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#Dow plastered #Singapore with ads for a sneaker #recycling program, promising to turn shoes into playground tracks. But the shoes it collected in "recycling" bins got dumped illegally in #Indonesia. This isn't strange: it's how nearly *all* plastic recycling *always* worked. 1/ A woman kneeling to tie her running shoe. She stands on a ba
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Plastic recycling's origin story starts in 1973, when #Exxon's scientists concluded that plastic recycling would never, ever be cost-effective (#ExxonKnew about this, too). 3/
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Read this comprehensive thread so you understand why this is the BIGGEST BULL TRAP that we have ever seen

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Let's start with JPOW & Interest Rates

Currently, Fed has been raising interest rates to battle inflation which puts downward pressure on the #StockMarket

So if Fed keeps raising rates, it's #bearish for #stocks & #crypto.

Raising Camign → Pause → Decreasing Campaign

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We are in a #BearMarket and this recent rally has sparked a lot of enthusiasm from #investors and #traders.

Bear Market Rallies are a common phenomenon during the Bear Market and usually have multiple selling climaxes and declining volume on the rallies.

3🧵 Image
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2023 will be the year of layoffs…
20/1/2023 - #Google's parent #Alphabet to lay off 12,000
18/1/2023 - #Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

#layoffs #layoffs2023
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ABD borsaları 2022 Mayıstan beri aynı bölgededir.
100 puan aşağı, 100 puan yukarı. #SP500

Kapatıp gitseydiniz daha iyiydi.
Bir ve İki numaradaki floodları muhataplarına armağan ediyorum. #FED #ECB ve ortakları.

Nasıl kandırdınız dünyayı değil mi ? Bu floodlar #DXY 115 iken atıldı. Ekim 2022 ImageImage
#JPY 150 den 127 ye #EUR 0.95 den 1.0875 e
#STERLİN 1.03 den 1.24 e geldi.

Güzel mi böyle #FED !! Bunu yaparken de piyasalara kuruş para sokmadınız.. Kriptolara yalandan haber patlattınız.
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Yeni #aksa #sasa (fiyat performans olarak #hekts ) arayanlar! Hicbir sirketin hikayesi bir digerine benzemez! Ama bugun bu bilgiselde sizlerin arayisiniza yardimci olmak icin bir alternatif sunmak istiyorum! Keyifli okumalar! #borsa #yatirim #strateji +++
2/Oncelikle sunu hatirlatmaliyim ki benim stratejimin onemli bilesenlerinden biri bir sirketin yabanci sirketlerle ortakligidir. Uluslararasi sirket olmasidir.Bu sirketin surekli buyumesi, krizleri atlatmasi, is baglantilari olusturmasi icin son dorece onemli bir konudur. #borsa
3/ Ornegin #aksa DowAksa Advanced Composite nin yarisina sahiptir. Diger yarisina ise sektorde bir dunya devi Dow Chemical. Kimya-Metalurji oylesine bir sektor ki uzerine bir kitap yazilabilir. Urunlerine ihtiyac duymayan sektor yok gibidir. #sasa #borsa #yatirim
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Morning update:

Yesterday, we saw a big dump when it comes to the stock market📉 Most stocks were deeply in red and indexes are now trading at June lows👀 This retest of June lows was expected, now the question is if we bounce or continue to drop🤔 #DOW #SPX500 #StockMarket Image
In our view, a short-term bounce may take place here but on a longer time-frames, more blood is in play until the FED starts to signal easing🤔
Bitcoin is holding extremely well. With #DOW at June lows, #SPX 1% away, and #DXY at new highs, it is amazing to see $BTC 6% away from its lows💪 It may be too early to call for decoupling but this may be the first sign🤔
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1) What is #Dow Theory?

• Dow Theory is a trading approach developed by Charles Dow who is also known as the father of Technical Analysis. It is still the basis of technical analysis of financial markets.
• The basic idea of Dow Theory is that market price action reflects all available information and the market price movement is comprised of three main trends.

• Most of technical analysis theory today has an origin from ideas proposed by Dow & Edward Jones back in 19th century
Those ideas were published in the Wall Street Journal and are still assimilated by most of the technicians.

• Dow Theory still dominates the far more sophisticated and equipped modern study of technical analysis.
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🔴 10 Mai 2021 : Le tribunal d’Evry rend son jugement dans le procès du premier écocide de l’histoire.

Tran To Nga contre 14 multinationales agrochimiques, dont Dow Chemical et Bayer-Monsanto.…
Tran To Nga est l’une des millions de victimes de l’agent orange, un herbicide vendu par des firmes sans scrupules a l’armée américaine et qui a empoisonné des millions de personnes pendant la guerre du Vietnam.…
L’Académie nationale des sciences des USA estime qu’entre 1964 et 1975, 80 millions de litres de cet herbicide ultra-toxique ont été déversés sur le Vietnam et le Laos par les USA.

