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“The Ninth Descent—Farming:

“The Agrarian “Revolution” Was the Direst Development”

is Chapter 9

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...

READ BOOK…… #devolution #psychology

PH 9/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Yes, we turned life into work, when it could have been play.”\

“…we lost the magic of living. We focused, because of fear, on the quantity of said existence instead of the quality of it….” []

THREAD… #devo #psychology

PH 9/2
[Chapter 9 text begins:] “Returning now to human’s devolution in the course of our prehistory,..”

READ/DWL BOOK…… #devolution #psychology #farming #anthro #agrarian #evolution #birth #agriculture #perinatal #primal #psyche #consciousness #culture

PH 9/3
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1/ Alpha Leak 🫡

@landxfinance final Testnet is happening soon💎

Best of all, you can win between $100 to $1000 USDC in the Testnet competition.

Let's get in↓ 🧵
2/ Overview

LandX is solving an age-long problem for farmers - access to capital.

Simply put, LandX is a perpetual commodity vault protocol that aims to reduce the impacts of food scarcity on a local and global scale. They're built on @ethereum
3/ LandX is at the forefront of RWA crypto adoption with its innovative solution.

And they're presenting an opportunity for retail investors to earn #RealYields while solving the world hunger crises - by financing farmers.
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BREAKING: #BNNVietnam Reports.

To address the needs of #domestic and #foreign markets, #Vietnam must establish target markets and supervise the execution of standards in organic #agriculture production. #Vietnam #Economy Image
Trn Thanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (#MARD), stated at a forum on the development of organic farm produce held by the Ministry of #Agriculture and...
...#Rural Development (MARD) on Monday in #HCMCity that organic agricultural production must be linked to the development of the consumption market.
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BREAKING: #BNNVietnam Reports.

In the next three years, the Ministry of #Agriculture and #RuralDevelopment (#MARD) hopes to increase local production by employing 25% organic fertilizers. #Vietnam #Economy Image
#MARD also intended to raise qualified production by 1.25 times, or by 5 million tonnes per year. #MARD stated that it would expand the production and usage of organic products while retaining efficiency and sustainability, as well as contributing to the promotion...
...of added value and #environmental protection. In nine important national crop groupings, the industry is building a model for the use of organic fertilizers that is economical, balanced, and effective.
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119 days left in the Black Sea Grain Initiative,

483 (+3) ships outbound carrying 11,586,708MT,

398 (+4) ships delivered carrying 8,517,233MT.

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative Image
Another day, another load of 66,000MT of corn headed to China.

And a new chart! ImageImageImageImage
Three ships transited out of the humanitarian corridor on 20Nov and four ships transited in. ImageImageImage
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Vendredi soir se déroulait une conférence-débat de Marc Dufumier intitulée "L'agroécologie peut nous sauver".

Cela mérite un #Thread afin de vous en faire un résumé et vous donner mon ressenti.
Un grand thème, plein de promesse et un titre quelque peu racoleur, j'en conviens.
J'ai décidé d'y participer afin de prendre part au débat en tant que membre des @Fragritwittos une occasion de communiquer positivement et se confronter à un personnage assez controversé.
Une centaine de personnes étaient présentes pour l'événement organisée par une association : Les jardins d'insertion de l'Artois.
Quelques agriculteurs, en bio, beaucoup de consommateurs bio, quelques clichés, des fans de Monsieur Dufumier et moi, plutôt en opposition à
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#COP27 ends, our quick take:
-Hopeful: agreement on loss & damage
-Bad: we’re on track to 2.7C
-Significant: 1st agreement to include action on agriculture & #foodsecurity
-Disappointing: #agroecology & #foodsystems deleted
-Dismaying: zero #climatefinance for small-scale farmers Image
It is a significant step to see the UN #climate agreement will officially begin to target greater action on the 1/3rd of carbon emissions from industrial #agriculture and make agriculture more resilient to climate change - @ZGoita Image
We cannot ignore that the world’s small-scale farmers have been shut out & drowned out from this #COP27 says @Million_Belay of @Afsafrica.

They demanded recognition for diverse resilient farming #agroecology, and #climatefinance. But they leave with very little Image
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120 days left in the Black Sea Grain Initiative,

480 (+5) ships outbound carrying 11,489,106MT,

394 (+4) ships delivered carrying 8,405,358MT.

