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1/13 Happy to announce that we've finished designing an all new online masterclass "THE ART OF PEACE" with my close colleague & good friend @Irenologist at the Galtung-Institut. Luckily I don't have to do it all by myself. I'll be available for deep Q&As. Below are our 12 themes:
2/13 What will participants take away?

1/12: Basic Needs (see #bhnjg) & the question of legitimacy: A Life centred approach to Politics
3/13 What will participants take away?

2/12 Time & Space as History & Geography as: Context.

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The #SpecialIssue on '#Colonial #Legacies, #Postcolonial ‘Selfhood’ n the (Un)doing of #Africa' is going to be out in May, @thirdworldq. Some amazing contributions will be curated together. In this thread, I share all the articles that will be part of this collection. #mustread
'The cognitive empire, politics of knowledge n African intellectual productions: reflections on struggles for epistemic freedom n resurgence of decolonisation in 21st century'. #foodforthought by @sjndlovugatshen #ColonialLegacies #Africa @thirdworldq…
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The #G5Sahel summit had a revealing media echo in some major German news outlets that tell you quite a bit about the problems of #Germany's public discourse on the #Sahel and its #stabilization engagement in general. A thread. 1/14
First of all, there is little attention. Neither of the two major German public broadcasters ARD & ZDF mentioned the summit in their flagship programmes @tagesschau and @heutejournal.
(there was a good text by @dunjasadaqi on Tagesschau's website) 2/14…
The public radio station @DLF had a short news item. It noted French calls for "fairer burden-sharing" in the military mission and then noted: "Germany is also active there. But the Bundeswehr does not participate in military missions." 3/14…
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1/ Bringing ashamed Trump supporters to the table. Lessons about violence prevention from my Northern Ireland discussion group. #Inauguration2021 #January6th #democracy #violentextremism
2/ Americans are at a pivotal moment "You have to re-humanize each other. If we had introduced better language at the start, we would not have descended into 30 years of violence & death." #January6th #CapitolSiege #PVE
3/ Our politics are septic. "you're at a crucial turning point. Language desperately matters. The Capitol mob committed violent attacks on behalf of others. If you are Trump-adjacent, your silence now gives them permission to carry on like this." #January6th #CapitolRiot
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Freitag ist Podcast-Tag. Jeden zweiten #Freitag empfehlen wir euch ab morgen in den nächsten Wochen einen Podcast, der Friedensthemen in den Blick nimmt! 🎙️🕊️
Seid gespannt mit was wir morgen beginnen…
#Podcast #Frieden
🎙️#Podcast-Empfehlung: In „Jetzt mal ganz friedlich“ über die Arbeit des Zivilen Friedensdienst (@zfdnews) geben Jule Koch u. Sebastian Niesar Einblicke in die Lebensrealitäten in Krisenregionen und erzählen Geschichten aus der internat. #Friedensarbeit.…
@zfdnews 🎙️#Podcast-Empfehlung: Im friedenspolitischen Podcast „LIFEHACK PEACE“ des Netzwerks Friedenskooperative sprechen die Mitarbeitenden des @NetzwerkFrieden mit Gästen über Themen aus und der #Friedensbewegung.…
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#HealingCentered #Peacebuilding

1/ Globally entire generations & nations live in chronic violence & exist in survival mode for decades.

#IVAT2020 #PosterPresentation #TraumaIntoTriumph…
2/ The exposure to violence has long-lasting effects that are not well accounted for in when it comes to rebuilding fractured & hurting societies.

#IVAT2020 #PosterPresentation #TraumaIntoTriumph
3/ Symptoms associated with trauma in individuals influence all levels of society and aspects of governance and security when large segments of a population are affected.

#IVAT2020 #PosterPresentation #TraumaIntoTriumph
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@rkelly123 @LukeshRoberts 1) Both And all the way down indeed. One of my key books is „Peace by Peaceful means“. The title (Pure Gandhi btw.) from a praxeological p.o.v, stipulates that THIS type of goal is obtained & contained in its means. Ex negativo, see: „bombing for peace is like f*g for virginity“
@rkelly123 @LukeshRoberts 2) Assuming that Violence fundamentally rests on:

🟠A) attitudinal & normative dispositions legitimizing it,
🟢B) behavioral expressions negating the 4 basic human needs #BHNjg of others &
🟣C) contradictions between autotelic & heterotelic goals within or between actors;
@rkelly123 @LukeshRoberts 3) I posit: Applied #ViolencePrevention, #Peacebuilding, #PeacePolitics, #TraumaConciliation & #ConflictTransformation categorically rest on

🟠A)Empathy to read intrinsic attitudes
🟢B)Nonviolence vs. violent behavioral expressions
🟣C)Creativity to #SolveTheUnderlyingConflict
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Mini-Thread 👇

Mi stupisco amaramente che nel 2020 ci siano ancora Parlamentari che pensano che "Ong, pacifisti e Rete Disarmo" non possano intervenire in dibattiti ufficiali su #MissioniMilitari o questioni di difesa armata.

Eppure nel corso di questi anni abbiamo dimostrato una certa competenza su questi temi (spesso e volentieri maggiore di quella della media dei Parlamentari) portando all'attenzione questioni e numeri che altrimenti non sarebbero mai venuti alla luce.

Capisco che per alcuni politici parta il riflesso pavloviano "militare" ogni volta che si parla di Esteri, ma non è che si debba per forza rimanere fermi a quelle posizioni arretrate. Fatevene una ragione: anche @ReteDisarmo può venire a discutere di #MissioniMilitari

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1/ When I say I work in "peacebuilding", I often get asked what is "peacebuilding"? For #InternationalDayOfPeace , I thought it'd be appropriate to give examples of one of the strategies @afsc_org has used to build peace throughout it's 101-year history. #ThisIsPeacebuilding
2/ Today, I want to talk about @afsc_org strategy of quiet support of non-violent social movements. For instance, throughout the civil rights movement, the similarity of social ideals of MLK & AFSC led them to work on the same side of racial issues. #ThisIsPeacebuilding
3/ In 1959, @afsc_org sponsored MLK's visit to India – a pilgrimage to the places associated with Gandhi. AFSC representative, James Bristol, accompanied him throughout. He said MLK's visit & the reception he received confirmed MLK's nonviolent convictions. #ThisIsPeacebuilding
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