Panel 2, on granting agencies and #citizenscience w/ @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG + Ted Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH + Serge Marchand @FRQS1 + Louise Poissant @FRQSC + Michael Strong @CIHR_IRSC #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd says #citizenscience and participative science is incredibly important. This isn't only including public in research, it's engaging communities who have knowledge incl #indigenous traditional knowledge.
... Current project ongoing, is a northern community that wants to better document the status of their natural resources (air quality, water) and to analyze the impact of #climatechange & other human impacts on these. There is added value to including these communities. #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd adds that for the research partnership program, the current doc is not very relevant anymore. A 2.0 version is upcoming @NSERC_CRSNG. We are also looking further into #openscience and #openaccess, and ways to support this broadly.
#CSPC2018 Both @NSERC_CRSNG and @SSHRC_CRSH turned 40 this year. (happy birthday, you two!)

Ted Hewitt boasts supporting collaborations for informed decision making on @SSHRC_CRSH programs, and engagement of stakeholders and community members.
The social innovation fund and community partnerships program are mentioned, and that @SSHRC_CRSH strives to get diverse perspectives into peer review, and they've broadened grant eligibility to community groups and third party can contribute to #cdnsci
#indigenous knowledge and research has been increasingly included across @SSHRC_CRSH programming. The tricouncil is engaging and consulting still, to develop better strategies for #reconciliation and allow #indigenous #nonprofit with research focus to stay eligible for support
Serge Marchand, director of @FRQS1 #CSPC2018 says participatory science is particularly exciting for health research. He goes on to present the #FRQ structure and thanks @SciChefQC for taking care of QC #science and the 3 councils like a caring mother
He describes the shift from classical research to patient oriented research. Rather than just talk within the field, speak to the patients. Don't exclude them Afterwards, engage them further. Even better, empower them as a partner #CSPC2018 @FRQS1 @sciencepolicy
... Projects can come for a need, up from the public, this is a perspective we need! Projects have started w/ @FRQS1 that were pitched by engaged citizens, which are now funded and ongoing (e.g. on ethical foie gras!) - S Marchand #CSPC2018
Louise Poissant @FRQSC describes programs for students #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy, and the role that citizens play in research process, from codesign to joining the assessment team. Also notes engagement of #indigenous who want to be included as a partner, not a subject of research
Upcoming @FRQSC @SciChefQC :
- revise metrics to incl participative research
- revise partner status
- adapt assessment measures
- sensitize committees to broader sources of research and knowledge
- extend duration of some grants

#CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy
#CSPC2018 #citizenscience When Michael Strong @CIHR_IRSC was working with patients with Lou Gehrig's disease, he engaged patients and families, and was allowed to do autopsies after the fact. They found links to dementia, previously known to patients but not researchers.
He also mentions #diabetes, which is affecting so many young people around the world. With #SPOR program they were able to see 12% decrease in rates in #indigenous community when teenagers there were empowered to teach children about how to prevent diabetes. #CSPC2018
... We are doing our job because it's funded by taxpayers. Scientists have a duty to explain, and to make research accessible. This piggybacks onto prev @MitacsCanada panel, that highlighted #scicomm competency to broad audiences (public, policymakers, etc) - M Strong @CIHR_IRSC
#CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG brings up #GMO debate that came up while he was a plant researcher ➡️ he acknowledged the failure of scientists to engage and foster the trust relationship with the public. That trust was lost. Maintaining that trust is critical
Ted Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH says it's not critical for everyone to make the link btw research and output (if I do this, it will cure this, or solve that). Fundamental research doesn't work this way. #scicomm your passion and excitement, & #why you are doing this research! 👏 #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG adds that op-eds can be very powerful tools to engage the public, and mentions the #promoscience program for reaching out to public (esp youth) & benefits of upcoming #RP research partnerships program as a tool to bring value groups together
On #indigenous inclusion, Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH says we have to realize that many don't respond well to the word "research" due to long-standing exclusion from it. Start with engaging, ask what they want to know, their thoughts, what they want the capacity to do. #CSPC2018
Q on whether inclusive and #citizenscience will lead to coapplicants on grants? Coauthors on papers? M Strong @CIHR_IRSC supports Hewitt and @mgfortin_rd in tricouncil effort to increase eligibility for support.
Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH adds the #peerreview needs an overhaul as well. Do we really only want to fund and promote those who publish in @nature, at the expense of those engaging communities and driving initiatives? Absolutely not. Culture change is required. #CSPC2018
Louise Poissant @FRQSC adds a great point, that not all the public feels comfortable or able to engage scientists. Making this link more accessible (increasing science literacy, promoting science culture and #scicomm) will increase that capacity for #citizenscience
Comment from the crowd mentions US initiatives like Federal agency #STEM group across US federal agencies and #YES at @theNCI are great to drive public engagement. Strong @CIHR_IRSC highlights @LetsTalkScience, @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG #promoscience and science literacy week
5 questions, 10 minutes left to the panel #CSPC2018! Gordon McBean goes first, asks 4 questions 🤷🏻‍♂️. Essentially, how do we bring about the changes discussed.

Poissant @FRQSC says culture change is hard, but changing evaluation and assessment (#peerreview, tenure) metrics is key
Strong @CIHR_IRSC says WE made the problem, that new profs need so many high impact (by journal metrics) papers within 5 years for promotion and to achieve "success". This is a brutal process. We did this, we have to fix it 👏👏👏 #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG says a conversation should be had on the #CVV as well if we hope to drive a culture change. MANY would agree with this across #cdnsci (right, @jwoodgett?)
#CSPC2018 @BMSchmidt @LetsTalkScience mentions engaging the public goes beyond top-down, there is a lot that should go top up.
#CSPC2018 @arthi_ramac, PhD at @Concordia and Treasurer @DSP_SPE adds that there is little funds avail for scientists to RETURN and engage communities after research is done. We can just ask them earlier. Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH says this SHOULD be funded, absolutely.
Q from the back says @CIHR_IRSC grant budgets allow engaging patients, but not other audiences like #scipol, #policy, broader public.

Strong says these conversations must be have, and hopes he can answer that question crispy in 2020 once strategy is done. #CSPC2018
Dean of @usask says they have already changed metrics to value community engagement, this can definitely be done! #makeitso

#CSPC2018 #citizenscience #scicomm
#CSPC2018 @allouttalemons tells the panel about the role museums are playing to engage the public and create those #citizenscience links. They are happy abt @SSHRC_CRSH partnership grants, wants to know if there is / will be portion of grants dedicated to engagement and #scicomm
Marchand @FRQS1 says there is space for outreach in their grants #CSPC2018
Member of @AGEWELL_NCE says citizens can feel token when they are engaged, esp if no member of the public is included on panels developing #policy about #citizenscience and participatory science. 👏👏👏 #CSPC2018

Strong @CIHR_IRSC mentions #SPOR as a model to follow
Support for non-academic groups who do research, from research councils, is clarified by Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH as important. @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG confirms that nonprofits and non-academic groups can be partners in research and should be supported (cc @katiegibbs @Aerin_J)
Endpoint highlights #CSPC2018
- Marchand @FRQS1 says #AI is not emerging, it's emerged.
- Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH says there will be evolution of #CCV in the revamp of their programming 👏👏👏
- @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG adds culture change is collaborative, needs collective effort
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