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A Washington Times article dated November 13, 2009 is packed with some names we have heard of and many maybe not. The rabbit hole is long and deep....
The research is ongoing and a brief overview of the findings and clues to note for further research. Thank you again @1foreverseeking

Remember - They are NOT lobbyists! 😂
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No @jimgeraghty this issue is not that @DavidAFrench disagrees with @realDonaldTrump!

The issue is that his way was losing and wouldn't have worked. @JebBush was never or no other establishment @GOP was going to win any other elections!

...had found THE key to keep the young and progressive on a perpetual readiness to wage war. SOCIAL JUSTICE was broken down & replaced with @washingtonpost @nytimes validating 1 sides thoughts over the other!

The issue with @DavidAFrench is he is ready to throw away his...
....principles when his sensibilities are hurt. @judgeroymooreAL was a God sent and the best test for true conservatives!

The purity tests! All those who failed are easy to list. Suddenly the constitutionalists like @JonahDispatch @jpodhoretz @DavidAFrench @stephenfhayes...
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@JonHaidt @AaronRHanlon Seems like a lot of eggheads (edumicated shingle holders) are here trying to figure out an obvious but are not addressing it properly. I'm going to use me, just me. Conservative Republican from the Bronx, NY. When I look at the nation, my country, I see just us, Americans.
@JonHaidt @AaronRHanlon No-Hypen, just us. Being from the the Bronx makes me a bit crass, in your face, Alpha male. But with that, I open an ear to social items the least of us may need. Welfare, SSI, EBT, Medicaid. The least of us are native born Americans subject to the jurisdiction therein.
@JonHaidt @AaronRHanlon Not refugees, nor illegal aliens, nor immigrants may be a burden on our tax system, I pay you pay, our money. As far as #ORANGEMANBAD he was loved by the left till November 2016. Why? Perhaps the sheeple wanted a vagina leading them around, sorry, the electoral voted otherwise.
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America has been living under "soft totalitarianism" for decades. A puppet theatre has been kept in place to maintain an illusion of constitutional control by the people. #TheStorm will show that Patriot military are now in control. Benevolent military control is a major upgrade!
The conundrum is that brainwashed radical progressives will see #TheStorm in motion, and have been told that #OrangeManBad and Trump is a dictator replicating the worst of authoritarian history. They believe the political puppet theatre that the media presents to them is reality.
There is a small element of truth in this huge fib, as all bitter lies require a sweet shell for them to be swallowed whole. Yes, this is a de facto military government. Yes, they are engaged in military activity on home soil. Yes, this is not "normal".

No, it's not bad. At all.
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2/Sep 20/19 Coast Guard Cutter Seneca offloads more than 12,000 pounds of cocaine in Miami…
3/Sep 17/19 Coast Guard Offloads More Than 6 Tons of Cocaine in Port Everglades…
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Mar 12/19 Chief Judge Peter Kidd sentences Cardinal George Pell to six years in prison, with a non-parole period of three years and eight months, for the sexual abuse of two boys at St Patrick’s cathedral in the 1990s.

What is Cardinal Pell? Just the Vatican's Treasurer🙀🦈🍳
Aug 21/19 An Australian appeals court has upheld convictions against Cardinal George Pell.
This conviction is unprecedented and has emboldened those interested in justice and/or restoring the Church across the globe...
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Ever heard of Saskatchewan?

Do you think the #MockingbirdMedia can take break from the #OrangeManBad and find out WTF animals across the border in Canada have ANTHRAX?! @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @klauswynter
Also in NORTH DAKOTA - Anthrax confirmed in cattle herd in western North Dakota Aug 13/19

“North Dakota agriculture officials say anthrax has been confirmed in a group of cows in a pasture in eastern Billings County.”…
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1/Something is going on in South Africa and Nigeria that appears engineered. Whatever the source, it has boiled over into the streets of both nations. @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @klauswynter @almostjingo @We_Have_Risen @MadAddictSport
2/Watching Merkel's RT this afternoon and see this report Re South Africans burning and looting all the businesses that are owned by foreigners. The last two minutes mentions Nigerians. (The first 2/3 of the report accuses them of being "xenophoic")
3/In response to the Nigerian shop owners being looted in South Africa, the Nigerians have begun attacking South Africans and associated businesses in Nigeria.

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Mr. Hannity: PLEASE we already know THEY think #OrangeManBad. Tell us something NEW. There are 20+ channels to choose from to hear about it if we care and most of us do not @seanhannity

Nothing new? Still waiting for ANYONE to bring up. ANYONE. ⬇️
@seanhannity Who does Henry go on winter vacations with? HRC

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RE: Mass shootings, esp since 2014. @DrREpstein @drawandstrike @davidwebbshow @NewRightNetwork @BreitbartNews

