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A @GOP Voter Suppression #TB🧵

These @nytimes headlines are 39-years apart, yet the theme of GOP-backed voter intimidation remains unchanged.

How did we get here?
🐘🚨 1981

Fearing a loss in the ‘81 New Jersey gubernatorial election, the RNC launched a voter suppression operation under the guise of a “National Ballot Security Force.”

Its mission: Intimidate Black and Hispanic voters. (2/13)
Under this plan, the RNC recruited an army of off-duty law enforcement officers to patrol Black and Hispanic precincts.

They sported revolvers, two-way radios, and black armbands.

They hung up large signs in and around polling places like this 👇 (3/13)
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@nycHealthy took a beating in the @nytimes over the weekend:… It's a bit more complicated. Got an inside (but on-the-record) look at NYC's #contacttracing data today, along with @mlipsitch, @T_Inglesby, @dsallentess, @Farzad_MD, @drJoshS, @trvrb & others.
Here's a link to where you can find NYC's #coronavirus #COVID #contacttracing data:…
No one is reporting this level of detail. We *need* this level of transparency to learn and do better.
Here are some of the challenges and lessons learned so far:
-- ~27% of contacts of infectious cases are kids.
-- Many people don't have working phones. It's a bit like working in global health... we gave people SIM cards & phones.
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Mengenai paru basah, sampe sekarang saya gak ngerti ini merujuk ke penyakit paru yg mana.

Paling mungkin ada 3 kondisi, dgn gejala & penyakit penyebabnya secara umum beda:

(1) efusi pleura: sesak, nyeri. Bisa krn #TB, #tumorparu, atau gagal ginjal
(2) pneumonia: radang paru akibat infeksi selain #TB. Sesak, demam, batuk.
(3) gangguan napas berat akut #ARDS: bisa krn infeksi berat mis. #COVID19, paru orang tenggelam, keracunan gas, dsb.
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Berikutnya sa ingin bahas #tuberkulosis #TBC yg masih aja disebut sebagai flek paru.

Istilah flek paru itu istilah lawas jaman kolonial karena ditemukan bercak di foto ronsen dada (CXR). Padalan #covid19 pun gambarannya bisa seperti itu.

Tinggalkan istilah flek paru!
#Tuberkulosis #TBC termasuk penyakit menular, karena infeksi bakteri 𝘔𝘺𝘤𝘰𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘶𝘮 𝘵𝘶𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘤𝘶𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘪𝘴. Menular lewat cipratan dahak di udara.

Jadi pencegahan utama #TB adalah etika batuk yang benar, jangan asal tembak. Tutupi dgn lengan atau sapu tangan.
Gejala #TB: batuk (bisa kering, bisa berdahak, bisa berdarah) kronik (>2 pekan), keringat malam walau gk aktivitas atau gk lagi sumuk/panas, berat badan turun, mudah letih. Bahkan jaman dulu nama penyakit ini "consumption" atau "wasting" krn korbannya kurus kering.
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[LIVE] Are people with #HIV and #TB more likely to die of #COVID19SA? Our #BhekisisaWebinar in partnership with @Auruminstitute is on NOW. We'll be live-tweeting the event, follow on for live updates.
First up, Mary-Ann Davies, public health medicine expert at @WesternCapeGov health department will release SA's first preliminary data on the #COVID19SA death risk for #HIV and #TB patients from the Western Cape. #BhekisisaWebinar
Until now, there hasn't been much data on #TB and #HIV and how those conditions affect your risk of dying from #COVID19SA, Davies says. Getting good data is not easy. #BhekisisaWebinar
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The right to health must guide responses to #COVID19 pleased to contribute to this @TheLancet 📰 jointly with @Judith_Mesquita
@BenjaminMMeier @DainiusPuras & Luis Cabal @UNAIDS 🧵thread on key points @AE_Yamin @saralmdavis @mbachelet @ASteiner @DrTedros
1. #HumanRights scrutiny in the #COVID19 pandemic has largely focused on limitations of individual freedoms to protect public health,yet it is essential to look at the broader relevance of realising human rights to promote public health in the COVID-19 response. @DrMercyKorir
2.The right to health requires that health goods,services, & facilities are available in adequate numbers;accessible on a financial,geographical,& non-discriminatory basis; acceptable,including culturally appropriate & respectful of gender& medical ethics;& of good quality @P4HR
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There is no evidence that the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) #vaccine protects people against #infection with #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus causing #COVID19. But, 2 #clinicaltrials addressing this question are underway. WHO does not recommend BCG vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.
There is EXPERIMENTAL evidence from animal & human studies that #BCG #vaccine has non-specific effects on the immune system. These effects have not been well characterized; clinical relevance is unknown. WHO updated its evidence review of major scientific databases on this topic
The review yielded 3 pre-prints (before peer-review), where authors compared incidence of #COVID19 cases in countries where the #BCGvaccine is used vs. countries where it is not used & observed countries that routinely used BCG in neonates had less #COVID19 cases to date.
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Dear PM @narendramodi, today's briefing would be late.

