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First definition of exploding in enlightenment is – be out of all panic patterns! Panic pattern means, the pattern which is constantly restricting, refraining, limiting, binding you, and reducing your constant explosion.

#fear #enlightenment #WednesdayVibes #ThursdayMotivation
Your Ananda Gandha, your inner space, is an atomic station, where the constant atomic explosion is happening. But panic pattern acts as a covering, the cooler which is stopping it from exploding and becoming the big bang of enlightenment. The uranium is the unclutching!
In the regular atomic stations, you need a cover, because it is not good for the world. But here, the more you explode, the more good for the whole universe. What are you afraid of? You are afraid you will perish?

#Wisdom #fear #growth #enlightenment #Nithyananda #Inspiration
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1. Because Brahma feared that Kshathriya being fierce wud become unruly. In order to overcome this he specially projected this excellent form called Dharma. क्षत्रस्य क्षत्रं धर्मं. Dharma is fiercer than the fierce! Dharma is therefore the controller. @ma_priyanka_ #Nithyananda
@ma_priyanka_ 2. There is nothing higher than Dharma in this prakrthi. With Dharma on his side a householder can contend with even a king who is most powerful. This Dharma is actually the Truth. What is known as Truth, when practiced becomes Dharma. @ma_priyanka_ #Nithyananda @ma_mahajaya
3. And this Dharma cannot be practiced without one identifying himself with one or the other of the four varnas with which he was born to perform his karma. @ma_priyanka_ #Nithyananda @ma_mahajaya
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When you feel Paramashiva is real, you feel like your whole body is seeing all directions. That is exactly the experience I had when I stood in front of Samayapurathal Mahamayi Kannathal. She is also known as “Ayiram Kannudayal” - “thousand-eyed Devi”.
When iI stood in front of her and bowed down, with the experience of oneness with Parashakti, I just saw the meaning of “thousand-eyed devi” - meaning, she is pure consciousness, there is no matter. It means she can see everything everywhere.
When you know how to relate with deities, the third level relationship - it is a power! It is a possibility! #Kailaasa #Nithyananda #NithyaSatsang #SHRIKAILASA
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"கைலாஷ் ஒரு எச்சரிக்கை மணி".!

நித்தி'யின் "கைலாஷ்" தனி நாடு விளம்பரத்தை பார்த்த உடன் எனக்கு நினைவுக்கு வந்தது அமெரிக்காவை சேர்ந்த மத போதகர் "ஜிம் ஜேன்ஸ்" தான்.

அமேரிக்காவின் இந்தியானா மாகானத்தில் "மெத்தடிஸ்ட்" தேவாலய மதபோதகராக வாழக்கையை ஆரம்பித்தவர் பின்னர் அதில் இருந்து..

பிரிந்து peoples Temple என்ற தனி வழிபாட்டு முறை(Cult)யை ஆரம்பித்தார். மக்களின் உரிமைகளை பற்றி பேசினார்,கறுப்பினத்தவர்கள் சமமாக நடத்தப்பட வேண்டும் என்று சில போராட்டங்களும் நடத்தினார்.நிறைய மக்கள் அவரை பின் தொடர ஆரம்பித்தனர்.அவரது பிரச்சாரங்களில் முக்காயமானது உலகம் சீக்கிரம்..

அழியப்போகிறது என்பது.Apocalyptic theoryல் நம்பிக்கை கொண்ட ஜோன்ஸ் அதை பரப்பி வந்தார்.தான் கூறும்போது தனது ஆதரவாளர்கள் தன்னுடன் சேர்ந்து தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டு சொர்கம் அடைய வேண்டும் என்று பிரச்சாரம் செய்தார்.

சான்பிரான்ச்ஸ்கேவில் இருந்த அவரது வழிபாட்டு நிலையத்தில் மனித உரிமை..

