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1. On May 29 2020 Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better know as Lady Gaga released her 6th studio album called CHROMATICA, (interesting name isn't it?) Let's take a look at the temporary cover before the official release:
2. In that temporary cover we see a PINK symbol (everything in relation to this album has to do with the color PINK) of what looks like a spermatozoa and a baby in its first weeks with the DEVIL TAIL, what is the relationship between a fetus, the devil, and the color Pink?
3. On april 5 2020 the album was released. According to Wikipedia the name CHROMATICA was selected by Blood Pop (interesting nickname isn't it?) AKA Michael Tucker, here we got the two of them in the picture, Tucker with PINK hair:
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(Photo evidence below)
Be warned, people have died to keep the information I'm providing.
Let's wake up,
reunite and take back our freedom!
#DonaldTrump Image
Let's start at the very beginning,
Clinton's emails and who is #JohnPodesta?
Officially or unofficially?
We'll take a look at the leaked emails regarding Podesta, Hilary and #PizzaGate Image
Walnut sauce? 🧐
#WikiLeaks Image
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"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

Naomi Campbell, once seen at a party with Ghyslaine Maxwell, #Epstein and Virginia Giuffre when she was a teen.
"What does it mean to be covered in gold?" #Kobe
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Bearing in mind #Gaga is a highly satanic individual and that she released tracks around memorial day which coincided with the riots were there any hidden (mind) control triggers in her recent releases, does anyone know? #chromatica #LadyGaga
3. Whats this? Are these mind control trigger codes or signals? #chromatica #LadyGaga #riots2020 #blacklivesmatter #nwo #triggers #lockdown #georgefloydprotests Image
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4th month in 2020.

The devious and evil #NWO plan to create an One World Government is unfolding before our eyes.

The conspiracy is real
It’s against us
Humanity is targeted

[They] go all-in to control, silence and enslave everything and everyone.

April’s wrap up 👇🏼
#Gates says gatherings will not come back "at all" till people are vaccinated, his buddy #Fauci is pushing #vaccines as “Ultimate Game Changer”

#Fauci: Don't Assume #Chloroquine is a 'Knockout Drug'; #Vaccine is 'Ultimate Game Changer'
Dr. Evil #Gates programming the people with his hand movements and mantra; “Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines.”

Typical #FalseFlag Problem, Reaction, Solution strategy


Fear, “help protect us”

#Vaccines #Vaccines #Vaccines
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Warning: graphic!
This is heart breaking😢
Don't watch if you can't handle it.
But know it's there...and do something to stop it if you can.
Remember: lots of elites, politicians and celebrities are into it...
#ChildTrafficking #SRA #ChildAbuse
#Pedophilia #Adrenochrome
And this is one of the ways to get the "merchendise".
Another important one is the supply by children's homes.
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#covid19: Is This 'We Are The World' All Over Again?

My niece digs @Ladygaga. I did too. She's incredibly talented but what if I told you she's chosen some dark parts & hung out with #SatanicHollywood?
#ladygaga partners with the #who.

But not all think this is a partnership of purity.……
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Q linked a tweet about a #Facebook page that was selling human meat. Q is insinuating these #Luciferians are cannibals. Remember when #LadyGaga wore this meat dress? We know she’s a part of the cabal through #Iovine & #Geffen. Do we even know what kind of meat this was? 😳
I have no idea about this Facebook post yet, but I keep seeing it making rounds. Can somebody make some sense of it to me?
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