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I had my third Covid-19 vaccine on 15 October.

It has not yet appeared on my #NHSApp.

When I do a lateral flow test, it appears within hours.

What's going on?
OK... The Covid Certificate bit links to your Covid records.

As the third dose is not "essential" in the UK, it does not appear in this section of the app.

When I checked my "GP records" section, it gives the date of my third dose, but not previous doses…
It says "15 October 2021. Immunisation course to maintain protection against SARS-CoV-2". There is no mention there of the previous doses, the brand or batch number.

However, as @ellywrightart kindly pointed out, all three doses, with full details, appear under "Acute medicines"
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So the Gov't has gone from promising a review of #VaccinePassports in February...…

to officials saying #domestic uses are "dead" and "not going to happen" in May...…

to the review stating they won't be #mandated in early July... @BorisJohnson announcing they WILL be #mandatory for (mostly) young people from the end of September:…
Meanwhile, and despite MONTHS of denials*, it turns out the Government has already spent £23.6 million on #VaccinePassports 👇 and has already cut deals that could run until 2023 at least...…

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Here's a fun #NINO - the UK's National Insurance Number - [Thread] to start the weekend 👇

Maybe I should do an #NHSnumber one sometime? It's a fascinating story, which (ironically) starts with these...
[With thanks to @guy_herbert, @TomSamaki, @PrivacyMatters & others for encouragement!]

Before I start a geeky 'deep dive' on the #NHSnumber, to provide some (personal/professional) context that will hopefully become apparent, I'll just drop these two images here:
So, to begin.

After the Second World War, in a time when we started to think (again) what a #civilised society would be, and when our leaders tried to agree #principles like #UDHR that might prevent the recurrence of genocide, and support #dignity and #HumanRights for all...
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A '#Mythbusting' mayhem [Thread]:

Last Friday, 4 June, @NHSDigital removed the “Mythbusting social media posts” box from the top of its main #NationalDataOptOut page:… < Web Archive diff showing 3 June vs 5 June

They also removed...
...the @NHSDigital call centre phone number and replaced it with text directing people to the #NHSapp. (If they tell us what changed, we’ll change our website too – but they’ve not yet asked.)

In the same time frame, they changed the...
...“Read NHS Digital's response to the false information about the national data opt-out” link link on:…

so that instead of going to the “Mythbusting social media posts about the national data opt-out” page...
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🚨 Michael Gove is expected to outline plans for COVID passes today, starting with test certificates for sports events & concerts.

His plans for health passes are dangerous for public health, privacy rights + equality.

Here's 5 reasons test certificates must be stopped. #NHSApp
1⃣ A digital health ID system is invasive + will disadvantage the most marginalised.

It would reshape the UK into a checkpoint society and could be abused by anyone in authority.

Marginalised groups will have least access to COVID ID and most likely to suffer further exclusion.
2⃣ Rapid tests are not a reliable indicator of safety

The Innova tests, which Govnt has spent *£3bn* on, do not meet the acceptable standards set by WHO for confirming COVID.

The MHRA, senior Dept of Health advisors + the @RoyalStatSoc have all voiced concerns about the tests.
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Slippery and worrying content in today's lobbying briefing after #PMQs. A quick thread, regarding latest comments on the #NHSapp fiasco...
H/T @guardiannews for the quotes
First, this on Johnson's "functionality" claim:

"When it was put to him that other countries do have apps, the spokesman said that they did not fully record people’s contacts and that they were not reliable enough to be used to tell people to self-isolate."
1. Ignores the privacy issue and will depress downloads.
2. More important, apps really should NOT tell people to self-isolate. It's a delicate personal request that requires human contact and reassurance.

Almost all other apps supplement existing contact tracing.
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Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) released by #NHSX in relation to the #NHSApp. It highlights a range of significant issues in data protection legislation. It does this in order so that these issues can be remedied before the next DPIA is published. #Covid19UK
Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) released by #NHSX in relation to the #NHSApp.
Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) released by #NHSX in relation to the #NHSApp.
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On Monday, @lynskeyo and I gave about 30 mins of oral evidence to @HumanRightsCtte, chaired by @HarrietHarman, on the #NHSApp. We have now submitted 10 pages of jointly written supplementary evidence, available publicly here:… 1/ Image
The transcript of our evidence is available here:… 2/ Image
And for the audiovisually inclined, you can watch us back here… (I certainly haven't). Shout out to those who know the picture below all too well... 3/ Image
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(A thread) I started reading the NCSC document on the new #covid19 contact tracing app to be trialled in the Isle of Wight. Lots of interesting info. Until we have the actual app to look at, this is the best we can do.

I wanted to understand a couple of things:
1- What user data is collected?
The app asks users to enter their partial post code on registration. No other personal info is collected.

2- Are locations tracked?
No. The app uses BLE to detect proximity to other devices.
If someone becomes infected, a notification is sent to everyone that that has been identified as at risk.

3- What does the app send over Bluetooth?
This one is interesting. The app creates an ID at registration. It also creates a private and public key.
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Online access to my GP records - what an exciting concept. Let's see how it works. #NHS #digitalhealth
So according to the NHS info, all I have to do is pop down to my GP surgery and get them to generate a username and password for me. I did that, and it was a quick process to get the info.…
So this is the menu after I logged in. Some options are unavailable for some reason (greyed out) - looks like I can't view my full patient record
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"#OrganDonation is an altruistic act that should be celebrated..." (p6)

So why not do that, and devote more resources to making donation easier - an approach that has delivered measurable results - instead of a regressive move to #OrganHarvesting?…
Describing a *significantly narrowing* shortfall (cf. graph, also p6) in available organs is not a justification for a change to #OrganHarvesting; nor are emotive appeals. This reads like #PolicyBasedEvidenceMaking.
"We want... to change the culture around organ donation in this country in the longer term." (p7)

Stopping it being a gift, freely given, and instead the State 'deeming' you to have given permission will certainly change that! Presumption ain't 'donation' and will erode trust.
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[THREAD] Over the weekend, I ran a poll on initiatives aimed at improving access to #NHS #primarycare. While respondents probably aren’t representative of the wider population, I think the results are striking: what people want most is convenience. (1/5)
@harrylongman’s much larger survey of patients of 12 GP practices using @askmygp shows that only 15% of patients prefer face-to-face appointments as the default. (2/5)
Meanwhile, @GPatHand – while hugely popular with its patients – breaks the NHS’s traditional #placebased funding model.… (3/5)
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