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Na Itália a coisa pegando fogo: milhares de pessoas estão nas ruas protestando contra a fraudemia e o passaporte de vacina. O mesmo já ocorreu na França, Reino Unido e Alemanha, mas a mídia, como no caso da Itália, não divulgou. Outros vídeos nos comentários 👇🏻
Em Trieste, ativistas denunciaram que a transmissão de webcams ao vivo está sendo manipulada para mostrar ruas vazias enquanto há milhares de pessoas nelas protestando
Os protestos também estão ocorrendo em Milão, com bastante adesão #NoVaccinePassports
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#France: Am heutigen Samstag gibt es in ganz Frankreich wieder Proteste gegen Impfpass und Impfpflicht.

Hier: Paris 1/n

#NoGreenPass #NoVaccinePassports
2/ Montpellier.
3/ Avignon
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🛂 Jan > Mar 2021: 300,000 people in #Britain said #NoVaccinePassports. Whitehall opened their first Call For Evidence.

🛂 March 23rd - @CommonsPACAC began an inquiry into COVID-status certification. On June 12th they threw the book at #vaccinepassports…
🛂 By July the #NHS #CovidPass streamrolled its way past Parliamentary scrutiny, debate, & voting, readied for domestic events & intl travel.

🛂 In the next 'cycle', HMG hope to push through the #CoronavirusAct 2020 on Oct 19th & mandate #vaccinepassports to 'save Christmas'...
🛂 To defeat #vaccinepassports we need *total* non compliance coupled with local/national boycott against those who use these measures.

🛂 Apart from @wearethentia & their legal action against the ScotGov, it's unlikely other orgs will follow through & take on HMG.
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Shocking thread about Australia, this is coming to the U.K. So start joining protests now, not later. Start making plans now, not later. We’re running out of time, don’t let this coerce you into the wax—een #NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassportAnywhere #AustraliaHasFallen 1/24
You can visit someone at home under these circumstances. 3/24
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1. Doctor's Open Letter To The Unvaccinated.

I posted this article on my Facebook page a few days ago. A couple of 'friends' didn't like it. Here is my response.

Hello Alice and Emily,

Yes- it’s me, a person you met and spent time with- not a robot or a stranger-
2. although that would be unacceptable too. If you want to have a conversation or a debate, you’re free to message me but don’t fling your anger like shit at my Facebook ‘window.’

It’s sad how this crisis that has affected people in so many different ways has divided people and
3. in many cases, brought out the very worst in people. I have been shocked by previously caring, compassionate and empathic people behaving with judgment, hatred and spite. But eighteen months of terror will do that people.
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The Tory Party, as it has done throughout the pandemic, is continuing to use communication techniques to push an agenda:

The Great Reset — #BuildBackBetter

Here’s how they do it, & why we all need to raise awareness of these deceitful tactics👇🏻
If you want a flavour of what Britain’s leading political party is now pushing, you only have to analyse its packed conference schedule #CPC21 which (thankfully) ends today.

Over the 4 days, there were 340 conference sessions, panel debates, & themed stands
From the 340 sessions, almost a third (31.9%) had the following words in the title:

• Levelling up: 10.3%
• Build Back Better (or variation): 4.1%
• Green/climate change/environment: 5.8%
• Carbon/Net zero: 7%
• Covid/pandemic: 4.7%

These are today’s closing speeches…
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Since the start of the pandemic, the UK government have broken promises, repeatedly U-turned and coerced the country with a series of mixed messages and lies.

𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 /
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QUESTION 1: Why lay off 10s of thousands of care home staff when the sector is in crisis & then say NHS staff are next?

@ONS & @UniofOxford data shows 94% of adults (16yrs+) have antibodies & fatality rate is now 0.096%, comparable with flu…
QUESTION 2: GOV printed 100s £bn's to prop up the economy, why would it let 1 or 2 businesses supplying critical infrastructure, close when it will fuel a food supply crisis?

