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The World Table Tennis Championships are in Durban South Africa from 20-28 May
A 🧵

🏓The England team are in action this week

Good luck! to Tin-Tin Ho @TinTinHo39
The only woman representing England
#Durban2023 Image
Women are under represented in the sport and
@TableTennisENG wants to boost the numbers of women playing the game only 12% of its membership are female…
#SaveWomensSports Image
Attempts to #LevelTheTable could fall flat as anyone who identifies as a woman or a girl can play in the women’s category. WRN says that's a FOUL!

It’s time to Turn the Tables & state that women’s sport is for the female sex ONLY

#SaveWomensSports Image
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We wrote to @parkrunUK to express our concern at their policy which permits men to identify as female
Here is our letter and @parkrunUK response👇 ImageImage
Their reply is disingenuous at best!
They fail to respond to the issues raised including our example of a MALE having held the FEMALE course record at @parkrunUK for 4 years!

Astonishingly, female erasure for @parkrun is ‘inclusive! Image
Parkrun assert they are a “non-competitive socially-focussed physical activity” this is dishonest
As like competitive sports
❗️participants' times are recorded
❗️course records held ❗️@parkrun takes your time & uses the world record time for your SEX & age to produce a score
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Part 3
The words of @JaneHutt Minister for Social Partnerships @WelshGovernment

‘I regularly engage with stakeholders across Wales - individuals and organisations - and will continue to listen to their concerns and lived experiences’

You don’t listen to ours

1/6 Image
It’s breathtakingly arrogant how our dear leaders claim to be listening to us

While simultaneously ignoring what we say and refusing to meet or answer our questions

They are unable to countenance any critical of their plan- blindly repeating the mantra

2/6 Image
A reminder of us with @FiLiA_charity at a constituency @WelshLabour party meeting on 29/8/22

Minister @JulieJamesMS committed in the presence of the First Minister Mark Drakeford @PrifWeinidog to meet with our groups

A commitment she failed to keep

228 days and counting

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Part 2
The words of @JaneHutt Minister of Social Justice in @WelshGovernment

‘In respect of trans-inclusion limiting access to women's safe spaces, there is a lack of evidence around the actual experienced impacts of trans inclusion in services’

Hello? Seriously?

1/5 Image
This line is trotted out to the women of Wales in various letters to defend their LGBTQ+ and self ID

To tell us to go away, nothing to see here, be quiet, we know best

In light of Isla Bryson - do you still stand by your statement @JaneHutt?

2/5 Image
We’re more than happy to provide many examples where women’s access to safe single-sex services have been compromised

But Welsh Govt close their ears to women (more on that later)


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The gender-addled ideologues at @WelshGovernment and their LGBTQ+ action plan


Likely. Not definitely. Likely

Let that sink in

1/4 Image
These are the words of @JaneHutt the Minister for Social Justice in @WelshGovernment in a letter to two of our members

Imagine any other group being told that their rights will ‘likely’ not be eroded

Would they dare to be so casual and flippant?

2/4 Image
‘Welsh Government has considered these concerns and is of the view that support for trans people and the development and implementation of an LGBTQ+ Action Plan will likely not result in the erosion of the rights of women and girls’

3/4 Image
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In Wales @WelshGovernment ignore the voices of concerned women & plough on, intent on destroying our sex-based rights

But Welsh women will not be subdued, dismissed or ignored any longer

Hello Mr Drakeford @PrifWeinidog


Women representing several concerned grassroots groups took their concerns in a silent protest directly to our First Minister today


His talk was entitled ‘Wales: The Big Picture’

Well @PrifWeinidog your gender-addled plans will harm women & children in Wales

That’s OUR big picture

We say #NoToSelfID

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Given that @UKLabour are now apparently ‘very clear’ on women’s rights, we’d like to ask @Keir_Starmer to answer some questions which are of importance to women (& their votes)

Please feel free to add your own.

1. What is a woman Keir?

A 🧵…
2. Will you, at any time in Govt, seek to introduce gender self ID?

3. What EXACTLY do you mean by ‘reforming’ the GRA?

4. What is your position on TWAW, TMAM, NBIAV now @Keir_Starmer?…
5. Will you now unequivocally defend @RosieDuffield1 from the detractors in YOUR party?

6. Will there now be a place for @LabWomenDec @FiLiA_charity and others at conference?
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POLL - UnHerd Britain 2023
"Scotland turns on gender ideology:
Polling reveals Scottish voters are the most trans-sceptical."
#NoToSelfID Image
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Knowing that I had interaction with him when he was a student at Ayrshire College as Annie Bryson has actually made me feel scared as a woman. Looking at my statement and reading the screenshots makes it even more scary. #LetWomenSpeak #NoToSelfID #SexNotGender #StandingForWomen
This is one of the screenshots of Bryson when he was "Annie". Its quite scary now to see when he mentioned the two times he was "misgendered" makes me think that was the two times he was done for rape.

