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Today on Vaishakhi Purnima Bhagavan Gautam Buddha/Siddharth born to king Shuddhodhan & queen Mayadevi at Lumbini in Nepal in year 623 B.C.
बुद्धं शरणं गच्छामि।
धर्मं शरणं गच्छामि।
संघं शरणं गच्छामि।
I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.
- Buddhism Mantra
142 years old photo of 5th century rock excavated Buddhist cave monastery at Ghatochtacha near Ajanta caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra was taken by ASI in 1880 AD. Photo shows figure of Buddha carved over doorways of the cave.
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April 14 is celebrated as #MahavirJayanti. Rightly, it is #MahavirJanmaKalyanak - celebration of the birth of Mahavir swami by #Jains, who is the 24th & last Tirthankar of this Avsarpini. He was born in 599 BC on Chaitra Sud 13 at Kundalpur/Kundagram in today's #Bihar

In Jainism, Panch Kalyanaks are the 5 chief Auspicious events that occur in the life of a Tirthankar.
🔸 Garbha - Conception (when the soul enters the womb)
🔸Janma - Birth
🔸Diksha - Renunciation
🔸Kevalgyan - Omniscience
🔸Moksh - Salvation
🔹His birthday is celebrated as 'Mahavir Janma Kalyanak' & his Nirvan day is observed as 'Deepavali' by Jains.

🔹He was born in 599BC at Kundalpur & attained Moksh in 527BC at Pawapuri, #Bihar.

🔹His chief disciple Gautam attained Kevalgyan the night that he attained Moksh.
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*How #SriLanka got ruined*

Lankans voted for #Rajapakshas knowing very well what they did in the past, including corruption, selling out national assets to #China, #dynastic politics and all.

They still voted for them because Rajapakshas promised things they could not refuse.
1. Their #GST, called VAT Tax, on all products was reduced to 8%, thus making everything cheaper in one stroke. (It also killed the govt revenue). People loved things getting cheaper.
2. The minimum #incometax threshold was changed from 5 Lakhs per annum to 30 Lakhs! Very few earned more than 30L!
A very large part of the population became #tax exempt. This was very popular among the salaried class.
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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#Hindu Funerary Monuments:
Ordinary Hindus are cremated after their #death except for the saints. According to religious traditions, they are buried, and their shrines are called #Samadhi. The term Samadhi in #Hinduism also refers to an elevated state of mental awareness. 1/ Pic - Rajesh Avhad
Death by Samadhi usually involves inhumation rather than cremation on a pyre. However, samadhi memorials may or may not contain the remains of the deceased. This ritual occurs in 3 stages- taking Samadhi, the burial of the body, and site construction. 2/
The belief is that body of a saint or guru should be preserved as a symbol of sacred power. In this context, the #Hindu memorial is similar to the #Buddhist stupa, where relics of Buddhist teachers are buried and worshipped. 3/
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Nixon on Larry King Live 1990 via @YouTube
With all his faux pas and shortcomings.
#Nixon was a great statesman and a natural diplomat.
He understood the world better than most of his predecessors.
After him, the USA has not been able to mimic another leader like him in the Oval Office.
I am not being satirical.
#Nixon and his #Domino Theory in Former French Indochina turned out to be quite right.
After the Americans left the region, both #Laos and #Cambodia fell into Communists hands.
South #Vietnam fell as well.
The remarkable resemblance with Modern Day #Afghanistan.
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🧵Four by @ChawlaSwati

1/ 🚨🚨Who is a #Tibetan?🚨🚨

❓Where is #Tibet?
❓Are all Tibetans #Buddhist?
❓Do all of them revere @DalaiLama?
❓Are there Tibetans (other than #exiled pop"n) outside Tibet?
❓Do all #Tibetans identify as... erm ..Tibetan?

2/ The 11th Zurmang Trungpa (1939-87) said #Tibetan 'insiders' (ནང་པ་) share these common features:

☑️speaking some variant of Tibetan lang
☑️following #Buddhist faith
☑️eating tsampa (roasted barley flour)

Who was he?…

A handy definition, but...

3/ Let's tackle the big one first: #Tibet has long been identified as a pristine Buddhist #Shangrila.