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What You need to Know about the only Hindu Nation #Kailaasa by @SriNithyananda
Equality to all Genders!
#Nithyananda Sangha Acknowledge and accept that there are 11 Genders as mentioned in Vedas and Agamas and all have equal rights and equal respect. #LGBTQ are part of Nation
Paramashiva in the form of Parashakti
#Nithyananda has created a nation where no one will be looked down for the choice of their Gender. #Kailaasa is open to all #LGBTQ members and all 11 Genders @SriNithyananda
I am starting a series of tweets about #Kailaasa The only Hindu Nation established by HDH #Nithyananda Paramashivam.
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I don't understand celebrities with a large social media following who mercilessly troll Swami #Nithyananda. You have experienced cyberbullying in some form. You have faced awful Twitter mobs. Shouldn't you be empathetic? Shouldn't you hear the other side of the story?

It's the same jokes - his videos that are taken out of context, his South Indian accent, the same tired false accusations. So why are a section of us still following him? Do you believe that we are stupid just for taking a path that everyone disagrees with?
We have all experienced the truths he has shared. He has never said "I am God, worship me." He says "you are God, please conquer all your internal demons with this truth." He shares cosmic truths on yoga, a detoxed body, and spiritual powers.
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Have Deep Reverence And Respect For All Sampradayas - Traditions - In Hinduism. If A Hindu Leader Is Attacking, And You Go And Abuse Them, It Is A Collective Failure Which Is Not What I Want.
This Is What The Anti-Hindus Want, Where We Fight Amongst Ourselves And Be Collective Failures. So Have Patience. We Are Responsible For Whole Of Hinduism. We Cannot Waste Our Energy Fighting Amongst Us.
Have A Long Vision And Understand The Long Vision. We Have Too Many Things To Do. We Have A Great Future. Paramashiva’S Grace And Kalabhairava’S Protection Is With Us.
#Nithyananda #Satsang #Spirituality
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Looky Looky @Sarah_S_Landry timeline getting all Mucky Mucky!

🐍arah's mathematics: where 9 years of victimhood becomes 2

Flashback 2009: runs to stage claiming she is his Parvati!

FastForward 2019: claims Nithyananda wanted to have a physical relationship to make her Parvati!
@Sarah_S_Landry Folks!

This is the handout given by 🐍arah during her 2012 "divine mother of Jesus Christ" Slovakia Opus Dei cult days

Note the prayer chant

"Om Hreem Suvedi Namaste" roughly translates to "All praise to Sudevi (Sarah)"

Thank god it failed!

@Sarah_S_Landry Coming out of a "cult" and its "brainwashing" has this effect on people or deprogramming the cause & reason?

Comments @BlissfulAthlete?

For the record, mentally ill people need medical attention

@republic @TimesNow @tv9gujarati

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All Your Intelligence Should Be “For Life” - Positive. Many Of These Conspirators And Traitors, Gangs And Groups Connected And Attached, Many Tried To Force Me Saying, “Nothing Should Be Given Free. Let’s Copyright Everything.
Let Us Make Everything Paid. We Will Run The Organization.” They Were Trying To Package And Sell Me Under Their Control. I Made It Very Clear That Time Itself And Now: Whatever Paramashiva Says Should Be Given For Free, I Will Give For Free.
He Says Food And Spiritual Education Should Be Given For Free, I Am Giving For Free. I Will Not Evolve Any New Strategies Or Policies For Economy Of Sanga Apart From What Paramashiva Says. Anyhow, I Am Not Part Of Any Organisation.
#Nithyananda #Satsang #Spirituality
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The Person Who Is Addicted To #Pornography, The Biggest Problem Is He Believes The Whole World Is Having Too Much #Sex And That Only He Is Undersexed. That Is Where The Problem Starts For Him. Same Way, If You Surround Yourself With So Much Negative Information,
You Will Feel The Whole World Is Hating #Swamiji And Sanga. Stop Surrounding Yourself With Abusers, Negative Comments, Block And Delete It! Don’t Even Waste Time In Reading It.
That Creates Unnecessary Fears And Confusion.”Will Swamiji And Sanga Be Able To Handle This?” Don’t Worry At All. We Have Seen Enough And Withstood Enough.
#Nithyananda #Satsang #Spirituality
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Love yourself first!

