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Everything begins with A

Aluminum -> Amyloid -> Autism & Alzheimer's

Aluminum is the main adjuvant in most childhood 💉s

Aluminum is also proven to cause amyloid or misfolded proteins in the brain.

Amyloid plaques are associate with Alzheimer's and autism. 🧵
The CDC states that Aluminum is the main adjuvant, or immune system "stimulator," in many 💉 on their childhood 💉 schedule >…
Aluminum transforms normal proteins into misfolded, messy, junk or Amyloid proteins. >

"The results demonstrated that Al(III) induced the transformation of the initial random coil structure to the β-sheet configuration in the Aβ40 peptides."…
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If you’re the parent of an autistic child or adult, and also horrified by MAGA-style disinformation, please know you should be just as skeptical about getting autism information from “autism grievance parents.” Thread:…

#AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism

"Autism grievance parents" brand themselves as autism experts, yet promote reactionary ideas about autism and resentment towards autistic advocates, while encouraging followers to become too upset about having autistic children to question autism misinformation.

Who are these grievance parents? They are generally—like me (@shannonrosa)—parents of autistic children with significant disabilities. Except instead of targeting “the libs,” grievance parents and the forums they run target autistic, disability, and #neurodiversity activists. 3/
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Yes… this disgusting comment was on a post about an Autistic girls poem. Are people really this uneducated and ignorant about Autism? Especially Autistic girls?
Link to the post…

#autism #autistic #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance… This child has been fed thi...
This was the poem. ImageImageImageImage
this is just a poem describing some of what she goes through. It doesn't explain every single thing she experiences and struggles with.
Do people not actually know how hard it is to get diagnosed as autistic?
How thorough and long and intense the ASD diagnostic testing is?
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Way way back in 2016 I made a comic breaking down what we *actually* mean by the 'autism spectrum'
That comic rly blew up and I still get Doctors/Teachers asking to use it now!
Last year I made an updated version of the comic (with updated language)
#AutismAcceptanceMonth An autistic kid waves her h...Mia points to a long line t...A big hand picks up Mia and...Mia starts getting really s...
Here's an idea of what the autism spectrum maybe looks more like, one where everyone is different, at different times, in different situations~ The hand picks up Mia and p...Mia shows a new kind of spe...Mia looks over to another a...Mia in a uncomfortable situ...
The end! Thanks to everyone who has ever used/translated the old version of this comic to help educate people, you're awesome!
In this new version of the comic, I replaced Archie with Mia, who is a character from my graphic novel Speak Up! which you can get pm in any bookshops :3 Mia holds up her spectrum w...Image
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As #AutismAcceptanceMonth gets going and has already been a mess, i have thrown together a video especially for non-autistic people (and a message for autistics at the end).

The type of thing we see on #AutismAwareness days is nothing like what autistic people need from you.
Awareness days are so well-known for being the sites of proliferation for eugenic and ableist nonsense that autistic people prepare for them like a battle every year.

Including autistic people just trying to live their fucking lives, who are NOT advocates or activists.
That's a complete failure on the part of EVERYONE participating.

So yeah. Just be aware, non-autistic people:

Autistic peoples' liberation will not be stopped, and if you're in the way of that liberation it will become a You problem.
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I celebrate Autism Acceptance Month because most people are already aware of autism, but they don’t accept autism and people who are autistic like me. Happy #AutismAcceptanceMonth to all my fellow autistics! #Autism #ActuallyAutistic 🧵1/3
Remember non-autistics: don’t support A$ (Autism Speaks) and the puzzle piece and light it up blue because they are triggering to me and other autistic people. #AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism #ActuallyAutistic 2/3
Please wear #redinstead and support organizations run by autistic people like @awnnetwork_ and use the infinity symbol ♾️ #AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism #ActuallyAutistic 3/3
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🉑 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior.
🉑 The prevalence of ASD has been increasing in recent years, with current estimates indicating that approximately 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with ASD.
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the #DungeonsandDragonsMovie was SO fun but absolutely unrealistic for there to be 0 gay people in a D&D party GIRL
chris pine and rege jean page’s characters shouldve been flirting up a STORM girl HUH
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Ugh. Listening to @boom973 this morning, and they're centering autism moms for "Autism Awareness Day".

As an autistic, I'm so sick of the voices of autism-adjacent people being centered and elevated in matters of autism.