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative
Another day, another load of 62,843MT of sunflower meal headed to China.
Five ships transited out of the humanitarian corridor on 19Nov and no ships transited in.
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121 days left in the Black Sea Grain Initiative,
475 (+4) ships outbound carrying 11,244,963MT,
390 (+5) ships delivered carrying 8,242,668MT. 18Nov

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative
Four ships transited out of the humanitarian corridor on 18Nov and only one transited in.
Ships at Sea is holding relatively steady but only because so many have delivered. There is a growing number of outbound ships waiting for inspection again and as of late only three inspection teams have been operating on most days.
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🪡 1/4 : #COP27 live from the #GreenZone | How the Textile & Apparel Industry Needs to Coordinate and Align With Brands and Retailers in Order to Lower Its Impact on the Environment Along the Supply Chain

#TogetherForImplementation #JustAndAmbitious #COP27CivilSociety Image
2/4: “An inclusive #COP is one that #retailers & #designers are a part of. It is one that can discuss how our shopping habits also interact with the #environment.”

H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment Image
3/4: “It’s not cotton that’s harmful it’s the #manufacturing process. Cotton is the perfect low carbon fiber but we’re just not stressing the importance of #regenerative #farming & #agriculture.”

Heinz Zeller, Principal Sustainability, @HUGOBOSS Image
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1/26. It is our pleasure to introduce the #NewGeneration, a group of young negotiators from vulnerable developing countries who are at #COP27. The work to support them is led by @Rininreallife with @MoreCamilla for @IIED and @HeidiMareeWhite for @LossAndDamage.🧵
2/26. Adama Sonia Fatimata Bandé (@adama_sonia) is an environmental lawyer specialising in environmental and social safeguarding from #Burkina Faso where she works on rural electrification projects and is a #ClimateChange researcher.
3/26. Based in Ouagadougou Adama is following #LossAndDamage for Burkina Faso at #COP27 and is supported by @Irish_Aid through @IIED.
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JUST IN: #BNNSpain Reports.

At the COP27 Climate Conference, which is taking place in the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh, the minister of climate action & agriculture, @TeresaJorda, said that the Catalan government wants at least 50% of farmland to be sustainably used by 2030.
Farmland will be "transformed" by the government's Sustainable Agriculture Production project in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically sound. #COP27 #Agriculture #Spain
The minister stated, "We want to support farmers as they strive toward global sustainability while showcasing the efforts that many of these employees are now doing to achieve this new reality.
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🚨 "En 2020, la quantité d’#antibiotiques utilisés en médecine vétérinaire a poursuivi sa baisse. À rebrousse poil de cette tendance, les chats et les chiens, connaissent une hausse des prescriptions"

-2⃣,7⃣% / 2019
-5⃣5⃣% / 2011

Thread 👇 Image
Le critère d'ALEA prend en compte, pour chaque espèce animale, les effectifs, leur poids, la durée des traitements, les doses administrées. Elle en déduit l’exposition réelle des animaux aux antibiotiques. Image
⚠️ "Après des années de forte réduction de l’utilisation des #antibiotiques, grâce à la mobilisation des vétérinaires et des éleveurs, les résultats sont au rendez-vous, on arrive maintenant sur un plateau" selon @Anses_fr
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Let me start with #insulin. In the 1970s, insulin was extracted from the pancreas of animals. In the 1980s, @Genentech, working with Eli Lilly (@LillyPad), developed insulin using a new technology that I call #PrecisionFermentation. It wasn’t animal insulin. It was human insulin.
The mainstream would say: “health care is slow, it can’t be disrupted.”

Well, here’s the S-curve of #PrecisionFermentation human insulin. Human insulin disrupted animal insulin in about 13 years.
#PrecisionFermentation is a concept that I coined in my @rethink_x report ‘Rethinking Food and Agriculture’ with @CatherineTubb in September 2019.
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11 days left in the grain deal, 432 ships outbound carrying 10,110,425MT, 329 (+9) delivered carrying 6,798,625MT. 08Nov

Finally! A ship! I see a ship!!

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative Image
Another day, another ship full of sunflower oil headed to China. ImageImageImage
Nine ships delivered at various ports today. ImageImage
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12 days left in the grain deal, 431 ships outbound carrying 10,067,175MT, 320 (+9) delivered carrying 6,642,285MT. 07Nov
No ships leave Odesa for the third day.