The thing is Wife wants me to make lunch first. I asked can I do it later.

She said, that would be okay, but there may be retaliation. Why wouldn't there be!

So you get it right, I am doing a you & making lunch first. 1/n
It took me more time to accede to that friendly request. Expecting a thank you. But I am sure she'll just say that I was only doing my job.

Anyway, we are diverting. It is not about me. No. It is not about you either. It is about all of us. Let's get on with the briefing. 2/n
You see dear PM, many of our friends here are really upset that I criticise you. They ask, don't you think these failures are happening across the world? It is not like it is just India? Shouldn't we be thanking & appreciating the govt for trying its best? Why criticise? 3/n
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Happy International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating some of the amazing #ScienceSHEroes working to #endTB across the UK. 🇬🇧 We’ve picked just one from each @UKAPTB institution but there are so many more. Who is your #ScienceSHEro? #IWD2020 #AidWorks 👩‍🔬🔬♀️ @PATHtweets @dsw_intl
To kick us off, we’re heading North to @QMUniversity in #Edinburgh where Dr Karina Kielmann is a medical anthropologist working to make health systems more responsive and accountable to people with #TB 🙋‍♀‍👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🩺👍👨‍💼✅ read more about her work here:
Across the road at @EdinburghUni @EdinUniUsher Associate Prof @hr_stagg is an epidemiologist striving to improve TB treatment outcomes, both in the @NHSuk and around the world. 📈🌍👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 #IWD2020 #ScienceSHEroes #EndTB Read more about her research here
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international women’s day has been co-opted by liberal feminism, which has stripped it of its emancipatory and revolutionary potential & turned into another excuse to consume (looking @ you self-love discourse)

so a thread outlining the socialist history of this day. [1/n]
8 march 1857 - women workers in textile industry in new york protest inhumane working conditions in factories. police brutally crushed their protest, but they formed a first women’s union 2 yrs later. [2/n]
8 march 1910
new york - 15k women march and demand shorter hours, ban on child labor and right to vote.
copenhagen - clara zetkin (during the international socialists women’s conference) proposes international women’s day.
pictured with her bff red rosa. [3/n]
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About #shawarmafest with @iMotivateAfrica on The Love Day Feb 14th in #Ekitistate! I’d say that’s one of the most interesting Events I have ever covered as sponsored media all activities and edibles were just on point.

