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“Watchmen” is rightfully regarded as a classic of the medium and a meticulously structured masterpiece.

However, I’ve always loved Moore’s pitch black sense of humour and grim juxtapositions.

It’s a darkly funny comic book.

(Watchmen #1.)
Interesting throughline to Lindelof’s “Watchmen” remix that I hadn’t considered:

The vigilantes of the “Watchmen” universe also started as cops who decided to wear masks, lending the follow-up some symmetry.

(Watchmen #1.)
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1,5 degré de + de réchauffement climatique, la moitié de l'humanité mourra. Lors de la COP 24, les dirigeants politiques ont sciemment décidé de sacrifier un quart de la population mondiale en plus en s'autorisant à aller jusqu'à +2 degrés...…
#nowreading L’humanité en péril. Virons de bord, toute ! de Fred Vargas
« Depuis le protocole de Kyoto (1997), les trente dernières années de lutte contre le réchauffement climatique n'ont même pas permis d'inverser la courbe des émissions de gaz à effet de serre ! Ni même de les stabiliser ! »
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#NowReading The Armies Of God, by Iain Buchanan - a study of how US foreign policy uses evangelical Christians as proxies to push their political, military, cultural and economic agenda.
“Never before has an imperialism had the capacity to destroy the earth - and leaders who are comfortable with the prospect.”
Very interesting, key member of the evangelical movement in US was Buchman’s Oxford Group, which inspired The Family that ministered to the White House for creating an elite who could impose “God Control”. Oxford Group was renamed Moral Rearmament. It’s headed by Rajmohan Gandhi.
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[Notes on terminology]
"A package is not a library."
Library refers to:
- "A directory into which packages are installed"
- "That used by the operating system, as a shared, dynamic or static library or (especially on Windows) a DLL, where the second L stands for ‘library’."
"Installation takes a source package and installs it in a library using R CMD INSTALL or install.packages."
"Source packages can be built. This involves taking a source directory and creating a tarball ready for distribution"
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#nowreading Debt, by David Graeber
David’s teaches anthropology at LSE. He’s written other books like “Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value”, “Fragments of an Anarhist Anthropology” and “Lost People: Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar”. He worked with OWS and coined the slogan “We are the 99%”
Book opens with a conversation David had with an activist-attorney who provided legal support for anti-poverty groups in London. David told her about his participation in the “global justice movement”, which the media usually calls “anti-globalization movement” 🤔🤔
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The book that introduced me to Lila Bard #30DayBookChallenge - Favourite book in a series
Day 2 #30DayBookChallenge
Favourite book by favourite author
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The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results: Achieve your goals…
What's the ONE Thing you can do this week that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?
Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow can you make your focus.
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#NowReading Inside Congress by Swami Shraddhanand, On the Lahore Session 1893, "As Regards the masses, they had never heard of it (congress) and were not certain whether it was a man, an animal or a fetish." p.21
The crowd gathered was 67 people yet what was described was a "full to over-flowing crowd" (in an auditorium with a capacity of 1500), by the Tribune. "The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read." Oscar Wilde
On Dadabhai Naoroji "They (the masses who came in millions) simply came to honour the man who would reduce the price of grain as he had become one of our rulers." p.23
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#nowreading Zero To One, Peter Thiel
Every moment in business happens only once - "the next X" won't do what X did

Today's best practices lead to dead ends

Tech is miraculous because it allows us to do more with less
What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

3 bad egs:

Education is broken
America is exceptional
There is no God

People already agree with 1 and 2, and 3 is just taking a side in a familiar debate

What is Thiel's uncommon belief?
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#nowreading Your Money Or Your Life, Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez
Nice positioning + good way to get readers invested on page 1
Book opens by talking about how shitty people are with their money and how life sucks these days. People spend too much and save too little, and rack up thousands of dollars of debt.

“To have savings is to be free.”

“We shift from ‘more’ to ‘enough’”
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#nowreading Tribe, by Sebastian Junger
This book grew out of this 2015 Vanity Fair article about soldiers and PTSD…
Junger grew up in a Boston suburb. "Nothing ever happened in my town that required anything close to a collective effort."

"What I wanted wasn't destruction and mayhem but the opposite: solidarity."

"How do you become a man in a world that doesn't require courage?"
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