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SENTENCING THREAD II: Now bribery case defendant Jona Rechnitz is before @SDNYLIVE Judge Hellerstein. AUSA Martin Bell says he cooperated even more the UN briber Francis Lorenzo, who got "time served," @SDNYLIVE…. Thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @NYCityAlerts AUSA Bell: The Seabrook case would not have existed without Rechnitz's cooperation. "To the extent there were improprieties in the road to City Hall here in NYC, which did not turn into a case, still" - Rechnitz invaluable. "He has been truthful."
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @NYCityAlerts AUSA Bell: I'm touched by the words of the union members who spoke at the sentencing of Mr. Seabrook earlier this year.
[Previous Inner City Press story:…
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OK - #6ix9ine sentencing about to begin in @SDNYLIVE Courtroom 318 before Judge Engelmayer. As Inner City Press reported last night, there are victim impact letters, & 1 speaker today Inner City Press will live tweet the sentencing - thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @XXL @revolttv @TIDAL @pitchfork @HotFreestyle @JoshPescatore @TMZLive @FUNCA_info Judge Engelmayer has just come out. The prosecutors at the government table. For #6ix9ine, Dawn Floria and Lance Lazzaro.
"Daniel Hernandez. Good morning, Your Honor."
It's on.
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @XXL @revolttv @TIDAL @pitchfork @HotFreestyle @JoshPescatore @TMZLive @FUNCA_info Judge Engelmayer: We're here for sentencing on charges including conspiracy, attempted murder, conspiracy to distribute heroin and 4 firearms charge.
I understand government is dropping Count 2, firearms, as no longer viable under US v. Davis.
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SENTENCE: ISIS recruit Sajmir Alimehmeti given 22 years by #SDNY Judge Engelmayer, who does not allow live tweeting. So this from hallway, story later
Just back to Press Room. Notably, Judge Englemayer told Alimehmeti that he would have gotten three years more if he had gone to trial and been found guilty.
(Judge Rakoff by contrast does not penalize defendant for going to trial, even for perjuring themselves)
@JURISTnews @SCOTUSblog Alimehmeti's mother was in the courtroom; she wrote a letter to Judge Engelmayer. His father returned to Albania from The Bronx and passed away. Engelmayer repeated referred to the "pocket chain saw" Alimehmeti was found with. And the gloves with steel knuckles
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MURDER & MUSIC: In SDNY Another Hip-HopShowdown In Trial For Homocide of Bronxite Shaquille Malcolm; Gangsa Rap As Question to Prospective Jurors, As Video on Insta Used In Yet Another Case by US Attorney Which Withholds Exhibits @SDNYLIVE…
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @JURISTnews @SCOTUSblog @pitchfork @vulture Update: Now AUSA Sassoon is playing jail calls of cooperator Alex Melendez from Elmira, asking defendant Hopkins for money on his commissary to buy food and clothes. Before jury arrived - late - US announced it will have an immunized witness. Thread will continue
Currently up in this US v Hopkins trial, defense lawyer Garbus is cross examining cooperator Melendez, who says he's been in GEO in Queens. Similarities with #6ix9ine but Inner City Press the only media in the courtroom. And now here in Mag Court for #JailOrBail
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OK - #6ix9ine co-defendant Aaron Young sentencing is starting @SDNYLIVE, he faces 20 year in prison (Inner City Press curtain raiser story here:…) in run-up to cooperate Tekashi 69's sentencing under 5K1 on December 18 - thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @TheCrimeReport @FUNCA_info @XXL @vulture @pitchfork @TIDAL Judge Engelmeyer apologizes for starting 20 minutes late, says the elevators in 40 Foley are not working correctly (Young's sentencing was moved to larger courtroom in 500 Pearl, as perhaps #6ix9ine's on Dec 18 will be).
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @TheCrimeReport @FUNCA_info @XXL @vulture @pitchfork @TIDAL Judge Engelmayer says his calculation of Aaron Young's criminal history is 3, but it's immaterial since his sentence is capped at statutory maximum of 240 months or 20 years.

Young's lawyer points about New York State law expunging marijuana convictions.
