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Protesters organize in Ottawa to raise money and shutdown Canada's economy in 2020
2 March 2020

A youth has been arrested for arson in connection to a fire that destroyed a Canadian National Railway warehouse in Prince Rupert…
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For the fourth time in four years, we have received information that dozens of militarized RCMP are en route to Wet’suwet’en territory…
to facilitate construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline and to steal our unceded lands at gunpoint. We continue to hold the drill pad site, where Coastal Gaslink plans to tunnel beneath our pristine and sacred headwaters.
Two charter planes from Nanaimo have touched down in the town of Smithers on unceded Cas Yikh territory. RCMP have booked up local hotels for the next month…
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Wet'suwet'en Evict Coastal Gaslink From Drill Site; Re-Establish Coyote Camp

Dec 20, 2021 - Unceded Gidimt'en Territory, Smithers (BC):

Gidimt'en land defenders and supporters have once again evicted CGL workers from a key pipeline drill site... (cont'd)
...protecting Wet'suwet'en headwaters and re-occupying the area known as "Coyote Camp".

Early Sunday, in observance of Wet'suwet'en law, land defenders enforced the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs' 2020 Eviction Notice to Coastal Gaslink, removing pipeline workers and... the blockade that ended on Nov 19th after two days of militarized police raids.

The eviction took place one month after RCMP made 30 arrests on Wet'suwet'en yintah, marking the third large-scale militarized operation on unceded Wet'suwet'en land since 2019.
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🔥 COYOTE CAMP LIVES! 🔥 Nov 19 2021: #Gidimten land defenders evicted #CGL workers and re-established control of #CoyoteCamp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath #Wetsuweten headwaters, #WedzinKwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Early Sunday, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal GasLink workers & re-established control of Coyote Camp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath Wedzin Kwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs
Nov 19, 2021, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal GasLink workers & re-established control of Coyote Camp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath Wedzin Kwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs
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On December 16, 2021, Dinï ze’ Woos of Cas Yikh, Gidimt’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation confronted one of Coastal Gaslink’s international investors the National Australia Bank (NAB) at their Annual General Meeting. #WetsuwetenStrong

He confronted NAB about their investment in Indigenous Rights. Coastal GasLink has not gained free, prior and informed consent.

Listen to their response.
Banks are not taking responsibility for their involvement in land theft and illegal projects like Coastal GasLink, that continue to enact colonial violence against Indigenous people with no intention of stopping.
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Sleydo’ Molly Wickham confronts NAB about its lending to the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline

Sleydo’ Molly Wickham a spokesperson for Gidimt’en checkpoint on Wet'suwet'en territory speaks about her experience of being violently arrested and removed at gunpoint on Nov 19 from her own territory at Coastal Gaslink's request, a project that NAB has provided funding for.
She asks NAB '"Are you willing to take accountability for that in the face of your commitment to UNDRIP and your commitment to human rights as a national bank?"
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Read our full 2021 Recap of Events on Wet'suwet'en Territory 🔥 Resistance to colonial Canada and genocidal CGL on Cas Yikh Gidimt’en Territory continues. We are still here.
Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Take Action Dec 20-27 #DivestCGL #ShutDownCanada…
We call on all nations, allies, accomplices, and supporters everywhere to RISE UP in solidarity. We are in this fight for the long haul and we will not back down. This pipeline will never be built. Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance Image
@iamjayohcee Wet’suwet’en land defenders enforced eviction of Coastal GasLink by blocking roads into the territory. NOV 14-17, 2021. 🔥 Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs Image
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Wet'suwet'en say no pipelines!
Wet'suwet'en individuals collaborated on making this compilation video of testimonials stating their support of the actions to protect Wedzin Bin and to state their solidarity with the Cas Yikh of the Gitdimt'en.
We are so grateful for those who stand unified with the decisions of our dinï ze’ and tsakë ze’ who made a formal declaration in our bahlats multiple times.
This declaration has already resulted in the defeat of the Enbridge bitumen pipeline and WILL result in the defeat of fracked gas pipelines in our yintah as well.
Please note the views expressed here belong to individuals.
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After a long day in court 10 Land Defenders and supporters arrested on Gidimt’en territory, including Sleydo’ and Jocelyn, remain in custody in so-called Prince George.
Court has been adjourned and will resume at 9am tomorrow.
Cody Merriman was released with conditions to reappear in court on Feb 14th, and to not return to the RCMP/CGL "exclusion area" except to travel through it to his residence.
Faced with this colonial conditional release, the decision was made to sign in order to take care of he and Sleydo's young children - and not in recognition of any wrong doing.
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There are 3 militarized struggles over pipelines unfolding in CAN/US: #CGL, #TMX, #Line3 - all led by Indigenous women. This work is critical to upholding Indigenous law, but also literally saving the planet. Massive legal fees are mounting with arrests. Pls support. Links below.
From @Gidimten: Thanks to a group of matching donors, the first $6,000 today will be matched, so pls donate & share.…

