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#OceanGate missing submarine is a sad situation and I pray it works out and everyone is found safe. Here is the thing. The submarine is a joke. The ballast system requires shifting of people to jettison used pipes. Wtf? It is a tragedy waiting to happen. It isn’t a game.
I spent 11.5 years in the Navy and was sub qualified. Ocean Gate submarine is nothing more than a play toy for people with too much money and not enough commonsense ! Underwater, especially at the depths most military submarines operate isn’t a place to play…
Consider that Ocean Gate goes deeper than most military subs by quite a lot and it becomes even less of a place to play or be tourist. On Submarines the crew is qualified to operate the systems and trains constantly on what to do in case of emergencies. What about #OceanGate?
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Why i feel Imagicaa world Entertainment Ltd is a turn around .

Market Cap₹ 1,972 Cr.
Stock P/E 5.44 , Industry PE24.2
Debt to equity is high 3.43
#Imagicaa #EntertainmentIndustry #Tourism Image
Imagicaa Maharashtra-based amusement park business, Malpani PG, has acquired a 66.25% stake in Imagicaa through preferential allotment of equity shares worth ₹415 crore. This move strengthens Imagicaa's position in the industry.
As part of the debt resolution plan, lenders were allotted equity shares worth ₹75 crore, resulting in a collective shareholding of 11.97% in the company. This strategic step helps in restructuring the debt and brings in new stakeholders.
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Did you know that @WVUFLU supports the state of West Virginia subsidizing the #dogracing industry with YOUR TAX DOLLARS?

$17 million dollars of our state budget is going to the cruel practice of #Greyhound Racing.

@WVUFLU you have the opportunity to grow and change. #wvpol
“Without the purse subsidies from the racetrack’s gaming operations, purses would decline to such a level as to make it uneconomic for kennel owners to continue to race greyhounds in West Virginia.” And most of the winnings don't even stay in state. #wvpol #GreyhoundDerby2023 Image
Female #greyhounds are routinely given methyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid, to prevent a loss of race days. This performance enhancing drug is prohibited in other dog racing jurisdictions, but continues in #WestVirginia. But @WVUFLU says this isn't abusive.
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#Nuked Themsleves: “They will blame #Russia as always”: a sociologist on the growth of the background #radiation in #Khmelnytsky (160 nS) | May 15
-the Russian army #destroyed the #ammunition depot -shells with #DepletedUranium were stored at the facility.…
#Finland's background #radiation normally varies between 0.05 and 0.30 #microsieverts per hour (µSv/h)
Tuomas Peltonen / Inspector general
tel. +358 975 988 508…
- #Loviisa NOW: 0.210 #microSieverts ImageImage
cc: @ ArthurM40330824
#Gamma radiation in #Khmelnytsky could actually indicate that a #DirtyBomb was stored in the warehouses.
Gamma radiation is characteristic of #enriched #uranium. Is it possible that were making "dirty bombs" at the Khmelnitsky #NPP
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With the cacophony over #Elephant #Arikomban, lets understand how such #elephants are 'made', and #conflict created. As per a #Kerala cabinet decision taken in August 2002, 559 families of landless tribals were settled on 276 ha land in #Chinnakanal during 2003. The then 1/9 Image
DFO (#Munnar) #PrakritiSrivastava objected: it was prime #elephant habitat & corridor, the consequences would be disasterous. Within a year, human-elephant conflict had escalated. Giving pattas wily-nily w/o w/o #forest dept inputs #wildlife consideration is best avoided 2/9 representative image from t...
The settlement opened the floodgates. #tourism resorts mushroomed, encroachments were ignored, regularlised chocking passage for #wildlife Conflict exacerbated exponentially-huge loss of crops, people were killed.As a former Kerala IAs officer puts it 3/9 Image
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Manakpur Sharif Masjid -
Village Manakpur Near Ropar #Punjab

Period : C 16th -17th Cent. A.D

it lies 4 km from Manakpur Bus Stand

#ManakpurSharifMasjid #Tourism #PunjabTourism ImageImageImageImage
It lies between the #Shivalik foothills of outer #Himalayas and Indo Gangetic plains of #Punjab. The structure is situated in a rural setup. Image
This #mosque was built in 16th century A.D. It is built in Indo-Persian style. ImageImageImageImage
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Fort , Aam Khas Bagh ,
Sirhind Fatehgarh Sahi
#Punjab #Heritage #Tourism #AamKhasBagh

Period- C 17th-18th Cent. A.D ImageImageImageImage
This Royal inn was initially built by Babur extended and planned by Mughal architect Hafiz Rakhna. It was rebuilt by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan along the Mughal military road between Delhi and Lahore, and ImageImageImageImage
The Royal couple used to stay here in the old building complex, while going to and coming back from #Lahore. ImageImageImageImage
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Mausoleum 3 Km from Fatehgarh Sahib Main Road in Village Adampur

#Punjab #FatehgarhSahib #Tourism Image

C. 15th - 16th Cent. A.D.

It commemorates the memory of #KhwajaSaifuddin who was the son of Masoom. It was built in 15th century AD.

