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Good morning @MayorWu ! You see the @bostonherald 😂
Wu it’s a #TrollCall kinda morning in #Roslindale. Come on @MayorWu get out of those footy pajamas and face the voters of #Boston
The #DefeatTheMandates #NoVaccinePassports moms got message!!! A++ on the signage. What did the judge say to Wu? #NO
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#MondayMotivation #WuTacticalForce in place Sir. The WTF as @bostonpolice call it, is ready to roll. 5 cruisers, 2 Paddywagons must protect emperor queen @MayorWu from the commoner’s gaze. For the love of Pete, Popeye Doyle didn’t have this many cruisers to take down the Frog.
Stay tuned despite a wintry mix #WokeInWuville will be broadcasting this am. Image
Word just in from the producers of #WokeInWuville start time 7:45am I’ll drop the link…Live callers welcome 617-698-4918
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1) @EdforBoston we thought you were the one for common sense. Why not hold a hearing and vote the @MayorWu rules into law? #WheresTheEmergency #NoVaccineMandates #NoVaccinePassports #FreeTheHub…
2) June 2020 @EdforBoston and Flaherty were justly concerned about these experimental jabs and boosters on our #Boston cops, firefighters, and nurses. We now know of “long term” affects and limited effectiveness. #NoVaccineMandates…
3) @EdforBoston this guy makes sense. Could @BOSCityCouncil convene/hold hearings on @MayorWu mandates? The Citizens want to know A.#WheresTheEmergency ? B. If the mandates are so good why not #HoldAMeeting ? C. What happened to your concerns on side effects for #Boston workers?
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Thread on #NoVaccineMandates:
1) Surreal—The CDC director is asked to confirm the inaccuracy of Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's gross overstating of numbers of kids hospitalized with COVID, but she quickly pivots to a "give your kids the vaccine" mantra.
2) It's like watching a programmed robot play an endless game of redirect back to the acceptable talking points. Refusing to treat people as adults who deserve nuanced discussion of all aspects of an issue will only exacerbate the decline of trust in medical authorities.
3) And at a moment when the Supreme Court will be issuing rulings on vaccine mandates, it is scary that a justice wouldn't have basic, essential facts straight.
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@TheNarrator000 @jimmy_dore That's *a* question that *their policies* precisely--not anyone you're shooting your hollow epithet at--have made difficult to answer. Other *real* questions: How many ppl died b/c of fear-mongering, vax-pushing Covid *policies*-- 1/7
b/c they couldn't get treated for other diseases (see "immunity debt"), b/c DNRs were issued w/o consent, b/c *covid treatments were forbidden & banned* & late-treatment ventilation was favored, *or* b/c they were injected w a gene therapy 2/7
that induced their cells to produce a pathogenic protein that causes all the covid symptoms? Who set things up to prevent knowing, to forbid even discussing that? 3/7
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How can you support #NoVaccineMandates and #NoVaccinePassports?
How can you support freedom of choice and open debate?

One easy way - be a ‘force multiplier’ sharing #together’s updates on social media platforms

We are now growing on 10+ other platforms

Links below, join us 🧵
On Facebook - support #together by liking and sharing our updates here:…
On Instagram - support #together by liking and sharing our updates here:…
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The Serbian tennis legend was today granted a “medical exemption” to appear at #AusOpen. He has been trending all day and lots have shared their views.

Here is why I think @DjokerNole deserves your wholehearted and unwavering support👇🏻🇷🇸
I’ll start off by saying, I understand those who feel disappointed in him for appearing at all.

There’s a valid argument to say, “by competing, & going through the rigmarole, he’s simply complying with a system of medical discrimination apartheid.”

Totally fair point. However..
Sometimes you need to operate *within* a system of oppression to destroy it.

Take flying, as one example.

We all know they want to stop us from flying, and most airlines now have extremely strict policies on mask-wearing.

