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NEWS: @HawleyMO is not ruling out taking action before Congress certifies the electoral college vote

"Raising questions about the election is a legitimate thing I'm studying how I might do that, what the procedure is & trying to gather evidence"

The certification takes place Jan 6th.

.@HawleyMO tells me he's been assured #stimuluschecks will be in final COVID relief bill.

At this point the amount being floated is closer to $600, Hawley says he'd rather it be $1,200 but will wait until the bill is presented to determine if he'll back the proposal

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Happening Now: Senate Homeland Security Committee holds hearing titled: "Examining Irregularities in the 2020 Election"

Chairman @SenRonJohnson who called the hearing opens by defending his decision following backlash.

"This should not be controversial"

Johnson in opening insists voting irregularities must be investigated.

Former Homeland Security cyber expert @C_C_Krebs who was fired after deeming the 2020 election the most secure in US history, is among the panelist.

Ranking member @SenGaryPeters says moving forward w/ today's hearing is, "dangerous," and, "gives a platform to conspiracy theories and lies"

Peters says today's hearing will erode the public trust and has no place in the US Senate.

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Sen. Chuck Schumer says President Trumps #Debate performance was “obscene...he gave a White supremacist group a rallying cry.” #NexstarDC Image
Schumer calls on Senate Republicans to speak up about President’s debate behavior Image
All four Dem Senators talked about #SCOTUSConfirmation through the Affordable Care Act Image
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Senate GOP leaders are about to address media in a few minutes @NewsNationNow
Sen. McConnell says Sen. Lindsey Graham is planning out schedule for judiciary hearings on a #SCOTUSnominee @NewsNationNow Image
Sen. Thune says Republicans are looking forward to having a constitutionalist nominated to the Supreme Court @NewsNationNow #NexstarDC Image
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10 Democrat Senators signed this letter addressed to Sen. Lindsey Graham calling on him to state unequivocally that he will not consider any nominee to fill Justice Ginsburg's seat #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg @NewsNationNow ImageImage
The letter quotes Graham directly from 2016

1) “If there is a Republican President in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say ‘Lindsey Graham said let us let the next President, whoever it might be, make that nomination.’
2) And you could use my words against me, and you would be absolutely right.”
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It’s a moving scene outside the United States Supreme Court as thousands come out to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg @NewsNationNow
Thousands of people out here, outside of one incident where a few ppl where yelling on a loudspeaker, this has been remarkably somber on the steps of the US Supreme Court #RBGRIP Image
Outside the Supreme Court right now #RGB #RuthBaderGinsburg #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow
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White House - President Trump says he'd support a larger stimulus bill, between $1-$1.5 trillion.

House/Senate Republicans - Pushing a more targeted, $500-$700 billion deal

House/Senate Dems - Speaker Pelosi says pkg can't be smaller than $2.2 trillion

Our reporting on the #ProblemSolversCaucus, a group of 25 Republicans/25 Democrats who agreed on their own framework for a #COVID19 #Stimulus pkg. ($1.5 trillion)-and are pushing party leaders to get back to the negotiating table @NewsNationNow #NexstarDC…
We caught @GOPLeader McCarthy in our hallway-he was gracious enough to answer a few Qs. On #COVID__19 stimulus, he says Republicans ARE willing to put more $$ toward struggling state & local govs.

The latest GOP "Skinny" bill was so skinny partly bc it had none @NewsNationNow
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We want to get bipartisan agreement out the door, and argue over the rest later. -@senatemajldr Mitch McConnell on Republicans’ smaller #stimulus bill @NewsNationNow #NexstarDC Image
McConnell says the bill will come up this week #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
This bill isn't skinny, it's anemic -@SenatorLeahy on Republican #Stimulus bill, says its inadequate..."it doesn't solve the problems of the country." @NewsNationNow #NexstarDC Image
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From President Trump's memo on defunding cities w/ social unrest " is imperative that the Federal Government review the use of Federal funds by jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence, and destruction." @NewsNationNow #NexstarDC Image
"Yes, the President is serious about this."-Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany got a few questions on this, mostly when pressed that the move is unconstitutional. POTUS does not have the authority to unilaterally withhold funds appropriated by Congress. #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
McEnany broke down what this White House memo tries to accomplish in 3 parts...The legal experts & members of congress we've spoken to today say this is unconstitutional and will almost immediately be met by legal challenges. #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow
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Postmaster General Louis Dejoy’s opening statement was more focused on long term financial issues facing the #postalservice than on changes made that could impact election mail #NexstarDC Image
DeJoy: Postal service has “Adequate capacity” to handle all election mail. Says if states’ election boards comply with USPS there should be no problems #NexstarDC
“I was made aware when everybody else was made aware.” -Louis DeJoy on mail sorting machines being removed ahead of the election. Says removing them was meant to handle more packages, less volume of letters during #COVID19 #NexstarDC
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“Right now we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons. Joe will be a president who turns out challenges into purpose.” @NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
“The road ahead is not easy, we may stumble. We may fall short. But I pledge to you that we will act boldly and deal with our challenges honestly. We will speak truths and we will act with the same faiths in you that we ask you to place in us.” #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
“Years from now this moment will have passed. Our children and our grandchildren...they’re gonna ask us ‘where we’re you when the stakes were so high?’... we will tell them not just how we felt. We will tell them what we did.” -Kamala Harris closing out her nomination acceptance Image
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House and Senate leaders hold a presser in front of the USPS headquarters #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
Sen. Van Hollen and others harp on the #USPS delays being a medical issue, not just a threat to the election. He’s reading letters from constituents waiting for meds #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
Leader Hoyer and Sen. Van Hollen suggest Postmaster General Dejoy’s action might be illegal. “They got caught red handed.” Within the hour DeJoy just announced changes will be delayed until after election #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
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NJ Dem. Gov says a national mask mandate would be a “game changer” -didn’t explain how it would be enforced #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
Chris Wallace: “Why not just say it’s false?” Trump Campaign advisor Steve Cortes says media is trying to create controversy by asking President’s opinion on the incorrect claim that #KamalaHarris is ineligible to be VP. POTUS says he won’t focus on it #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow
WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says President WOULD support a stand alone bill to fund the Post Office. He also said the President wants to see congress return to Washington to negotiate a stimulus. #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
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“We have a silent majority the likes of which nobody has seen.” Pres. Trump on his election prospects. He’s said he doesn’t believe the polling data is accurate multiple times this week #NexstarDC Image
Q: "Why is your #postalservice dismantling these mail sorting machines?"

