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People wonder how it would be possible to coordinate an election attack across multiple counties. One way is remote access to the county tabulators. Another is wireless communication with the county tabulators. Vendors have enabled both options.… 1/
2/ The wireless modem installations began in 2015. The @JaneMayerNYer post below made me think of it today. Could this be related?!
3/ Removing the modems andxremote access are included among my election-security goals for 2020. They are also included in the #PAVEAct, @RonWyden’s election-security bill. Time to call your members of Congress and state and local election officials!! #RemoveTheRemoteAccess
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🔥 Call to action! Banning internet connections & wireless modems in election equipment should be a “no brainer.” But @EACgov won’t even include this in their VOLUNTARY guidelines. This links to an email template asking them to shape up. Reply ✅ TY! 1/…
3/ I discussed the wireless modems that ES&Sibstalled in ballot scanners in FL, WI, IL, and presumably elsewhere starting in 2015 here:…
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Pls join SmartElections.US in NY 2 raise the volume on concerns about #BarcodeVoting.

Counties in GA, OH, PA, KS, WI, TX, DE, NJ, NY, CA, TN, KY, WV, IN, AR, & FL are replacing dangerous old voting machines w/ dangerous new barcode voting machines. Sign up below. TY! 1/
2/ To attend this important election security Action, pls RSVP at SmartElections.US. We can not afford to sit down any longer. It’s time to put our boots on the ground. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
3/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting.…
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OMG. As if barcode voting & “hybrids” weren’t bad enough, the ExpressVote XL barcode hybrid voting system has two USB ports! This dangerous machine is spreading like a virus throughout the US, including counties in swing states like PA. 1/
3/ “New ‘hybrid’ voting system can change paper ballot after it's been cast”

“Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by machine”…
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The #PAVEAct bans #BarcodeVoting, #HybridVoting, & wireless & internet connections. I wish it went further too (#PaperVoterRolls as backups, preservation of digital images, publication of precinct totals). But it’s by far the best we have. Our only chance. Pls support it. TY! 1/
2/ We can advocate some of these other points in the meantime. HR 1 is not as good bc it allows #BarcodeVoting & #HybridVoting & wireless & internet connections. All of these things are very dangerous.
3/ This is one of my barcode voting pieces.…
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“Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican who represents the state's 6th District, was asked if he thought there were more counties nationally breached in 2016 that the public still doesn't know about.

‘It's possible,’he said.” #ProtectOurVotes…
#PAVEAct #HandMarkedPaperBallots #PaperVoterRolls (as backup at each polling place)
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🔥 “Members also revealed that while the FBI said there was ‘no evidence’ that voter rolls were changed, ‘they couldn’t say with certainty [the hackers] did not manipulate data,’ U.S. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell said Thursday.”

via ⁦@lovetogive2…
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Please stop looking at it this way. We must do our best to see that Republican VOTERS who (just like Democratic voters) have concerns about the voting machines push for it. Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff lobbies for Dominion, so use that if it helps. Lemonade from a lemon. TY. 1/
3/ And then there’s ES&S with its ties to the GOP.
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@SenKamalaHarris Altho @KamalaHarris wasn’t specific, she’s referring to the new #PAVEAct, which:
*Gives voters the right to #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* Bans machine-marked barcoded paper ballots from hackable ballot marking devices & Hybrids
* Bans DREs
*.Requires manual Risk Limiting Audits! 1/
@SenKamalaHarris @KamalaHarris 3/ And thank you to @RonWyden, who took the laboring oar on the #PAVEAct!
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The new #PAVEAct:

* Gives voters the right to use
*. Requires manual audits
* Bans barcode ballot marking devices
* Bans “hybrid" BMDs
* Bans DRE (usually touchscreen)
voting machines.
* Bans wireless & internet connections 1/
Most of these provisions go into effect within one year of the date of passage of the #PAVEAct. Thus, to protect the 2020 election, Congress must pass this before November 2019. Pls tell your members of Congress to pass the PAVE Act immediately. 2/
3/ You can easily email your senators through
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🔥 The new #PAVEAct bans dangerous barcode voting systems, "hybrid" ballot marking devices, & touchscreen voting machines. These terms go into effect one year from the date the #PAVEAct is passed, which means that Congress must pass it before November! Start calling! ☎️1/
2/ Here's the text of the #PAVEAct. It expressly requires that jurisdictions give voters the option to mark their ballots by hand. But it does not specify that this option must be provided at the polls (in addition to allowing vote by mail). I wish it did.…
3/ Still, for jurisdictions that use precincts or polling centers, that is the more or less the practical effect of the provisions mentioned in post 1 that ban barcode voting systems, "hybrid" voting systems, and touchscreen voting machines.
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HR-1 incorporates a critical provision from @RonWyden’s #PAVEAct (which was missing in Klobuchar’s Secure Elections Act): that all voters have the option to mark their ballots by HAND (as opposed to having a hackable touchscreen do it)! via @TheBradBlog!1/
2/ Full text of HR-1 can be found here:…
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The right-wing, mostly evangelical Council for National Policy (CNP)—which plans to “restore religious & economic freedom...under the constitution”—is alive & well, toasting Kavanaugh’s success w/ beer & hosting a boastful & not-so-moderate @nikkihaley. 1/…
When I first learned about the CNP from @amandablount2, I was so horrified that I began researching and writing about it on Twitter & eventually transferred it all to this Medium article. It’s had over 62k views & 4.7k reads so far. Pls give it a look.… 3/
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For the past 16 years, Republicans have gone out of their way to keep voting machines paperless or to ensure that the paper trail, if any, is something other than a hand marked paper ballot (election integrity’s gold standard). See Thread below. 1/
2/ The latest trend toward computer marked summary cards (many misleadingly call them “paper ballots”) from touchscreen barcode ballot markers is the current iteration and everyone is falling for it.…
3/ The most popular touchscreen barcode ballot marker on the market by far is the ExpressVote by @ESSVote, which has donated more than 30k since 2014 to @RSLC, whose mission is to elect Republicans to state office.
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Let’s give the #PAVeAct some air time. The sponsors of this bill and the Secure Elections Act should hold a press conference or meeting where the two are compared and contrasted. The #PAVEAct is simpler & better.
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The #PaveAct should be the election security bill of the month. Unlike the SEA, it requires actual Risk Limiting Audits for federal elections and that states give voters the option to mark their ballots by hand. #PAVEAct #handmarked #paperballots
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And yet once again, @VerifiedVoting’s President says nada about the dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot marking devices (BMDs). On the contrary, she advocates “voter marked paper ballots,” which she defines as either HAND marked or marked by a MACHINE. Not good enough. 1/
My heavily sourced article on the many dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot markers (“BMDs”). 2/…
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📌In death, Sen. John McCain is about to exact revenge on Trump