The structure has a ribbed dome supported on a circular dome and it is surmounted by an inverted lotus with finial on top👇 Image
The main entrance and the niches consist of multi-foliated arches and semi-circular arches at the corridors. The grave of Khwaja is situated in the interior of the tomb and the interior walls are decorated with kalasha.👇 ImageImage
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#Tomb of #UstadSyadKhan

close to Tomb of Shagird and
Tomb of Mir-I-Miran in
#FatehgarhSahib #Sirhind #Punjab

It is a historical buildings built in memory of him.He was a great architect and builder of that period.

#PunjabTourism #Tourism #Heritage
It has a bulbous dome supported on a circular drum and decorated with petalled design at the base. There are four kiosks at the front. Within the enclosed walls, there are three graves placed in the center beneath the dome.
The structure has been made on a raised platform. Cupola chattirs have been built at the corners. The central dome is surmounted by a small cupola structure. One of the cupola chattris is missing at the corner. It has a pointed arch with niches on either side.
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The #cenotaph of Mir-i-Miran #FatehgarhSahib

He was known to be a great saint of this place to whom #BahlolLodhi s daughter was married. It was constructed in 17th century AD.

#MirIMiran #Punjab
#PuniabTourism #Tourism #FatehgarhSahib
It is a square shaped, double-storey building having pointed arcaded designs at the entrance.
The niches consist of horse-shoe shaped arches.
It has a dome surmounted by an octagonal drum and four minarets at the corners.
The parapet wall is decorated with kangoora battlement pattern.
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🌺 DiwanKhana ,Sangrur Punjab

#Sangrur #Punjab #Jind #Heritage #Tourism #PunjabTourism
Royals of Jind were so impressed by Jaipuri Architecture that Sangrur's Streets and Bazaars are based on the Blueprint of Jaipur when city was expanded in 1850's

The Diwankhana of Sangrur is also a good example of Jaipuri Architecture in Punjab.

Diwankhana is located in the Banasar Garden.
It is surrounded by Lal Bagh and Banasar Garden.

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It is spring and #Yerevan has started to bloom. Yerevan is suitable for walking. At every step you will meet small miracles.

#Armenia #travel #ttot #tourism #pics #Caucasus
Cherry trees decorate the Armenian capital Yerevan in spring.…
These colors and fragrance make Yerevan "for all people".
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After his official visit to #Japan, president @KlausIohannis is paying a visit to #Singapore, where earlier today he held talks with his counterpart, Halimah Yacob. The president highlighted Romania's goal to step up bilateral relations with Singapore. (1/5) Image
@KlausIohannis spoke of a set of common goals, such as inclusion policies, economic&social development. The officials examined the results of actions conducted with a view 2 promoting information society, cyber-security, education, gender equality, green transition. (2/5) Image
Iohannis expressed RO's interest to tap into the full potential of bilateral relations, specifically in terms of economic cooperation. He underscored Bucharest's objective 2 attract investment, arguing that RO is the 3rd-largest EU provider of IT services to Singapore. (3/5) Image
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I'm here! I will be doing my best to live tweet the Hampshire County Commission meeting. I will also be presenting on adoption of @IDADarkSky ordinances in our community.
Follow this 🧵
#folkreporter | @BlackByGodWV | @FolkReporters
The agenda 1/?
Here is what it looks like inside the room and arriving to the building. The seating is not very accessible for disabled folks, and meetings are held upstairs. 2/?
Present is commissioners Robert Hott, Brian Eglinger and David Cannon. The meeting has been called to order. Meetings from the last meeting were approved with unanimous consent. Commissioners are now giving reports. Brian is speaking about the CVB and putting more funding in. 3/
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One has the opportunity to create a lot of memories when travelling. The food, though, stands out among all that make the travel unforgettable.

#IndianFood #IndianRailways #Travel #Tourism
Eating in a train station is a unique experience in and of itself.

Which one would you try the next time you're at one of these train stations?
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#Punjab Have Many Big and Mini #Lakes to Develop #Tourism Spots in Punjab Hills from Pathankot to Chandigarh.

Mostly we are #not #Aware of Our #Own #Lakes

Punjab Needs Awareness

Here is List of Lakes/Dam with Location in Punjab.
1. THANA Dam. Image
2 Dholbaha Dam-Mini Lake Image
3.Janauri Dam -Mini Lake/Picnic Spot Image
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Thread - My columns on #innovation #creativity #entrepreneurship at the intersection of #culture for The New Indian Express. Just putting them all at one place.
1 - Design to Drive the return of #tourism post pandemic…

#travel #design
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I have just had an illuminating conversation with tourism expert and researcher, Mike Riungu about the impact of tourism decline on the environment, youth, women and livelihoods. It's armageddon. #Thread
This are @googleearth images of the wider Malindi in 1995, 2003, 2017 and 2022. In 1995 when tourism was thriving, it was lush and green. As tourism declined and people went from town to rural, they cut trees & sold charcoal to survive. #environment Wider Malindi 1995Wider Malindi 2003Wider Malindi 2017Wider Malindi 2022
Thousands who lost #tourism jobs in the past 10 years slid into #poverty, moved to their farms & sold charcoal. Now that there's barely any charcoal to sell, they are selling the land at throwaway prices. You keep seeing the ads for farm land in Malindi.
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🚂 @PKP_SA celebrates its 96th birthday 🎂🎉 #OTD 26.09 the 🇵🇱 state railways were established.

