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O jornal @opovoonline publicou uma série de reportagens sobre as relações entre a cultura dos games e a Extrema Direita no Brasil.

Nossos pesquisadores @ivanmussa e @falc4o participaram como fontes - muita coisa boa pra discutir nessa pauta desenvolvida pelo @OskarSays.

Claro que o primeiro artigo da série tinha que falar da pedra no sapato: a relação entre a cultura gamer e Bolsonaro.…
Steve Bannon, o movimento #gamergate e sentimentos de xenofobia e ódio pautam o segundo artigo da série, que documenta uma relação entre a Alt Right americana e a cultura gamer.…
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What GamerGate is to me:

Gamers were upset about journalists not revealing key information about their connections prior to writing articles about certain things. Journalists defended the claims by cherry picking the worst people in the movement and branding the whole thing
as an anti-women movement designed specifically to harass women in the industry. They then turned the discussion away from their poor ethics to this, now designated, harassment campaign and then used their resources to make this idea mainstream to hide the fact that they indeed
had very poor ethics. Once the dust settled and the movement died down, they then utilized the #Gamergate as a way to label anyone who they deem a threat as a bad person and then collectively pounce on them with hate filled articles meant to destroy their reputation. Ignoring
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Yes, she absolutely is.

But FFS we have to GET PAST this idea that progressives USE DOUBLE STANDARDS.


I’m getting pretty tired of:

Progressive: *uses double standard to fuck over Non-progressive*
Non-progressive: “That’s a double standard!”
Progressive: *uses double standard to fuck over Non-progressive*
Non-progressive: “That’s a double standard!”
Progressive: *uses double standard to fuck over Non-progressive*
Non-progressive: “That’s a double standard!”
Progressive: *uses double standard to fuck over Non-progressive*
Non-progressive: “That’s a double standard!”

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@winged_pudding_ @Latedawn_ Yeah, no. Let's be VERY CLEAR about what happened here. The article classifies ANY use of that image (even as parody of non-Jews) as anti-semitic. It cites as a source a notorious far right German think tank funded by the government and headed by a former Stasi informant... 1/2
@winged_pudding_ @Latedawn_ a source which also falsely implies that #GamerGate was "far right". When I dismissed your friend's linked article based on these facts, she defaulted to some bizarre Ultimate Twitter Jewish Authority argument and said that I was a problem for not believing her. 2/2
@winged_pudding_ @Latedawn_ This is my Twitter feed. I'm under no obligation to sanitize it based on you and your friends' demands or harassment. And I'm not going to apologize for making use of "anti-semitic" image when 1) that was not the intent of the image and 2) it's a dubious claim anyway.
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1. Before everyone starts celebrating too much, let me remind everyone about #GAMERGATE !

We, women, warned everyone about the dangerous growth of asshole far-right conservative men during Gamergate.

2. Women were harassed in games, on social media platforms, and in the comments under books written by women on @amazon . So much so, some women left social media or gave up writing careers for good. We even boycotted @Twitter . But did they do anything? NO!

We warned you all!
3. The country didn't want to listen to us... now you ALL have to deal with the outcome of a destroyed Republican party, and I'm here for it!!

And liberal men, we see you. WE KNOW which one of you said we were overreacting and we will treat you accordingly!

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Ein Vögelchen hat mir gezwitschert, dass @jugendschutznet demnächst eine neue Broschüre zum Thema "Rechtsextremismus und Gaming" veröffentlichen wird.

Wollen wir uns die schon mal vorab gemeinsam ansehen?

Ein Thread.

#Weltraumaffen #GamerGate
@jugendschutznet "Innerhalb von Gaming-Communities finden
beispielsweise menschenverachtende oder NS-relativierende Inhalte ihre Verbreitung."

Ach was, wie in jeder Community gibt es einen Bodensatz? So wie in Parteien ("reichstes Prozent erschießen") oder Vereinen? Irre.