#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ShutDownCanada #FreeThemAll #FreeSleydo
#TinyHouseWarriors have $50k in legal defense funds they must raise and are currently surrounded by tanks in Secwepemc territory for fighting Canada's pipeline to save their waters and lands: give what you can here -…
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On the morning of November 19, heavily armed RCMP officers conducted an invasion on Coyote Camp, where Gitimdt’en spokesperson Sleydo was arrested. (1/4)

#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa Image
Shortly before 3pm, a large caravan of RCMP agents and multiple k9 units returned from Coyote Camp and arrested Sleydo’s husband, Cody, who was documenting the illegal entry of the RCMP on Woos’ Territory from the side of the road.

Inspector Ken Floyd, of the RCMP E Division, claimed that Merriman was blockading the roadway and preventing Coast GasLink from conducting their operations, therefore in breach of the BC Supreme Court injunction.

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URGENT UPDATE - Dozens of RCMP have deployed onto Wet'suwet'en territory

A charter plane full of RCMP have landed at the Smithers airport, with between 30 and 50 officers equipped with camo duffel bags.

Police loaded onto two buses and unmarked, rental pick-up trucks and headed out towards the yintah. An RCMP helicopter is reported to be heading to the area.

Throughout today, helicopters have circled over our camps, conducting low, deliberate flights for surveillance.
The road into our yintah remains blocked by RCMP at 28km, with hereditary chiefs, food, and medical supplies being turned away.
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October 9 Day of Action

On October 9 we are calling our allies and supporters to action – we need your support as we face unjust legal processes in defense of our lands and waters. Image
Indigenous Peoples and Land Defenders across Turtle Island will stand together and amplify our collective resistance to colonial oppression. Image
This day of action is about land back everywhere, continuing a tradition of national days of action in support of Indigenous sovereignty. We are calling for a diversity of tactics coming from the diverse communities from which our support comes. Image
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CALL TO ACTION. Call for ALL work to stop - as the Hereditary Chiefs have said “NOPIPELINES”. Yet, there it is: 48” pipe
The permits are NOT approved. They were supposed to only do “preliminary work”... however, CGL has been escorted in by @bcrcmp every day. Escorted in to destroy our unceded territories
When we stand up - mass forces are brought in, and guns pointed at us. There is little to no communication - and we have seen the misinformation being released
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Canadians, a few weeks ago, responding to #ShutDownCanada: all these Wet'suwet'en solidarity actions are inconvenient and hurting the economy. We can't just cancel everything to fix social problems.

Canadians, now, responding to #COVID19: #CancelEverythingNow #ShutDownCanada
Well, that hit a nerve. Here's a short thread explaining why, though the two things (#ShutDownCanada and #CancelEverythingow) are obviously different, the way Canadians are responding to them is telling about our priorities and political will to deal with pressing social problems
The divergent responses to #ShutDownCanada and #COVID19 "inconvenience" reveals an uncomfortable truth: settlers care more about themselves/their own prosperity rooted in ongoing colonization than improving relations with Indigenous peoples, the original stewards of these lands.
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People have been talking a lot about the 1990 "Oka" conflict in relation to #ShutDownCanada. As a historian who teaches a course on the event, it is clear to me that folks don't know how it all "ended," which is worrisome. Essentially, it was just a big, expensive show of force.
At the heart of the conflict was Mohawk control of unceded territory, similar to Wet'suwet'en demands. After 1990, that land was not, and has STILL not, been returned 30 years later.
The core issue, the root of the problem, has not been resolved and land fraud in the community is ONGOING. The Mohawks have lost MORE land since 1990. Mohawk spokesperson @EllenGabriel1 has been very clear about all this, but Canada isn't listening:…
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While I am pleased to see a limited form of nation-to-nation diplomacy taking place, instead of more force, I think the way this story is being reported leaves out a lot of important details. History shows that "agreements" are often used as a strategy to continue colonization.
I heard chief Woos on the radio this morning call the proposed agreement a "milestone" - that is quoted in the story above - and I was optimistic, though I'm always leery of media reporting. Then I saw @AylanX and others urge folks to watch the presser:…
After listening to the press conference, a different narrative emerges: cheif Woos' comments about this being a "milestone" agreement are in regards to big issues of rights + title; he calls it an "arrangement" + notes that "we'll see if it works." It will need nation approval.
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Winnipeg City Hall adult ally #ClimateStrike