Autistic voices are what should matter this month!
Bonus crap points for using the words "dealing with", when talking about the perspective of an Autism mom.

The only "dealing with" that should be discussed in terms of autism awareness, is all of the nonsense we have to deal with from non-autistics.
"What she has to deal with", when discussing the autism-adjacent ... It's gross. It's dehumanizing.
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Reminder as Autism Acceptance/ Awareness Month/week/day approaches. Please share this around. I’ve added some links that can be educational to those that don’t understand about Autism Speaks and the Puzzle Piece symbol and ABA Therapy and why they are harmful and offensive to the……
There’s rumours being spread by the Anti-Neurodiversity bullies online trying to silence Autistic people and our voices by trying to convince people that everyone who uses the ActuallyAutistic tag is self-diagnosed, faking being autistic or “fauxtistic” as……
So here goes for the following written information…. Just because you haven’t heard about any of this... doesn’t make it not true. And just because you like “x,y and z”and you’re autistic or a parent of an autistic person... it doesn’t make the following not true. Please don’t……
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So let this be a reminder as Autism Awareness/ acceptance week/ month is coming up… DO NOT SUPPORT National Autistic Society in the UK. @Autism #autism #autistic #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #actuallyautistic #allautistics
If you want to learn more about this therapy and how harmful it is then here’s a link to a document explaining what it is and how it’s harmful and it includes links to the research studies that prove ABA/ PBS therapy is harmful…

Also for YEARS the National Autistic Society’s young Autistic ambassadors have tried to get them to make a statement against PBS therapy and to STOP funding it and hiring ABA/PBS therapists but so far they’ve had zero luck. #autism #autistic #ActuallyAutistic…
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1/ ABA hasn’t been mentioned a lot in the Oireachtas. A few TD’s mentioned it last year in support of behavioural therapists.

How many of the TD’s that raised ABA or behavioural analysis in the Oireachtas actually knew what it was?

2/ @RBoydBarrett on 19 May 2021 raised whether behaviour analysis professionals could secure permanent positions so they may continue “supporting the education in special schools of children with autism”. Image
3/ @ReadaCronin on 5th May 2021 raised a similar question stating that behavioural analysts make “such a critical contribution to special education” Image
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It's still #AutismAcceptanceMonth and I'm today writing about the UK police and PACE requirements when investigating crimes.

PACE requires that vulnerable persons who are questioned have an appropriate adult with them. This is specified in PACE and the term appropriate

adult and the regulation's scope was expanded in July 2018.

However there is a worrying trend in some police forces to ignore this requirement, putting vulnerable people at risk of not having the protective factors that they should whilst in custody.

An #autistic person

is vulnerable and as such should have an appropriate adult with them. Who this person is very much depends on the individual, but it does not have to be a social worker, it can be a family member if that is the person that can be the most helpful in facilitating

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In Saratoga County, NY, the police were called by a @Target employee on Black teens, siblings. Police harassed & became forceful & violent with a 14 year old autistic boy who was holding candy. He kept saying over & over, “I have money.”#AskingAutistics #AutismAcceptanceMonth Image
Officers tackle the child. His 17-year-old sister is screaming, "he's autistic!" over and over. She is manhandled and aggressed against and ARRESTED. Police put felony assault & a resisting arrest charges on her. The autistic boy was not arrested because he committed no crimes.
His sister didn’t either. Gratuitous and unprovoked violence against a family member, a disabled child, is legal cause for defense. Looks like a pair of hate crimes.
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TW: aba, ableism, eugenics, abuse

ABA stands for "applied behavioral analytics". it uses the theory of operant conditioning. the goal of ABA is to change behaviors with rewards/punishments. the purpose of these forced behavior changes is allegedly to help autistics fit into society.