Shots with my #Iphone6
Cc: @isha_Photograph
Just some more #TB Of #ShawarmaFest Ekiti state’s recent favourite Artiste @daewell on the mic 🎤
📸: @solohtolz all shots with my ios6
@hey__itsjane the No 1 #spokenwords Jagaban in #Ekiti state giving #ShawarmaFest Lovers her dose of hot Words bout Love like bullets. #ShawarmaFest.
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Okay, since @KevinMKruse now seems to have given his imprimatur to this piece in the @washingtonpost today about #nCoV2019 & past plagues, it seems time for a mini-thread about #medhist & hot takes. #epitwitter: you might want to listen in on this, as it effects you, too.
@KevinMKruse @washingtonpost The @washingtonpost piece by Eisenberg et al. makes 3 main points: 1) that the #BlackDeath (the #plague pandemic usually dated to the mid-14thC) is the most commonly invoked analogy when people think of epidemics; 2) that not all "plague" epidemics/pandemics were alike; and 3) ..
@KevinMKruse @washingtonpost ... that there's an "outbreak narrative" that "we replay .. as a script with each new outbreak — whether real or fictional." First, some background on what #histmed (History of Medicine) is: it's probably pretty much as you would assume from its name. The field of history that ..
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1/So there was lots of talk at @AACNursing #AACNdoc20 re: #Nursing #PhD pipeline, getting folx esp prelicensure students ‘excited’ about #nursingscience & the #BStoPhD

I totally revamped our #nursingresearch & #innovation course @UMassAmherst last fall to do just that

Thread ⬇️
2/ I told the Asst Dean when I took it on that regardless of the learning objectives for the course I had only 1 GOAL:

That by the end of the semester, these students would be EXCITED!-or at very least, just a little bit CURIOUS-about a career in #nursingscience & #innovation
3/ A note about context: This was a course of ~85 Accel BS students, taught in an urban campus that is geographically ~40mins drive from main @UMassAmherst campus, in the . The classroom assigned had no windows. Class ran 8am-1030am Weds, before more courses. I say this b/c....
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Prepping for a race war: documents reveal inner workings of #neoNazi group #TB…
The Guardian has obtained chat records, audio recordings and videos provided by an anti-fascist whistleblower who spent more than a year charting the inside workings of the Base.
The same infiltrator took control of telegram channel in the early hours of Saturday morning, US time, and posted multiple memes mocking the group’s founder, Rinaldo Nazzaro.
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Nobody is talking about #tuberculosis in #EastTurkistan (#Xinjiang).

This issue is central to understanding the full scope of #China’s #HumanRights atrocities.

We urgently need @WHO biosurveillance insight into this problem.

@robertsreport @grosetimothy @adrianzenz @dtbyler
… any #epidemiology expert will tell you that it’s a disastrous, monstrous idea to throw people into #ConcentrationCamps in the world’s #1 #tuberculosis hot zone.

Moreover, many #Uyghurs have a polymorphism that puts them at risk of liver damage from drugs used to treat #TB
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NEW!💡 Check out our #scopingreview on factors influencing active #TB case-finding (ACF) policy development and implementation @BMJ_Open. The review also gives insights into the history and components of ACF policy. #EndTB @karolinskainst @impact_tb…
The #SDGs and @WHO highlight active case-finding (ACF) as one strategy to find the 'missing' people with #TB. ACF is also known as systematic community-based TB screening. The evidence base for ACF is relatively limited and opinions vary. @BMJ_Open #EndTB…
Working with the development and/or implementation of active #TB case-finding (ACF) policies, hopefully our review can help you identify facilitators and barriers for ACF policy in you own context to reap the potential benefits of ACF. 🔎 @BMJ_Open #EndTB…
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1/ A 46-year-old man with a history of #malaria presented to the @JohnsHopkinsDOM on 8/12/1923 with

-- 3 years of generalized arthralgia
-- intermittent joint swelling

-- 40 lbs weight loss

@CPSolvers @DxRxEdu #medtwitter #MedEd
2/ Exam

-- synovitis of the 2nd and 3rd MCPs

-- diffuse joint tenderness

-- lymphadenopathy

-- pyorrhea alveolaris* of the few remaining teeth.

What do you want to do next? What's your #DDX?

Remember: Sir William Osler died in 1919, so it's all you...
So far, we have #tuberculosis on the differential. “Consumption” or “#phthisis”, wasting away, as #Tb was often referred to, certainly could explain this patients weight loss and adenopathy.