This will add to existing pressures & would cost peanuts for GOV to step-in…
QUESTION 3: Why is GOV desperate to introduce vax passes, despite evidence they only achieve division/social unrest?

Cornwall Boardmasters & Wales Green Man festivals were jab & test outdoor events & yet both were so called super-spreader events (cases)…
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Es geht wieder los in #France:

Thread mit Videos🧵 1/n

In Pau demonstrieren die Menschen am 9. Samstag in Folge gegen die #Impfapartheid.
In Paris hat die Polizei aufgerüstet…
2/ #ChampsElysées und #Wagram, sind von der Polizei abgesperrt: mehrere Wasserwerfer, Dutzende Polizei- und Gendarmeriewagen stehen bereit... #Paris
3/ Aix-en-Provence auf der Straße gegen den Gesundheitspass.
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We face the fight of our lives

Many of us have come #together to take a stand with a strong United voice

We’ve started with #TogetherDeclaration bit have 7 issues we unite on

Pls join us We can win together

Pls send MP letter & sign TD

more soon
Boris wants to extend powers. Totally unnecessary & we should all challenge #together

The Coronavirus Act is a way can use to side step legislation ie around Vaccine passports

#NoVaccinePassports #TogetherDeclaration…
Division has been sowed using fear as a driver

Gov should be declaring everyone to get back to normal. Instead it & Mayor decides to double down on nonsense pantomime restrictions that divide
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Of course... you can tell by what they try to dismiss, that which is important... New World Order #NWO #NewWorldOrder
2. New World Order #NWO #NewWorldOrder
3. Chant Australia NWO #NWO #NewWorldOrder
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A young health-care worker is being impacted by British Columbia's vaccine passport system following an adverse reaction to her first dose of Moderna's vaccine.
B.C. vax pass punishes young health-care worker who can't walk following Moderna jab

FULL REPORT from @DreaHumphrey:

#cdnpoli #bcpoli #NoVaccinePassports
Vaccine Consultations:

Rebel News, in partnership with The Democracy Fund, is covering the cost of legal consultations for the first 100 people seeking more information on vaccine mandates.
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In case they weren't getting the message... we've taken it right to parliament

#NoCovidID | #NoVaccinePassports
❌We will not accept a two-tier society, exclusion or checkpoints. We will not accept Covid IDs.

Snap votes on mandatory Covid IDs will be held within days. The time to act is NOW!

📨Use our quick tool to email your MP/MSP…
❌No to exclusion
❌No to checkpoints
❌No to discrimination

9 Reasons why Covid passes *must be stopped* ⤵️…
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1/ School year started in Israel today. Here is a small part of the unbelievable reality that we are living in, under the children “vaccination project” and Green Pass regime- in schools as well:
2/ cabinet decided reg. “red” zones - classes will be frontal (rather than through zoom) only if at least 70% vaccinated.
▪️So far- only for 8+ grade
▪️until Sep. 1 dose will be= vaccinated.
▪️school will be used for vaccination propaganda until Sep.… ImageImage
3/ This MSM site wrote that there would still be an option for those classes with no 70% vaccinated to meet outside for school- but UNVACCINATED CHILDREN EILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND THESE CLASSES!
I did not see that in the above formal cabinet publication, but it’s only a summary Image
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There was once a time, in the now dark & distant past, when journalists would craft their stories with balance and panache. Using credible sources to add “weight” to an article.

I’m about to tell you what today’s crop of “journalists” do👇🏻
But first, a bit of background. Yesterday @beverleyturner debated @DrNighatArif on @thismorning over the proposed rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to 12-year-old children.

Safe to say, it was a lively affair. But it’s important to note it was a more balanced interview than usual.
Both guests had opportunity to speak, and the presenters remained largely impartial throughout.

