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Why The World Capital Markets Will Not Recover To Their Past Highs


1. Markets work on 2 things. Earnings and anticipation of earnings. Good anticipation begets good results and bad begets bad. Many other things being variable.

2. Another thing that matters as well
is Monetary Policy and Liquidity injection by governments in bad times.

3. American markets being the largest ones in the world lead the way for other markets in most cases. Not all but many. Specially the European markets follow suit of Dow.

4. Chinese markets of late have
Also become interdependent to a major extent because of the globalisation of the past 20 years and American MNC earnings of about $2.7 trillion of imports into China.

5. When the market is in a euphoric state, bulls are in control and bulls at times become exuberant
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Analysis: #NYSE $XOM

Case 139 #Exxon Mobil Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#XOM 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Following on from the close below 67.00 Exxon is now very #bearish and should be heading towards 56.14 - a monthly close below this level will leave price targeting the .....

XOM 2/4
..... vacuum at 51.55 then 45.80-43.80. To the upside #resistances are now very clear beginning from 67.00 all the way to 76.00. The monthly #SMA 20 cut below to SMA 200 at 75.25.

XOM 3/4
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Who Is Strangling Solar Panels In The State Of Kentucky?👉 The Canadians? Seriously? An organization with ties to Canadian tar sands oil is apparently behind an aggressive anti-solar lobbying campaign that recently fired up in Kentucky. next😏#KochNetwork…
An organization with ties to Canadian tar sands oil is apparently behind an aggressive anti-solar lobbying campaign that recently fired up in Kentucky.👉 Consumer Energy Alliance #KochNetwork #EXXON see Funding/ bring 🍿…
Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) ALEC/Koch #KochNetwork…
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Die #ScientistsForFuture leben im pädagogischen Christentum.[1][2][3] Und im klassenlosen Anthropozän. Dass die Klimaverhältnisse auf Produktionsweisen zurückzuführen sind, würden sie nicht in Abrede stellen. Das Argument, der Klimanotstand sei anthropogen, d.h. menschgemacht,
ist sinnvoll gegen Klimakrisenleugner angebracht. Nun sind die größten Energiestofflieferanten auch die,
[1] .
[2] .
[3] Zumindest ihr getroffener Konsens in der Kommunikation nach Außen.
denen es - denkt frau an #Exxon - seit verlässlicher Datenlage klar sein sollte, dass ihr Kapitalmodell als Rohstofflieferant einem Produktionsmodell entspricht, welches eben nicht der gesamten Gattung Menschheit "gehört". Die Theorie vom Anthropozän, von "dem" Menschen, der
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#Ukraine has Europe’s 3rd highest shale gas reserves. Nov 2013 just before #Maidan riots in Kiev #Chevron signed 50 yr agreement to develop W. #Ukrainian oil and gas. This effectively edges out #Russia's #Gazprom 1/5th world’s gas reserves, supplying more than half of #Ukraine.
Geopolitical invasion: US Asst Sec of State, Eur. #VictoriaNuland conference sponsored by #Chevron Oil on Dec. 13, 2013, after return from Kiev where she handed out cookies and sandwiches to demonstrators at a #Maidan photo op. #JoeBiden mentioned ~6:00
#Ukraine violence ramps up, with memorable photo-enhanced choreography oddly similar to 2017 US #Charlottesville riot, with nighttime tiki-torchlight parades. The approach has all the hallmarks manipulative false flag, created for durable domestic and worldwide media consumption.
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House lawmakers aren't only focused on the #ImpeachmentInquiry. Today a subcommittee meets to examine the oil industry's efforts to suppress information about #ClimateChange. We'll hear from a former Exxon scientist, a former Exxon consultant, a Harvard science prof. & others.
You can read all of the internal Exxon memos here:
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@KoehneAnja Falsch - die haben natürlich genau verstanden, um was es geht.
@KoehneAnja Ich nenne den Thread #SustainableExtinction

Nichts ist passender zu der Situation, in der wir uns befinden.

