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In coming days the UK and much of Europe is going to suffer DEEP freeze due to a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event. Warnings are out all over Europe due to a dramatic shift in atmospheric air moving from the North Pole. MORE…
2/SSWs are tied to #GlobalWarming weakening of the #PolarVortex system that clockwise circles the North Pole, holding subzero air over the #Arctic. Severe SSWs reverse the spin, shift warm ocean currents & slam the No Hemisphere w/deep freeze air.
3/Irish forecasters say that a SSW will slam Ireland next week.
In a SSW stratospheric winds, "reverse frm westerly to easterly & the temps in the stratosphere over polar regions rise significantly in just a few days."
Pole gets hotter; Europe colder.
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#S2S North America undergoes a significant pattern change this week, with much warmer conditions for the central and eastern North America with cooler, stormier weather for the West.

But... could we see a return of the cold in January 2023??? A somewhat technical 🧵 1/ ImageImage
If you recall, I talked about how a phenomenon called lower stratospheric reflection was a contributor to our recent massive cold air outbreak (several other factors in play too). Well, the GEFS is once again hinting at more wave reflection possible. 2/
Below is the reflection index (from Kretschmer and Matthias 2020). Sustained values above 1-1.5 indicate favorable conditions for "wave reflection." This phenomenon reflect upward propagating waves from Siberia that "reflect" back down over Canada due to wind shear. 3/ Image
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1-How will the stratospheric #polarvortex respond to #climate change? Bottom line: we have no idea. A 🧵on a new paper out by Alexey Karpechko, @HillaA1, me, @Domeisen_D, @Marlene_Climate, @zd1awrence, E. Manzini, @michaelsigmond, @IslaSimpson4, and Z. Wu:…
2- There is no agreement across #CMIP6 models in the magnitude or even sign of the polar vortex response to climate change, though the magnitude of any individual model response tends to increase with the magnitude of climate warming. Image
3- Individual models tend to show the same signed response of the #polarvortex regardless of greenhouse gas scenario. This implies that differences in the model physics/configurations are likely causing the disagreement across models. Image
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⚠️ Le “ #VortexPolaire ” (#PolarVortex) a beaucoup fait parler de lui cet hiver, accusé, très souvent à tort, d'être responsable de nombreux événements météorologiques.

➡️ De quoi s’agit-il ?
➡️ Quelle influence concrète ces derniers mois ?

On fait le point !

🗓️05/01/2021 : nombreux passionnés et spécialistes météo font remarquer un réchauffement stratosphérique soudain, ou “Sudden Stratospheric Warming” (SSW). Phénomène assez courant, en moyenne observé 2 hivers sur 3. Plusieurs médias reprennent l’info et annoncent vagues de froid. Image
➡ De quoi s’agit-il ? Le Vortex est une “zone froide” située entre 10 et 50 km d'altitude, où l'on trouve aussi la couche d'ozone. Lors d’un “SSW”, on observe une inversion de la circulation des vents violents autour de ce vortex. Image
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PSA: Relatively low-latitude, even sub-tropical, locations in central & eastern portions (but less frequently western portions) of continents can occasionally experience severe winter cold spells--like Texas is currently enduring. But how, & why this longitudinal asymmetry?(1/17)
Well, water has a tremendous ability to buffer against thermal extremes. This is because H20 has high heat capacity--around 4x that of land! This means that it takes around 4 times as much energy to raise the temperature of a given mass of water the same amount as land. (2/17)
An intuitive consequence is that regions near large bodies of water are usually milder than landlocked areas at a similar latitude. This is also why dry places have much larger diurnal temperature ranges than humid places. (3/17)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/16/2021…
Republican Party splits in three – American Taliban, Republican Monarchists and GOP Classic…

#PartisanPolitics #PoliticalParties #republicanism
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Not everything is bigger in Texas.