Week 27

So this is my worst Strike selfie yet - accidental shot while struggling to hold the ph for the pic at which point my camera died ;)

#Wetsuweten shirt art credit @christibelcourt

Thread incoming, will be pauses while I type
Disclaimer - everything I say here has already said, by better writers (often Indigenous) & by more knowledgable ppl (often Indigenous).

None of this should be taken as my own original thoughts, tho is not the fault or deficiency of the original thinkers if I get anything wrong.
Hello World, we need to talk about Canada.

I'm doing this in the context of my #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike, because the Winnipeg youth Climate Strike group, @mbyouth4climate, has been very involved in #WetsuwetenSolidarity #ShutDownCanada actions.
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Breaking: “Mi’kmaq of PEI stand with you #Wetsuwenten #ShutDownCanada” gathering at Confederation Bridge PEI. Photos: Gilbert Alex Sark said” we are not blocking the bridge, we are slowing traffic down, for now” ImageImageImage
Sark confirmed they will be at the bridge for 24 hours on both sides (PEI and NB),”We stand together. Join us today ... please come and join us.” Image
Confederation Bridge crosses the Northumberland strait linking PEI and NB. It opened in 1997 and is Canada’s longest bridge. About 4000 daily traffic. Sark said “there are people coming from NS and NB to form a blockade in the NB side.” @APTNNews Image
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Hundreds of people surround #BCGov Ministry buildings in Victoria w/picket signs reading: #BCGovtShutDown & ‘Respect #Wetsuweten Sovereignty”

Indigenous youth & Wet'suwet'en supporters invite @bcgeu workers to stand in #WetsuwetenSolidarity!

@bcgeu @mikegraemephoto On the Facebook event page for #BCGovtShutdown for #WetsuwetenSolidarity, there are 1,100 people "going" and 1,900 people "interested" in today's call to action & message to the BC gov't - #NoMoreBusinessAsUsual!

📸Lauren Sortome
@bcgeu @mikegraemephoto #BCGovtShutDown: BC Gov't ministries picketed today from 8:00AM-12:00PM by people in #WetsuwetenSolidarity w/Hereditary Chiefs, in response to violations of Wet’suwet’en law, RCMP arrests of matriarchs, & continued violence on Wet’suwet’en Territories.

📸L. Sortome
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Here's recap from Tuesday's #ShutDownCanada action at the Ceres Terminal in #Halifax. Some of this hasn't been reported on. I was one of the few journalists still there when it ended (thread)
If you haven't heard about it:
-A group of Mi'kmaw people and allies blocked access to the terminal in solidarity with the #Wetsuwenten hereditary chiefs, who the RCMP are forcibly removing from their traditional territory for blocking the construction of a natural gas pipeline.
There were two blockade lines: one at the railroad tracks in front of the terminal gates (first pic), and one further up Baynes Road (below). Commercial vehicles weren't allowed into the terminal, but the group allowed civilians through. Transport trucks were lined up the road
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Meanwhile in Canada: Check out #Unistoten #Gidimten #Wetsuweten for RCMP dismantling First Nations pipeline blockade, complete with mass arrests & limited media because we do so love hiding it when we silence protests.

#bcpoli, but also indigenous rights & climate change.
Add on #ShutDownCanada #TheTimeIsNow to hashtags to explore on the conflict going on in Canada right now, especially as it’s expanding beyond the pipeline blockade arrests.

I don’t think I can fairly summarize, but I do think we need eyes on this. #bcpoli #canpoli
Q: ...uh, I’m going to need at least some context.
A: This doesn’t get at any historical context, but does solidly cover current events. CBC’s @pieglue is on-site.…
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