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🚨Only Diet,No Workout 🚨

◾फक्त Diet ने वजन कमी करता येईल का?
◾"Calories Burning मध्ये Exercise ही Ineffective आहे" असे Expert का म्हणतात?
◾Weight Loss साठी कोणता Approach Best राहिलं?

◾सगळं काही जाणून घेऊयात 👇या Thread मध्ये.
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▪️वजन कमी करण्यासाठी जेवढ्या Calories खातो, त्यापेक्षा जास्त Calories Burn केल्या पाहिजेत हे आपल्या सर्वांना च माहिती आहे.
▪️पण आपली Body कोणकोणत्या मार्गाने Calories Burn करते ते आधी पाहुयात👇

◼️How Body Burn Calories◼️


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◾BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate◾

- आपल्या शरीराचं Basic Function👇 चालू ठेवण्यासाठी लागणाऱ्या Minimum Amount Of Calories म्हणजे BMR.

- Basic Function - Breathing, Blood Circulation etc.

- आपल्या Total Calories Burning च्या 👉👉60-80% Calories या BMR मध्ये Burn होतात.

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Xbody training gives faster results in a short period of time in comparison to classic workouts, in addition to it’s therapeutic and motivational benefits. For example, stress and anxiety relief, as well as improving mental health. Image
Xbody also improves muscle strength and endurance levels, which makes Xbody a very convenient choice compared to a classic work out.
تدريب Xbody يعطي نتائج أسرع في وقت أقل من التمرين العادي، بالإضافة إلى فوائده العلاجية و التحفيزية، كالتخلص من التوتر و القلق و تحسين الصحة النفسية، كما أنه يزيد قوة العضلات و القدرة على التحمل،
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) during Sports Activity in Older adults

1. We occasionally hear about apparently healthy people collapsing and dying while running, cycling or working out at gym.
A recent study looked at the prevalence of sports-related SCA in people aged >65 years.
2. Salient findings of the study and their implications
#gym #running #fitness #sports #cardiacarrest
#MedTwitter #CardioTwitter
3. Of 4,078 SCAs among people ≥65 years of age, 77 were Sports-related SCA (1.9%; 91% men).
The annual Sport-related SCA incidence among ≥65 years was 3.3/100,000 in Portland and 2.1/100,000 in Ventura. The most common associated activities were cycling, gym, and running.
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هل نستطيع جمع التدريب التقليدي مع تدريب EMS ؟

تابع وتعرف معنا في هذا #الثريد Image
نعم وذلك بفترات راحة معينة وحسب انواع التدريبات.. مدربين Xtreme fit xbody موجودين لمساعدتكم والرد على استفساراتكم كاملة فقط تواصلوا معنا على ....
واغتمنوا الفرصة لحجز جلستكم التجريبية مع مدربينا المحترفين ومن خلالها يتم الشرح الكامل للخطة المناسبة لأهدافكم
Can we combine traditional training with EMS training?
The answer is yes, with rest periods according to the types of exercises.. Xtreme fit xbody trainers are ready to assist you and answer your inquiries fully. Just contact us on ....
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Every minute you overthink, you are spending energy better used somewhere else.

A breakdown on how to control your mind/thoughts:
1/x: Journaling.

Journaling helps you move intrusive thoughts to paper and ease your mind. It also gives you a concrete perspective on your problems.

#journaling #overthinking #personalgrowth #selfimprovement
Just before bed or when you wake up is the best time. Former helps you reflect on your day and empty your brain, latter gives you a purpose and motivation for the day.
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Policing is facing #recruitment crisis: # applicants continue to ↓ across continent.

One tool freq used by #police = recruitment videos. But what do these videos highlight & how can they affect who applies?

In new article, I explore these ?s:…


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Police #recruitment #videos serve several related functions, incl to:

1. Attract prospective applicants to the PD;

2. Communicate specific roles, responsibilities & benefits of a career with the PD;

3. Help prospective applicants assess their potential with the PD.

In light of their functions, it’s important to consider how content of #videos may impact who applies for #policing #careers, and, in turn, who becomes police officers.