❌Not Tibetans are Buddhist.

❌Not all Tibetan Buddhists revere the @DalaiLama in the same way.

See #himalayanhistories 🧵on #Shangrila:

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🧵Three by @ChawlaSwati

1/ On Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Exile:

#OnThisDay @DalaiLama was awarded #NobelPeacePrize, the only #Buddhist religious leader thus honored (#MLK nominated @thichnhathanh in '67).

Many associate #Tibet w/ him+ other monks in red robes--

What about nuns? Celebrations at Majnu Ka Ti...
2/ "Some feminists from the West cud accuse me by saying, ‘The #DalaiLama is the authority but he doesn’t help the nuns.’"

Yes, @DalaiLama has often faced the accusation that the #TibetanBuddhist tradition doesn't give nuns the same rights as monks.…

3/ 🚨🚨🚨 Of the 8 reps of #TibetanBuddhism in the current Parliament in Exile– two each from Gelug, Kagyu, Sakya, Nyigma sects– **all** are monks; so are the two members from pre-Buddhist Bon religion.

(Though ~1/3 of MPs from provinces U-Tsang, Dhotoe+ Dhomey are women.)

~SC Image
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🧵Two by @ChawlaSwati

1/ On #Tibet in the Indian imagination:

Yesterday, we looked at how #Tibetans perceived India+ how the @DalaiLama walked in the path of many of his countrymen before him when he came into exile in India.

Let's turn the gaze in the other direction today.
2/ Indians have at least two vantage points from where to view #Tibet. Parts of #Himalayan India border Tibet👇. Thanks to older connections of religious patronage, pilgrimage, and trade, the perspective from these regions is often v. diff from the capital in New Delhi.
~SC Image
3/ Indian cities of Gaya, Sanchi+ Sarnath were imp pilgrimage sites for Tibetan Buddhists; as was Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet for Hindu+ Buddhist pilgrims from India. The imagination of an “Akhand Bharat” (Undivided India) often included #Tibet.


~SC Image
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🧵One by @ChawlaSwati

On the @DalaiLama & India:
1/ Many of us know that the 14th @DalaiLama has been living in #exile in #Himalayan town of #Dharamsala in northern India since 31 Mar 1959.

Why India?
Was he blazing a trail w/ his escape?

Map from @TIME (1959)
2/ Second question first: No, he wasn't.

In coming to India, the @DalaiLama trod the path of many #Tibetans before him-- traders+ aristocrats, monastics+ laity, and his predecessor, the 13th #DalaiLama, Thupten Gyatso, who had lived in exile in British India from 1910-12.

3/ Aristocratic families in #Tibet were closely tied in networks of monastic patronage, intermarriage +trade w/ eastern #Himalayan kingdoms of #Bhutan+ #Sikkim. The British Political Officer in Sikkim kept close watch on these alliances. Here he is w/ the 13th #DalaiLama👇.

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🧵 What happened to #Amdo region of Tibet during its early phase of “liberation” by the #PRC?
How did the collapse of #Qing dynasty transform the legacy of #Buddhist tradition in #Mongolia?
What did they have in common?
1/ To answer these questions, this thread uses @BennoWeiner's THE CHINESE REVOLUTION ON THE TIBETAN FRONTIER and Matt King's OCEAN OF MILK, OCEAN OF BLOOD to analyze their key ideas and significance.
@DavidGAtwill @prchistory @PSUHistory @NewBooksEAsia
2/ With #CentralTibet & #Lhasa at the core of most mainstream Anglophone works of modern Tibetan history, #Amdo’s role is often overlooked & underemphasized. Weiner’s book is a long-overdue scholarship that amplifies the role of #Amdo
@CornellPress @CMUHistory @eandreweditor
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Techno Pure Land Buddhism!

