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😳🤯The hour flew by & none of us noticed!!

🙏🏽 @FogacciJoao for bringing the 🇧🇷 flair to #TumorBoardTuesday & #GastricCancer!!

🏆Remember your🆓CME

Look for Case Wrap Up🎀 04/28/22

📅Mark your calendar for 05/10/22 8pm ET when @FlavioRochaMD joins our #VirtualTumorBoard!!
Remember #TumorBoardTuesday education goes beyond Twitter - we offer 🆓 CME!!

Pick up your🏆#CME & NOW #MOC(‼️) by answering quick questions regarding a case similar to @FogacciJoao’s‼️


🔗 post rationale:

#PostTest Q1️⃣ #CME #TumorBoardTuesday @MPishvaian

🤔Now that @FogacciJoao schooled us through updates on immunotherapy for #GastricCancer, how would you answer these 2 quick ❓

🧬 Which are potentially useful immunotherapy biomarkers in gastric cancer?
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#देश_बदल_गया_हैं 🇮🇳🇮🇳

टोकियो ऑलिम्पिक मध्ये भारतीय खेळाडूंनी केलेल्या चमकदार कामगिरीमुळे सर्वत्र त्यांच्यावर अभिनंदनाचा वर्षाव होत आहे.. पण त्या सोबतच आपल्या सर्व खेळाडूंना पदका पर्यंत पोहोचविन्यासाठी मोदी सरकारची "TOPS" पॉलिसी मैलाचा दगड ठरत आहे..
याच पॉलिसी बद्दल थोडक्यात..
#TOPS Target Olympic Podium Scheme :

ही पॉलिसी आहे, ऑलिम्पिक पर्यंत पोहोचून तेथे निर्णायक विजय मिळवु शकणाऱ्या खेळाडूंना शोधणे, त्यांना लागेल त्या योग्य सुविधा, प्रशिक्षण देणे आणि त्यांना ऑलिंपिक पोडियमपर्यंत पोहोचविणे..

२०१४ मध्येच मोदी सरकार प्रथम सत्तेवर आल्यावर त्यावेळचे
क्रीडामंत्री सर्वानंद सोनोवाल यांच्या नेतृत्वाखाली ही पॉलिसी अमलात आणण्याचा निर्णय झाला होता. ही पॉलिसी त्यावेळी ताबडतोब अमलात आणली गेली. टोकियो ऑलिम्पिकचे वैशिष्ट्य पाहिले तर या पॉलीसीचे महत्त्व नक्कीच लक्षात येईल.. यंदाच्या टोकियो ऑलिम्पिक मधले पदक विजेते सर्व भारतीय खेळाडू हे
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Thank you ALL for the @January6thCmte.💕
#WeThePeople NEED the truthful and courageous voices shared this morning.
It gives me Hope that our USA is still viable, and is actually WORTH Saving!
1/x #Jan6th2021
2/x #Jan6th2021
To paraphrase one of the heroes defending the #USCapitol:
That day, We were in a War. Each of us was fighting an individual battle, in that war. Different locations, different perspectives, different wounds & traumas. But we were in a real war for our democracy!
3/x #Jan6th2021
The individual trauma of everyone participating in this @January6thCmte room was evident and moving.😢
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First Order AT-RHT All Terrain Recon Heavy Transport #lego #moc #StarWars ImageImageImage
Resistance Scrap Tank #lego #moc #StarWars ImageImageImage
Another #LEGO #moc #StarWars A big imperial side car tank ImageImageImage
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Good morning all. With the upcoming "Doctors Day," I thought I'd put up a brief tweettutorial on efforts to end MOC by @PPA_USA and what doctors can do about it.
@PPA_USA First, some important disclosures:
@PPA_USA When it comes to #MOC, there is nothing new under the sun:
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I "re-certified" in 2013 for both cardiology and cardiac EP with @ABIMCert. At that time, I was told I needed 100 MOC points every 10 years to stay certified. Now I learn I have to acquire "100 MOC points every 5 years" or risk "change" to my cert status.
@ABIMcert I have been diligently working to find a way not to pay another dime to ABIM for MOC points but found I was going crazy trying to do so. Find myself cornered like a rat.
@ABIMcert Every MOC point earned must have lengthy "survey" completed of your perception of COIs, exam quality, references used, etc. (total waste of time when your needed 90 more points). Stress mounting...
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@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: I'm handling something now for my (disabled) dad. I'll write u back later, bro. I'm a v nice person -- u can fact-check w God. 😉 But I will not allow #ZinziClemmons to get away w her drive-by to kill #JunotDiaz's career. JD didn't forcibly kiss her. #apologizetoJunot
@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: Too bad we're connecting abt this #JunotGate fiasco, as u're a smart brother I'd love analyzing culture w/. Listened to ur talks. Interesting kings/queens pt @DukeU. I fact-checked #Trayvon's parents' book passage @Essence for terrific exec editor, JM. U & I 4 justice!
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence Justice: This #JunotGate fiasco started May 4 @SydWritersFest when ur 30-something #WOC writer friend #ZinziClemmons took mic & publicly accused #JunotDiaz (@mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes) of harming her 6 yrs prior. ZC then tweeted JD had cornered & forcibly kissed her!
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Robert Fisk’s latest “EXCLUSIVE” reveals just how little he knows about #Syria's opposition, its foreign relations & support networks.

Gloss over inaccuracies & he’s “revealed” what we've known for yrs - #Saudi backed the multilateral MOC, arming #FSA.…
#pt: #Saudi was a principle backer of the MOC; a multilateral structure created to centrally coordinate armed support to [extensively] pre-vetted #FSA groups in northern #Syria.

120mm M75 mortars were one of many systems provided through MOC channels - inc. to units in #Aleppo.
#pt: The purchase of arms from E. European states by countries backing #MOC (& #MOM in the south) has been extensively documented - it’s not a secret.

+ #Fisk’s portrayal of #Aleppo in late-2016 is insanely inaccurate - #ISIS had *0* presence & #Nusra was about 1% of fighters.
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