#Weltraumaffen 2/x
@jugendschutznet "Rechtsextreme nutzen Plattformen und Software"

So wie Extremisten vorher den Buchdruck mit beweglichen Lettern, die Erfindung des Hörfunks und des Films genutzt haben.

Was die bei @jugendschutznet so alles raus finden.

#Weltraumaffen 3/x
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Ich kann meine Gegendarstellung zum @ZDFheute Film über #GamerGate leider nicht sichtbar posten, da mein Youtube-Account scheinbar im Shadowban ist.

Deshalb im folgenden der Text als Thread. Wer will, darf ihn unter das Video posten ;)

#Weltraumaffen 1/x
@ZDFheute Es ist wirklich traurig, wie einseitig und falsch das ZDF #GamerGate darstellt. Es ging den Unterstützern des Hashtags (unter denen jede Menge Frauen waren) keineswegs darum, dass Frauen keine Computerspiele spielen sollen oder das weibliche Figuren einem gewissen Schema 2/x
@ZDFheute entsprechen sollen. Auslöser der Konsumentenrevolte war die Zensur einer Diskussion über die ethischen Verfehlungen eines Journalisten, der mit einer Entwicklerin, über die er auch geschrieben hat, ein Verhältnis hatte. Der Versuch, jede Diskussion über die 3/x
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#SayNo2Q Thread

In 🇩🇪 kennen die meisten die QAnon Bewegung seit den #Querdenken Demos. Und es fällt erst mal schwer diese Horrorgeschichten über satanische Pädophile die Kinder quälen und töten, um Adrenochrom zu farmen ernstzunehmen.
Doch die Bewegung ist älter und größer
„Q“ tauchte erstmal im Oktober 2017 auf dem Imageboard 4chan auf. Nach kurzer Zeit wechselte Q auf die Plattform 8chan.
Ein Mann wird immer mehr mit Q in Verbindung gebracht: Jim Watkins, ein Schweinefarmer der jahrelang auf den Philippinen lebte.…
Seit 2015 gehört Watkins das von Fredrick Bannon kreierte Imageboard 8chan (heute 8kun). 8chan war ein Zufluchtsort für bei 4chan gebannte User, die dort eine Heimat mit minimaler Kontrolle fanden…Ein Nährboden für Radikalisierung im Netz.
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Sure, they were White and from other states, but what really stands out is the lower than average IQ…
The mark of the Trump voter is...

Higher IQ than your *Education would predict*…
Is the Trump Effect Just IQ?…
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the other key difference is that you aren't streaming game files; you are streaming *the gameplay* - your own creation, with game as a background.

similar how you don't pay your hairdresser for streaming while wearing the haircut from her. it's the background to your own act. Image
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"I'm 16 and Marxist-Leninist!"
No, Sarah, you're a teenager from an upper-middle-class household who's trying to get some social clout online because you're bored and rebellious. Stop screwing around and do your chores.
"My pronouns are fae/faer."
No they're not, and you have never corrected anybody when they used "she" or "her" to refer to you. You're just trying to feel unique and special because you lack the artistic talents that your peers have.
"I'm a learning MLM."
No, Jennifer, you watched a couple of Breadtube videos after quitting your job at the grocery store. You're not going to read State and Revolution, but you're probably going into a different MLM—multi-level marketing.
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{thread} Let’s talk about the human rot we know as Steve Bannon. He is the most dangerous American on earth. He’s a radicalized Catholic and member of Dominionistic breeding ground #OpusDei. Our founders feared Catholics like Bannon could infiltrate the US govt to bring it down. Image
They never found a way to reconcile a Catholic’s existence in US politics. Even in recent times, many felt JFK could not be president because he was Catholic, and that would mean he’s loyal to the Pope 1st and America 2nd. JFK put country over religion…
though, so that collision course never happened, unless you believe his assassination had something to do with his religion, which is possible I guess. In 2002, Republican @RickSantorum attended an Opus Dei event in Rome, during which he attacked JFK's…
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Allow me to share a bit of my bemusement with a subset of the #gaming community suddenly getting upset that #games are “getting political”. I speak as a very casual gamer but a very serious #policy pro (i.e. I take my job seriously) - super happy to chat. LONG THREAD.
During #BlackLivesMatter protests & the #games companies quite rightly speaking out against #racism and discrimination, there have been #gamers - and some of them quite popular commentators - upset that politics is “injected” into #gaming, which they deem 2 be their “safe space"
These are not only ridiculous people - see angry man claiming the left wants to castrate him or some such nonsense. These r people who have built a career on #gaming & their attack of “politicisation” sounds legit: “It’s my safe space, no politics”. Sounds simple eh?
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Tiens ! Nous sommes samedi matin, bébésteban dort présentement dans son porte-bébé contre moi, sa maman joue à #AnimalCrossing...