Inexplicable, unless, The #RussiaGate #hoax induced a sort of #masshysteria, in the form of #TDS (#TrumpderagementSyndrome)
Mass psychogenic illness and the social network: is it changing the pattern of outbreaks? (Written 2012)…
"There is increasing recognition that mass psychogenic illness (MPI) is underappreciated, under-reported and poses a significant health and social problem."
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Great job reporting China condemns Hong Kong Protests and that they consider terrorism #Pathetic #ChicomPetDeluxe #PseudoMAGA #PseudoNews
@FoxNews @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @MischaEDM @almostjingo
#OrangeManBad on a repeat loop rather than talk about the Triad sent in to beat the citizens of Hong Kong up Jul 21/19 or the violence this weekend. So pathetic.
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#Lay chips are #Racist because they Yellow...
Let's play a 'whats Racist Game?'
#White Paper towel is racist because it is White.. like @AOC?? What did Trump say her real name last night?? 😎👀
The 4 horsewoman are crying Racist like the boy who cried Wolf.
#Orange is racist like #OrangeManBad just like #4HorseWomenOfTheApocalypse are brown skinned 💩💩
Just hit Flush on toliet 🤣
Haters gonna hate.. DS in Panic overtime using the Group of 4. .#StayStrongPatriots keep fight fight fight this war of Good vs Evil
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@ricardorossello Systemic corruption unearthed in Puerto Rico politics! Who would’ve guessed?! Remember the aftermath of Hurricane Maria? “The U.S. government hurricane response was widely criticized as inadequate.”WednesdayWisdom
Puerto Rico got mad when Trump didn’t “immediately waive the Jones Act, which prevented the commonwealth from receiving any aid and supplies from non-U.S.-flagged vessels from U.S. ports.”
The Jones Act restricts shipments between U.S. ports to American-run vessels & strengthens the economy. It’s also a matter of national security that keeps shipping, and shipbuilding safely in US control withint our national borders. Guess who wanted abolish the Jones Act?
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32 days since last post. Mirror? 23? Pain??? @POTUS 4 10 20 DJT

A BREAK in the DAM
Their party just fractured!
The flood is coming.
Emails, videos, audio. pics, etc
FBI accidentally deletes texts?
No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>
Shall we play a game?
Former HUD Assistant IG Indicted for Concealing Procurement Fraud Scheme Julian Castro was HUD Secretary during some of this time

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NT! Some thoughts on the Mueller report. I'm old enough to remember when the conspiracy minded folks like Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell and others were all strutting around with smug little smiles waiting for the Mueller report to drop.
Smug in their sureness that when it did drop, it would be their "AHA!" moment, and allow them to *finally* be rid of #OrangeManBad, saying that there was absolutely no doubt in their mind that Trump colluded with Russia. Remember that? Yeah. #goodtimes
Then, imagine their shock and grave consternation when the Mueller report did drop, and stated UNEQUIVOCALLY that there was no evidence of anyone associated with the Trump campaign, including Trump, conspired with the Russians.
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Can't wait to read this!

Pelosi Floor Speech in Support of House Resolution 183 Condemning Hateful Expressions of Intolerance

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @almostjingo @tracybeanz @TheChiIIum @Quodverum_ @DRUDGE_REPORT @CarrollQuigley1…
"It is profoundly disturbing reality that anti-Semitism is on the rise in America today and anti-Semitism – anti-Semitic attacks increasingly are at the highest rate on record."

***Within your own party!***
***How can we really make this about #OrangeManBad? I GOT IT!***

"And then we see people making attacks on each other throughout the country, whether it’s in Charlottesville or whether it’s anti-immigrant attitudes that have reared their ugly heads in our country."
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Look who The Bulwark sent to cover CPAC: their 'token liberal', Molly Jong-Fast.

How soon will the donors tire of bleeding their money for this kind of content, do ya think? 🤔…
"Conservatism Conserved" MY ASS!!!!
These are the same kinds of people now going after @VDHanson for writing a book, "The Case For Trump".…
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1. The @DNC party is in absolute PANIC-MODE right now, and most of them don't even have a clue of what's going on in #DC.

#Dems are still hoping & praying that #MuellerTime is going to rescue #America from #OrangeManBad.

#QAnon post #2901

2. It's absolutely unbelievable how completely #SnowBlind ALL of them are.

They cannot even see a #Trace of the #BullShit and lies being pig-piled on top of them on a daily basis by #MSM.

Wake the f*ck #Democrats! You're all in for a nasty surprise!

3. They can't see what's already happened, and they can't even see what's about to go down!

#IAmTheStorm #TheStorm #QAnon
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1. New #QAnon drop: "Prosecution and Transparency is the only way to save our way of life.
2. #QAnon President Putin warns that his country can now develop new hypersonic missiles that will travel at more than 5x the speed of sound & will be “invincible"... threatening the West w a new generation of nukes, cruise missiles & nuke torpedoes.… #Q
3. #QAnon The #Skolkovo Foundation, founded by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in 2010, has, since December 2011, developed military systems, approving its first weapons-related project—the development of a hypersonic cruise missile engine. #Q…
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👇THIS👇is WHY 1000 'journalists' were just ‘laid off’. The Propaganda Bill Obama signed just before he left office just expired!!! #byephoenicia #WWG1WGA #NWO
notice everyone that was laid off were the top offenders in the ramp up to a race war and dividing everyone between race, gender, straight & non, And nonstop pushing pedophilia and transgenderism. It was Obama's #propaganda army. #ByePhoenicia #WWG1WGA
BuzzFeed are the ones that peddled the phony trump dossier to try to get Trump impeached. BuzzFeed/Huffington post opinion pages were the ones online most pushing for war with Russia, #OrangeManBad and all of this satanic cultural division garbage. #byephoenicia #WWG1WGA
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1) What have those evil ICE agents been up to lately? #OrangeManBad #Resist #BuildTheWall @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @wynterklaus @SpiceOfOurLife @JuliansRum @HouseDemocrats

Informing the public is not the objective of the #MockingbirdMedia.
2) 12/03/18 🇲🇽Member of Mexican sex trafficking ring sentenced to 8 years' imprisonment…
3) 12/10/18 🇨🇴ICE returns Colombian national convicted of narcotics trafficking and providing support to a foreign terrorist organization…
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resist_hashtag_v1.0.11-win64.exe #NPC
Non Player Ballots count too... #NPBs #NPCs #NPCLivesMatter #Midterms
"Another #NPC in the Wall" ~ @Carpedonktum's masterful entry into the InfoWars #NPCMeme Contest
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1) Something visual #11

#OrangeManBad edition.
3) [ ]
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