I argued to not group people under the same category.
And during his time at Ayrshire College as "Annie" he stated that he had gone to the papers about the alleged "transphobia" and "homophobia". To which Ayrshire College is nothing of the sort!!!!!
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The number of trans people in Scottish prisons varies between 10 and 30. The latest stats from Q2 2022 suggest 15 but it changes daily. It could be a lot more.

- "7092 people identified themselves as men"
- "280 people identified themselves as women"

1/ 🧵 Image
- "Tran’s men comprised 0.05%"
- "Trans women comprised 0.15%"
- "Non-binary and gender-fluid comprised together 0.04%"

The language is very revealing.

"People who identify as men or women" v "Trans women" - how very peculiar.

Plus they can't spell trans men correctly.

2/ Image
Woke AND illiterate!

Strangely, they refuse to use the term "lesbian" and use gay women instead. Is that normal?

When they describe the "men's estate" I assume they mean biological?

#notoselfid #kpss #nomalesinfemalejails Image
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This is the testimony of a mother @Maria_Nojoke . I think everyone should read it. #NoToSelfID
1/ Perhaps what I am going to say will block my account, and I apologise in advance if I offend someone, but I think it is necessary to express it and for people to know what families are going through.
2/ If you have a son who is mentally ill, drug addict, psychotic... or a daughter who is anorexic, or harms herself, or has suicidal impulses, the suffering is enormous. But there is a whole structure of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, detoxification centers...
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1/5 Mielipidekirjoituksemme liittyen translain uudistukseen ja siitä puuttuvaan sukupuolivaikutusten arviointiin julkaistiin Helsingin Sanomissa 19.1.2023. #translaki #translainuudistus #suvaus #NaistenOikeudet #NaistenRintama…
2/5 YK:n erityisraportoija Reem Alsalem moitti 29.11.2022 mm. Skotlannin lainsäätäjiä siitä, että ns. itseilmoituslain valmistelussa ei otettu huomioon sen vaikutuksia tyttöihin ja naisiin. Suomessa ollaan tekemässä samoja virheitä kuin esimerkiksi Skotlannissa. #translaki
3/5 Itseilmoitusmenettely avaa mahdollisuuden muuttaa juridista sukupuolta kaikille täysi-ikäisille suomalaisille, jolloin laki ei koske enää vain pientä vähemmistöryhmää. Väärinkäytösten riski on ilmeinen. #translaki #translainuudistus #NoToSelfID #NaistenOikeudet
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Once upon a time, the Cabinet Secrety for Social Justice in Scotland wrote a little fairy tale about the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. Are you sitting comfortably, children? Then she will begin...#NoToSelfID #SackTheGRRBill @ShonaRobison 1/… Image
If what we witnessed was the very best of the Scottish Parliament then Holyrood needs a new sign above the door "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here". The process was shameful, amateurish, rushed and lacking in curiosity. 2/ Image
The article doesn't mention women once, you know that group of people impacted if now anyone in Scotland over 16yrs can apply to change legal sex and magically become female. Still, who cares about the potential impact on more than 51% of the population?
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A 🧵We were asked yesterday by a journalist what WRN Scotland had done to campaign against the #GRR Bill here's our list
💚written letters to MSPs &MPs as constituents
🤍Had meetings with MSPs and MPs
💜 provided written feedback to the #GRR bill consultation
💚Attended rallys organised by @ForWomenScot at Holyrood
🤍Fundraised through the WRN to have an advan with the message #NoMenInWomensSpaces
💜Organised for the ad van to drive round Edinburgh at the Rally in Oct
Thanks to @moleatthedoor for his help
💚WRN #SaveOurSpaces campaign postcards we're sent to all MSPs
🤍We designed 2 sets of postcards with the message No To Self ID
💜 500 #NoToSelfID postcards were distributed and sent to all MSPs
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The Scots have always been welcoming, we are easy to get on with, we have a dry sense of humour that only other Scots truly get, although we are good at poking fun at ourselves. We are realists and can spot a piss taker from a country mile, so it beggars belief 1/10
that so many folks have fallen for this gender guff, supposedly intelligent people rolling over and demanding men be called women, calling women bigots for saying NO, this is not the Scotland I know, these are not the people I know, since when did a Scottish person allow 2/10
themselves to be treated like and thought of as idiots who would lie when truth was staring them in the face, one thing about the Scots, we were never fake, we say it like it is and be damned with the response because we know when we are right because we never lie about 3/10
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From a mom in Spain 🇪🇸.It’s difficult not to think in mothers from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 or everywhere.
“10 months ago today family life took an unexpected turn. My daughter, who’d dropped out of school due to very serious mental health problems, left a letter headed: "Mom, I'm trans."1/7
“I took a breath, relieved, an hour ago she had gone for a walk and I came to think that it was a suicide letter.
Years of bullying, attempting suicide, changing schools, depression, psychotic breaks, hearing voices and seeing shadows, self-harm, mental block, bulimia,...What 2/7
else could I expect?Never expected her being trans. In the letter, it caught my attention that she said she discovered it recently thanks to internet...That didn't make sense to me, how can someone find out who she is through social media?
Talking calmly with her, she assured 3/7
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Listen to what @FergusEwingSNP asks of @ShonaRobison here:…

Listen to her reply.

