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1/ 🧵 In today's era of fast-paced social media and the internet, it's easy to be inundated with misinformation and fake news. However, social media grifters and even #MSM news orgs intentionally use misinformation and sensationalist opinions to increase their reach and exposure. Image
2/In the world of politics, the power of information and ability to sway public opinion is crucial for gaining support and popularity. That's why many pundits and movements are using people being more prone to correcting information they believe is incorrect to their advantage.
3/ By spreading lies and half-truths, these “influencers” can generate controversy and encourage engagement from both their supporters and detractors. This leads to conversations/arguments in comments which spreads the lies even further, becoming more polarizing in the process.
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#FACTCHECKING @Inc's @PChidambaram_IN when he was interviewed by @sardesairajdeep at the #indiatodayconclave2023 and said “I would give credit to this government for its single-minded focus on containing the deficit and debt management."
SIMPLY NOT TRUE: SEE the data & be a judge ImageImageImage
@PChidambaram_IN mentioned "single-minded focus on containing the deficit"
Chart 1: Absolute Fiscal Deficit is MASSIVELY EXPANDING like a Rocket
Chart 2: As % of GDP, Fiscal Balance (Deficit) is Highest Levels despite LIFE-TIME high Tax/GDP & Low Crude Oil Prices vs FY10-14 ImageImage
@PChidambaram_IN mentioned "single-minded focus on containing the Debt"
Chart 1: General Government liabilities (DEBT) to GDP ratio is at the Highest levels. Well above 2014.

Q: Tax/GDP is highest Ever & Crude Oil px are Close to half levels of Pre-FY14

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#Thread: Το ψέμα του υπουργού #Γεραπετρίτη την Τετάρτη στη Βουλή.

🔎 Με τη βοήθεια των πηγών μας, κάναμε #factchecking και εξηγούμε τι είπε λάθος και κυρίως με ποια σκοπιμότητα το είπε.

✍️ @ebersi.


2⃣ Η τηλεδιοίκηση είναι μια τεράστια οθόνη, συνδεδεμένη με δύο υπολογιστές, μέσα από τους οποίους 1 ή 2 έμπειροι σταθμάρχες παρακολουθούν & διαχειρίζονται την κυκλοφορία.

❗Στη Λάρισα δεν λειτουργεί ακόμη. Δεν βρίσκεται καν στο χώρο όπου εργαζόταν ο κατηγορούμενος σταθμάρχης.
3⃣ Τι εννοούσε ο κ. Γεραπετρίτης όταν είπε «η τηλεδιοίκηση της Λαρισας λειτουργούσε κανονικά»;

🔎 Ότι λειτουργούσε ο τοπικός πίνακας σηματοδότησης, που καλύπτει μόνο την πόλη της Λάρισας.

📺 Είναι ο παρακάτω άσπρος πίνακας, που εμφανίζεται διαρκώς στα κανάλια👇
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Thread by @TowardsLiberti on #FACTCHECKING claims on #BangaloreMysoreExpressway .... I travelled on this last week & took 2.5 hours

but what shocked me was the COST of construction/100mtrs . considering that its only 40% GREENFIELD (its 60% BROWNFIELD)

Total Length: 111km
Total Cost: 8,480cr
Type: From existing 6 lanes to 10 lanes.
NOTEWORTHY: Expressway has 3 lanes in each direction & 2 Services lanes on each side making it 10 lanes. ACTUAL Expressway is 6 lanes.

Its costing Rs76 lacs/10 meters of road (40% greenfield)🧐😳
consider 2 points when accessing COSTS/km
(1) Unlike Mum-Pune highway (personal view, better road) with significant "Ghats"/MOUNTAIN Terrain, BLR-MYSR is almost FLAT terrain. MOUNTAIN Terrain costs substantially more.
(2) 60% was Brownfield (upgrade) & 40% greenfield.
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CPR and Ebay's head, Pierre Omidyar anti India❓

BREAKING - The Centre has suspended the FCRA licence of 'public policy think tank' Centre for Policy Research (CPR).

