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On Monday it was my privilege to again speak on Parliament Square, this time as part of #TheLastMile events. Here are two clips from my speech — parts of it are quite personal and that’s why the first bit comes with a little parental warning about c-bombs. 1/
In the end my demand though is clear: #citizensrights must be ring-fenced now because the uncertainty for #The5Million cannot continue. If you want to help EU citizens In the UK, please support my campaign by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion ➡️… 2/
With many thanks to Geoffrey for filming and subtitling this — amazing and so much appreciated. 3/3
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1️⃣ single photo in 1️⃣ UK media outlet on page 13 — it tells the story of #The5Million in a nutshell: still largely ignored and still no voice. 865 days later and with only 143 days to go. Shameful does not get more shameful than the indifference towards #TheLastMile in the UK. 1/
Contrast it with the response of media outlets in continental Europe and beyond. Two features in main evening news (Austria and Germany), and lots and lots of other pieces — from the Netherlands to France to Switzerland to South Africa. 2/
The indifference on display in the UK is quite soul-destroying. And here is why: I know from my engagement work for #EUcitizensChampion that people are concerned when one explains what is happening to #The5Million. My activity on Trafalgar Sq yesterday confirmed that again. 3/
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Yesterday’s #TheLastMile was an incredible event and I am so proud of @The3Million & @BritishInEurope for organising it. It’s made the news in so many places. Here are some examples of the excellent coverage:
Main evening news in Germany… 1/
eurownews, Germany
(this is a great video)… 2/
Le Figaro, France… 3/
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1/ What is wrong with the British media? Yesterday @the3million held a mass lobby at Parliament with over 300 concerned EU citizens & @BritishInEurope protesting. The event was covered globally, but nothing, nada, zilch in the main UK media.
2/ I spoke to TV and Press from Austria, Germany & Japan. There were TV crews from Portugal, France & Spain. But where was the coverage by UK media?
3/ here is the main German broadcaster @DasErste covering our lobby at Parliament during the main evening news yesterday
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Well, it’s tragic that we had to do what we did today, but here we are. I dedicate this to @The3Million
& @BritishInEurope who made #TheLastMile possible today, and to @_anjaheilmann and @Nocastus for helping me with #EUcitizensChampion activity #AWordFromThe5Million ❤️ 1/
Also a huge special thanks to @nickynoo007 and @Scotkraut who helped me with coming up with # for today’s @eucitizenschamp engagement activity; to @DemarcationDSGN for the logo design for #The5Million; and to @antoni_UK because of the new media connections! Love you all. ❤️ 2/
And finally a big thank you to @Alexa_Kantor and @MrsEmmaJK. You tell me I’m your hero. Well, I’m afraid you got that that wrong way round because you’re mine — and I’m so going to have the last word on this one 😉 It was my privilege to meet you xx 3/3
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1/ Only 2 days until our Mass Lobby at Parliament on Monday. And we are very excited.
Over 300 concerned citizens have registered to be there and a further 1,000 registered for our online e-Lobby.

You can still register here to be part of this great day:…
2/ TV stations from Germany, Austria, Netherlands and from as far as Japan and Canada among others are covering the event on the ground.
We are also hoping to see British Media taking a similar interest in our #thelastmile Lobby at Parliament on Monday.
3/ Our Mass Lobby at UK Parliament on Monday is a great opportunity to listen to & meet: Dominic Grieve, @PaulBlomfieldMP, @EdwardJDavey, @CarolineLucas, @joannaccherry as well as @NicolasHatton, Jane Golding from @BritishInEurope & Dave Prentiss from @unisontweets
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1. Dear @carolinenokes MP and @10DowningStreet.
I started to work in the UK (for @fusionenergy) on the 14/04/2014 as Senior Electrical Designer, I am now an Electrical systems design engineer.
A "#HighSkilled migrant" as they say, but not eligible to the #SettledStatus. [THREAD]
2. I will have my 5 eligible years on the 14/04/2019.
Or 16 days after #BrexitDay.
Maybe it is worth to mention that I arrived on the 01/12/2013. So I have actually my 5 years, but I have no proof.
I was joining an ex-partner to look for work in the UK, my name was not on bills.
3. Yesterday, like other fellow @The3Million, I read the following article.
"Employers will be expected to check whether EU nationals have the right to work in the UK if there is a #NoDeal #Brexit, even though it will be almost impossible to assess this".…
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I have asked my MP @AnnaMcMorrin to take the pledge and support the right of #The5Million to retain their current #citizensrights after Brexit.

Have you?

#EUcitizensChampion #bargainingChip #theLastMile #inLimbo

Ask your own MP here:
Do you think I am the only one?

If each member of #The5Million who have been #inLimbo for 858 days now donated a single grain of rice, at 1 second for each grain.

We would be a large pile of 100 kg of rice.

After two months.


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Join #thelastmile mass lobby of Parliament in London from 10am on Monday 5 November.

The last meters to Parliament we will bridge with a human chain for which we need you.
Please register here:…
Together with @BritishInEurope and @unisontweets, we are asking MPs and the British Government to give us true peace of mind over our future, by protecting and guaranteeing our existing #citizensrights under international law using the Article 50 procedure.
Despite all the promises, our rights are still not sorted and there is very little time to make a difference so please join us on Monday 5 November in Parliament Square or through the e-lobby.…
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