Should we all stop flying and give them what they want?
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Live thread: 🐓 cockadoodle Wu! Rise and shine! @MayorWu planned to slip into rollcall to lecture, I mean visit the #Boston cops in area B-3. 100 protesters got up earlier #novaxpassports #novaxmandates @BostonFRU @mafamass @michellemalkin Image
@LOCAL_718 @BostonPatrolmen @mafamass Nice chilly crowd of protesters gathering to greet @MayorWu Image
Much of the #Boston media still wearing footie pajamas @TheKuhnerReport @WBZNightside @G_CURLEY @HowieCarrShow They choose health not @MayorWu CONTROL
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As some of you know, & for my sins, I’m a lifelong #AVFC fan. Born & bred a Brummie, I’ve followed them home & away for 32 yrs, through thick & thin.

I’ve attended every home game this season. Now, I am banned.
Football was always so much more than 22 men kicking a football around a pitch. It was a culture, a social activity, a release from the stresses of everyday life.

It’s why I attended multiple cup finals, celebrated family occasions there, & trekked to Sunderland on a Tues night.
In fact, my grandparents appeared in the matchday programme as 2 of the most long-standing season-ticket holders of all time. Their whole marriage was framed around a devotion not only to each other, but to our hometown football club.

@avfcofficial was & is ingrained in our DNA.
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Well done to everyone who campaigned to make our voices heard #together

Well done to 126 brave MPs

Those that voted this in: shame on you especially @BorisJohnson @Keir_Starmer

We fight on #NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccineMandates #TogetherDeclaration
Take a long hard look at who voted which way & make sure we tell them how we'll be voting

They also passed in Mandatory Vaccinations for NHS today

Lets keep fighting for our freedom rights & very way of life #together #TogetherDeclaration…
And Thank you all for gettin us to 25k followers on here. We’ll v soon be opening other social media channels. Let’s get it up to 100k here!

We have 166 000 signatories now & growing daily. Local organisers & regional ambassadors

We win this #together #TogetherDeclaration
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A theory about NHS and what's really happening.
Bit of a tale...
I needed cancer tests after being referred by Specialist Nurse, GPs were not seeing patients.
Referrals all made until I said I couldn't isolate for 3 days (self employed) and wouldn't have pcr test as no symptoms
and no contacts. I was then repeatedly bullied, belittled, coerced, threatened and lied to be a multitude of NHS staff.
My GP (now involved) thankfully supported me, recorded both my medical and moral opposition to swabbing but they said same to her.
NHS threatened to discharge
me. At this point I wrote a letter outlining law and rights and within the hour received a phone call to arrange appointments. This were invasive and carried out without a pcr. The NHS then requested time to respond to my complaint saying it needed to passed to CEO level.
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Covid passports are being introduced for entry to some venues, including nightclubs and live sporting events, to control the spread of the virus according to the Government. However, new analysis and a lack of evidence provided by the Government in its response to the...
Committee’s report casts doubt on whether this will work in practice.

Citing the diminishing benefits of a certification system as more and more people get vaccinated, the Committee’s report demanded that the Government provide scientific evidence backing-up its claims that...
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It should be noted that a ‘Covid death’ is a meaningless statistic because in the fake world of Corona testing $cience, Corona deaths can be misattributed. I cannot think why more people would die of the flu in the EU vs UK! The only deaths that really count are Excess deaths.
#NoVaccinePassports spot on but not because it correlates with fake ‘Covid death’ numbers from fake @OurWorldInData digital pandemic creators. COVID is the illusion to fool the world while the digital-financial complex works its agenda behind the scenes.…
@profnfenton has also given us a timely reminder of the importance of applying scientific rigour in using the right metrics. Forget Covid, see that all the $cience and $tatistics carefully spun around it are gigantic lies and much starts to become clear.
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Boris Johnson announces discriminatory mandatory Covid passes for 'nightclubs & venues where large crowds gather'.