In the next series of posts I will expose their funding sources & their ideological backing.

1/n Image
As per #CPR Grants report published from Oct - Dec 2022. CPR is receiving funding from Gates Foundation, Rohini Nilekani Namati foundation & others....

2/n ImageImage
They have also received massive funding from the #OmidyarNetwork.

Omidyar Network is a foundation founded by #PierreOmidyar, who is a French born Iranian-American billionaire & founder of #EBay.

3/n ImageImage
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Da ormai diversi anni (e in particolare nell’ultimo periodo), in molti continuano a portare avanti la fake news secondo cui la Russia avrebbe invaso l’Ucraina (per la seconda volta),
poiché temeva un’espansione dell’Alleanza Atlantica in Ucraina. Vediamo perché questo assunto è storicamente e fattualmente errato.
Nel 1990 durante il processo di ripristino della sovranità nazionale Ucraina il Soviet Supremo del paese adottò la “Dichiarazione della sovranità statale dell’Ucraina”, il cui articolo 9 indicava la volontà del paese di mantenere uno status neutrale
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#FactChecking e istituti contro la #Disinformazione: ovvero, l'arte delle democrazie di ritornare ad essere dittature, attraverso l'invenzione di nuove forme di censura.

Thread 🧵

L’Osservatorio europeo dei media digitali (EDMO) riunisce fact-checkers, esperti di media literacy e ricercatori accademici per analizzare la disinformazione, in collaborazione con organizzazioni dei media, piattaforme online e operatori del settore.

L'EDMO indica come sede la scuola transnazionale europea: si trova anche Firenze, è parte dell’European Academic Institute (IUE), e si presenta come un centro di formazione della classe dirigente politica.

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One of the greatest problems in writing and sharing information about @covidvaccines that is not the mainstream narrative of "safe and effective", is #censorship and #factchecking

#nz #informedconsent
Everything gets fact checked. Video's of FDA vaccine approval meetings; peer reviewed science; interviews with doctors and specialists who have genuine concerns re safety and efficacy
Various companies have been given the power of "fact checking". One of them is
called Verify This
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3.3M views for this video by @EuromaidanPress:

"American 🇺🇸 infantry fighting vehicles M2 Bradley are spotted in Poland 🇵🇱 [...] toward the Ukrainian border 🇺🇦. "

TRUE ✅ or FALSE ❌? Investigate! 🧵👇 1/...

#Verification 🎥
#GeoLocation 🌍
@EuromaidanPress The exact location of the video is difficult to find due to the limited visual elements in the background. 😢

But it's admittedly plausible that the video was shot in Poland. How do we know this? 👇2/...
@EuromaidanPress On the locomotive we read PKP Cargo 🟨, which is the largest rail freight carrier in Poland 🇵🇱.

We find a picture of a PKP-locomotive with the same serial number ST44-1232 🟥.

The road sign in the video 🟩 corresponds to the Polish W9 sign for train signals. 3/...
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🔴 #Factchecking La violenta represión de las manifestaciones en distintas regiones del país ponen en debate los procedimientos del uso de armas letales por parte de la PNP. La red Ama Llulla explica las normas vigentes con criterios claves en el tema.

#Explicador En primer lugar, el Decreto Legislativo 1186 es la principal norma que regula el proceder de la Policía para intervenir con la fuerza en distintas circunstancias, incluyendo los episodios de agitación pública y violencia.

#Explicador La PNP cuenta con un manual de procedimientos que define la aplicación de la fuerza, el equipamiento y las tácticas que deben utilizar los efectivos policiales en estas situaciones con estricto respeto a los derechos humanos.
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🔴 #Factchecking | Es #FALSO que el presidente de Chile, Gabriel Boric, apoya la independencia del sur del Perú, como sugiere un video viral en TikTok, que registra miles de interacciones en esta red social. 🧵

👉 Image
#Factchecking | El video saca de contexto palabras del mandatario chileno que fueron pronunciadas en noviembre del 2022, en un acto protocolar tras el IV Encuentro Presidencial y Gabinete Binacional Perú-Chile. 🧵

👉 Image
#Factchecking | Durante ese acto, Gabriel Boric hizo referencia a la Alianza del Pacífico, cuya cumbre había sido cancelada. En su discurso, Boric se refería a que se contemplaba realizarla en Perú. 🧵
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🇫🇷 "Les manipulations de l'information sont une menace sérieuse qui épouse nos vulnérabilités."