Pres. Trump: "He needs money to operate if you're gonna hit him with millions of's sitting there...the Democrats don't wanna approve it." #MailInBallots #NexstarDC Image
Democrats have proposed $25 billion for the Postal Service in #HeroesAct. @politico reports White House and Democratic leaders tentatively agreed to as much as $10 billion for the Postal Service in their negotiations, but no #stimulus deal was ever reached. #NexstarDC
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Awaiting the former Vice President to make it official...the running mate announcement coming soon at which Joe Biden will introduce Kamala Harris as his VP pick #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
The Biden camp released this video showing the moment VP Joe Biden made the ask of #Kamala Harris to join the ticket. #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow
Update: This #Kamala #Biden event is officially now an hour behind, the only thing we see/hear in the stream is an empty podium and Motown songs...which I don’t hate. #NexstarDC @NewsNationNow Image
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#DNC2020 MONDAY SPEAKERS- Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Jim Clyburn, Former Gov. John Kasich, Sen.Doug Jones, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and Former First Lady Michelle Obama #NexstarDC
(Among others) #DNC TUESDAY SPEAKERS - Former Attorney General Sally Yates, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Former Secretary of State John Kerry, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Former Pres. Bill Clinton, and Former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden #NexstarDC
Among Others- #DNC WEDNESDAY SPEAKERS -Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Former President Barack Obama, ***TBA Vice Presidential Nominee*** #NexstarDC
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Today President Trump floats a few #stimulus measures through executive order - $400 #unemployment benefit extension, eviction moratorium extension. Congress halted student loan payments & interest until September 30th. Pres. Trump says he’ll extend through December #NexstarDC Image
When I say float, I mean signed** Image
Sorta strange to hear audience applause in the background as POTUS delivers Executive Orders at his Bedminster estate Image
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President says he’ll install a payroll tax cut through executive order, retroactive to July 1st that will run through the end of the year as a #COVID__19 #Stimulus measure #NexstarDC Image
President Trump says US will stand with #Lebanon and help in the recovery effort #NexstarDC Image
Presidents Executive Order plans come as Dem congressional leaders and the White House cannot come to terms on a stimulus package, and have agreed on virtually nothing when it comes to the biggest issues #NexstarDC Image
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HHS Secretary Alex Azar says state/university labs are running at about 58% capacity when it comes to #COVID testing.

"They need to add additional shifts and be willing to use the equipment." #NexstarDC Image
Pt. 1 of my conversation w/ HHS Secretary Alex Azar on #COVID__19 Testing, why the administration isn't using the full power of our labs to analyze test results, and why it takes 4 days on average to get results back. #NexstarDC
Pt. 2 of my conversation w/ HHS Secretary Alex Azar on #COVID__19 Testing, why the administration isn't using the full power of our labs to analyze test results, and why it takes 4 days on average to get results back. #NexstarDC
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Sen @ChrisMurphyCT on $600 unemployment benefit #nexstarDC
We spoke w/Sara Gard today, a mom who's been furloughed and can no longer rely on weekly $600 extended unemployment. Congress let the deadline to renew it's her message to lawmakers in both parties: #NexstarDC
On my previous tweet...covering the Hill there's a lot of nuance, strategy, gaming, politics that go into these #coronavirus #Stimulus negotiations. It's easy to forget for most Americans NOT in Washington, there is none. They just want help through #COVID19 #NexstarDC
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Secretary Mnuchin just walked into Speaker Pelosi’s office for another round of negotiations on a #StimulusPackage #NexstarDC
“None yet.” on expectations for #stimuluspackage -White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows kept it short for reporters heading into meeting w/Speaker Pelosi #NexstarDC
“It was productive, we’re moving down the track. Still have our differences.” -Speaker Pelosi on #stimulus negotiations #NexstarDC
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Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google CEOS will all be testifying on Capitol Hill this afternoon. Should be fun. #NexstarDC Image
Tech Hearing w/ Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others is delayed...Apparently everything’s running slow. A source tells me the tech CEOs have recommended logging off, restarting and trying again #NexstarDC Image
Tech CEOs are all zoomed up and ready to go #NexstarDC Image
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House Dems again pushing for renewing the $600 unemployment insurance- runs out in a few days unless Congress finds a legislative solution #NexstarDC Image
Republican @DrPhilRoe tells me GOP wants to extend it too, but says $600 is simply too much money weekly and makes it difficult for small businesses in his state to keep their workers #NexstarDC Image
We’re here today with one message for the President, the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, do your job. -@RepDanKildee, he says GOP must move on a #coronavirus stimulus plan on paper. #NexstarDC Image
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BREAKING: President Trump says the Jacksonville, FL portion of the GOP convention will be cancelled. #NexstarDC Image
“We wanted to go away without a lot of’s a different world.” -President Trump on #Jacksonville #GOPConvention #NexstarDC Image
“I would just say safety” President Trump on why he moved to cancel #Jacksonville GOP convention #NexstarDC Image
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