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Starting a thread on #BritishEmpireinIndia. Will add to it as and when find other relevant things. Preface of Will Durant's book "The Case for India" 1930:
I went to India to help myself visualize a people whose cultural history I had been studying for The Story of Civilization.
I did not expect to be attracted by the Hindus, or that I should be swept into a passionate interest in Indian politics. I merely hoped to add a little to my material, to look with my own eyes upon certain works of art,
and then to return to my historical studies, forgetting this contemporary world. But I saw such things in India as made me feel that study and writing were frivolous things in the presence of a people one-fifth of the human race-suffering poverty and oppression bitterer than any
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Establishment Psychopathy: a selection of evidence setting out some of the ways in which colonial violence & structural racism continue to privilege our “ruling class”... [thread of threads] 🧐✊🌹🇪🇺 #ColonialViolence #BritishEmpire #ReparationsNow #BlackLivesMatter Image
The magnificent #BlackLivesMatter protests are proof of structural racism around the world... This thread ⬇️ shows how the UK Establishment still benefits from slave money, and why it will ALWAYS resist a proper discussion of #history. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #Slavery #RhodesMustFall
Colonial wrongdoing was often rewarded with wealth and a peerage… Our ludicrous system means that this chap #Trenchard ⬇️ gets to make our laws in part because his grandfather liked to burn villages in #Nigeria. 😧✊🌹🇪🇺🇳🇬 #SystemChange #ToriesOut #COVID19
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A thread about Establishment wealth, reparations, & why the Tories will *always* defend the statues of slavers & Empire racists… 🤨✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #reparations #ColonialViolence #resist #slavery #BlackLivesMatter
This chap is Richard Drax, Tory MP for South Dorset since 2010. His full name is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, and he comes from a long line of Tory MPs and other assorted Establishment figures over the centuries. 😋✊🌹🇪🇺 #Drax #ScroogeMcDuck
He owns c14,000 acres of Dorset, making him the largest private landowner in the county. Pic shows his country seat, Charborough House. 🧐 #NiceGaff #Dorset #CountryLife
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John A. Macdonald's anti-Indigenous and anti-Chinese racism is well documented. What is lesser known, however, is his connections to the history of #slavery and the #BritishEmpire. JAM was not a slave owner, but his second wife's father was. Thread.
There have been debates recently about the legacy of the British Empire. Was it good or bad? Here there can be no doubt: British imperialism was a ruthless project of thieving on a global scale. It was not "benevolent"; it was exploitative. Full stop:…
Many empire apologists point to the fact that Britain abolished slavery (in 1833 - though it was a drawn out process), and they contend that abolition = absolution. That's absolute rubbish.
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A thread about the English Establishment, state psychopathy, #COVID19… and why it really matters how people in power think. 🧐✊🇪🇺🇻🇳#history #ToriesOut #resist 🦠
The popular idea of a colonial official during the British Empire days was of a paternal figure dispensing justice and spreading civilisation, as in the 1935 film “Sanders of the River” (see pic), a grossly patronising tale set in colonial #Nigeria... 😬🇳🇬 #BritishEmpire #Korda
The reality was, of course, very different. Consider the work of Charles Callwell, a British soldier with much colonial experience, pictured here on the WWI Caucasus Front as a Major-General in 1916. #Callwell #SmallWars #ColonialViolence 🇹🇷🇷🇺
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A thread about #COVID19, colonial violence, and how the English class system is wrecking the country. 🧐✊🇪🇺#coronavirus #ToriesOut #history #SystemChange #JohnsonMustGo 🦠
This chap is Hugh Trenchard, or “viscount” Trenchard*, a Tory member of the House of the Lords… 🤨🇪🇺 #ToriesOut

*footnote: I don’t recognise titles for living people, having abolished the honours system. I use them for historical personages, for the avoidance of confusion…
Being a reliable Tory footsoldier, naturally Trenchard has offered his “strong support” to Boris Johnson for his handling of the #coronavirus emergency… 😖✊🇪🇺🦠 #resist #liars #COVID19 #ToriesOut #ToryShambles
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Shashi Tharoor, lately known for his anti-British position has ironically been recruited by the son of a Pakistani British #spy in his firm CTD Advisors, heavily infested with former British intelligence chiefs advocating foreign intervention in #Kashmir.…
Isn’t providing "insider knowledge" for cracking business deals to former intelligence chiefs of a foreign country by serving member of Indian Parliament a conflict of interest, if not an economic offense and an act of #espionage?