Notre nouveau numéro avec l'interview de Gabriel Ferriol, chef de @Viginum_Gouv, est disponible.

Inscrivez-vous pour le lire en intégralité

Extraits 👇 Image
🇫🇷 "Nos adversaires capitalisent sur nos vulnérabilités pour les exploiter de façon structurée dans des campagnes susceptibles de durer." @Viginum_Gouv
🇫🇷 "@Viginum_Gouv n'opère pas une protection tous azimuts du débat public numérique. Son champ d'action est celui de la sécurité nationale et donc la protection des intérêts fondamentaux de la Nation."
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#FactChecking :
Depuis avril 2005, un arrêté préfectoral a mis un terme à la collecte de sang sur le territoire guyanais en raison de la présence de la maladie de #Chagas.
Donc oui, pas de prélèvement en #Guyane !
@EFS_dondesang @ars_guyane
Entre janvier 1990 et mars 2005, 15 cas humains de la maladie de #Chagas ont été diagnostiqués, dont 6 aigus, en #Guyane.

C'est néanmoins sur cette base que la @Prefet973 a décidé de mettre un terme à la collecte de sang sur le l'ensemble de notre territoire.
Une étude du #HautConseil de la santé publique de mars 2022 indiquait que la maladie de #Chagas « a été très rarement notifiée chez des cas humains en Guyane » et que « cette parasitose ne constitue pas un problème de santé publique en Guyane » LOL
@EFS_dondesang @ars_guyane
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Voici un petit détail TRÈS intéressant, concernant ce que certains appellent l'affaire Fact'N'Furious.

Les affirmations selon lesquelles FnF aurait été travaillé sous contrat pour l'AFP. Affirmations fausses, diffusées par Aberkane & Co.

Mais ça, si vous avez lu l'article de Libé sur le sujet, vous le savez déjà.
C'était écrit noir sur blanc.

Et il y a même un lien, qui est encore consultable.

Mensonge donc, diffusé lors de cette mise en scène orchestrées par Aberkane.
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Les #twitterfiles - un thread sur le contenu des échanges internes chez Twitter autour de sa politique de modération, telle qu'elle se pratiquait jusqu'ici sur la plateforme... #s01e00 #contexte
#contexte #twitterfiles Depuis son arrivée il y a quelques semaines, Musk a viré la moitié du personnel, une autre moitié a suivi après qu'il ait explicité que les vacances et les week end, il fallait désormais faire une croix dessus.
#contexte #twitterfiles Musk a décroché au passage la médaille d'or de la politique RH la plus violente de la Silicon Valley, piétinant au passage moultes législations locales, oubliant sans doute que l'extraterritorialité du Droit américain avait quand même ses limites. Image
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"Ukrainians 🇺🇦 in the World Cup of Qatar 🇶🇦 arrested for spreading Nazi symbols."

This "report from Al Jazeera" gets 391K views on Telegram. 😲

Fake or real? Let's investigate!🧵👇1/...

#Verification 📽️
#GeoLocation 🌍
#WorldcupQatar2022 ⚽️ Image
"Three drunken Ukrainian supporters were arrested in Qatar. The reason? They made a Nazi salute and vandalised posters at the Al Bayt stadium by drawing a Hitler moustache on the World Cup mascot La'eeb. When arrested, they showed no resistance."

Source: @AlJazeera Really? 🤔2/ Image
@AlJazeera The video features Al Jazeera's official logo 👆, has high quality and looks professionally made.