This is especially relevant given the challenges currently facing #policing, like the legitimacy crisis.

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A thread on fact, myth & knowledge about Proteins (P):

All food or drinks r made up of P, Carbs & Fat
1. What is protein:

This is referred as building blocks of ur body & made up of amino acids.
20 different amino acid combine in various combination to form all kind of protein.
2. How Proteins function in body:

Every cell in our body contains protein so it is very imp.
a. For building and repairing of body tissues protein is required.
b. Enzymes r protein which help in activity such as muscle contractions & relaxation.
c. Protein is alternate src of energy which provide 4 cal per gm of protein.
d. Some proteins are hormones which are chemical messengers b/w cell, tissues and organs.
e. Proteins helps to fight infection in ur body.
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Here is the 1st thred of my fitness journey. Might nt be perfect thread but helpful for so many who wants to get fit & start healthy life style.
How it started:
Feeling dull daily
Obese (66 kg with 30% fat)
Unhealthy lifestyle
Craving for bad habit & few body problem.
1/n Image
How It’s going:
Feeling energetic during the day.
Fittest till now (57 Kg with 19% fat).
Healthy lifestyle.
No craving for bad habit and got rid of few body problems.
1. Motivation: Keep below 👇 point in mind to get motivated.
a. If u love urself and ur family.
b. People will respect and love u more.
c. If i can do it at 30 then why cant u do it.
d. Get shirtless in front of mirror and be ashamed of ur body.
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It begins Sheds 2022 > The Potting Shed - "It' is made entirely from old doors, most of which were free. It is my happy place, I spend hours there every week, just pottering and growing cut flowers and vegetables." Budget - Lancashire #shedoftheyear… ImageImageImageImage
Circus - "A fun workshop/studio that functions as a live-work space. It is a space for the curious and manifests creativity through materials and machines." Unexpected/Unique - City of London #shedoftheyear… ImageImageImageImage
The Doghouse - "From an old outdoor lavatory to a fully functioning bar. With 2 working taps, Guinness surger, log burner, living roof, wifi and a dart board in a small, 3mx3m space " Lockdown - Surrey #shedoftheyear… ImageImageImageImage
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Face masks do not work and are dangerous to health, a thread.

A May 2020 meta-study on pandemic influenza published by the US CDC found that face masks had no effect, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control.…
A Danish randomized controlled trial with 6000 participants, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2020, found no statistically significant effect of high-quality medical face masks against SARS-CoV-2 infection in a community setting.…
Large randomized controlled trial apprx. 8000 participants, published in October 2020 in PLOS One, found that face masks “did not seem to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections nor against clinical respiratory infection.”…
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A #story of an #afternoon of 1971 #Bengal.
A beautiful,fair glowing skinned,#generalclass, #traditional, #Hinduwoman used to live with her #husband (who used to work in railways) and her 15yrs old #son & 4 years old #Daughter.
She was also a prime worshipper of Maa Durga...
Some years ago, when her #son was of 13 yrs, he started showing his interest in #Politics and started being with #hinduextremists.
He also started going to #akharas,for #gym work and #shastravidya.
Onto which he was #punished by not given #food for a #day by...
his mother, as she wanted him to be an #Engineer and become #rich.
The son left his interest, and started #studying in guidence of his #mother.
It was the time of #Bangladeshliberation #war, when he went to a nearby #Temple with his mother and #sister one #evening ...
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Why it is important to equip day-care centres and #schools with mobile #air #filters: #Aerosol researchers launch position paper!

The scandal about the still insufficient equipment of day-care centres and #schools with #mobile #air #filters suggests that…
decision-makers in the ministries and administrations have still not understood how infections with the #coronavirus occur. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (#DFG, German Research Foundation) is now countering this
with an information paper that explains the correlations in simple terms.
It clearly states that it is ⚠️#negligent to rely solely on window ventilation in educational institutions.⚠️
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¿Y porqué un gimnasio era más riesgoso que un centro comercial?

