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A short description about #Saree for all young females.


Millions of people subscribe to and practise science, which is the foundation of Indian culture rather than superstition.

Girls, learn about and appreciate our rich culture. ImageImage
Panini introduced the word Kauseya, it can be assumed that silk was employed in Indian society in the 5th CE B.C. The Ramayana also mentions silken (Kauseya) clothing. Two other varieties of silken clothing, Kotaja and Pattaja, are referenced in the Mahabharata's Sabhaparva.
Kauseya is the name of the silk produced from the cocoon of a silkworm that lived off the mulberry tree's leaves. Image
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Enchantingly Woven | Thirubuvanam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

A wrap of glory!

The craft of silk weaving has been practised in the town of Thirubuvanam for generations, and the charm of it remains intact.
The art is well-known for its distinct patterns, which were influenced by the Chola dynasty. Thirubuvanam silk sarees are light in weight and have a variety of exquisite motifs as well as a unique folding pattern, making them a craft developed to offer you the glossy grandeur.
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A #story of an #afternoon of 1971 #Bengal.
A beautiful,fair glowing skinned,#generalclass, #traditional, #Hinduwoman used to live with her #husband (who used to work in railways) and her 15yrs old #son & 4 years old #Daughter.
She was also a prime worshipper of Maa Durga...
Some years ago, when her #son was of 13 yrs, he started showing his interest in #Politics and started being with #hinduextremists.
He also started going to #akharas,for #gym work and #shastravidya.
Onto which he was #punished by not given #food for a #day by...
his mother, as she wanted him to be an #Engineer and become #rich.
The son left his interest, and started #studying in guidence of his #mother.
It was the time of #Bangladeshliberation #war, when he went to a nearby #Temple with his mother and #sister one #evening ...
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"My Mom's Sari Pallu". ❤❤❤
//Got it on WA and since it carries beautiful emotions, sharing it. I also have read a similar narrative by @ShefVaidya , which was also a terrific one! Enjoy the writing!!/// #SareeTwitter #sareelove #saree
I don't think our kids know what a pallu is as mothers now rarely wear saree. The principle use of Ma's pallu was to provide elegance to her drape. But along with that, it also served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the stove. ❤
It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears and as a hand towel. ❤
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Females - Indian Attire
#Indian females are one of the most beautiful women in the world. Who can deny the beauty of an Indian girl adorned in full Indian ethnic attire! Trust me when I say, in today’s world the way we dress impacts our image to a great extent. Image
Moreover, research has shown our attire affects our personality. Also, the clothes we wear affect our way of thinking, our behavior, our mood and even the way we interact with others. Traditional clothing makes you confident and radiant.

There’s a saying “When in Rome”.
In the context of clothing, it means one should dress according to the occasion. There is no harm in dressing yourself according to fashion but the mistake we make is when we blindly follow the western culture. In my opinion, traditional clothing has more to do with the
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#Story of my journey from #Housewife to #SareeDraper
I started my career as a fashion stylist for ad-shoots. After I got married wore saree on regular basis as I love wearing saree and I respect the attire brought down by my grandmothers and mothers.
I took #career break because of random #shoot timings, got busy with my family and kids. I was a housewife and used to get many compliments for the way I wore #sarees .
I used to help people #drape saree and so they started recommending me to others, this is how I realized To change this passion into profession. Saree is classic Indian attire and has perennial and eminent history and I want to popularize the art of perfect saree draping.
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28. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1-20. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
21. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
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My thoughts on the #saree. This is a rambling collection of thoughts. Please read the whole thread. Even though I always liked Sarees, I started wearing them regularly only when I turned 30
Before that, I gave myself many excuses, the saree was cumbersome, it took too long to wear, it was too much trouble to arrange for blouse, matching underskirt, the works. But as I started dealing it, realised how easy and comfy the garment was.
Today, I understand when younger women and girls tell me that they would like to wear a saree, but it takes too long. Yes, initially it does, but within a few months you will master the art of draping a saree in under seven minutes, and nothing looks more graceful on a woman.
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