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Right-wing Twitter accounts have appropriated the term "Boogaloo" to refer to a hypothetical second US civil war, possibly sparked by gun regulations. We dug into their usage of the hashtags #Boogaloo and #Boogaloo2020.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We downloaded tweets containing either #Boogaloo or #Boogaloo2020 and removed early non-political tweets. Volume has been slowly rising since March 2019, and spiked abruptly during/after a Nov 23 standoff between police and an armed suspect in Mahopac, NY.…
@ZellaQuixote The first Twitter account to use #Boogaloo in a civil war/anti-gun law sense appears to be @Fly_guyfishy, in a March 28 reply to @NRA. The first to gain significant traction was @AP4Liberty, who felt the need to tweet about not being banned for a previous gun-related tweet.
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If you have lots of #guns, ammo, attachments, & all of a sudden you live in a state where its "illegal" to own something, dont say "#IWillNotComply" then die as a martyr. it will be you vs 50 heavily armed, highly trained men, with tear gas, dogs, body armor & more. #virginia
When i say be smart, i mean, BE SMART. Not a moron by thinking you are actually going to "win" by resisting. Your violation of your rights will NOT bring in a backup of patriots in time from all around the state or country. Patriots will be patient & get the facts 1st.
This means, they will wait until the next day to find out that you were wrongfully arrested, arrested due to a new law thats #unconstitutional, or you were killed in a shootout & made to look like the bad guy, or a "domestic terrorist." If you are in a position, you vs 50 others
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Did Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats demand that #POTUS surrender the United States back to the #DeepState or they will burn this country to the ground?

This looks to be a white flag of surrender behind Old Glory. I don’t think the DS is surrendering. #WWG1WGA #KAG2020
Pelosi’s own proclamation of bi-partisanship support is needed for impeachment but the resolution yield 0 GOP votes and the only bi-partisanship was 2 DEMs moving to the right and voting against the impeachment resolution.

So what’s going on? #DemoncratsAreDestroyingAmerica
For those of you who follow #QANON we can look into this a little deeper.

There is 1 drop related to the word surrender. Q Drop 1529
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If you don't have a Scribd account, it's GREAT for research. Here is the GOP's letter demanding answers from IG Atkinson on how an impeachment attempt is being based on RUMORS, GOSSIP, AND LIES!!
There was NO first hand info!
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It’s not “craziness” when Trump talks about an upcoming Civil War. It’s fascism. Past time to take him seriously: almost 3 years of evidence from concentration camps along the border to a Muslim ban to an emboldened & deadly white supremacist movement. (THREAD). #CivilWar2
This Regime makes a mockery of truth, they are foreclosing the right to dissent, and they trample over the rule of law. They have been relentless — and they aim for a full clampdown. Trump and Pence will not give up and neither will the millions who support the fascist program.
The fascists have their people in the courts and even if the courts should rule against them, they may well defy the courts. And if Trump IS able to stay, he will almost certainly not only take revenge but try to make a further huge leap toward all-out fascism. #CivilWar2
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Americans we need to stop looking at our own Civil War for context regarding Trump's quoting of that pastor.

Look at the Spanish Civil War
The Spanish Civil War was complex, messy, violent, disastrous, and hey guess what Americans....the """"good guys"""" lost
Franco's fascist regime controlled Spain until the 1970s.

Forty years.
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1/👉BOOMERANG DNC party failed attempt 2 connect Trump w Russia '16 election

👉Chalupa did illegals things 2 get info on Manafort/Trump

👉Even tried 2 enlist help of #Ukrainian President 2 help @HillaryClinton
by targeting @POTUS campaign Mgr Manafort…
2/👉Chalupa sought info on Manafort's dealings in #Russia 2 push issue in Congress
👉Amb Chaly says her request->"inappropriate solicit of interference in the US election"
👉Amb Chaly surprised of her capacity w DNC & interest in Manafort's case
👉"It was her OWN CAUSE" Terrorism
3/👉Chalupa's intent was 2 initiate hearings on Manafort or #Ukraine 's Pres answer reporter ? about Manafort during speech Wash DC
👉Acknowledgement by Ukraine->AMERICAN tied 2 DNC sought help w '16 election
👉Corruption coming out SO SERIOUS 70% need deals
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Trump is hell bent on destabilizing & extorting the EU via tariffs, etc. 😱Putin 🤗

The WH’s quiet deal to open a SCOTUS seat:
Pay off: The WH nom’d Kennedy’s peeps to vip jud’l posts & Kush, DonJr & Eric put the squeeze on Justin & Gregory re RE & financial deals?

Marketing firm Exactis leaked personal info database with 350 million records.

Legally compelled Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted Outlook messages & Skype enabled Prism collection of video calls.?

GOP & Trump’s FBI spy theory is completely insane

CA passes a digital privacy bill which requires COs like Google, FSB & Amazon to tell users what & who they share data with.

How the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ (Farage, Banks & Wigmore) forged ties with RU & the Trump campaign — and came under investigators’ scrutiny
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