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There are only 2 women, 1 person of color, and 1 combat veteran left in the presidential race. That indigenous woman of color and combat veteran is @TulsiGabbard. Hey #supertuesday2020 States, make sure you hear Tulsi out. She's got the goods!
A quick overview of the issues:

βœ… Single-Payer Healthcare
βœ… Bring our troops home
βœ… International cooperation to address climate change
βœ… Off Fossil Fuels
βœ… College For All
βœ… Renewable Infrastructure
βœ… Invest in Science
βœ… Bring Deported Veterans HOME

βœ… Equal Rights Amendment
βœ… Undo the Trans Military Ban
βœ… Equality Act
βœ… Federally Legalize and Deschedule Marijuana
βœ… Invest in Hemp projects
βœ… Cut Prison Population by 50%
βœ… Universal Basic Income
βœ… Audit the Federal Reserve
βœ… Foreign Policy of Diplomacy over War

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While the expression #FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out" is widely used, the "Desire of Missing Out" a.k.a. DOMO is not. Perhaps it is taboo but DOMO is likely more common than most people think. [THREAD 1/]
#Millennial lexicon, i.e., FOMO, has normalized the need to belong (Baumeister & Leary, 1995) or what is known as affiliation motivation (McClelland, Koestner, & Weinberger, 1989) in academic psychology.
Clinical as well as social and personality #psychologists have long recognized the need to belong as a key dimension of human motivation and central to conceptions of personality functioning. 3/
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Finally got around to watching #StarWars #TheLastJedi

Wow, is it horrifically bad. Like Caddyshack 2 bad. It's exactly what I was worried about when #SJW Emo #Millennial #Soyboy got hold of it.
The simply wrecked and ruined the character of #LukeSkywalker. I mean it simply makes no damn sense. Any of it.

He wants to be left for he leaves a #DanBrown map to find him?!? Pathetic.
And NONE of the actions of the characters makes ANY sense in #TheLastJedi!!

1. If the pink haired harpy was planning on being a sacrificial decoy, why not do the hyperdrive attack RIGHT AWAY?!?!!

2. Why don't ANY of the other smaller ships do this MUCH earlier?!?
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#THREAD: I am at the #COMMA2017 content summit conference. I'll be discussing #ASEAN integration, the digital media landscape and the #millennial agenda.

What is the future of news and media in ASEAN?

Stay tuned!
#CeritalahASEAN started with Ceritalah 25 years ago in the early 90s - during the height of print media. In those days, The Economist, The Straits Times, The New York Times, were really flourishing. Much of the 80s and 90s, I met with and talked to editors across the world.
Those publications were really dynamic and powerful.

But we've seen those publications come down. WSJ stopped printing in Asia. Jakarta Globe stopped printing in 2015. KiniBiz, Volume in Thailand also stopped printing....

What has come up to replace those institutions?
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What kind of limited potential of a life has the @gop & @realDonaldTrump carved out for our children? What ugly world will he leave 4 them?
What evil would want our kids2 grow up in a country w/delapidated roads, fewer schools, fewer jobs, larger wealth gap..
Making for a world of the haves & have nots & less ppl having opportunities to enjoy life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness?
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