not suggesting equal stuff, just equal equal viability—worth
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Step back & ask what is money?

Biggest threat to wealthy is exposing worth is a malleable human invention

@Teri_Kanefield nails it—democracy vs hierarchy

Declaration of Independence’s equal worth clashes with our innate differences

To what extent does worth lie in our humane treatment of others?

In our abilities, activities in context of others?

In our accumulation of wealth through our exchanges?

Worth & worthiness & our tenuous clutching to our own value frames freedom & humane choices or lack of them.
What’s likely driving the fervor to restart the economy at the expense of others lives is a fear that the longer we continue relying on essential workers previously labeled “menial” & “low value” we openly expose the lie that wealth is worth.

That we afford what we value.
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