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🔥 BREAKING 🚨 - UK ONS All-Cause Mortality Data for England Reveals:
‼️ The vaccine has never significantly protected the vulnerable 70+ from death!
‼️ The vaccine seems to lead to more deaths in 2022+!
#COVID19 #Covid #AllCause #ONS #DiedSuddendly #Corona #Coronavirus
Read the full analysis - for free - on my substack:…
Also see my previous post on the in-depth analysis of the UK data:
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Isn’t it nice that they tell us exactly what they will do on film.
#DiedSuddendly #DepopulationAgenda
Not just women that are having issues. Peer reviewed study👇…
Read the results not the opinion. It’s horrible.…
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@SeivwrightTrudy @karlmart 🤦‍♂️ so you’re a doctor who’s purposely wearing a face diaper reducing your oxygen intake, spiking your carbon dioxide levels, spiking your cortisol levels, and reducing your lymphocyte counts all because your employer is retarded 🤡🌎 you could easily use your MD to countermand it
@SeivwrightTrudy @karlmart To be very clear wearing face diapers in this context isn’t medical intervention to prevent spread of saliva microdroplets in operating theaters. It’s a humiliation ritual and social compliance measure. If anyone “requires” me to wear one I’ll tell them to go fuck themselves.
@SeivwrightTrudy @karlmart To be doubly clear the last time I walked into a doctors office they tried to require me to wear a face diaper. This was in 2020. I walked out of there and will NEVER GO BACK. Thanks to spineless so called medical professionals that won’t state the obvious. You have zero clue…
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Hello Twitter World!

I have been vax injured for 21 months now due to the #Pfizer jab #1 ER8731. Life has been pure hell. I do have good moments, but that is when the Ivermectin is working. I have been gaslighted by multiple doctors, hospitalized, tried the FLCCC therapies 1/10
Now that Twitter is open to free speech, that is what I’m doing. I wasn’t an anti vaxxer before getting the jab. I just wanted relief from the Covid LH symptoms. I wasn’t very educated on vaccines. I don’t even like to call it a vaccine anymore. It’s a bio weapon in my body 2/10
I have lived with neurological, sensory, tinnitus, head pain,tremors, constant falls, nerve pain shooting in my legs/feet, cognitive decline, neuro burning all over,major fatigue, memory loss,light/sound/food/hypersensitivity triggers the spike proteins/inflammation sucks! 3/10
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6 MINUTESafterMIDNIGHT May31,2017 #Trump tweeted "Despite the constant negative press #covfefe" He deleted the tweet 6HOURS later but implied that its wording was intentional
At 06:09 AM He deleted the original&Tweeted:"Who can figure out the true meaning of 'covfefe' ??? Enjoy!"…
Inferno Premiered on October 28, 2016, ten years after release of The Da Vinci Code

“Q” post 1 appeared on October 28, 2017…

Fond of saying sometimes great “Plans” Start as “Prayers”

WTF 🤷‍♂️ but honestly WTF… Image
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🚨LIVE from Cincinnati hospital covering the FACTS about Damar Hamlin's sudden collapse and current condition.

Here is what we know:

-We have confirmed that Damar Hamlin is indeed alive. However, he is currently on a ventilator and in critical condition.
- According to NFL medical staffers, Hamlin’s heart DID stop while on the field, but after 9 seconds of CPR, they were able to restart it.

- Hamlin’s hit was considered by many to APPEAR as average by NFL standards, but the details of WHERE he was hit is unknown at this time.
- The severity of this injury cannot be understated, as it is EXTREMELY rare for the NFL to completely cancel a game midway through—especially a high stakes game like this.
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-A high school student collapsed and died suddenly during a game in Arizona
-A 24 y/o soccer player collapsed and died on field
-An 18 y/o died playing football in Wisconsin
-Another student died suddenly after collapsing on field in Florida

What do they all have in common? 🧵
All were young. And ALL of these incidents happened BEFORE 2020. Long before any covid vaccine, long before covid itself.

In order:
-Charles Youvella, AZ - 2013
-Gregory Mertens, Belgium - 2015
-Ronald Rouse, WS - 2012
-Jacquez Welch, FL - 2019

They all #DiedSuddendly
Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed suddenly on field. Anti-vaxxers and opportunists are rushing to push their agenda before any facts are known, and ignoring the facts that we do know: young, healthy people died suddenly for inexplicable reasons long before covid.
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Who is behind Corona Virus ? (Thread)

-Till now there r two theories :

- It's a natural virus n came from contact of human with animal (bats), China is presenting this theory

- Lab leak theory: coron virus (SARS-Cov2) leaked from Wuhan Institute of Virology (China)

- Only a stupid can believe in natural theory. If it's a natural virus, how it can survive in any temprature, how it keep mutilating itself

- is this just coincidence that it originated from WIV in 2019 ?
Which has one of biggest virus research lab
- in 2021, China said to WHO that WIV do research on virus but the never did any research on "Gain on function" on bat corona virus

Gain-of-function research refers to viruses taken from animals n genetically altered in a lab to make them more transmissible to humans.
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Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fauci

Fauci is NOT your lord and savior like the radical-left wants you to believe.

He LIED about the origins of Covid then made MILLIONS from the pandemic.

Killing your loved ones is inconsequential

#fauciFanClub #FauciFiles
Fauci is an evil SOB
“Gain-of-Function” is another term for “bioweapon”
used to eliminate population and generate wealth for himself
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In 2023, however, while MGM focuses on integrating Cosmopolitan and Caesars relaunches the former Bally's under the Horseshoe name, two very different billionaires may be stepping up as rivals to the Las Vegas Strip status quo. #SongJoongKi #DiedSuddendly #Dogecoin… The first has already declared his intentions, while the second may actually have the biggest ace in the hole. Billionaire Tilman Fertitta has purchased a piece of land in the heart of the area dominated by Caesars and MGM. And while he owns the… Golden Nugget on Fremont Street downtown, the billionaire owner of the Houston Rockets plans a higher-end brand for his Strip property,

Fertitta spent $270 million on a piece of land located between Caesars' Planet Hollywood and the
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They been making #Diddy trend for days now because they don’t want the masses to to see this, the distraction is real…💉💦
#FauciFiles #fauci #vaccine #Biden #thenoticing #jewishsupremacy #Wuhan #Pfizer #BlackTwitter #vaccinated #DiedSuddendly…
Please Lord, Pretty please…. Image
The Man of the hour, @montaga the people are saluting you
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What happens to blood when you add a drop of each of the coof jibs vs a control? Very interesting results. 👇🏻

#COVID19 #DiedSuddendly…
It’s interesting how cartoon characters keep coming out of the woodwork to aggressively and advocate for pharma’s position, which becomes increasingly absurd as the propaganda just doesn’t square with people’s lived experience. Then they insult you in an attempt…
…at shame and public humiliation, which worked when Twitter was silencing people who broke from the narrative, but is ineffective when it’s clear the majority knows something is up.
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Nog even over die 'documentaire' #DiedSuddendly.

Kern is deze aaneenschakeling van omvallende mensen. Die zijn dus 'opeens stierven'. Door vaccins? 👻

Ik kon het niet laten en speurde fragmenten na.
U ziet...🧵
1/ 80-jarige Indische priester die, inderdaad, live overlijdt aan hartinfarct.
Alleen: in India prikken ze niet met mRNA, maar met vector-, eiwit- en levendverzwakt vaccin.
2/ Man met tekstboek 'tonische' epileptische aanval. Vandaar dat z'n vrienden hem rustig filmen.
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