The big problem today is that most people don’t love themselves. Society never teaches that it is possible to love ourselves. Understand that unless you love yourself, you cannot possibly love another person.

#love #selflove #nithyananda #Inspiration
Only when you lose yourself to yourself can you lose yourself to others. We are taught that we can only love even ourselves if we have a reason. If we perform well, we love ourselves.

#selflove #love #nithyananda #InspirationalQuotes #WeekendWisdom #SaturdayMotivation
If we fail, we hate ourselves. We apply the same logic to others. We love them only because of something, never without a cause or a reason.

#love #selflove #success #InspirationalQuotes #SaturdayMotivation #nithyananda #hindu #spirituality
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Nature has its own unique way of growth for each of us. Take the Chinese bamboo for example. When it sprouts, it doesn’t show much growth for the first four years. Then in the fifth year, the bamboo grows ninety feet in six weeks!

#nithyananda #ThursdayMorning #ThursdayThoughts
It was not that the tree wasn't growing in the first 4 years. Though the growth was not visible, the roots were being strengthened to make it possible for the plant to grow fast and safely into a huge tree!

#nithyananda #Growth #Inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Like the bamboo’s growth, there is no scale to measure yourself with anyone other than your own self. If you spend all your energy looking in and competing with yourself,you will progress in leaps and bounds

#nithyananda #growth #Inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
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1 - When you take up #responsibility, a cognitive shift happens in you. Your mental setup changes.
2 - For example, if you work eight hours in your office just following orders you will feel dull and tired. Instead, if you take up responsibility and #initiative, that same eight hours will become much easier and more enjoyable.
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#NithyanandaClicks In billions of people on planet the Earth, blessed are those who have the readiness to listen in their heart ~HDH Sri #Nithyananda Paramashivam #WednesdayWisdom 1/n
#NithyanandaClicks If you experience the disciplehood the joy of being receptive you are tasting the Ultimate. 2/n #WednesdayWisdom
#NithyanandaClicks Attachment to Guru's form or God's form should be used as a stick to burn the attachment with all other forms. ~HDH Sri #nithyananda Paramashivam
Video : #WednesdayWisdom 3/n
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#WorldBookDay #LivingEnlightenment #JeevanMukthi "This book contains the essence of all that I have said, am saying, will say, and all that I want to say but may not be able to say.." HDH Sri #Nithyananda Paramashivam 1/3
#WorldBookDay #LivingEnlightenment #JeevanMukthi There is an extraordinary potential hidden inside every human being. If it is awakened it will take you to a much higher plane of consciousness - beyond the limitations of the human body-mind. 2/3
#WorldBookDay Experiencing this superconsciousness, actualize your ultimate potential. This is the only aim of human life - to enjoy the ultimate luxury of #LivingEnlightenment #JeevanMukthi
Download your FREE copy:… 3/3
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Every @SriNithyananda devotee will forever remember this day from nine years ago. We watched our guru, the love of our life, get abused, tortured, and his sannyasinis were put through hell in the hands of a murderous mob.
Read this for more details. Full post here:…
The media happily supported and egged on this mob fury, and "jokes" were freely circulated. All those devotees who knew about Swamiji's innocence were put through hell - ashramites were raped, multiple murder attempts were made.
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#Pain is a #blessing in disguise!

Just look back at your life. When you were happy about something, did you ever wonder about the meaning of life? Did you look inwards to see who you are, what life is all about? Did you feel the need to deeply know about the ultimate Truth? No!
When things go smoothly you just blindly follow the same routine with barely any awareness or consciousness. There is nothing to jolt you into awareness from your routine so you continue without any awareness. But when #pain happens, it makes you look at life objectively.
It forces you to look deeper into life, to learn why you react the way you react and seek to uncover the real #mystery of life. #Pain is the key that can open the door to the world of #reality; the choice is yours to open the door or not.
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