L’objectif : anéantir la forêt où se cachaient les combattants Vietcong et détruire les récoltes.
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Annual WEF commences tomorrow w/ #DavosAgenda.

Key theme: rebuilding #trust - in order to obtain new social #contract - required for global #greatreset that will secure/serve ruling class & corporate power expansion.

Accounts to follow, followed by Klaus Schwab account:
The "new social contract" will be sold via the global rebranding of capitalism. #StakeholderCapitalism is the branded concept of a capitalism w/ #Purpose.

"CEOs [] are rightfully concerned about the increasing fragility [] & the threat to capitalism..." #BRT #Imperative21
[Accounts appear in order chosen by account admin.]

5th & 6th accounts followed: #GlobalShapers & Young Global Leaders. Youth are a key target demographic, to be shaped/molded for #GreatReset. Jan 2021: Global Shapers opens 444th hub in Morocco #Africa:…
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#stockmarket Last WE update I discussed dialing back on equities & despite + vaccine news the #SPX was down .77% for the wk. Risk still remains to the downside IMO, although can't be too bearish until we break the ranges. $SPY flag or lower high? ...
#stockmarket marked white circles (above) are showing heavy volume distribution days since Sept is not bullish. But for now the supply is getting absorbed. The Demark chart shows Day 2 of a price flip down following the completed 9-13-9 sell, and closed <5day EMA....
#stockmarket On the flip side, if $SPY can take out this flag to the upside, Demark propulsion up is active w/ a $390 tgt. If that happens, I would first measure any move w/ trend factor projections (367.44, 376.40, 385,37 - see red boxes)...
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#StockMarket WE update. crazy wk. Caught many offsides who were overloaded in tech. I suspect mkt leadership has shifted although it won't be linear. I am growing cautious & increasing hedges. As posted re #SPX last wk, Demark rare 9-13-9 sell printed w/ slo sto neg divergence...
#StockMarket #SPX here is another rarity & one for the bears, Demark 9-13-9 sell is also printing on the yearly chart, which has taken 40+ years to form. Not sure how to trade this but interesting nonetheless...
#stockmarket equally fascinating is that the #nasdaq is doing the same w/ a Demark 9-13-9 sell on the yearly. This in combination w/ the Demark combo & seq 13 sell on the weekly (combo printed last wk). Last time combo 13 sell printed here was the wk of Feb 20th. yikes!..
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#stockmarket WE Update. Wild week as expected & I expect more fireworks, but are we close to a bottom? #SPX futures bouncing around the 1.5x Demark trendfactor lvl of 3249 (was 3250 when I started this work). day 6 of Demark buy set up....
#stockmarket $SPY also bouncing around the 1.5x TF level of 324 & closed above. I said on Friday that I thought we were at a level where the mkt might bounce & it did. Day 5 of Demark buy set up. We are also into the green zone where there is price memory.....
#stockmarket $QQQ also on count 5 of Demark buy set up & bounced near the 2x TF level around $265. QQQ also approaching the red box where price memory exists....
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#StockMarket WE update: recent Demark 13 sell I posted this wk marked the swing high & choppiness ensued. Fri was ugly but could be opex related so for now just expecting more of the same unless stimulus resolution breaks us out or down. set up seems bullish but needs to confirm
#stockmarket Demark Trendfactor lvls continue to be a good guide. 13 sell peaked @ 1x up lvl, & found support on 1/2 lvl down. see white boxes for up lvls & blue for down lvls in chart above. daily #SPX chart below also showing a close right @ 5 day EMA on Fri....
#stockmarket #SPX $SPY weekly chart ended w/ a doji candle which shows indecision, & intuitively makes sense given the impasse over stimulus. To me this chart is intermediate term bullish - Large C&H w/ resistance at the B/O point. could it break down from here? sure...
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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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#StockMarket officially back from Vaca & back in the saddle. The call last week to fade $QQQ was the correct one. -5.7% peak to trough, & the argument for rotation pot'l also occurred. That said the mkt is stubbornly resilient and tough to be too bearish, yet i remain cautious:
#StockMarket $QQQ weekly ugly candle on elevated volume and last time we saw that happen, more weakness ensued. RSI continues to neg diverge & now threatening to break the RSI trend line. MACD neg divergence as well w/ recent lower high and neg cross again....
#stockmarket #SPX looks much better and arguably looks and feels like wants to break out. meaningful supply zone ahead to be aware of w/ a break higher of last wk high, w/ new tgts 3257 and Covid gap resistance of 3360. pot'l for SPX +MACD monthly cross soon = bullish MT....
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A video of Curtis Road Bridge which runs over the Tittabawassee River.

#EdenvilleDam #Midland #Michigan #USA #Sanford #Edenville
The bridge on a map.