📌#GamerGate > #4Chan > Alt R > #QAnon > #Twitchy > (etc) = #TrumpRussia

📌#Religion and #MoneyWashing... Not so strange bedfellows.

In death, John McCain shows a virtuous alternative to Trump

PBO, who beat Mr McCain to the WH in 2008, said they shared a "fidelity to something higher".

GWB described him as "a patriot of the highest order".

Condolences pour in after the death of John McCain

John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in DC and Az

The death of Sen. John McCain marks the passing of a man, an American patriot & a politician whose record of service to country will always be his defining attribute.

We must ensure his legacy of bi-partisanship & patriotism endures into the future.
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Dear @vermontSOS (D): I am alarmed that you helped scuttle the Secure Elections Act w/ your expressed "concern" that the "mandates for post-election audits [were] too stringent..." If anything, they were not stringent enough.… 1/
Contrary to what election officials have lead us to believe, all voting machines & scanners can be hacked via the internet even if they are not themselves connected to it. 2/…
This is because (among other reasons) all voting machines & scanners must receive programming before each election from centralized computers that can and often do connect to the internet. 3/
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US senator @ronwyden needs our grassroots help to pass a meaningful election security bill: the #PAVEAct. So are we going to help him by demanding that the Senate Rules Committee pass the Act & by identifying & calling out individual obstructionist senators or not? 1/
Here are the phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter handles of all Members of the Committee.… 2/
Do not be disheartened by the recent failure of the Secure Elections Act. Election integrity groups had already withdrawn support of the latest watered down version of the SEA anyway. 3/…
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Dear @RoyBlunt and Senate Rules Committee Members: DO NOT use the withdrawal of support of the Secure Elections Act by one or more senators as an excuse to push through the current version of the Act, which you unacceptably WATERED DOWN, or something even more meaningless. 1/
IT election experts agree that electronic tallies cannot be trusted without, at a minimum, meaningful manual audits and a secure chain of custody between election night and the audit.…;… 2/
Meanwhile, the following states require no manual audits whatsoever to confirm the legitimacy of electronic tallies:


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Dear @IndivisibleTeam: Please endorse the #PAVEAct. For too long, elected officials have told us to “just trust” our elections. They must instead make our elections trustworthy. 1/
Unlike the equally well-intended Secure Elections Act, the #PAVEAct requires that states (1) give all voters the option to HAND mark their ballots; and (2) conduct Risk Limiting Audits for all federal races. Without these two requirements, passing an election security bill … 2/
… will do little more than allow politicians to pretend they have done something to secure our elections. We cannot afford to pretend to have secured our elections. We must actually secure them. Please help. Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes 3/
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Dear @BernieSanders:
Many of your supporters do not trust the election process. As someone who voted for Hillary, I get it. Because the terrible truth is that NONE of us can trust our elections. The only way to fix that is to fix it. Pls support @RonWyden's #PAVEAct. 1/
Unlike the equally well-intended Secure Elections Act, the #PAVEAct requires that states (1) give all voters the option to HAND mark their ballots; and (2) conduct Risk Limiting Audits for all federal races. Without these two requirements, passing an election security bill … 2/
… will do little more than allow politicians to pretend they have done something to secure our elections. We cannot afford to pretend to have secured our elections. We must actually secure them. Please help. Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes 3/
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I honestly don’t know what to make of this hearing postponement, but am thrilled by the large # of people who asked the Senate Rules Committee to amend the Secure Elections Act to require states to: (1) give voters the option to HAND mark their ballots: & (2) conduct RLAs. 1/
2/ This is how we change the discussion. We, the voters, are the only leverage we have to get meaningful election security legislation. Meanwhile, the #PAVEAct, which already includes the above 2 requirements, is gaining momentum.
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