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Même si cela ne parait pas si étonnant, les politiciens états-uniens de tous bords ont souvent réduit l'Europe à leur larbin.
Il s'agit d'une #FakeNews. Les #Trump-istes l'ont mauvaise de voir leur gourou avoir été "inculpé"…
1/4 Article dans le "The D...
Pas si étonnant, certes!
#Biden avait bien annoncé la neutralisation de #NordStream qlqs semaines avant son sabotage!
Même si nos abrutis de #médias minimisent, croyant ainsi ne pas "nourrir le jeu des Trumpistes & extrêmes" & provoquant donc l'inverse : Mefiance & Défiance!
On pourrait alors se demander comment les #USA priveraient la Chine de relations avec l'#UE ?!
En faisant avec leurs amis #RoyaumeUni encore sauter des infrastructures en Europe, comme #NordStream & le Pipeline d'ammoniac #TogliattiOdessa ?!
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L'affaire #Dorsey

There's been a minor kerfuffle in India for the last two days since the Twitter ex-CEO, Jack Dorsey, @jack, made some statements about freedom of speech in India under #Modi.

A 🧵

#Liberals are gleefully sharing these comments as evidence of #India not being a democratic country, and defenders of the government are going into attack dog mode, as usual.

But many people on both sides are missing some key things here:

1. Dorsey didn't talk only about India. In fact, he also talked about how the #USA government tried to suppress things. As also #Turkey, #Nigeria.

2. This points to a deeper issue underlying the whole controversy: Is #FreedomOfSpeech absolute?

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Post any rah-rah #Ukraine shit on my timeline or "#Russia is killing innocents". I have more intel on the intervention than 100 of you paid shills put together.

I may not be a #Putin fan but:

His army has rescued to date 35K children in @ZelenskyyUa's...RT
sex trafficking MEAT GRINDER. It's a full stop for me right there; I was in the face of the pedo cabal for years until funding ran out. You indecent assholes who defend #map or #pedophiles have never seen a toddler hung by their heals being sexually abused...RT
with a 14 yr old girl tormenter's bra being used as a gag to muffle the screams. And this is just the least of the horrors used in "pedo arenas".

@ZelenskyyUa bombed the #NordStream pipeline and the #NovaKakhovka dam FLOODING THE VILLAGES OF HIS OWN CITIZENS...RT @judyannaggie
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Falls ihr auch dieses #Propaganda-Déjà-vu - analog zur #Nordstream-Sprengung - habt, wenn ihr "Experten", wie z.B. #Masala oder "Politiker" wie #Nouripour, zur Zerstörung des #Kachovka-Staudammes hört, dann hab ich das hier etwas mit Fakten unterfüttert:

1/ Image
Der #Kachowka-Staudamm wurde im Verlauf des #Ukrainekrieg|es, 2022, noch vor der endgültigen Zerstörung, mehrfach vom #Ukraine-Militär, bombardiert und schwer beschädigt.………
Die #Ukraine wäre nachweislich Wiederholungstäter:…
3/ Image
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Depuis que le journaliste Seymour Hersh (…) a publié
"How America Took Out The #NordStream Pipeline" (…), la #CIA s'est crue obligée d'activer ses réseaux en #Europe et aux #USA pour tenter de détourner les soupçons vers l'#Ukraine.
Cette opération d'intox a utilisé les médias d'oligarques occidentaux habitués à colporter la propagande de la CIA. Le matraquage médiatique est censé compenser l'indigence de leur histoire des 6 plongeurs ukronazis louant un petit voilier pour trimbaler des tonnes de matos ? 🙄
La réalité: "En juin dernier [2022], les plongeurs de la Navy, opérant sous le couvert d'un exercice de l'OTAN largement médiatisé au milieu de l'été connu sous le nom de BALTOPS 22 ont posé les explosifs déclenchés à distance trois mois plus tard"…
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- #Servent "#Barrage, Sûr! C'est les Russes même si c'est irrationnel!"
- #Servent #Lasserre (ridicule!) "#NordStream, on peut pas se fier au #WashingtonPost! Ce serait irrationnel que ce soit les Ukrainiens!"
#Hugheux est le seul sérieux!

#24hPujadas #Ukraine #Russie
Oui #24hPujadas!
"A qui profite le crime ?"
C'est clair, non ?!
Une puissance a tout intérêt à semer le chaos & le trouble dans cette guerre à tous les niveaux, à court, moyen et long terme, surtout si les médias feignent de ne rien voir & n'en parlent pas!