#EdenvilleDam #Midland #Michigan #USA #Sanford #Edenville
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#TweetStorm - #RSI hits 23 on #Nifty. Converting this long post on… into a #tweetstorm. Let us see whenever #RSI hits the 20-25 band on #Nifty what has been the market movement in last 10-12 years.
#RSI 23. #Nifty 10782 on 5th August 2019
Nifty 10637 on 23rd August 2019 . Positive Divergence
A higher bottom on 19th September at 10670.
1.3% lower and major rally started after 1.5 months.
breaks the sloping trendline and short term bottom . Support at previous bottoms 10600
#RSI 22. #Nifty 10261 on 5th October 2018
10138 on 11th October. Positive Divergence.
3rd Bottom at 10004 on 26th October 2018. Triple Positive Divergence.
2.5 % lower on the bottom and the rally after 3 weeks.
trendline and 2 lows got taken out. Support at previous major bottoms
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Stocks resumed their plunge, wiping out more than $3 trillion in value this week alone, and U.S. Treasuries yields hit record lows on Thursday (27/2) as the #coronavirus spread faster outside China and investors fled to safe havens. #DataNow
More #DataNow:
🔹Global equities have now fallen for six straight days.
🔹Spot #gold rose 0.5% to $1,649 per ounce and #silver gained 1% to $18.03 an ounce.
🔹Gold hit a 7-year high at near $1,688 per ounce on Mon (24/2)…
#Oil prices slide for fifth day to lowest in a year as #coronavirus fears grow. #Brent crude was down $2.29, or 4.3%, at $51.14 a barrel at 10:31 a.m. ET/ 1531 GMT on Thurs 27/2 - just off the session low of $51.13 a barrel. #COVIDー19 #DataNow
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A Bull Market and the Bear – Dow and S&P 500 #TechnicalAnalysis Part 3 - #Coronavirus articles in Asian financial media launched today's stock market plunge- by @TraderStef for @CrushTheStreet #2019nCoV #SARS 2.0 #Dow $DIA #SP500 $SPY #StockCharts…
@CrushTheStreet #2019nCoV #SARS 2.0 #Dow $DIA #SP500 $SPY #StockCharts - The coronavirus is just starting to have an impact on the globe’s #economy and politics…
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Hey #weather research scientists! We are looking for your expertise! Are you interested in wind/temp profile at night? Are you using or wishing to use doppler on wheel? We could have something to propose to you! #severeweather #aeroecology #DOW 1/n
I'm a research scientist in #forest #ecology at the @cflscf (@NRCan). With a high-expertise team, we are looking at the dispersal patterns of the most important pests in eastern North American conifer forests: the #sprucebudworm. 2/
@cflscf @NRCan #Sprucebudworm #outbreaks occur every ca 30-40 years and can last 5 to 15 years. The last major outbreak (1969-92) covered 55 M ha (yes MILLIONS !) and resulted in tremendous losses in the forest sector. (below: area defoliated in 1975). 3/
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Good morning all! 🙂 Morning in Copenhagen - listening to Ludovico while I'm updating analyses and family sleeps. Fantastic piece of music: #AllisGood
Time for some #HZupdates. Let's take a look at the market from the way I see it. Where is that deflation, I have been forecasting? Did CBs succeed to do their magic and eliminate that threat? What about the Kondratiev's winter - over/done? Stay tuned! 🙂
AUDUSD is inflation gauge. Rally=inflation up; Decline=inflation down. LT perspective looks like this. Decline in 2008 = wave A. Rally up to 2011 = wave B. We have since been in wave C. Wave 5 will take us to ~0.5. Note the horizontal line. When this goes -->free fall #HZupdates
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The ghosts of 2008 are back. We had #Lehman. Today we have #ILFS and #RupeeAt75. The bulls have given up. #Sensex is down 4500 points in 25 sessions. As shared by @Prashanth_Krish over 50% of stocks traded on NSE are down 50% or more. Friday’s fall would have made it more brute.
Most of serious investors are fully invested. With the kind of sell-off witnessed in #Bajaj twins, #HDFC twins, #Reliance, #Kotak, quality midcaps/largecaps, no one is spared. Even Portfolios of respected investors like Rakesh J, @porinju, @VijayKedia1, SP Tulsian are down!!
In 2017 everyone made easy money. 2018 made you realise how difficult it is for traders and investors to make money in #stocks. I wish @adhia03 realises the gravity of his mistake by imposing #LTCG by referring stock markets as easy money making medium. #Nifty #Sensex
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Top bollinger V-bottomed on $INDU #Dow ... Put your seat belts on, equities about to rip... (Yet another confirmation signal $USDJPY about to run as well)
#Dow Daily: First Posted back in April 🤓 . Took longer than other indices but finally breaking out to ATHs. Updated chart with long term TLs, and although we have decent amount of room to run, #Dowjones is approaching a hard limit soon. #Markets #economy #stocks #SPX
#Dow Daily: $DOW backtested 13MA and bounced aggressively. Upper BB shape indicating strong push upwards to new ATH. Stoichs indicating one more pulse before a deeper pullback #Dowjones is approaching final high soon (purple). #Markets #economy #stocks #SPX
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