We’re outraged by the Prime Minister’s imposition which we will seek to challenge through Parliament and the courts.…
"Covid passes will create a needless barrier to social inclusion for the most marginalised people in our country and we urge the Opposition to vote against them."

Read our full response here ⤵️

Now is the time to fight back 💪

We are building the biggest fight against mandatory Covid passes in the UK.

Join us in making history ⬇️…
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1/ This is what your media has failed to report.

The rise of the people against vaccine Mandates controlled by Vaccine passports gathers pace worldwide.

ITALY - Naples
Rage against the Government.
#Nogreenpass #Italy #Novaccinepassports

2/ ITALY- Milan
The people will decide

#Nogreenpass #Novaccinepassports #Italy

The people will decide.

#Nogreenpass #Novaccinepassport #Switzerland
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#Frankreich “Ohne Masken und ohne Abstand” wie bei #le0611, wird in Paris und hunderten anderen Städten am 17. Samstag in Folge in Paris gegen den #greenpass und die Regierung protestiert.

Thread 🧵 1/
#NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #sosfromaustralia
3/ Avignon #le0611
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A long-standing Tory MP has backed the idea of imposing lockdowns on unvaccinated people only.

Today, as all robust democracies should be free to do, I challenge these extreme views and expose a catalogue of rank hypocrisy👇🏻
Sir Gary Streeter — @garystreeterSWD — is the longest-serving MP in Devon and Cornwall and served as a junior minister under John Major’s Conservative Government.

In December 2018, it was announced that Streeter would receive a knighthood in the 2019 New Year Honours List.
13 days ago, Streeter caused consternation when he reacted to an article which said EU member Austria was “considering a Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated only.”

It outlines a scenario where unvaccinated people would only be allowed to leave their homes for “specific reasons”.
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@leftiblog Tell me how many of the minority (48%, Did NYT suggest otherwise?) of ICU patients with Covid in the one county highlighted by NYT caught it from a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated person, either being just as possible.
Tell me how many of those "unvaccinated" actually were vaccinated, but fewer than 14 days ago, or didn't have their vaccination properly recorded and acknowledged by the hospital, because
Tell me how many of the majority of cases in that one ICU for other diseases--such as the "Cases of RSV...rising among youth" there--result from "immunity debt"--i.e. caused by lockdown (& certainly not the unvaccinated).……
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Yesterday, after @PoliticsForAlI incorrectly labelled yesterday’s #FreedomMarch an “anti-Covid restrictions” rally, Twitter was awash with the usual suspects screaming: “What restrictions?”

Here is an open letter to them all👇🏻
Firstly, who am I referring to? Well, it would be dozens of these fine individuals who seemed *genuinely* puzzled that anyone would have anything to protest about right now.

Because, as one of them articulates, they are able to go shopping & have a pint. That’s freedom, right?
These people are cheered on and influenced by celebrities, media professionals, and the greater good of society who peddle the same line.

“We don’t have any restrictions,” is their message and it’s a message many lap up.

So, for those who think we have no Covid measures…
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#France: Am heutigen Samstag gibt es in ganz Frankreich wieder Proteste gegen Impfpass und Impfpflicht.

Hier: Paris 1/n

#NoGreenPass #NoVaccinePassports
2/ Montpellier.
3/ Avignon
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I can't stress enough how much these stats tell you.

Look at the deaths under 30!

We are collapsing society & the future of these young people by allowing the underhand introduction of digital apps which will lead to a social credit system akin to China's.

#NoVaccinePassports ImageImage
They also expose the absurdity & plain evil of injecting children who are at near-zero risk from the virus.

What's the motive to push that through AGAINST the advice of the JCVIwho said there was no scientific reason for it?

Get the children latched onto the new 'vax' app? Image
School age children are more likely to be hit by lightning than die of coronavirus.

~ Scientists from Universities of Oxford & Cambridge…
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