Maybe Texas shouldn’t secede from America... anybody cold out there? #PolarVortex
2) Most of Texas’s 21 gigawatt electricity deficit is due to thermal failures. Only small part is wind.
3) Thermal energy outages is the main cause.
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4 million without power—Texas could have invested in at least 3 things for its frozen wind turbines:

📌water resistant coating on blades

📌more de-icing drones

📌upgrades in heating packages

➡️If they can work atop snow-covered Alps. They can work in Texas.🧵 #PolarVortex
2) Yes there is a lot of reports on the wind turbine issue. Texas could have invested in more upgrades, but it didn’t.…
3) I’ve personally witnessed entire wind turbine farms operate normally in middle of snow storms atop several mountains in the Austrian 🇦🇹 Alps before. They build it on top of snow capped mountains. And they use it to power ski lifts 🚡 during winter!…
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This is a “snownado”.

This is in Texas—where it’s getting dumped with another snow storms, with frigid temps that it’s causing rolling blackouts because gas pipelines have frozen up & people left freezing in homes.

Welcome to 2021 climate change.

2) Key word: polar vortex. It’s caused by weak jet stream caused by climate change.
3) When then allows some places to get much colder while other places much hotter. Overall, it’s net hotter this winter.
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Confused about the #PolarVortex? Usually a strong jet stream confines Arctic air to the north, stabilized by a big difference in temperature between low and high latitudes. The smaller the difference in temperature, the more the wind belts meander (Via @RemoteLongitude & @NOAA)
Because of man-made #climatechange, the poles are heating faster than the rest of the planet, diminishing the temperature difference and weakening the jet stream. This also means that weather patterns - periods of itense rain or drought - are locked in for longer periods of time
..and whilst much of the USA is gripped by bitter cold, other parts of the globe are unusually warm, confirming the overall #globalheating trend (via @WMO).
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Strong #PolarVortex continues to isolate area of low (< 300 DU) total column ozone over the N Pole in @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF 5-day forecast from 6 March… @AntjeInness @VHPeuch @RichardJEngelen
This tweet from @ryans_wx gives some context based on 🛰data
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Let's talk about "national emergencies."
There are THOUSANDS of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in this country. Sisters, daughters, mothers, human beings that disappear without a trace. Where is the declaration over that crisis? #MMIW #MMIWG #MMIR
In a country determined to place nationalism at the forefront of domestic and foreign policy, we have a shocking number of homeless veterans. In states like Arizona, the number of #veteran suicides is 90.4 per 100,000.…
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With the #polarvortex last week and the potential for significant Pac NW snow, I thought it'd be interesting to look at the "benchmark" arctic outbreak on record. Behold, the Great Arctic Outbreak of Feb 4-14, 1899. /1
The majority of what follows is taken from Kocin, Weiss, Wager (1988). Highly recommend the read along with the Weather Bureau Monthly Weather Summary /2……
The period began "benignly" enough with temperatures reaching 33 in Los Angeles, 12 in Seattle, and -9 in Boise on Feb 3-4. Cold, for sure, but nothing that still holds a record today. Then the first of three relatively "normal" snowstorms began in the East. /3
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Thread time (mildly technical) for some broader context in relation to #PolarVortex

Because it’s popular, let’s dig in, and also is this thing related to global warming? Let’s start with the basics. We’ll get to polar vortex toward the end.
It turns out when you take a “fluid,” like an atmosphere, or a big water tank in a lab, and subject it to temperature gradients (e.g., driven by differential solar heating) and then make the fluid rotate, interesting things happen.
Digression (a): In reality, when you take (under)graduate atmospheric science classes, you bond not over how you will become rich promoting global warming, but rather hours spent writing down equations that describe those interesting things.
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From the Everyone-Needs-A-Project department, I spent time this afternoon trying out methods for keeping my dogs from getting frostbite.
An internet search suggested human hats with flaps, but all the local stores were stocking swim suits, so that was a non-starter.#PolarVortex
I then tried face masks, balaclava style. The dogs were very patient about it, but it was a fail.
Then, on the sale rack I found women’s hoodies for $8. This seemed promising, but not quite ready for primetime.
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NZ was one of the only populated places on the planet yesterday where there were temperatures under 15 degrees celsius.
Another perspective on the global heatwave that NZ appears to be missing out on (which may well turn out to be a good thing)…
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