Los geht's :-)
@KoehneAnja 1) Seit ca. 30 Jahren sind die Fakten zum Klimawandel derart bekannt, dass sogar #Exxon darüber Bescheid wusste & eine entsprechende Gegenstrategie entworfen hat, damit exakt dieses Wissen aus dem Elfenbeinturm von Wissenschaft&Forschung nicht die breite Öffentlichkeit erreicht.
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Twitter Family, I had a wonderful, peaceful trip with Black American women to Ghana, followed by a productive, solo artist retreat, only to return to the USA and see two Black women in my city of #Pittsburgh being brutally beaten by FOUR MEN @ExxonMobil!…
We are still gathering the facts; but based on what has been reported so far, one woman pumped $17 worth of gas⛽️ but noticed the pump was leaking. She went inside the @exxonmobil (at 2501 Brighton Street, 15212), to report it and was rudely dismissed by employees. #Pittsburgh
An employee claimed the woman had not paid. The situation at the @exxonmobil turned violent and at least four men of apparently foreign origin, are viciously beating two Black American women in the head, slamming and hitting them on the ground, etc. Completely unacceptable!
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Thread: @BillGates claims fossil fuel #divestment has 'zero' climate impact, and #climatechange activists are 'wasting their time' lobbying investors to ditch #fossilfuel stocks…
@BillGates Gates: “#Divestment, to date, probably has reduced about zero tonnes of emissions. It’s not like you’ve capital-starved [the] people making steel and gasoline”…
@BillGates As @350 note: arguments against fossil fuel #divestment miss a larger point. The idea is not to starve companies of capital but to remove their “social licence to operate” & make it easier for Govts to act on climate issues by breaking #fossilfuel companies’ hold on politicians.
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This took 12 hrs to find

Charles Vernon Jones, and James Logan Jones Sr+Jr, are going to be critical links of gas pipelines, uranium enrichment, precious metals, and Marc Rich.

Robert Swan Mueller III sure did luck out getting to hold the clipboard of CV Jone's son in Vietnam.
[2] "Belgium International Harvester COrporation"

Red alert -

Belgian Congo was where the #Shinkolobwe mine was located

And even as of 1955, American/global corporations were eager to control the #uranium in Congo
[3] Revisiting: Guess which company, of all the companies in the world and of all the places to go, focused all of their marketing on a Public Relations / Advertising stunt in Congo in the 1939

"In 1939, #InternationalHarvester was chosen for Commander Gatti's "Jungle Yachts" "
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Did you know Rothschild's own Putin

Paid to start the #FederalReserve

#DavidRockefeller was the founding member of the #Bilderberg Group

#Carnegie Foundations devise plot to merge US with Russia

#CarnegieEndowment has a main office in #Moscow
#Chubais is on the #CFR global board of advisers, the #ChaseBank advisory board, & a member of #Bilderberg

He also worked with the #CIA to implement privatization of the Russian economy.

#PeterMandelson is a member of the #BilderbergGroup

#BaronMandelson was appointed “life peer” in the #HouseOfLords by

#Mandelson is the director of the #Russian defense firm #Sistema, which supplies Putin with early warning missile systems.

This relationship continues despite “sanctions.”
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[1] Deepwater, New Jersey
[2] TEL ( lead tetraethyl ), required to produce leaded gasoline for Ethyl Corporation, was made in Deepwater New Jersey. See…
[3] Ethyl Corporation - Basically, a Du Pont venture
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Tiffany Blue = Secret info - parallel between Golden King with golden orb and Zucker with nothing "unhinged" is a joke about how 1 year ago (to the day) CNN did a special on the Vatican as the "most powerful man" (back when they had gold) check this thread for info #Qanon #MSM
Relevant to this thread - Russia Buys 1 Million Ounces Of Gold In February "Time to take power back from the financial and monetary system" #EndTheFed… #Qanon #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #GoldRush #Vatican #Russia #CentralBank #Gold #TickTock
Relevant to this thread - Head transplant doctors Xiaoping Ren and Sergio Canavero claim spinal cord progress. - This is #symbolism of replacing the gold from the Vatican as the primary way the cabbal pays cultists with tech money.… #Qanon #China #Facebook
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#Qatar #Rosneft #Cohen #TrumpRussia #QIA #TrumpTowerTreason A BOMB. A timeline based on open sources in English, Russian etc. 💥🔥⚡️⚡️‼️🔴 @WendySiegelman @grantstern @bfry1981 @dcpoll @peterjukes @lukeharding1968 @AHamiltonSpirit @ushadrons @TrickFreee @J_amesp
1. NOV 8, 2016, TUESDAY, DOHA, QATAR. #Exxon CEO #Tillerson meets @Qatar’s #EmirAlThani behind the closed doors. The subject of negotiations is unknown.…
2. NOVEMBER 9, WEDNESDAY, WASHINGTON D.C. #Trump is officially President-Elect.
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