Dr Arif was representing an organisation called @projecthalo which is part of the United Nations “Verified” initiative. It is regularly promoted by big tech companies like YouTube.
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Vaccine passports for domestic use are coercive, illiberal, unethical and authoritarian. It risks creating discrimination, a two tier society and a huge infringement of our medical and basic human rights. They should have absolutely no place in a free society.
If we stop vaccine passports, we stop this shitshow. That’s their holy grail and end game. Stop vaccine passports and the whole thing falls like a house of cards.
A vaccinated person can still get Covid (but are likely to have reduced symptoms because of the vaccine). But they can still potentially transmit the virus. So therefore, a vaccine passport makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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Finally at 25k, this has taken over 3 weeks. If it takes another 9 weeks to get to 100k 💉 in schools could be well underway. I have seen several articles saying parental consent may not be required… #leaveourkidsalone #NoVaccinePassports #gillickcompetence
How can we share this with a wider audience? It is clear from comments on newspaper articles that lots of parents have the same concerns as us. Where is the risk benefit analysis? Just look at the justification given to roll it out to 17 year olds.
Who can help me share this in a more effective way than I have been doing?
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Supreme Court rules that Biden Admin must reinstate Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy…
Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers says petition to decertify Arizona’s election results is up to 204,000 signatures…
Trump ad savages Biden as surrenderer in chief…
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BC has now created a two-tiered society of "haves" & "have-nots" - where your inability to participate in normal activities in our society (weddings, business meetings, dining, church, etc.) is NOW a reality.

(Trudeau has transportation! Thanks Junior.)

BC just removed medical exemptions - so if you have the definitive contradictions for the vaccine, developed myocarditis or GBS after the 1st shot, etc. - you MUST now be excluded from full participation in society - indefinitely!

If you think that they are actually going to lift this requirement in January - I have some resort property on the moon to sell you.

Here is a list of what you will NOT be able to participate in:…


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Let's do an August Flashback-a-cize mega thread. Starting with some #Nazis.

The first bullet point should be "One party system". Image
“A new study has found that individuals that have previously contracted COVID-19 show a more potent antibody response than those who were solely vaccinated for the respiratory virus.”…
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Red flag

A NSW MP equates vaccine passports with immunisation register:

“I am keen to point out that they already exist & have done so for a long time. The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records vaccines given to all people in Australia."
Mark Coure MP supported No Jab No Play/Pay which paved the way and helped lay the groundwork for this thinking.

It is true pre-school children are denied access to preschool if they have not received vaccines according to schedule.

@markcourelive is also my local State MP.
But he has conflated the existence of the AIR with vaccine passports. How can this be?

It is the application of that data that applies that is relevant to the question of vaccine passports and not the infrastructure per se which can be used for many purposes.
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Auch in #Italien gehen die Menschen wieder auf die Straße. Thread 🧵 1/n
Udine 2/x
Turin 3/n
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If you want to control humans, keep them isolated.

Children to be educated alone at home rather than building real relationships.

Ordering your meals online rather than go to a restaurant with friends.

Lasers to identify you by your heartbeat!

This is the virus we must fight.
Just look at all the masks and dividing perspex everywhere.

...and you will own nothing they tell you.

So who will own the entire world? The 1% ofc.

You will need to rent everything from them, whilst being monitored and controlled by technology they operate!
It's the dream of Klauss Schwab, founder of WEF.

Our world leaders meet with big business & WEF every year at Davos.

It's no surprise they're all singing from the same hymn sheet to change society now.
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Today four brave care professionals, including a husband and wife, lift the lid on the appalling conditions facing residents and staff in England’s care homes, exacerbated by the looming mandatory vaccination deadline.

Read more👇🏻
Through their courageous & very personal testimonies, I can reveal an alleged litany of failings inc:

• care homes at breaking point & residents left to wet themselves in isolation

• staff sobbing in corridors & regularly working illegal shift patterns due to under resourcing
• “endless pressure” and “bullying” from central HR teams to coerce employees into having the vaccine

• mental health insinuations against those choosing not to be vaccinated

• minimum wage carers pressurised into work when previously sick, who now face losing their jobs.
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