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1/4 I'm not sure about this misspelled "#BackBorris" hashtag. The mispelling could be deliberate as Twitter's algorithm rewards new hashtags and the correct #BackBoris may not register anymore as a trend. Example: if you type the correct hashtag in Twitter, you'll see 2,040
2/4 tweets in the last hour. That's a lot, especially if you extrapolate it over time. Meanwhile, the #BackBorris (incorrect spelling) hashtag only appeared around 5,000 in total. What's more, according to my analysis it started trending after only 320 tweets today
3/4 If you look at the graph, you can see that on #BackBorris (incorrect spelling) there is a low but consistent level of activity between 00:31 and 17:00. At 17:05 we get the first tweet saying #BackBorris is trending, but only after a small pickup in tweeting. Assuming
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I'm not a #ClassTraitor, @UKLabour ARE 👇👇
1) I want to work, not sponge off others.
2) I need opportunity, not free crap I have to pay for by stealth anyway.
3) I want my nation to be free, so #Brexit is a must. I want UK to be a world-leader in fairness to the WHOLE world.
@UKLabour 4) I want a truly fair society, not one where everyone is pigeon-holed because of race, gender, nationality, class, location, even bloody hair-colour.
5) I want to swear & call you names, and offer you the same, without fear of us being locked up for garbage 'wokeness'.
@UKLabour 6) I want terrorists buried, not cosied up to.
7) I'm angry about the mass rape of UK girls & lack of accountability in authority for it. Ignoring it angers me further.
8) Antisemitism makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. I'll fight it with every drop of blood in my veins.
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The Tories will always claim #NHSNotforSale but their politics and policies reveal the truth. A systematic fragmentation and privatisation of our service, against the will of the people. Don't #BackBoris or #VoteConservative unless you understand "privatisation by stealth" 🧵1/15
"Privatisation by stealth" is intentionally opaque because the Tories know they can't win votes while admitting the privatisation agenda. This agenda is set out in Conservative MP Oliver Letwin's paper "Britain's Biggest Enterprise ideas for radical reform of the NHS" 2/15
The document I reference is here:…
The title itself should ring alarm bells, most British people do not see healthcare as an enterprise but as a public system, we proudly contribute to provide a safety net for sick when they need it most. 3/15
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A vote for Corbyn is a vote for a hung Parliament, which would only deliver more gridlock, more delay, and two more chaotic referendums.

👎 He's failed SEVEN times already this debate to say what he would do on Brexit. Yep, that's 7

That's EIGHT times Jeremy Corbyn has failed to say what his own position is on Brexit.

That's NINE times.

9 times Jeremy Corbyn has failed to say what his own position is on Brexit.

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"I read Ben Habib MEP’s article on BrexitCentral yesterday and thought it important to explain in a bit more detail why I think he is wrong – and why the Brexit Party is risking Brexit itself and doing so based on a false premise."

Level playing field provisions in the future are now radically different.

The political declaration merely says there will be provisions in the EU-UK FTA to deal with labour, environment, competition and state aids.

These disciplines are *common in all FTAs*.
This deal is now fundamentally different: an FTA is the final end state not a customs union in goods, which is where the previous deal would have taken us.

No more backstop tying the UK into a CU with the EU forever, and no more building from a single customs territory: 👍
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Debate about where EU defence is heading is surrounded with complexity, jargon, misunderstandings and denial so well done @EUDefenceAgency for setting things out clearly:…
"Piece 1: Common priorities (CDP)

"The CDP is the only joint defence capability prioritisation tool at European level covering the whole capability spectrum."
"As the CDP’s architect, EDA has produced regular updates since 2008, in close cooperation with Member States, the EU Military Committee (EUMC) and the EU Military Staff (EUMS)."
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Something fishy is going on with the Tory leadership race online

At least 2 of the top 10 accounts either targeting #HastobeHunt or amplifying #BackBoris display Botlike characteristics.

One linked to Iranian/Russian disinformation during the 2016 EU ref…
First created in 2016, @EUVoteLeave23rd pushes a pro-hard Brexit, pro-no deal agenda. It has over 35,000 followers, the identity of its owner is unknown, and its profile image features a Brexit Party rosette overlaid with a Back Boris tag”

Other accounts have been suspended
3/. “It shows that the network it's involved with is quite extensive – it's got 36,000 followers.”

The ISD points out that, ..,the account, had 172 interactions (mostly retweets) with accounts known to be associated with Iranian or Russian state-backed disinformation operations”
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In terms of GDP, the UK leaving the EU is the equivalent of Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus and Malta all leaving in one go. In…
…terms of proportionate economic loss, the impact on the EU of the UK leaving is greater than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland leaving the UK. We are 4 times the size of Switzerland which has no issues holding its own with the EU. We are twice the size of EFTA…
…who managed to negotiate the EEA. We are about the same size as the ASEAN, an economic bloc with 650 million people. We’re the sixth biggest economy in the world. In terms of our geopolitical capabilities we have been deemed the second most powerful…
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@BorisJohnson will deliver our exit from the EU on 31st October.
As the draft Withdrawal Agreement will not pass, the EU will need to decide whether it wants to accept Boris' offer of zero tariff trade to continue for the time being after Brexit on the 31st October. 1/7
This could apply while we negotiate a future agreement to cover more than just goods, such as Donald Tusk offered us in March 2018. An agreement on such a stopgap offer which would cover all goods would be entirely legal to be notified under the terms of Article 24 of GATT. 2/7
This means its terms would not have to be offered to all other WTO members, as the Bank of England and others have confirmed, and importantly would not need ratification by EU member states so could be concluded very quickly. 3/7
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Ranty thread:
Please, someone - anyone - what can we do to restore sanity?
The Tories seem to be blind, deaf and stupid. They think they can save themselves by stealing Farage’s clothes after three years of Mayhem and by installing a lying buffoon in No 10....
Do they really think that ‘delivering brexit’ as a Hallowe’en gift will save their seats or their party?
Why would Leave voters choose a pale imitation of UKIP when they can have the rebranded real thing?
Why would Remain voters ever vote Tory again?
And now we’ve got Labour folk attacking ‘cloth-eared centrists’.
Who has the cloth ears here?
Poll after poll shows that the country wants Brexit to go away, that it was a mistake to vote Leave....
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