#Ukraine #Russie
Puissance d'ailleurs qui comme à son habitude ne rate jamais une occasion pour critiquer son voisin français "n'est-ce pas?"
Et qui n'aurait pas tardée à en faire un scandale si la France devait occuper ce type de rôle/mission "d'escalades"…

#Ukraine #Russie
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🟥 Nach der Washington Post belegten Geheimdokumente, dass die #Ukraine hinter dem Terroranschlag auf #NordStream stehen könnte und die Bundesregierung rund 3 Mo zuvor! von der CIA, die wiederum von einem nicht genannten EU Geheimdienst gewarnt wurde.…
2. Die Bundesregierung unter @Bundeskanzler Scholz war nach der Washington Post über den terroristischen Anschlag durch das 🇺🇦 Militär auf die 🇩🇪 Infrastruktur informiert und ist somit eine Gefahr für unsere nationale Sicherheit,
3. Das Wissen u Vertuschen um diesen Terroranschlag trotz mehrfacher Anfrage u.a von @SWagenknecht ohne dagegen etwas zu unternehmen sollte für @Bundeskanzler Scholz und seine Mitwisser strafrechtliche Konsequenzen haben und den sofortigen Rücktritt der Regierung begründen.
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Ukraine has decided to file a lawsuit with International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands against Russia after Kakhovskaya hydroelectric station was destroyed - Zelensky.

The dam was (Actually blown by Kyiv)..!!

#Kherson Image
1. As usual US intelligence has accused Russia of the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam.
As per US State Department:
"United States government has intelligence that is leaning toward Russia as the culprit of the attack on the dam in Ukraine (ex-Ukraine)".
Just like……
2. On December 2022 The Washington Post reported about the plans of the Ukrainian high command to blow up the Nova Kahrkovska dam with the intention of cutting all Russian supply lines. The Ukrainians actually carried 3 strikes with American HIMRAS rockets on one of the gates as…… ImageImageImage
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Who bombed the Nova Khakovka Dam? #Russia & #Ukraine r suffering from the destruction of the dam.

Cui bono? The US is directing the war, providing support & intelligence and having the technical capability is carelessness about both sides' losses.

All #US tools, including the #EU official like @vonderleyen & co. r already accusing #Russia because they believe they can bark loudly and influence public opinion.
In reality, #Ukraine has failed the first push, and the #US needed a diversion, similar to the defeat in #Bakhmut.
A natural water barrage has been created, making any possible "spring offensive" void.

An excellent way to avoid declaring the defeat of 50 nations in #Ukraine.
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Desinfo verspreiden door twijfel te zaaien, vragen te stellen of massaal ongefundeerde standpunten en meningen de wereld in te slingeren. Het gebeurt (hier) iedere dag. Zo ook nu. Hoe wapen je jezelf hier tegen? #Kherson #Nordstream #Eloise #Desinformatie Image
Desinfo is niet alleen liegen en vaak niet makkelijk herkenbaar. Het verdraaien van iets kleins kan groot effect hebben. Bijv. het vinden van een duiklaars bij de Nordstream. Die zal best gevonden zijn, maar betekent dit werkelijk iets? #Kherson #Nordstream #Eloise #Desinformatie
Het vragen wie de dam in Kherson opblies (via nota bene een poll), wat voegt dat toe? Heb jij enig idee wie het deed op dit moment? Ik niet. Dus als je hierop antwoord, doe je dit vanuit een onderbuikgevoel. Wat is de waarde dan? #Kherson #Nordstream #Eloise #Desinformatie
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Lots of moving parts in this thread but I hope people will find it useful in understanding the #4IR, or Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Israel is at the nexus. Everything from #Covid, to the war in #Ukraine, to infrastructural sabotage like the #Nordstream act as delivery systems.
Most people understand there is more going on than what the #Zionist controlled news tells us. Stemming from long before Nixon and Chabad puppet Heinz Kissinger took the US off the gold standard, but that was a pivotal moment in transforming the US into an Israeli vassal state. Image
Just as 9/11 was a false flag pretext to usher in a surveillance state under the Patriot Act, Covid-19 and insidious forms of irregular warfare are being used to facilitate the planned demolition of the United States. And yes, it is indeed (((them))).
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News zum Anschlag auf die #Nordstream-Pipeline: Deutsche Ermittler prüfen offenbar eine neue Spur in ukrainische Militärkreise. Das zeigt eine #NDRWDRSZ-Recherche mit internationalen Partnern. Darum geht es: kurzer Thread Image
Bei einer der Personen an Bord der Yacht „Andromeda“ könnte es sich der Recherche zufolge um einen Ukrainer gehandelt haben. Der junge Mann soll im ukrainischen Militär gedient haben. Image
Es führt offenbar noch eine weitere Spur in die #Ukraine: Die polnische Firma, die die Yacht angemietet hatte, nennt in offiziellen Dokumenten als „Präsidentin“ eine Frau, die der Recherche zufolge in der Ukraine lebt.
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Welcome to Thursday. It's Day 449 of Europe's war.

All the news and analysis from #Ukraine and #Russia in one place. Click and scroll throughout the day, and if you want to check back on what you missed yesterday, here's the link:


Another night, another attack on #Kyiv.

It's the 9th multi-missile assault on #Ukraine's capital this month but local officials reort all objects were shot down.

