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I've been covering the #TexasSecession movement for a very long time. First I want to highlight to the rest of the country that this is a fringe of the right wing fringe in the Texas GOP and not at all reflective of the overall popular opinion of people of Texas.
So consider that as you tweet your catty remarks about how Texas should hurry up and leave. It's easy to be flippant when you don't have to deal with the consequences living in a state where fascist wishful thinking is being pushed as public policy.
How real of a threat is #TexasSecession ? Just the fact that we are having this discussion means - yeah - we got a problem. I have covered how secession is being driven by Putin.…
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This #NYTimes piece on #Biden is #interesting. It'is almost honest.

The reporters express surprise that #SenileJoe is siding with the #Dem #Left. Maybe they really ARE surprised. If they are, it just shows they were conned as thoroughly as most of the country was in 2020.
It’s now clear that Biden had a three part agenda: 1) Get elected #POTUS. 2) Pass a lot of very expensive government programs. 3) Go down in history as an #FDR or #LBJ, a president who permanently transformed American society.
#Joe’s problem was that 2) endangered 1). He needed to pretend to be “moderate” to get elected. So he ran a campaign that came down to ‘#OrangeManBad, #SenileManGood, and let’s not talk about what I’ll do in office.’ And it worked. He got the #DemocraticParty united behind him.
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The Compact Theory (Fact) of Thomas Jefferson and St George Tucker

Describes how the States created the Federal Government and therefore The States reserve the right to secession



Compact of the States or People?

Some say that via Article VII WE THE PEOPLE in conventions created the *sovereign* govt. The states therefore CEDED their Sovereignty when they joined.

A sovereign (central government) CANNOT be divided against its will (they say)

When one gives up all his/ her Sovereignty, then that person / entity becomes a slave

Do you REALLY think that the CREATORS of the central government would agree to a COMPACT that would PREVENT them from leaving their own creation?

Make themselves slaves?
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Landry returns this week for another essay on an unspoken upside to #secession. It’s not economics but social and cultural, “Secession Would Allow For Renewed Group Rituals”…
All social events have been wrecked by having to appeal to the lowest common denominator across many ethnic, social and racial groups. The American story now is a blanket that can’t cover everyone in bed.
Splitting things up would allow for better celebrations of events with a focus on the traits and memories each thede holds dear and wants to embrace
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As of today, my article in Political Psychology has a home: Vol. 41, Issue 4. The piece should be of use to anybody interested in #socialmovements, political mobilization, radical political change, #populism, #nationalism and #secession, #ethnopolitics ...…
...politics of #race, #climatechange, and is, I’ll be immodest, particularly timely in light of things that have been happening over the past few months (George Floyd protests in particular, but not only). The article thematizes what is far too important AND far too absent from..
...mainstream political science (and perhaps sociology) – the politics of im/patience. In fact, I would go so far as to argue that the politics of mass-based radical change IS the politics of impatience. Those seeking a different brand of politics are basically saying...
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