Lo explico de la forma más sencilla!!! Hilo 1/6 Image
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Let's do a #Fitness week Thread.

Post a 5-10 second video under this thread doing a #Workout at Home or #gym

We do it from Tomorrow, (Monday to Sunday).

Who is in?? ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Day 1

On the Threadmil #FitnessGoals

Add yours to the thread.
Day 2

40kg Biceps curls #fitness.

Add yours to the thread
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On behalf of all the fitness lovers & fitness centres around the city I most humbly req @KTRTRS garu to consider reopening of #Gyms & #FitnessCentres. Since this #Pandemic is on maintaining proper health & Immune system is of dire necessity.
You being a fitness freak can understand the value of being fit n healthy, gym owners have invested huge investments & to keep their gyms alive they're still paying salaries to their employees, paying rents, electricity bills & they also salaries to trainers.
For gym owners & trainers this is their only sole source of income, due to shut down they're going into huge losses & debts, if this req is not considered this loss cannot be compensated at any cost whatsoever.
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@hussamnasri اخيرا نكتب القصة عملية انقاص الوزن بالطريقة الصحيحة علم كبير وباستخدام اكثر من حاجة في نفس الوقت لتحفيز حرق الدهون وإذا التزمت بهم ستنجح #bodyfitness #bodytransormation #weightloss #Motivation #discipline وما عارف حتكون من كم مقطع فمعذرة لعدم ترقيم الثريد
لازم يكون عندك محفز لماذا عايز تعمل الحاجة دي ولازم الهدف بتاعك يكون واقعي ١٠/١٥ كيلو في شهرين كمثال ولازم تقرا وتفهم كيف الحاجة دي بتحصل من ناحية علمية ولازم تبدا اليوم وما تأجل للغد واصلا ما تتخاذل العزيمة لازم تكون قوية وتلتزم بالخطة وإذا لخبطت راجع الخطة كلها وأبدا من جديد
تشتري ميزان الوزن وتوزن نفسك كل يوم بالصباح بعد ما تستخدم الحمام وقبل ما تشرب او تأكل ايه حاجة وتسجل وزنك يوميا ومطلوب انك تعمل قياس لنسبة الدهون في جسمك قبل ما تبدا . الرجل بيحتاج الي ٤٪؜ نسبةً دهون في الجسم ولا باس حتي ١٢٪؜ السيدات بيحتاجوا الي نسبة ١٠٪؜ دهون علي اقل تقدير !
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I wanna run a couple of quick yes/no polls just to figure out trends in our behaviour, please do help by participating and sharing the thread, grateful and thanks in advance 🙏🏻
If airlines start flying from 15th May will you fly for something not very essential?
If the #lockdown ends on 15th May and you get a wedding reception invite, will you attend it?
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10 Best Dip Bars, Dip Station & Dip Stands for #Home #gym
#workoutathome #workout
There are some #equipment that will help you achieve the degree and range of motion needed in order to improve the effectiveness of your #workouts. The dip bar is definitely one of those.
To save you from this daunting chore, we have compared the ones available in the market and compiled this list of 10 best dip bars for your #HomeGym . #fitness #WorkoutFromHome #fit
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Hello, everyone!

We're going to kickstart our weekly #GlobalEChats discussion thread. This week, we'll talk about #fitness #personal #trainer as #entrepreneurs and how #tech can change everything!

Ready? Let's go!
Let's first start with two possibilities in the future.

1. We no longer need humans as #PT personal trainers at the #gym or #field. All will be replaced by #tech and smart applications! 😲

2. Human PTs will still be demanded but will utilise #tech to improve their coaching!
Do you think #1 is truly possible? It seems a bit far-fetched, no?

Meet @ollinfit! Ollinfit is a set of three wearable sensors and smartphone app that work together as your personal trainer. Say what???

Using Ollinfit, you'll be able to workout without needing human coaching!
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