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OK - #OneCoin trial coming to a close, literally: today closing arguments, US then Mark Scott's lawyer, both sure to zero in on Konstantin Ignatov's cooperating testimony, Inner City Press stories:… & Thread below
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess @saavedra2013 But before summations, Scott's lawyer Arlo Devlin-Brown is putting into evidence a Locke Lord report on crypto currency by Robert Courtniedge and Charlie Baron Smith, & an email from Scott to David Pike (arrested, arraigned, and bailed to Coral Gables, Florida)
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess @saavedra2013 In the past minute: Defense rested its case; Judge Ramos told juror to take a break while the court is set up for closing arguments. Then Judge Ramos asked Mark Scott to confirm that he is choosing not to testify. He confirmed it. Prosecution closing in 5 min
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OK - #OneCoin trial of Mark Scott continues with Konstantin Ignatov on stand at 9:30, before that lawyers' arguments about Scott's state of mind @SDNYLIVE - yesterday's stories… and, and below, thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @Svrakata @widell_ari @ezCoinAccess @JenMcAdamUK @JamieJBartlett @FinanceWatchOrg @FUNCA_info Before jury comes in at 9:30 am, AUSA Folly tells Judge Ramos that the defense should not be able to mislead the jury about an audit report that Scott never saw.
Judge Ramos: Here we have a piece of evidence that is already before the jury, it was on the website
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @Svrakata @widell_ari @ezCoinAccess @JenMcAdamUK @JamieJBartlett @FinanceWatchOrg @FUNCA_info Judge Ramos: We've having this trial because Mr. Scott is allowed to argue that he didn't know this was a fraud.
AUSA Folly: We may still have an objection.
Scott's lawyer again mentions Robert Courtneidge of Locke Lord
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OK - in #OneCoin trial in #SDNY court of US v. Scott, opening arguments this morning at 9:30, any lawyers' arguments before Judge Ramos first. Yesterday's Inner City Press story… & more on Below, today's thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @TheACFE @CoinUp24 @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess @Jackiejourno @JenMcAdamUK Assistant US Attorney Demase says government has a witness today who is 75 years old & that he might ask leading questions.
Scott's lawyer Devlin-Brown says given the testimony of this witness, he'll tell the jury Scott is charged with the money laundering side
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @TheACFE @CoinUp24 @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess @Jackiejourno @JenMcAdamUK Judge Ramos says all of the #OneCoin jurors have arrived on or before, so they'll enter and arguments begin right at 9:30 am. And now he thanks them.
Government to start its opening statement: "The OneCoin crypto currency was absolutely fake and worthless."
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#6ix9ine trial testimony of Jamel and Jim Jones discussing "violating Hernandez" is highlighted by Judge Engelmayer- thread
AUSA: Jim Jones meant *physically* violating #6ix9ine, not just exercising right of reply on @TMZ…
Judge: Which Jones? Jim or Jamel?
AUSA: Jim Jones said "viotate #6ix9ine." Then Jamel Jones said, "Super violate."
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OK - in Honduras trial, with closing arguments done yesterday, now Judge Castel in finishing his instructions to jury after which they will go into jury room to deliberate for 1 or more days. Inner City Press will cover notes and verdict @SDNYLIVE - thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @HCHTelevDigital @unetvhn @HoymismoT @TN5Telenoticias @UnivisionNews @diarioelheraldo @DiarioLaPrensa @radiohrn @notibomba Judge Castel tells the jury that to find a conspiracy they do NOT have to find that the conspirators sat around a table.

Inner City Press: But arguably they did - at Denny's in Tegucigalpa
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @HCHTelevDigital @unetvhn @HoymismoT @TN5Telenoticias @UnivisionNews @diarioelheraldo @DiarioLaPrensa @radiohrn @notibomba Judge Castel says jury cannot consider a government agent a member of the conspiracy. So, since Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga was operating at the direction of the US government after a certain point, he cannot be evidence of a conspiracy after that
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OK - in #Honduras trial, this week begins after deal on more of Tony H's post arrest statement getting to jury, no more cross examination of Agent Gonzelez but a few more witnesses. Story here Below, thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @unetvhn @HoymismoT @TN5Telenoticias @elpulsohn @radiohrn @diarioelheraldo @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime After Judge Castel muses to jury about Yankees' split in Houston and what will happened today in baseball playoffs, first US witness is Special Agent Papadoupoulous (sp). He referred the DOJ Office of Int'l Affairs
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @unetvhn @HoymismoT @TN5Telenoticias @elpulsohn @radiohrn @diarioelheraldo @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime AUSA: The interview in Miami, was there a time limit?
Agent: Yes, we were operating in a three hour window.
AUSA: Was there a prosecutor from the SDNY there?
Agent: Yes. He explained to the defendant what a proffer meeting was, and the consequences of lying.
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Sentencing Thread Begins: With #6ix9ine Sentencing Now December 18 His Co-Defendant Ro Murda Now Being Sentenced by #SDNY Judge Engelmayer; US Wants 60 Months Citing Barclays Center shooting, Times Sq robbery, LAX Circus @SDNYLIVE… Thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @XXL @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA @revolttv @TMZLive @TIDAL @pitchfork @allhiphopcom @HotFreestyle After a long sidebar, Judge Engelmayer has started Ro Murda' sentencing. Says the guidelines are not mandatory, but calculated them at 77 to 96 months.