But does it explain the rest?
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The 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health @UnionConference begins tomorrow in #Hyderabad, a major event in #TB and #lunghealth . I am not going- here is a short #thread why.
This is despite being part of an accepted symposium on #coercion and #TB
@UnionConference The reason is the ridiculously expensive registration fees for the conference. For a meeting which focuses majorly on #TB, a disease of poverty, and being held in a #LMIC location, it is atrocious to charge such fees. Even at the discounted rates for #LMICs, it is very EXPENSIVE
@UnionConference I do not have a salaried position which offers such registration fees through the institution, or grant money to cover such fees. I am not going to spend such amounts of money, even if its an important event, as a matter of principle. It is deeply disturbing that this is usual.
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More people received life-saving treatment for tuberculosis in 2018 than ever before.

Check out WHO’s latest Global #TB Report ➡️

@GlobalFund @DrTedros @UN WHO’s latest Global Tuberculosis Report, released today, shows that 2018 saw a reduction in the number of #TB deaths: 1.5 million people died from TB in 2018, down from 1.6 million in 2017.
@GlobalFund @DrTedros @UN @WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO The number of new cases of #TB has been declining steadily in recent years. However, the burden remains high among low-income and marginalized populations: around 10 million people developed TB in 2018.
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India has the world’s most TB cases--2.7 million or 27% of global burden. In 2018, for the 1st time, India had 2.1 mn notified or registered #TB cases--up 16% since 2017 and highest till date: India TB Report 2019 released today. Read on for more details: #EndTB
Despite the progress, there is a gap of 550,000 cases between notified & prevalent #TB cases. Among the notified cases, treatment was initiated for about 1.9 million cases (90%). #EndTB
A quarter of all notifications (540,000) in 2018 were from the private sector--up 44% since 2017 when 383,000 were notified. #EndTB
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Today at IIT Bombay to discuss ethical, social, cultural, governance, regulation and public engagement perspectives in #ArtificialIntelligence applications in #healthcare
@IndJMedEthics @iitbombay
Surajit Nundy speaks on Ethical Adventures in Health AI. On his own and his group's experiences dealing with ethical issues in AI applications in healthcare
Ashish Shrivastava from CSTEP Bangalore speaks on AI deployment in large development programs: a case study from Karnataka on dealing with malnutrition
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What would National #SuicidePrevention Strategy for India look like:
1. We need to believe it is possible. With concerted effort China has dramatically reduced their suicide rates.
2. We need to implement evidence-based, low cost scalable solutions. They exist.
...contd 1/n
3. Need different strategies for sub-groups. Same solution won't work for students, young women, rural/urban, farmers etc.
4. #suicideprevention is an #intersectoral issue. All solutions do not lie in #health sector; #education #employment, #media #agriculture also imp....2/n
5. Recognise India's suicide epidemiology is different from the West. M:F ratio is 1.5:1 here while it's 4:1 in West. So more women relatively. 50% of suicides impulsive with no mental illness 🇮🇳 while 80% have mental illness in West...3/n
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It seems an independent auditor came to Abu Salim today looking into UN activities. The guards told detainees in advance not to mention that they haven't been fed for months (some of their families are sending them money to buy food with instead, which guards take a cut from). ImageImageImageImage
Messages today from Qasr bin Ghashir dc, southern Tripoli, today, where they’re asking for evacuation & any organisation that can help them. ImageImage
Sorry for my confusion, the teenager above was being held in Qasr bin Ghashir, but has now been moved to the UNHCR facility in Tripoli for evacuation. He's asking for help for those he left behind. Image
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#Tuberculosis kills 1.6 MILLION people each year.

Tuberculosis is:
-The world’s biggest infectious killer
-One of the world’s top ten causes of death
-The top cause of death among people living with HIV

It's time to #EndTB

It's time to #EndTB

It's time to #EndTB

The #UNGA High-Level meeting on the fight to #EndTB just started!
You can watch live here via @UNWebTV
"Our response to TB can expand access to medicines and drive progress towards Universal Health Coverage (HealthForAll) "- Deputy @UN Secretary-General @AminaJMohammed at the #UNGA High-level meeting to #EndTB
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