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I was going back through #MedicalApartheid by Harriet Washington and found a particular experiment done on Black boys.
Between 1992 and 1997, medical establishments in NY targeted darker skinned poor Black boys 👦🏾👦🏿 between the ages of 6-10 for medical experimentation👨🏼‍⚕️.
Based upon their older brothers having contact with the probation system, the researchers wanted to determine if their was a "genetic"🧬 basis (couple it be passed down from Black parents) for a "mean" or aggressive gene😒.
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As heart attacks, menstrual problems continue to surge, Indians have blamed gyming, unhealthy food, lack of sleep, cigarettes, stress, and alcohol for these issues. But one curious suspect has been conveniently vindicated. To know the real cause, follow me to the next tweet.
How should we establish the cause-effect relationship? We know that heart attacks and menstrual problems have risen significantly in the last 7-8 months. Have cigarettes, stress, unhealthy food been around only for 7-8 months? No. But something else is a more recent arrival.
It is what was injected into your deltoid (shoulder) muscle that is the real culprit. Don't believe me? No problem. I don't expect you to trust me at all. On the contrary, I want to encourage you to think and do your own research. So let me request you to find some answers.
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As a new variant of Covid-19 threatens us all, Israel plans to demolish the only Palestinian vaccine & PCR testing centre in illegally occupied E. Jerusalem.

Throughout the pandemic, Israel has deliberately targeted our healthcare systems, entrenching its #MedicalApartheid.
Apartheid Israel's brutal 11-day bombardment of Gaza in May partially destroyed 84 healthcare facilities, including hospitals, medical centres, pharmacies & Covid-19 testing laboratories:…

With a vaccine rollout underway, Israel refused to provide vaccines for 4.5M Palestinians living under its military occupation. Instead, Israel gave vaccines to countries that pledged to move diplomatic missions to occupied Jerusalem.
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A long-standing Tory MP has backed the idea of imposing lockdowns on unvaccinated people only.

Today, as all robust democracies should be free to do, I challenge these extreme views and expose a catalogue of rank hypocrisy👇🏻
Sir Gary Streeter — @garystreeterSWD — is the longest-serving MP in Devon and Cornwall and served as a junior minister under John Major’s Conservative Government.

In December 2018, it was announced that Streeter would receive a knighthood in the 2019 New Year Honours List.
13 days ago, Streeter caused consternation when he reacted to an article which said EU member Austria was “considering a Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated only.”

It outlines a scenario where unvaccinated people would only be allowed to leave their homes for “specific reasons”.
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Yesterday, after @PoliticsForAlI incorrectly labelled yesterday’s #FreedomMarch an “anti-Covid restrictions” rally, Twitter was awash with the usual suspects screaming: “What restrictions?”

Here is an open letter to them all👇🏻
Firstly, who am I referring to? Well, it would be dozens of these fine individuals who seemed *genuinely* puzzled that anyone would have anything to protest about right now.

Because, as one of them articulates, they are able to go shopping & have a pint. That’s freedom, right?
These people are cheered on and influenced by celebrities, media professionals, and the greater good of society who peddle the same line.

“We don’t have any restrictions,” is their message and it’s a message many lap up.

So, for those who think we have no Covid measures…
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The #DailyDickheadDiatribe is underway, and the Dictator himself has graced us with his presence.

I'll keep you posted.
So far we're speeding past the very bad numbers to focus on the naughty unvaccinated people in ICU and on ventilators. Except we're describing them as "not fully vaccinated" read into that what you will.
So we're getting reduced restrictions as of 11.59pm this Thursday - "full roadmap, plus extras" so it seems that the roadmap isn't really a roadmap, just guidelines.

No travel limits, was going to be the 25km limit for that step, but no travel to regional Victoria allowed.
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#Germany is now a vaccine mandated country:

1) Only vaccinated are allowed
2) Tested are accepted, but self-pay starting 10/11
3) Recovered only valid for 5 months, then 1 booster needed.

What world do we live in?

#MedicalApartheid #Covid #Covid19 #Corona #Coronavirus
Fun fact though, everyone still has to wear masks and boosters are likely to be rolled out soon...
And now first German state's are starting to only allow vaccinated and 5month-recovered:

It's a joke!
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Today four brave care professionals, including a husband and wife, lift the lid on the appalling conditions facing residents and staff in England’s care homes, exacerbated by the looming mandatory vaccination deadline.

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Through their courageous & very personal testimonies, I can reveal an alleged litany of failings inc:

• care homes at breaking point & residents left to wet themselves in isolation

• staff sobbing in corridors & regularly working illegal shift patterns due to under resourcing
• “endless pressure” and “bullying” from central HR teams to coerce employees into having the vaccine

• mental health insinuations against those choosing not to be vaccinated

• minimum wage carers pressurised into work when previously sick, who now face losing their jobs.
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Yesterday evening, in the House of Commons, Members of Parliament were instructed to vote on some of the most important draft legislation in decades:

Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021👇🏻
British politicians were asked to support proposals that will effectively abandon long-held principles in this country of voluntary and informed consent, as outlined here in black and white on the NHS’ website.

A huge decision with wide-ranging moral and social ramifications.
Not since the nineteenth century, 1898 to be precise, has the UK entertained the idea of compulsory vaccination, recognising the moral, religious, & scientific objections of doing so.

Yet this amended legislation would compel *anyone* entering a care home setting to be jabbed.
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This lady speaks the truth. Her speech would apply to both mandated vaccine passports and the Critical Race Theory in my opinion. All forms of segregation is wrong, be it a vaccine mandate or specific classes to dehumanize some while victimization of others.

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