Jodo Shinshu monk @gyosen_asakura Asakura Gyosen offers memorial services based on techno music, EDM lighting, and CGI. Here's an English-language video for context:
These services are hoyos (memorials)--the most frequent and thus central form of Jodo Shinshu temple practice. But they're not mere morbid death-oriented services. They are moments of encounter with the Great Compassion of Amida Buddha and the sensual liberation of the Pure Land.
The styles of the services vary, as Rev. Asakura plays with the format and explores the outer boundaries of Pure Land service possibility. For instance, a 2016 Techno Hoyo is fairly sedate:
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This is a Buddhist object. It might not look that way to you at first. Can you guess how it is Buddhist? Twenty panels of fabric, with various floral designs, arrang
It doesn't LOOK Buddhist according to how we imagine Buddhist things should look. They should show some Asian aesthetic, such as Tibetan art styles. They should depict grand buddhas or wise monks, or be tools for meditation or mantra practice. They should be traditional (ancient)
But Buddhistness arises not from inherent properties in things themselves--it arises from use and context. What was the context and purpose of this object, therefore?
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"My Socialism: Labor Day Notes on Jodo Shinshu Martyr Takagi Kenmyo"

Takagi Kenmyo's Pure Land conscience was activated when he became Josenji's head monk in 1899, coming into contact with the social and economic suffering of the many burakumin (outcastes) in his congregation. Jodo Shinshu Buddhist monk Takagi Kenmyo wears robes as he s
He campaigned against the oppression of burakumin, women, and the poor, and advocated pacifism rather than the rising imperialist militarism of Japan. In 1910 he was jailed on trumped-up charges and sentenced to death (commuted to life imprisonment). He died in jail in 1914.
The Higashi Otanji branch of Jodo Shinshu, which had experienced over four decades of intense government pressure, abandoned him, but some of his work was preserved and in the post-war period he became an important figure. The denomination restored his status in 1996.
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Presenting "Thoughtful and Compassionate Choice: Abortion and the Buddhist Churches of America." As Texas severely restricts it, let us consider the history of the issue in the BCA, which was the 1st American #Buddhist organization to issue an official stance on #abortion.
The 1970 BCA Ministers Seminar featured keynote speaker Effie Chow from the San Francisco Chinatown Planned Parenthood. Her appearance was organized by the BCA Youth Department, which recognized sexual issues (including abortion) as main concerns of young Buddhists. In August 1970, Effie Chow ...
Rev. Tesshi Aoyama of the BCA was the world's first hospital chaplain (Buddhist clergy have visited hospitals since ancient times, but not as trained, official chaplains). In 1971-1972 he served at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, advising patients about abortion etc. In 1973, Rev. Tessho Aoyama...
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@mqakhokhar Ancient Pakistan has only 75 yrs of history & Ancient India is more than 5000yr old.
#Ramayana, (Uttarakandam-XIV) refers Bharata,Hindu God Sri Rama’s brother,who built #Takkhasila(Taxila) and named it after his son Taksha,the first ruler. @KanwalSibal Image
#Mahābhārata :The Kuru heir Parikṣit (Arjuns's grandson)was enthroned at Takṣaśilā.Mahabharata was first recited at Takṣaśilā by Vaishampayana, to King Janamejaya,son of Pariksit & student of Vyasa,at the Snake Sacrifice/Ashwamedha yagna.#SatapathaBrahmana(R.Veda)cites Taxila. ImageImageImage
#Buddhist Jātaka tales(5th CE) mention Taxila as the capital of the Gandhara Kingdom & a great learning center.Chinese travellers like Fa Hian & Huien Tsang speak of Takshashila in their writings. Taxila was ruled by Ancient Indian dynasties Maurya,Shunga,Gupta & Kushana. ImageImage
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An attack by ISIS in Kabul killed and injured many service members assisting with the evacuation efforts during Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, as well as hundreds of other civilians.

The following is a #Buddhist prayer by Venerable Master Hsing Yun which we can recite.
Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

With sadness, pride, and gratitude, we would like to honor service personnel who have given their lives to save others.

We have seen them file onto ships, climb into the cockpits of fighter jets, and join long convoys.

With a final salute,...
...they disappeared from our vision, and from our lives.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha! In order to save the country and its people, these troops sacrificed themselves. Their lives and heroic spirits will go down in history.