Our exclusive report 》…
Shoaib Bajwa - son of Pakistani British spy & founder of CTD Advisors who wants to rebuild “Global Britain in modern times” since it lost influence in Commonwealth after WWII, by constructing new economic corridors through "insider knowledge" via his firm joined by Shashi Tharoor
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That little known NGO is run by an 'International Business Broker' based out of Nottingham backed by powerful British corporations close to the Queen.
Its organised by a little known almost shady NGO/Think Tank which operates as a lobbying organization aka 'International Business Broker' based out of Nottingham, Britain backed by powerful British corporations close to the Queen.
FYI its not an 'Indian NGO'. Its a European NGO/Think Tank/Lobby group - a British one.
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Much of the info in this 2013 @GreatGameIndia report maybe dated but nonetheless very relevant keeping in mind the way things have turned out. To be noted is that most of the concerns raised for #RaghuramRajan's sacking finds its origin in this report.…
What we do know is irrespective of who the Governor of RBI is, they pay a dutiful visit every year to Switzerland to attend a secret global meeting, the particulars of which are not disclosed to the people of India. Why? For what? #RaghuramRajan…
The Group of 30 is a mouthpiece for international financial operatives who created the speculative bubble which exploded in 2008. #RaghuramRajan was part of this elite group which planned the reorganization of world monetary system that is unfolding now.…
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The old Order of the World built on exploitation & annihilation of native cultures is being disrupted with all its structures shaken to the foundations. A century ago one such plot was launched by Subhash Chandra Bose to bring down the #BritishEmpire.…
The Old World Order is crumbling. The question is who is driving this change NOW? And to what end? More importantly, where does India stand in this whirlwind? Here is a short glimpse into this worldview by one of the leading players in the game. #DeepState…
The international order is being shaken in an unprecedented manner by great upheaval that is taking place in almost every field with a profoundly historic magnitude - a major geopolitical & strategic re-composition. We are experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world.
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Why the #BritishEmpire and the East India Company created India’s Central Bank – the Reserve Bank Of India?…
The #BritishEmpire created the Reserve Bank of India, as a “Sheathed Weapon,” used to fleece Indian wealth. This bank remained the primary source of British finances for the Second World War.…
Central Banks have invariably been used by Govts to create money for War funding. Britain in fact was able to maintain its edge over its rivals like France in 17th – 18th Century because it had a money-creating bank - Bank of England which others lacked.…
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Why is Dhoni brandshing an EXACT replica of British SAS? Yes Dhoni is honorary member in Indian Army attached to Parachute Regiment. However "Balidaan" badge is exact replica of British SAS. But then so are other Arms & Services post independence. What are we telling the world?
British SAS - Special Air Service specifically trained in assassinations of high value targets like Scientists, Military leaders & even Prime Ministers. SAS is suspected in assassinations of many of our leaders. What are we telling world carrying dubious legacy of British Empire?
Some say its just case of simple plagiarism. But theres more. Independent India decided to have Special Forces Unit and whoa just COPIES the badge of British who just colonized India for the last centuries. Don't India have any creative person? Besides Why this British obsession?
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I’ve been researching female agency in anticolonial resistance and it’s an extremely interesting subject… I’ll be publishing on this in due course but can’t help sharing some pics here… (ongoing thread)
#anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire
Firstly, Josina Muthemba Machel (1945-71), an important figure in the anticolonial struggle against the Portuguese in #Mozambique. #anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire #machel #josinamachel
In 1964, at 18 yrs old, Josina Machel fled the country with the aim of joining the FRELIMO resistance movement in Tanzania, but was arrested and returned to Mozambique. She was imprisoned for five months.
#anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire
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#Gender #Identity (FCO since 2009) Mathematical Analysis of @MoJGovUK stats 30 June 2018 wrt sexual offences (99.1% #Male) #Male-pattern Sexual Offending shared by #Transwomen, 60 is just under half of 128 #female from total population of 30M in #England & #Wales. @munkihanger
#Gender #Identity:
#Tavistock *Gender Identity* Clinic
#BAGIS #British Assn of *Gender Identity* Specialists
#GIRES *Gender Identity* #Research & #Education #Service &
@FCOHumanRights since 2009/10-ish!
Why does this #Lesbian of the #BritishEmpire know? 🤔
@faintlyfalling 😊😊😊
#Shoutout for @mrkhtake2 for patiently explaining that #Intersex people can ONLY be i) #female with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #female sex characteristics presentation &... ii) #male with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #male sex characteristics. @ClareCAIS
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Long before Cambridge Analytica there was Ogilvy & Mather, Dentsu, Burson & Marsteller & APCO Worldwide all run by British & Israeli spies & hired by our political leaders in their race for power or to put it another way "privatized colonizing operation"…
Cambridge Analytica is part of an intricate global network of intelligence outfits created by spies of #BritishEmpire to dominate sovereign nations after decolonisation using psychological warfare techniques created during WW2. Now used in Indian elections…
On the day the 2014 Lok Sabha Election results were announced amidst media hype & public frenzy while people took home hope in their hearts & smiles on their faces, Mukesh Ambani added almost $1 billion to his wealth while Gautam Adani added $400 million…
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#SaveIndia from being looted and plundered again. If a small island nation like Maldives can come out of the Commonwealth as recently as in 2016, ofcourse even India can. Save India from being a Jewel in the #Commonwealth. Don’t Indians have a spine?…
#SaveIndia from loosing Two-Thirds of its wealth by 2030.

Acc to recent research world’s richest 1% are on course to control as much as two-thirds of world’s wealth by 2030. The #tippingpoint as projected by researchers is the 2008 financial crash.…
#SaveIndia from the colonial auction houses of Christie's and Sotheby's smuggling Indian cultural treasures, artifacts, temple idols, manuscripts and selling them off in broad daylight; who also setup #NiravModi by supplying him stolen Golconda diamonds…
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The story of how a death at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire set in motion a series of events and a fierce rivalry that engulfed Tirumala Tirupati Temples in such a way the reverberations of which are felt even today.…

How East India Company tookover Tirumala Tirupati Temples & established rules for its plunder through the entry of their agent Mahants & establishment of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams for successive independent Indian governments to follow.…
Centuries ago funds from these world’s richest temples of Tirumala Tirupati influenced not just elections of #Commonwealth but financed operations of bankrupt #BritishEmpire & setup numerous modern business houses involved in smuggling antiques even today.…
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Commonwealth Summit is underway but do you know the real reason behind this summit? Yes its the Queen's birthday but do you know member nations have been summoned there for a secret meeting at Windsor Castle? Why is this being kept hidden from Indians?…
#Brexit has plunged Britain into chaos so a re-branding of Commonwealth is in progress. Do you know a very special role has been designated for India in this Empire 2.0 as Jewel in Commonwealth which even certain Indian experts are propagating?…
There is no reason Commonwealth should exist unless it is to perpetuate same colonial legacy that plundered half the world and specifically Sone ki Chidiya – India. Do Indians not remember history of your ancestors who gave their lives for your future?…
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In 1906 a British Intelligence officer is called to London to meet with officials of the Royal Geographical Society to be sent on a very important mission to Bolivia. Heres a《thread》on what happens next in our review of the movie The Lost City Of Z.
1 The Lost City of Z is a movie about the real life story of a British Intelligence officer Percy Fawcett based on a 2009 book The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon written by journalist David Grann.
2 Fawcett had been posted all around#BritishEmpire at HongKong SriLanka Ireland Africa by British Army. In 1906 Fawcett is called to London to meet officials of the Royal Geographical Society to be sent on a very important mission. He was to be sent to Bolivia in South America.
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