Any video on (right) has an almost identical layout to the video circulating on social media (left). 3/... Image
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One of the under-discussed issues the fact-checking industry is the Cobra Effect.

The industry is actually proliferating the issue they're attempting to solve.

This is on display with twitter's current curated "moment" right here. 🧵…
The Cobra Effect is one example of perverse incentives where the "solution" to a problem actually become an industry of their own and eventually makes the problem worse.… Image
Back to "fact checking,"

Reading through today's curated "moment":

How many of these "fact checks" are of stories / theories you've actually heard before?…

Many 'very-online' people, myself included would say zero.

Let's take a look.
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"The 21st Century Question: Emergently Engineering the Future"

Follow this 🧵 today and tomorrow for highlights from our 2022 #AppliedComplexity Network and Board of Trustees Symposium:…

#Web3 #Cities #Polarization #EmergentEngineering #Decentralization
We start with a talk by SFI President David Krakauer:

"Would anyone care to guess why we're so GOOD at building transistors and so CRAP at designing drugs?"

"This thing [points to transistor] lives in a centralized system. This thing [points to cancer drug] lives in US."
"I'm going to pick on economics, because we like to do that at SFI. 'Ooh, look at that cover! So techy. Global, heat maps...' But here's 'Networks' [in the textbook]. THAT'S IT. Here's '#ComplexityEconomics.' NOTHING."
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"Happy Birthday for Vladimir Putin from Belgium 🇧🇪" from men in army uniform with guns. 🤔

Let's investigate this deleted TikTok-video. 🧵👇1/...

#Verification 📽️
#GeoLocation 🌍
Is this a real video shot in Belgium❓

The video was previously uploaded on the social networking site TikTok on the account '@batyab.e.a.r', we can tell by the caption with the TikTok logo 🟨. 3/...
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#FactChecking Desde el lunes un "afectado" por el deslave en LasTejerías ha divulgado la versión de la ruptura de un "dique de Laguneta" como detonante de la catástrofe del sábado. El detalle es que no hay dique, presa, embalse o similar que regule el agua en la microcuenca.
Aunque su revelación no ha tenido prácticamente ningún impacto, ciertamente algunos ,"incautos influencers" opositores han creído encontrar en él la voz del pueblo. Incluso hasta "voceros técnicos" han validado el dato para explicar científicamente el fenómeno.
Es posible que haya querido construir su fake new, "confundiendo" el supuesto dique con el embalse de Agua Fria, que abastece de agua potable a algunos sectores en la parte más alta (Laguneta de la Montaña, San Pedro o El Jarillo) del municipio Guaicaipuro, estado Miranda.
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11.8M views for a TikTok of "a mosquito 🦟 with a number on its back". 😲

Is Bill Gates involved? (Spoiler: no.) Investigate! 🧵👇1/...

#Verification 🎥

#BillGates #TikTok #FactCheck #Weird
The Russian caption (albeit with typo) on this viral video reads: 'Guys who know where the numbers on mosquitoes come from (?)'.

Good question! Let's start with some basic Google... 2/...…
To find out the origin of the images, we google part of the Russian inscription.

So we come to an article on the Kazakh news site Ekspress.

That article features the same video and situates it in Kazakhstan. 🇰🇿3/...
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On Facebook and Twitter hundreds of thousands saw a video of "Queen Elizabeth feeding vulnerable kids...😭😭😭"

Is this #QueenElizabeth "feeding humans as if they are animals"?

Let's find out! 👇🧵1/...

#Verification 📽️
We take a screenshot of the video and load it into the Russian search engine Yandex. #ReverseImageSearch

This brings us to a site with film recommendations. 🟥2/...
The French title of that page 👇 reads 'Annamite children collect sapèques for the pagoda of the ladies'.

Sapèque is an ancient Chinese coinage. 🪙

Annamite refers to a mountain range ⛰️ on the border of Vietnam 🇻🇳 and the neighbouring countries of Laos 🇱🇦 and Cambodia 🇰🇭. 3/
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