Rien de mieux pour passer le temps que de faire une nouvelle twitlecture !

Au menu ⤵️ ⤵️ ⤵️
comme d'habitude, je vais rédiger les commentaires en allant. mutez le thread direct.

TW : manosphères, gamergate

Ferguson, C. J., & Glasgow, B. (2020). Who are GamerGate? A descriptive study of individuals involved in the GamerGate controversy.…
Je remercie un collègue de travail qui m'a partagé l'article. Je prends enfin le temps de le lire. Je ne mentionne pas mon collègue pour ne pas polluer sa TL mais il peut entrer dans le débat (c'est un chercheur en psychologie, donc il a beaucoup plus d'insights que moi)
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It's Thursday, which makes it a great day to look at cryptocurrency/tech newsbot @TechFishNews and its three thousand slumbering friends.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
As far as bots go, @TechFishNews itself is fairly straightforward - it mostly tweets links to its associated website, techfishnews(dot)com (and shortened variants thereof.) Hashtags are mostly technology or cryptocurrency related; #gamergate is a rare but interesting inclusion.
The majority of @TechFishNews's tweets are automated via dlvr(dot)it, although the account has dabbled in other automation tools in the past, with the most intense period of activity in early 2014.
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@RpwWilliams - President of @ClaremontInst leads CI into 2020 and engages new online right through figures like @bronzeagemantis @JackPosobiec and Curtis Yarvin.

The battle for the future for American politics is online, right now.


President of the Claremont Institute, @RpwWilliams joins me to discuss:

@bronzeagemantis @JackPosobiec Curtis Yarvin and the battle for American Politics.

Why did Claremont engage with the underground and emerging new right?

The @ClaremontInst shines bat signal to emerging New Right by engaging Yarvin, @bronzeagemantis, and @JackPosobiec.

Claremont needed to bring it's boomer audience into the 21st century bc that's how you'll defend America.

"we wanted to stir things up"…
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Can we take a moment to appreciate that practically everything #gamergate warned about in 2014 has become undeniably true by 2020?

The media having an all time low trust because of how unethical and shitty they've become? - Check /
Western entertainment having a big drop in quality because of an unhealthy obsession with pushing ideologies rather than making a quality product? - Check

Failures of such products being blamed on the fans with excuses of "sexism"? - check /
The pendulum starting to swing back hard to the far right due to an uncontrollable push towards the most absurd far left ideas? - Check

Female characters in western media becoming a fucking landmine because of feminism injecting toxicity into their existance? - Check
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NEW, by me:
Wikipedia’s War on #GamerGate Set the Site’s Tone for the Trump Era…
This piece sums up a longer piece, essentially a tell-all book at this point, which I have been writing up over the past four years about the #GamerGate dispute on Wikipedia:…
In the introduction, I talk about myself and the #GamerGate dispute a little with a few quips about the false narrative spread about the case:…
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I am far from the first person to make this point, but one of the most unconscionable aspects of the "researching the far right" establishment is the absolute unwillingness of this entrenched bunch of white men to listen to the first-hand experience of women.
It's especially galling because while this group of men has, for the most part, acknowledged that one of the most distinctive markers of "alt-right" and contemporary accelerationist white supremacy is a wildly virulent misogyny.
It's honestly shocking to me how little coverage or even acknowledgment I've seen of nazi accelerationism's deep roots in MRA/incel culture and the anti-woman harassment tactics of #Gamergate.
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So I heard supporting the Hong Kong freedom protests compared to being pro-#GamerGate.