In order to complete their missions,...
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Rev. Gregory Gibbs: "There are two things that anyone must do to be at home in the world. The one thing we must do to have peace in our lives is to change our attitudes toward the world. We must soften our tone, deflate pretentions, set more realistic goals for ourselves."
"The other thing that we must do, in order to be at home in the world, is to act to change the world. We must act to change the world so that it comes to accord more closely with the most positive values and aspirations we have developed as Buddhists."
"At a minimum, we must speak out in defense of the
bullied, oppressed and marginalized. We must oppose
tyrants, tyrannical ideas, and garden variety bullies. We must decry blocks to freedom of all sorts."
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🧵1/ #躺平 lying flat [thread in progress]

In #China Gen Y-Z are tired of the rat race

"New Non-Cooperation Movement"

#Memes and Music ImageImageImage
🧵2/ #躺人 "lying flat" – #censorship

"Lying Flat" was quickly censored on both Douban and Weibo.

Within 24 hours, four 'Lying Flat’-themed Douban groups were suspended.

For background: see @SixthTone
@SixthTone 🧵3/ #躺人 lying flat

#LyingFlat is becoming a social movement of young people rejecting the #CCP's "Chinese Dream" 中国梦.

Xi Jinping announced this ideal in late 2012 to lead China's “great rejuvenation.”…
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In the late 90s as a grad student I became interested in the utility of #analytic_philosophy as a language and method of presentation and looked to how other traditions used it - a thread on #Indian_philosophy 1/
I began reading the work of Bimal Krishna Matilal (1935-1991), who had studied traditional logic and mastered it as a Tarkatirtha at Sanskrit College in Calcutta by the early 1960s 2/
Another major figure in modern Indian philosophy JN Mohanty has this highly useful reminiscence of that time and Matilal’s approach… 2a/
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Folowing from Faran’s negative experiences with a #Buddhist group discussed yesterday, let’s examine some resources for #trans, #nonbinary, and #genderqueer folks and their sanghas, especially in relation to #JodoShinshu. #LGBTQ #Buddhism #shinbuddhism
@ray_moishe Ray Buckner provides advice for sanghas in making their space and practices more accessible for all practitioners (not Pure Land-based, but pretty universally applicable)…
You can take your sangha’s efforts further by implementing the recommendation of the breakthrough “Developing Trans*Competence guide”…
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#Kanishka I was, the greatest, and certainly the most famous, of the #Kushan kings.
He is known, from the combined testimony of the literary, epigraphic, and numismatic sources, to have ruled over an extensive dominion extending from Bihar in the east to #Khorasan
in the west, and from #Khotan in the north to, perhaps, #Konkan in the south.
The dates and findspots of some of the inscriptions of #Kanishka I are interesting:
#Kosam inscription dated year 2,
#Sarnath inscription dated year 3,
#Mathur¹ inscription dated year 4,
#Suivihar inscription dated year 11, and
#Manikiala inscription dated year 18.
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The Buddhist site of #TapaSardar
Buddhist sanctuary rises on a hill which dominates a vast portion of the Dasht-i Manara plain Ghanzi #Afghanistan. The excavation of the site, carried out by the Italian Archaeological Mission between the late 1960s and the late 1970s.
As attested by an inscribed votive pot found in the site, the sanctuary was known in the past as the #Kanika mahārāja vihāra (“the temple of the Great King #Kanishka”). This evidence confirms that the sacred area of Tapa Sardar was founded during the #Kushan period
(either by #Kanishka I or #Kanishka II, in the 2nd or 3rd century CE) and also reinforces the hypothesis that it may well correspond to the Šāh Bahār (“The temple of the King”) that, according to the Kitāb al-buldān, was destroyed in 795 CE by the Muslim army.
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The site of Tepe Narenj, which literally means “orange hill”, stands on a relief that is currently denoted as Koh-e Zamburak, or “mountain of the small wasp”, situated on the eastern slopes of the #Hindukush mountain chain, only a few kilometers South of #Kabul #Afghanistan Image
so far only partially investigated, it covers an area of more than four hectares and occupies a dominant position; it faces East and is quite visible from a considerable distance. The site has earlier origins, dated by pottery, paleographic and numismatic finds to the 2nd-3rd CE ImageImage
the period most intensively documented in the excavations, during which the sacred area was reworked, renovated and extended several times, dates to between the end of the 5th century CE and the 9th/10th century CE.
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