Here's a little #history🧵on its origins (for all #train buffs & railfans)

#PolishHistory #Poland #History #railway #travel #tourism
Although much of the infrastructure within the borders of newly-independent 🇵🇱 had been destroyed during #WWI, 🇵🇱 was very quick to reestablish its railways. New lines sprang up allowing for economic development and integration.
The railways and their unification was not an easy task as some had to be rebuilt to standardise tracks across the lands of the former partitions. Finance was also a major issue: foreign capital was sought – to little avail.
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The €50,000 KfW Bernhard Grzimek Prize for #conservation will be presented today in Frankfurt.

But should Bernhard #Grzimek really be celebrated as a role model? 🤔

Following his civil service career in Nazi Germany as a member of the SA (Nazi Stormtroopers), Grzimek became a director of a zoo & an animal rights activist.

Grzimek discovered his love for conservation in the #Serengeti, where he:
🔴 campaigned for yrs alongside @FZS_Frankfurt AGAINST the land rights of the Indigenous #Maasai
🔴 “professionalized” the militarized monitoring of Protected Areas
🔴 boosted mass #tourism in the area
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کالا دھری مندر (بہاولپور، پاکستانی پنجاب)
Kaala Dhari Temple (Punjab, Pakistan)___300 yrs old
ایک زمانے میں فن تعمیر کا کمال مگر آج کا شکستہ حال بہاولپور کا 300 سالہ قدیم نوادرات جڑا "کالا دھری مندر
جسے"شری نانی دیوجی مہاراج" بھی کہاجاتاھے،
اندرون بہاولپور کی پھٹے والی گلی میں واقع ھے۔
مندر پر نظر پڑتے ہی نگاہیں ماضی کے جھروکوں سے اس عہد رفتہ میں کود جاتی ہیں جب یہ مندر تعمیر کیا گیا ھو گا تو کیسا شاندار ھو گا۔
کیونکہ مندر خوبصورت نوادرات جڑی دیواروں، شاندار لکڑی کے کام، کھدے ھوئے نقوش، ٹائل آرٹ سےآراستہ ھے۔
یہ مندر
بہاولپور کے تاریخ قد اور اہمیت کو چار چاند لگاتا ھے۔ آج مقامی ہندو بتاتے ہیں کہ وہ مندر کی خراب حالت کیوجہ سےیہاں پوجا (Ritual Ceremonies) نہیں کر پاتے۔
یہ مندر مراٹھا ہندو سلطنت نےبنایا تھا اور اسےمراٹھا برادری کےلوگ چلاتےتھے اور اسکی مالی امداد کرتےتھے۔
ایک طویل عرصےتک یہ ریاست
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1/ #travel #TravelBlogger - Williamsburg, #Virginia is a national historical treasure founded 1632 whose Colonial #architecture has been copied across the #USA. If you go, also visit nearby Yorktown and so much more!
2/ #history #travel #tourism - Williamsburg, #Virginia was Virginia’s capital 1699 to 1780. It’s really an outdoor museum. Actors recreate life from three hundred years ago. IIRC, there are shops, nice tree-lined sidewalks, and beautiful vistas.
3/ #Colonial Williamsburg is really a beautiful outdoor museum. I love #architecture in general and enjoy the Williamsburg style. Yet somehow, I never learned its origins. Usually a combination of nature, available materials, etc., helps create styles.
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Lafayette Square by The White House #WashingtonDC – honors #AmericanRevolution heroes #Lafayette, #Rochambeau, Von Steuben and Kosciuszko. In 1859, adulterer Congressman Daniel Sickles murdered adulterer Philip Barton Key (Francis Scott Key’s son)... 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ Lafayette Square: … over Sickles’ adulteress wife Teresa DaPonte Bagioli Sickles (1836-1867), who he had married when she was 15/16. [Key died in the white home in the background, known as President McKinley's Little White House.] Image
3/ Lafayette Square: … Sickles was the first to be acquitted using the “temporary insanity” defense and stayed on as a Congressman. He later became a #USCivilWar #MedalOfHonor war hero at #Gettysburg. Continued... ImageImageImage
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Puhleez Hickory County #Missouri, it’s ridiculous to expect local govt to predict how many lives will be saved or response times improved by a sales tax dedicated to manning your 911 dispatch center. Either you want a properly staffed 911 call center or you don’t. @ky3 report
A 20% poverty, decreasing <10k low population Hickory County that covers 412 square miles, with Pomme tourism should not accept crazy excuses for voting yes or no.

Vote as you wish but don’t lie to yourselves about the reasons, including tourism.…
#Missouri promotes Pomme de Terre as a tourist destination. Minimum levels of service should be required & that should include cell service & emergency services & broadband services.

Sales taxes are paid by visitors & outsiders. That should have been included in the @ky3 report
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