Being pro-Hong Kong and pro-GamerGate do have something in common.
For me, what the two have in common, is the OBVIOUSNESS of ethically right side.

I ALWAYS think about things before taking a side, even when it seems prima facie clear that one side is right. In some cases, it doesn’t take a lot of thought.
There just is no pro-China case to made, ethically. You could at most make a case for regrettable non-interference, since Hong Kong is a Chinese territory. Similarly, there just is no anti-GG case to be made that isn’t fundamentally dishonest.
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Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ich das mal noch sagen würde, aber: der Seehofer hat Recht. Wir müssen die Gamerszene stärker in den Blick nehmen. Ich vermute mal, dass der Horst nur eine kaputte Uhr ist, die aus Versehen richtig geht, aber das passiert halt manchmal. /1
Warum also hat Seehofer (vermutlich unbeabsichtig) Recht? Wer einen primitiven Rückgriff auf die unterirdische Debatte anno 2002 fürchtet, liegt falsch. Wir müssen nicht die GAMES in den Blick nehmen, sondern die Szene. Das ist ein himmelweiter Unterschied. /2
Es ist wie Salafisten zu Muslime: die Salafisten willst in Blick nehmen. Muslime? Not so much. Die gigantische Mehrheit der Videospiele-Spieler ist harmlos, und die Spiele selbst auch. Die GAMERSZENE ist das Problem. Woher kommt das? Die (politische) Wurzel liegt 2014. /3
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Four years ago I had no twitter, no blog, nothing.

Today, people have spent tens of thousands of hours listening to my podcast, reading my blog, attending events, enjoying my book, and following the story here on twitter.

How did I go from zero to here?

It's a doozy of a tale:
Back in 2015 I found myself running charter schools after years of developing real estate. (that's a story to be told as well).

I was just a 'normal' guy doing normal things, with a hobby posting in forums and reading man-type blogs.

And then my friend @Cernovich got on twitter
@Cernovich I followed him here. I had no idea what was up. #GamerGate was a thing. I just watched and tried to figure it out.

I'd tweet some, but it was only for a few people.

Stuff you'd never tweet to 25k.

Edgy and fun. It was a lark mostly.

I thought no one would ever see it.
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I'll be blunt. We're losing.
#GamerGate showed the way but devolved into eDrama & grifting. Now controlled oppo entryists have us backsliding to the same stale individualist & 'muh free market!' bromides that handed Conservatives & Libertarians defeat after defeat for 60 yrs.
Everyone knows exactly how the SJWs win.
1. Pick soft target.
2. Accuse of -isms to claim moral high ground.
3. Gin up community to protest.
Isolated individuals CANNOT beat this.
We need to start using community action & gov't power to advance our interests like the Left does.
Let us hear no more cries of, "Statist!' or "Collectivist!"

Open your eyes. You may not like it. I don't like it. But tribalism is the name of the game. You either win according to the rules or forfeit.
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In clear prose, @BriannaWu takes us through the birth of today’s culture of public harassment which helped normalize Trump’s “politics” of the personal attack in @NYTimesOpinion

#gamergate was FIVE years ago
“I meticulously documented all of it — the death threats, the rape threats, the identity theft... I waited for law enforcement to prosecute the men who had threatened to murder me and other women... I waited for justice. I am still waiting.”
I missed that there was an impotent FBI report in January 2017. It’s not like there was nothing ELSE going on that month. *cough*…
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