No objection.
Roland Martin and two lawyers at defense table.
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @XXL @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA @revolttv @TMZLive @TIDAL @pitchfork @allhiphopcom @HotFreestyle AUSA begins pitch for long sentence, citing "cooperating witnesses" at trial (that is, #6ix9ine and Kristian Cruz) that Roland Martin was a high ranking Nine Trey official, in the Prison Line Up for 9 years then once out in February 2018.
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OK - Honduras trial resumes - but before jury is brought in, Judge Castel has the lawyers to a sidebar with white noise turned up. Inner City Press' story… Full video Today's @SDNYLIVE thread below
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @TN5Telenoticias @elpulsohn @UnivisionNews @unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @hondurassol @ElMundoSV @InSightCrime @Mundo_PN In Honduras trial, Judge Castel returns from long sidebar with white noise and says, "OK, what's the second issue?"
AUSA says Tony Hernandez' lawyer now wants to put in the entirety of his post arrest statement, not only US' portions
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @TN5Telenoticias @elpulsohn @UnivisionNews @unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @hondurassol @ElMundoSV @InSightCrime @Mundo_PN Waiting in the bullpen, so to speak, is the witness US is still not finished with, Agent Gonzalez. And jury still not brought. They've been having the SDNY Court's / caterer's coffee and pastries for an hour now. AUSA wants to address Tony H statement in writing
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In #SDNY, "Doctor" Dante Cubangbang is pleading guilty after trafficking 6 million Oxy pills in Queens - & money laundering
Cubangbang faces 50 years in prison. But he has a plea agreement we're about to hear about. Let's Make A Deal, story soon
Here we go, Sept 23 plea deal: facing 50 years for 6 million Oxy, US letter says gov may ask for less for Dr for cooperation
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On Honduras trial @SDNYLIVE we've back, with Alex Ardon still on the witness stand being asked about his meetings with El Chapo. Cross-examination coming. Yesterday's story Today's live threat below
@sdnylive @unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @elpulsohn @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @molinafm @frank_pacheco @RicSotoHN @MatthewLeeICP AUSA: Where did you meet El Chapo?
Ardon: In Copan, a place called Espiritu.
AUSA: Was Tony Hernandez there?
Ardon: Yes. And others including Mario Calix.
@sdnylive @unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @elpulsohn @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @molinafm @frank_pacheco @RicSotoHN @MatthewLeeICP Ardon: Tony Hernandez told Chapo Guzman that if Juan Orlando Hernandez won the election, he could be provided with security for cocaine shipments.
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#Honduras trial in #SDNY has just resumed - Judge Castel joked with the jury about the New York Mets, who fired their manager yesterday, and now the questioning about police and Prez' brother Tony Hernandez continues… - live tweet thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @Mundo_PN @UnivisionNews @hondurassol AUSA: Did there come a time when Lozano told you he was going to be transferred?
Witness: Yes. To Tegucigalpa. I asked Tony Hernandez to help get him transferred there, it was a more important location in terms of cocaine trafficking
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @Mundo_PN @UnivisionNews @hondurassol AUSA: Did you speak directly to the defendant about the transfer?
Witness: Yes. In 2007, I paid him $5,000.
AUSA: Did you have any discussions with the defendant about the payment.
Witness: Yes, he confirmed to me he had received the payment.
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Strange: jury found Harv Ellison guilty of kidnapping #6ix9ine on June 22, 2018 - but NOT GUILTY of Count 3, assault with a deadly weapon and so NOT GUILTY of Count 4, use of a firearm. But Jorge Rivera said "2 guys with guns," Min 7:40 of
During the trial, #6ix9ine testified that Sha hit him in the face. But there is no question that even on the video that was put in evidence, driver Jorge Rivera said Tekashi was kidnapped / threatened by "two guys with gunS," plural. Jury didn't believe?
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @XXL @revolttv @TMZLive @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA @TIDAL Here's Count 3 on which the jury found Harv Ellison NOT GUILTY: "gunpoint robbery" of #6ix9ine. Since driver Jorge Rivera said, on video, that both Sha and Ellison had guns, did the jury disbelieve that? Or believe there was no real robbery of 69's chains?
