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This is a profound quote. It reminds me of the importance of music at protests (as @AlexandraChalup once explained to me) & of the joy I’ve felt w/ the graphics my Twitter friends have created to amplify election-security concerns & the importance of #HandMarkedPaperBallots.
Be a poll watcher! (graphic by @_Jo_di)
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.@amyklobuchar: The universal use Ballot Marking Device (BMD) system that failed in PA is what the industry calls a “backup paper ballot” system! You must add the “hand marked” prefix or many voters will be stuck w/ universal use BMDs. #HandMarkedPaperBallots 1/
2/ The #SAFEAct, which was written by @RonWyden (originally called the #PAVEAct) and passed the House, would ban the Ballot Marking Device system that failed in Northampton County.

The Election Security Act, which you promote instead would NOT. #HandMarkedPaperBallots
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You know what else is vulnerable to “denial of service attacks” that would cause a “loss of public confidence” in elections? Ballot Marking Devices, which jurisdictions throughout the U.S. are buying for use by all voters as opposed to unhackable HAND MARKED paper ballots. 1/
2/ Why have national “election-integrity” groups like @VerifiedVoting, @BrennanCenter, and @secureourvotes ignored independent election-security experts who warn against this obvious threat?!
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Dear @Brettkins & @StandUpAmerica: TY for texting THOUSANDS of voters to demand that Congress pass election-security legislation. Your proposed message, however, omits the “HAND MARKED” prefix b4 the phrase “paper ballots,” which will give us barcode voting.

🚨Pls fix! TY! 1/
3/ Most Ballot Marking Device (BMD) Summary Cards—which vendors now misleadingly call “paper ballots”—put voter selections into a barcode that humans can’t read. Although they also include human readable text, the only part counted as your vote is the barcode.
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I’m officially concerned re: an election-security bill “bait-and-switch.” Only the #SAFEAct (formerly #PAVEAct) bans MACHINE marked BARCODED “paper ballots” & wld give voters the option to use #HandMarked paper ballots. Suddenly, @RonWyden has dropped the #HandMarked part...😳1/
2/ Exhibit A from yesterday. Where’s the #HandMarked part?!
3/ Exhibit B from June & March. Notice how he says “hand marked”? Where did the “hand marked” part go yesterday? @RonWyden KNOWS the importance of distinguishing. He made #HandMarked paper ballots and a ban on BARCODE voting signatures of his #PAVEAct, which is now the #SAFEAct.
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Here is the final text of the House election-security bill called the #SAFEAct.…

The first paragraph requires that all voters have the option to mark their ballots by hand and bans barcode voting systems (albeit without using the word "barcode"): 1/
2/ I was assured by a legislative assistant for a member of Congress that the #SAFEAct incorporated the #PAVEAct's ban on hybrid systems (BMD/scanner combos) that route machine-marked paper ballots under the printer head after they are cast.
3/ The language is there, but it's in the Optical Scanner section, which may be a huge problem bc it is the BALLOT MARKER component, not the SCANNER component that in some hybrids can mark paper ballots after they are cast. cc: @RepZoeLofgren @RonWyden
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Big news! The House just passed the #SAFEAct, which gives all voters the option to use #HandmarkedPaperBallots & requires #RiskLimitingAudits 4 federal races.

It also bans:

*Barcode voting,
*Hybrid voting, &
*Remote access & internet connectivity!

Next stop: the Senate. 1/
2/ Here’s a link to the #SAFEAct and a screen shot of the amendment that bans barcode voting.…
3/ #BarcodeVoting refers to hackable machine-marked printouts with text & barcodes marked by insecure ballot marking devices like the ES&S ExpressVote & ExpressVote XL. The barcode, which humans can’t read, is the only part counted as your vote. This is banned under the #SAFEAct!
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These new voting machines are from ES&S whose founder hired a convicted embezzler to program voting machines for Diebold, which ES&S acquired in 2009. The new machines use machine-marked (hackable) paper summaries. The only part counted as ur vote is a barcode u can’t read. 1/
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Vendors have re-defined “paper ballot” to include machine-marked barcoded summary cards from hackable ballot marking devices (BMDs). If the BMDs flip votes on the paper, will we be better off than when paperless touchscreens flipped votes in GA & TX?… 1/
2/ The concern in GA and Texas was not so much about the voters who NOTICED the vote flipping, but about the voters who probably didn’t. The same would be true of so-called “paper ballots” from hackable machines.
3/ The other concern was that voters and candidates had to take election officials’ word for it that the vote flipping was not due to hacking.…
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Do you see a pattern?!

South Carolina’s top election official sat on voting machine vendor ES&S’s secret advisory board & received trips, lodging, & dining worth $20k from ES&S. The entire state just signed a $51 M contract for ES&S’s ExpressVote barcode system.