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative Image
Spain continues to lead the way in exports from Ukraine. ImageImageImage
Only 25% of the ships who have left Odesa are still at sea, representing 33% of the MT of grains. ImageImage
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Hempcrete was approved for Residential Buildings! Building Code will feature Hemp-Lime (Hempcrete) was approved as a non-structural wall infill system Hemp Home Design Collection by Scotty additional building code and info:…
Here is a video that highlights the reduced lumber requirements for building with hempcrete: #Sustainable #SustainableHomeBuilding #EnergyEfficient #CarbonNegative #Agriculture #FarmRaised #SaveTheTrees
#Hempcrete Building Code approval applies to one- or two-family dwellings and townhouses plus should increase the availability of hemp-based building materials and facilitate greener construction projects around the U.S. source: #Gangapreneur
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13 days left in the grain deal, 431 ships outbound carrying 10,067,175MT, 311 (+5) delivered carrying 6,490,305MT. 06Nov


🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #BlackSeaGrainInitiative
Seven ships travelled from the Bosphorus North Anchorage to Odesa area ports on 05Nov and all were inspected by joint teams. These ships are all at the Odesa anchorage currently.
A further two outbound ships were inspected by joint teams on 04Nov and two on 06Nov meaning those ships are able to proceed to their destination.
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14 days left in the grain deal, 431 ships outbound, 306 delivered, 10,067,175MT shipped and 6,333,255MT delivered. 05Nov

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative
China still with a hold on the Sunflower Meal at 65%, a reminder that often it's used as a high protein supplement for animals.
Six ships travelled from the Bosphorus North Anchorage to Odesa area ports through the humanitarian corridor. Brave, Rising Falcon, Plutus, Sally M, Tzarevich, Propus are confirmed.
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15 days left in the grain deal, 431 ships outbound, 299 delivered, 10,067,175MT shipped and 6,228,555MT delivered. 04Nov

🧵⬇️ #oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative Image
Nine more ships delivered. ImageImageImage
Only one ship travelled out of the humanitarian corridor today, the Mavka. And, almost ⅔’s of the grain shipped is now delivered. ImageImage
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16 days left in the grain deal, 430 ships outbound, 290 delivered (16 in the last 48hrs), 10,014,176MT shipped and 6,120,114MT delivered.

Over 10Million MT has left Odesa area ports because of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.
Seven ships traveled out of Odesa area ports today through the humanitarian corridor carrying over a quarter million MT of grain headed to China (3), Spain, Holland, Italy and Oman.
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Samedi, j’étais à #SainteSoline dans les Deux-Sèvres pour mon journal, @Mediapart. J’y couvrais la manifestation contre le projet de #megabassine de la Coop de l’Eau 79. Il y avait beaucoup de monde (+ de 7000 personnes selon les collectifs à l’origine de la mobilisation) 🧶 1/15
Cette mégabassine dont le chantier a commencé le mois dernier aura une emprise au sol de 16 hectares – soit la taille de 22 terrains de foot. Elle pompera de l’eau dans les nappes phréatiques pour 12 agriculteurs. Une privatisation de l'eau que dénoncent les mouvements militants
Ce projet s’ajoute à de nombreux autres, depuis des années, comme le montre cette carte du grand Ouest réalisée par le collectif « Bassines non merci ».
#agriculture #MegaBassines
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18 days left in the grain deal, 423 ships outbound, 274 delivered, 9,628,771MT shipped and 5,841,830MT delivered.🧵⬇️ *IMPORTANT NOTE AT THE END*

#oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative
78 loads and 2,209,311MT went to lower income countries according to the UN🇺🇳 categories.

Also, everyone welcome Morrocco🇲🇦 to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, 42 countries!
Three ships traveled out of Odesa area ports today through the humanitarian corridor. The Bomustafa O (22,800MT Wheat to Libya🇱🇾), the Nimet Torlak (12,690MT Sunflower Meal to Morrocco🇲🇦) and the SSI Challenger (49,000MT Corn to Germany🇩🇪).
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19 days left in the grain deal, 420 ships outbound, 264 delivered, 9,544,281MT shipped and 5,661,152MT delivered.🧵⬇️
#oatt #wheat #corn #barley #sunflowers #agriculture #maritime #maritimenews #graindeal #blackseagraininitiative
27% of the wheat exported went to Africa.🌍
Four ships 🚢 were scheduled to travel to into Odesa area ports today through the humanitarian corridor but only three travelled. The Mavka is alongside at Chornomorsk, the Esentepe is underway to Yuzhnyy, and…
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