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BREAKING: Jury has full verdict in #6ix9ine Mack Ellison case, its fifth note passed out just said. It will be read out in the courtroom. Inner City Press thread here
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @revolttv @XXL @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA @TMZLive @TIDAL While waiting for jury to enter the courtroom, background of last 5 minutes: first they passed out a note they had only a partial verdict - quickly followed by a note that they had resolved it and had full verdict. Judge Engelmayer will poll the jurors, he says
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @revolttv @XXL @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA @TMZLive @TIDAL Judge Engelmayer: "Mr Smallman has handed me the verdict form and it is in good order. I will ask those of you in the courtroom not to react as the jury reads it verdict." #PowerForward
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Right now Judge Engelmayer's courtroom 318 is empty. Will stay on it, but #Honduras trial is wild - US says it will prove that now-jailed drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman gave $1 million to the president of Honduras (who UNSG @AntonioGuterres met without mentioning)
@antonioguterres Update (such as it is) Courtroom 318 is in limbo - the lawyers lounging around waiting to see if and when the jury has more questions or requests for exhibits; one of the lawyers in the hall along with community members. Inner City Press will have a story later ...
@antonioguterres Interim update again: in #6ix9ine trial the lawyers are still in the otherwise empty courtroom during the lunch hour 1-2, they were told the jurors might continue deliberating over lunch so to stay close. If no decision today - they'll be back on Monday...
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Honduras trial in #SDNY, live tweeted by Inner City Press: Government's first witness in Miguel Reynoso, drug investigator; he's being asked about a vehicle search.… thread
@MatthewLeeICP @Mundo_PN @ElMundoSV @CTVNews @my234Radio Reynoso identifies a Volkswagen he was ordered to search for drugs. Photo is admitted as Exhibit 351. AUSA: What are you doing in this picture?
Reynoso: I am examining the motor of the Volkswagen.
AUSA: I'd like to enter a stipulation of fact.
Judge Castel: OK
@MatthewLeeICP @Mundo_PN @ElMundoSV @CTVNews @my234Radio Stipulation read in as Exh 1005: On June 6, 2018, police lawfully stopped 2 vehicles in Cortez, Honduras: a Toyota and a Volkswagen. The Honduran anti-drug directorate searched the vehicles and lawfully detained the occupants. One had false ID, of a dead man.
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OK - on #6ix9ine, Mack & Ellison we're back, Judge Engelmayer tells jury not to let their deliberations or verdict be impacted by discrimination. But what about their feelings about cooperators? We'll live-tweet the courtroom deliberations: notes, etc. Thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @XXL @revolttv @Power106LA @HotNewHipHop @TMZLive @TIDAL Judge Engelmayer tells jurors they will have to assess for each witness their bias and motivation, the reasonableness of what they said at trial. #6ix9ine testified for 3 days for the government, seeking a 5K1 letter. How will jury view it?
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @XXL @revolttv @Power106LA @HotNewHipHop @TMZLive @TIDAL Now Judge Engelmayer tells jury it will have to weigh "inconsistent prior statements" by witnesses at the trial. Like #6ix9ine's interview with Angie Martinez? And driver Jorge Rivera saying he didn't hear any of it? Will notes the jury sends out show their views?
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We're back, for #6ix9ine closings: Judge Engelmayer has described for the jury the charges including alleged carjack and kidnap of Daniel Hernandez @SDNYLIVE First up: AUSA Warren Thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @TMZLive @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA AUSA Warren starts with Gov Exhibit of Harv Ellison saying "they don't want war with Billy, we big behind the wall. They just NYC. Billy, we worldwide." US Attorney's point: Nine Trey is a conspiracy
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @TMZLive @HotNewHipHop @Power106LA AUSA Warren quotes Harv Ellison telling #6ix9ine "not to be a poseur" (Warren's words), not to choose when the f*ck to show up
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Richard Ochetal, former NYPD officer, pled guilty in gun license bribery scheme- set to get pension of $2000+/month. Thread
#SDNY Judge Stein asks Ochetal's lawyer why he wrote his client was "left with no pension." He: it says "currently " Untrue
Cop who took bribes to give out gun licenses has a cooperator's 5K1 letter; he sniffles & is given tissues. #6ix9ine echo
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And we're back: #6ix9ine trial continues with #NYPD "Criminalist 3" on the stand @SDNYLIVE. Earlier today, Kristian Cruz disputed it was his Instagram account communicating with Nuke Mack. Thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @Power106LA The NYPD lab tech is testifying about scales and grinders and confirming the presence of #fentanyl (yesterday we posted the photos of DHL envelope from Shenzhen, China to Kristian Cruz, the sometimes "IGotRich_" on Instagram)
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @Power106LA Judge Engelmayer getting more and more frustrated. Tells NYPD tech, You're not here to read this document, just to say if it jogs you memory. Then to the lawyers: we're going off the rails here. It's not worth anyone times to explore this through this witness
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