Thread. 1/
Source re: SC election official’s receipt of $20k in gifts from ES&S.… 2/
Source re: SC’s new $51 Million contract w/ ES&S.… 3/
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.@BrennanCenter endorsed the #PAVEAct, which wld ban machine-marked “paper ballots” from barcode voting and/or hybrid voting systems. But it continues w/ this sort of messaging, which suggests that any sort of “back-up paper records” will do. I hope they will change this soon. 1/
.@BrennanCenter could make an enormous difference if it came out and acknowledged that barcode voting and hybrid systems are unreasonably insecure & thus not a reasonable accommodation for voters with disabilities, much less an acceptable choice for use by all voters. 3/
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Joan: The main difference between your approach and mine is I try to SHOW where the deficiencies are. For example, see below. Thanks. 1/
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Based on this tweet & my observations of Jessica’s reporting, she is presumably cozy w/ the subset of “election integrity advocates” and officials who I repeatedly take to task 4 their unwillingness to warn the public about concerns w/ new barcode & hybrid BMDs. Which is SAD. 1/
I have no doubt these EI advocates & officials don’t enjoy the criticism. But the fact remains that I was the first to report on concerns with barcode voting systems. Because these officials and EI advocates were ignoring them & many continue doing so, which is NOT ok. 2/
3/ One of my early Medium pieces about barcode voting systems.
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Dear @senatemajldr: How do you justify allowing vendors to install remote access software and wireless modems in election equipment?! If you don’t like all aspects of the #PAVEAct, propose an amendment. Your refusal to ban remote access & wireless modems is eyebrow raising.
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.@McFaul is promoting the #PAVEAct (rather than the Secure Elections Act). And he’s right. 1/
The #PAVEAct does all of the following. The Secure Elections Act does none of them. 2/
3/ Even if you think the #PAVEAct is a long shot, use it to educate the public, the media, members of Congress, state lawmakers, the EAC, and state and local election officials about MEANINGFUL minimum cybersecurity election standards.
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Dear @SpeakerPelosi: When People for the American Way and @DailyKos told their members that voting machine vendors had installed wireless modems in election systems, 30K people wrote to the EAC to demand a ban. 1/…
And they did so on just a few days’ notice. 2/
3/ Imagine what voters might do if you employed a similar strategy of informing the electorate of the specific and blatantly irresponsible ways that vendors have made our elections ridiculously insecure. Pls deploy a #KnowledgeIsPower strategy to protect our votes.
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Dear @KamalaHarris: insist on the #PAVEAct. Hold a press conference explaining that vendors have installed remote access software & cellular modems in election equipment, & the #PAVEAct would ban that. SHAME Republicans into defending their stance. 1/
Non-specific messaging about “security” and the need to “update” equipment is uninspiring. Everyone can understand the dangers of modems and remote access. Pls at least TRY it. Thanks. 2/ #ProtectOurVotes
You need a lot more “Becauses” in your argument. “Because Russia” is fine but not enough because, among other reasons, everyone assumes without factual basis that Russia didn’t alter vote tallies or reporting systems. 3/
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People wonder how it would be possible to coordinate an election attack across multiple counties. One way is remote access to the county tabulators. Another is wireless communication with the county tabulators. Vendors have enabled both options.… 1/
2/ The wireless modem installations began in 2015. The @JaneMayerNYer post below made me think of it today. Could this be related?!
3/ Removing the modems andxremote access are included among my election-security goals for 2020. They are also included in the #PAVEAct, @RonWyden’s election-security bill. Time to call your members of Congress and state and local election officials!! #RemoveTheRemoteAccess
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🔥 Call to action! Banning internet connections & wireless modems in election equipment should be a “no brainer.” But @EACgov won’t even include this in their VOLUNTARY guidelines. This links to an email template asking them to shape up. Reply ✅ TY! 1/…
3/ I discussed the wireless modems that ES&Sibstalled in ballot scanners in FL, WI, IL, and presumably elsewhere starting in 2015 here:…
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Pls join SmartElections.US in NY 2 raise the volume on concerns about #BarcodeVoting.

Counties in GA, OH, PA, KS, WI, TX, DE, NJ, NY, CA, TN, KY, WV, IN, AR, & FL are replacing dangerous old voting machines w/ dangerous new barcode voting machines. Sign up below. TY! 1/
2/ To attend this important election security Action, pls RSVP at SmartElections.US. We can not afford to sit down any longer. It’s time to put our boots on the ground. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
3/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting.…
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OMG. As if barcode voting & “hybrids” weren’t bad enough, the ExpressVote XL barcode hybrid voting system has two USB ports! This dangerous machine is spreading like a virus throughout the US, including counties in swing states like PA. 1/
3/ “New ‘hybrid’ voting system can change paper ballot after it's been cast”

“Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by machine”…
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The #PAVEAct bans #BarcodeVoting, #HybridVoting, & wireless & internet connections. I wish it went further too (#PaperVoterRolls as backups, preservation of digital images, publication of precinct totals). But it’s by far the best we have. Our only chance. Pls support it. TY! 1/
2/ We can advocate some of these other points in the meantime. HR 1 is not as good bc it allows #BarcodeVoting & #HybridVoting & wireless & internet connections. All of these things are very dangerous.
3/ This is one of my barcode voting pieces.…
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“Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican who represents the state's 6th District, was asked if he thought there were more counties nationally breached in 2016 that the public still doesn't know about.

‘It's possible,’he said.” #ProtectOurVotes…
#PAVEAct #HandMarkedPaperBallots #PaperVoterRolls (as backup at each polling place)
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🔥 “Members also revealed that while the FBI said there was ‘no evidence’ that voter rolls were changed, ‘they couldn’t say with certainty [the hackers] did not manipulate data,’ U.S. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell said Thursday.”

via ⁦@lovetogive2…
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