you might be thinking, why wouldn't autistic people want to fit in? there are multiple issues here. society as it exists right now is not made for neurodivergents. to "fit in", we must conform, we must mask. this isn't a solution for us.
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Seldom seen and seldom heard: the marginalisation, minoritisation, and under-representation of many #ActuallyAutistic people.
Some personal reflections on why this happens, and what we can do about it.
The first thing to say is that I acknowledge my own privilege.
I’m white, I have two degrees and a professional qualification.
I work part time.
I get emotional support from my partner and family. I’m having psychotherapy.
All of these things help to insulate and protect me.
The fact that I only discovered I was #ActuallyAutistic late in life undoubtedly harmed me.
For nearly six decades I had no frame of reference to make sense of things.
It’s impossible to disentangle the abuse I suffered because I was neurodivergent, and because I was a woman.
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Thread 🧵
Being Autistic for me is so similar to having my invisible illness and being an ambulatory wheelchair user due to peoples judgements and assumptions about my disabilities and physical health.
#ActuallyAutistic #allautistics #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance
(I’ve had 3 knee surgeries and will need a knee replacement eventually and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and heart condition etc)
1. People say I don’t look Autistic.
People also say I don’t look sick or disabled. But it’s not something you can always actually physically see. You can’t see Autism just like you can’t see a lot of disabilities and physical health conditions.
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The importance of what’s ‘on the record’.
Personal reflections from an #ActuallyAutistic perspective.
I’ve been thinking a lot about #testimony and #truth
Zoe Zaremba’s death was investigated by a coroner this week, and the many injustices she suffered were recorded.
It’s a hollow kind of victory when the truth only comes out after someone dies, but it still matters that the truth prevails over lies.
Zoe fought so hard for justice during her life, and the fight goes on, galvanised by an inquest which recorded just how badly she was failed.
The fact that the mental health trust was only properly held to account after Zoe’s death highlights a significant problem.
Being believed, and getting justice, can be incredibly difficult if you happen to be #ActuallyAutistic
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There has been a lot of research about autistics over the years, but this one really took the cake! 🍰

Find out what happened when researchers attempted to compare the moral compass of autistic and non-autistic people... (1/2)

#AutisticComicTakeover #AutismAcceptanceMonth Comic Title: Morality & How...A girl is seen clutching a ...Autistics, on the other han...The autistic girl faces the...
The page opens on a large s...A girl is staring unnerving...
Here's a link to the original study:…
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In my late 40's, seeing nothing in #NovaScotia for #ActuallyAustistic women, I started a group which has become a program.

The program expanded to the creation of a teen group as well.

Yesterday our teen group did a scavenger hunt in the Camp Hill Cemetery.

I developed the ++
activity. I provided a history, etiquette for while we were there, and the questions of what we were looking for.

One of the graves that I wanted them to find was Viola Desmond.

We did and talked about her activism and reflected on the changes she made.

We found many ++
interesting headstones. Ones made of iron! Ones from the 1800's, Norwegian Merchant Marines, etc.

We had an amazing time!

I made them all giggle when I found this stone and covered the L 🤭
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Hi everyone! You might remember last year’s Asperger’s comic. This year i bring to you an extension, to dive deeper into a term that still has an impact today. TW: Nazism, Holocaust, Ableism. (1/6)
#AutismAcceptanceMonth #redinstead #autism #AutisticComicTakeover Image
Its very necessary to put certain things into context and not judge them anachronistically, that way we can understand why it impacted others the way it did. (2/6)
#AutismAcceptanceMonth #redinstead #AutisticComicTakeover Image
By going back in time and understanding the environment, we also get a download of information of its surroundings and how everything interacted and evolved throughout time. (3/6)
#AutismAcceptanceMonth #redinstead #autism #AutisticComicTakeover Image
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🧵 for #AutismAcceptanceMonth

When I saw I could get the COVID vaccine early, I almost didn’t take it. Not because I felt I was rigging the system, but out of fear of someone asking how I got it. I’ve been wearing a different kind of mask since long before the pandemic. 1/9
Although I always knew I was different, it wasn’t until 5th grade that I finally thought to ask my parents why I had hours of therapy each week and a shadow at school. It was then I learned of my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly called Asperger’s Syndrome). 2/9
The label felt like a badge of shame - and for years the mere mention of the word “Autism" sent shivers down my spine. Even when I outgrew my shadow at school, it was like she was replaced by an internal voice constantly reminding me of ways I was embarrassing myself. 3/9
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Last thread: Neurotypical's Guide to Friendship with an autistic person.

Don't worry, the bar is very low here.

1) Don't mock them.
2) Let them stim.

Don't try to hold them back or make fun of them. Read Rule 1.
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Hello folks!

This is @pinguicverse here.

I am going to start to slowly wrap up.

I am weaving all the threads we created this week.

Before I do that, I want to thank you all for your participation and engagement.

I have learned a lot from all of you.
Thank you admin for trusting me with the space and community you created with so much hardwork.

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