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It's official. Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah that controls #PalestinianAuthority, is behind new terror org in Nablus "Lion's Den". They have claimed Lion's Den leader, Tamer Kilani, killed last night, as one of their own, and have announced a day of mourning. #PalestinianTerrorism
This is an old PLO/Fatah tactic. Tell the world you support peace and are fighting the violent elements, while simultaneously founding, arming and supporting terror cells. It dates back to Munich Olympics massacre days and was central to Arafat's Terror War in the early 2000's
The late Tamer Kilani in action.
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#PalestinianAuthority Governor of Nablus District, Ibrahim Ramadan, told radio listeners this morning that President Mahmoud Abbas told him he wants the violence currently happening in the northern regions. He just can't say it publicly, for diplomatic reasons. @Intellinews3
@Intellinews3 For those haven't been around here for very long and have a naïve understanding of what #Palestinians mean when they talk of Muqawama, translated literally as resistance, here is a little tutorial I once made...
@Intellinews3 Someone complained that resistance isn't violence. You judge. Is shouting "Destroy the head of the Zionist" while waving guns violent?
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Thread: What’s happening in #Israel as the Delta variant surges in one of the world’s most vaccinated countries? More below- as the lead scientist advising Israel’s government tells me “#vaccines work” but must not be treated as “bullet proof vests”...
New daily #COVID19 cases hit more than 1,000 on Friday, from nearly none in early June. Severe illness remains relatively low but is rising - now 63 patients. Death rates are still very low, averaging 1 per day. Israel has a highly vaccinated population - 56% with 2 doses
But there’s a youth population boom. A third of Israelis are 16 or under. Under 20s account for around 45% of new #Covid19 cases. So Israel is now immunising 12-15 year-olds. 40% of the the 12-19 age group have had at least one dose.
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International Affairs /1-1
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
Myanmar's Generals
Run A Nearly Sanction-Proof
Long Before Seizing Control
Of The Streets
by @oanhha @jwf825
& Khine Lin Kyaw
MAY 11, 2021
International Affairs /1-2
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- Area : 676.5K km²
- Population : 53.6 M
- Capital : #Naypyidaw
largest city : #Yangon
- #Bamar 68%
- #Shan 9%
- #Buddhism 88%
- #Christianity 6.2%
- #Islam 4.3%
#Burmese Image
International Affairs /1-3
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- GDP (PPP) : US$355 B
Per capita : US$6.7 K
- #InformalEconomy :
one of the biggest in the world
- Rich in precious stones :
#Rubies 90% of world's
#Sapphires #Pearls #Jade
- #Tourism
- #Agriculture Image
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A thread with some facts that the @nytimes, @SenSanders & others who have been promoting lies about #Israel & vaccination of those living under the Palestinian Authority's jurisdiction know but hope that the people do not know:
Under Annex III, Article 17 of the Oslo II Accords, the Palestinian Authority is solely responsible for public health, specifically INCLUDING vaccinations, in area under its jurisdiction.

Don't take my word for it. Read it yourself:…
The Oslo II Accords are an internationally binding agreement or, to use the term that you are doubtless used to hearing from the UN, the NY Times and the so-called "human rights" NGO's, they constitute "International Law."
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I have read the entire #Israel-#Palestinian peace plan and my advice to revelers is not to pop the champagne anytime soon -- "peace" is not around the corner. Here's a quick assessment. 1/11
I congratulate the plan's authors for injecting some realism into conventional views of this conflict. It is realistic for the Jordan River to be Israel's security barrier. It is realistic for hundreds of thousands of Israelis in West Bank not to be forced to relocate. 2/11
But they took those & other principles and stretched them beyond all recognition. #Israeli security control of #JordanValley became full sovereignty; not uprooting hundreds of thousands of settlers became not uprooting even 1 settler. There are no Solomonic judgments here. 3/11
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Just as we have been arguing all along, the #Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, what some call the #WestBank, are not illegal nor do they violate #InternationalLaw. For a territory to be deemed ‘occupied’, it needs to be seized from a rightful owner.
Neither #Jordan nor the #PalestinianAuthority had any lawful title to the land when they launched the June ‘67 war against us. It was, in fact, Jordan that illegally annexed the territory in 1948, occupied it for 19 years and no one besides Jordan recognized this seizure.
Accordingly, when #IDF soldiers retook the territories in ‘67, they entered the land which no other entity had any lawful title to.
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