This is, to the *very best* of my knowledge, the BBC poll she is talking about 👇
Shona Robinson: "I could point to the BBC poll conducted earlier this year, that showed support for this bill - particularly among women, actually - and *SUPPORT FOR REDUCING THE AGE TO 16*..."

It was 53% vs 31% AGAINST lowering the age limit.


Tonight during the #GRRBill debate, and prior to voting for the relevant amendments, @ShonaRobison told Holyrood that this BBC poll showed Scots *support* lowering the minimum age of applicants from 18 to 16 👇

Can you spot the problem?
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Scottish parliament just voted 59 to 64 against an amendment that would have prevented registered sex offenders from being able to #SelfID under the proposed #GRRBill.

No democratic mandate whatsoever for any of this...

Shouts of *shame on all of you* from the gallery! 💪
"TherEs nO conNNecTioN beTweEn the TwaNs C0mUniTY aNd $eX oFfendErs!" we hear, over and over again, ignoring the anecdotes and evidence to the contrary, with varying degrees of credulity.

Why vote to make sure they can get a GRC then? WHY?

This person has a GRC
This person is a sex offender
This person is not alone in that joint status.

Make it make sense!
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[🧵] Since #TransWomenAreConMen is trending, here's a relevant anecdote that I found while researching for a video.

In this court case from 2018, an applicant for a gender recognition certificate appealed against the panel's multiple decisions to reject their application.👇…

The whole thing makes *VERY* informative and enraging reading, but here are some highlights.... /
/ The applicant, Jay, was a trans identifying male prisoner, divorced from his third marriage, who had been convicted of "obtaining explosives with *intent to endanger life*" 😬😬😬

"Who's life?" seems like a pertinent question? Sadly I don't have that info.... / Image
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Ask @JustinTrudeau Qs! Mine thread: /1
1. Where's the promised disability benefit?
2 Are females their own demographic entitled to our own words, sports, spaces and activism?
3. Should women be allowed to express dissent about gender identity ideology and censorship #billc11 Image
/2. How much funding goes to promote the idea that TQ+ "identities" are marginalized and should be tied to LGB activism and organizations, even if LGBs don't agree? How does rebranding white, affluent college students as "diversity" via blue hair and they/them pronoun demands Image
help really promote diversity in Canada. Can't we promote the acceptance of diverse men and women without paying to medicalize them and fund them as non-men and non-women? How much money goes to programs like Gegi.Ca instead of poor, disabled and indigenous Image
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The UN dude said there’s no evidence of harm to women in other countries.
They don’t measure the impact therefore they do not collate evidence of risk & detriment to women.
We know this is a lie.
Dolatowski, a violent, predatory male in a female prison.…
“She added: "There is full scrutiny under way right now and, of course, Parliament will next look at the proposals in plenary session next week.”

The scrutiny of this bill has been woeful.
Survivors of MV were denied a voice at the Committee.…
"The bill does not create a single new right for trans people; all it does is simplify existing processes.”

No other marginalised group demands the rights of another disadvantaged group.
This bill affords any male on their say so, the right 2access female spaces & services.
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"The court says... a GRC changes whether someone is a woman or a man for the law governing single sex services and anti-discrimination measures." Thread for @AnasSarwar @jackiebmsp and all who care about @ScottishLabour manifesto commitments. #NoToSelfID…
First up, single-sex grassroots sports. From women-only swimming sessions to clubs for teenage girls, providers are already scared to make separate provision on the basis of sex. Opening up GRCs to a larger, undefined group will make it impossible to address this. #NoToSelfID
The girls and women who most need single-sex sports opportunities - including from some religious groups, and those who've experienced male violence - will likely self-exclude from 'single-sex' opportunities if they can't be sure that they are female only.…
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Imagine Scotland had a high bar to define a thing, say haggis, but England decided to redefine haggis to be anything that identified as haggis (like pasties) but demanded to be allowed into Scotland & for pasties to be labelled haggis, @scottishgreens would be annoyed, right? 1/
Well @MaggieChapman is getting annoyed that @ScottishGreens & @SP_EHRCJ (Maggie is Deputy Convener) want to drop the bar so anyone can be legally defined as female, a level much lower than the rest of the UK, Westminster have noticed & said "wait one cotton picking minute". 2/…
So we have Maggie ranting about rights of pasties while screwing over the native haggises. Maggie's joined by big pastie fans @stonewalluk, claiming some imaginary overwhelming pastie mandate (well of course pasties will be happy, but anyone asked haggises how they feel?)
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