#Darnytskyi, #Dnipro and #Desnyan districts saw falling debris (such as these photos) but no injuries reported: Image

#Ukraine's air defence says #Russia probably used cruise missiles of the X-101/555 type for this morning's attack on '#Kyiv.

Reconaissance drones were spotted over the capital just before the missiles were launched.

Here's a clip of a reporter in Darnytskyi district
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#Nordstream - blackmailed not to be blackmailed…
via @rwlander
The secret letter was published by Deutsche Umwelthilfe because of climate protection concerns. But the wording proves that the Nordstream debate was fundamentally about unhappy American competition.… Image
In a subsequent Bundestag debate, climate change and Russian blackmail played no role. The Greens, CDU and FDP all had different ideas about how to use Nordstream to put pressure on Russia.…
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#Nordstream Nothing like a good conspiracy theory in the morning, especially as a gift. Image
The Danish authorities have apparently confirmed that 26 photos of the Nymfen show the submarine rescue ship SS-750. A good reason to rehash old nonsense once again, as long as it makes Russia seem more likely to be the culprit.… Image
It starts with the observation that the SS-750 had a Priz-class mini-sub on board. Of course, that sounds highly suspicious. Image
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Slowly information is coming out about the #Russian Navy ships operating around #NordStream before the attacks. E.g.…

The presence of SS-750 with a DSRV submersible is **highly suspicious**

1/8 File image of SS-750 with P...
Danish/Swedish/Norwegian and Finnish investigative journalists have been researching this for months, unearthed a lot of as-yet unpublished info.

Highly recommend the Shadow Wars tv documentaries airing right now, seek these out.
Example (chrome can translate subtitles)

Caveat, I play a small part in those documentaries.

But that’s not why I am promoting them, they really are worth watching for hybrid warfare, espionage and seabed warfare etc

Next episode surely will be Nord Stream. Expect new info

Chair too comfy… Muppet
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The #Nordstream lunch break
Last we learned, the alleged 6 RU dark ships apparently never arrived because despite Synthetic Aperture Radar being able to see through clouds, only two ships were found with AIS turned off during the time period in question.…
Earlier, ex-intelligence officer Jacob Kaarsbo of the think tank Europe told the TIMES that no unusual Russian activity was known. Hmm?…
And according to CNN, the Danish military said they face the Russians every week, which again calls into question the alleged flurry, by sea and air, on Sept. 21-22. (After all, no one could have guessed that 4 days later...)…
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#Nordstream the trace of the trace of a trace.
"t-online proved traces to the Russian military," writes t-online. " The Danish military photographed Russian ships at the Nord Stream crime scene four days before the explosions. The pictures are supposed to remain secret." Image
From @OAlexanderDK we learn that t-online's intelligence sources revealed the names of 6 Russian ships. So, we have gone from a small boat with 6 divers to convoy with 6 huge ships for a "secret false flag operation". Image
This all occurred on Sep 21/22, a most inopportune time.
At the beginning of the year NATO had moved so many naval maneuvers from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea under the name "Enhanced Vigilance Activities" (EVA).…
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⭐️Karma is a bitch even in Europe 😂
Norwegian LNG plant modernization project tripled in price (If you all remember how Norway conniving to blast #Nordstream):

#Norway #LNG #Nordstream #EU #NATO #USA Image
1. The project to upgrade Norway's Hammerfest LNG plant (involving conversion of compressors to electric drive, construction of a booster compressor station and creation of a CO2 disposal system) tripled in price to $3.5bn, operator Equinor said
2. In December, Equinor presented the project as Snohvit Future with a budget of NOK 13.2 billion and has now raised its estimate to NOK 37 billion. The project will require a plant shutdown for almost six months - for 170 days.
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Population as a whole don’t like wars. They don’t want to go into wars. They have to be fooled to reluctantly go into wars based on lies and misinformation.

#MilitaryIndustrialComplex combined with corrupt #media push nations into wars. A 🧵👇

Just looking at this ridiculous amount of money #MilitaryIndustrialComplex is wasting on Ukraine makes my blood boil with hate for our politicians and bureaucrats pushing for these regime changes and wars
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In his 1961 Inaugural Address, President Kennedy called the nuclear era he presided over the world’s “hour of maximum danger” — and he meant those words.

We never thought we would actually face a challenge like that again in human history, but alas, here we are.
Within a year of #JFK’s Inaugural, the United States and #Russia would find themselves eyeball-to-eyeball in a tense nuclear standoff over missiles in Cuba.
During those fateful Thirteen Days in October 1962, every human on the planet feared that the world as we know it could end at any moment; destroyed within seconds by the launch of nuclear weapons by the superpowers.
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am 23.2. war ich im Urlaub. Meine ersten Fotos von #Freiburg’er #Demo-Geschehen nach der #Totalinvasion sind vom 26.2.22 Da gab es eine richtige #friedensdemo in #Freiburg. Die konnte sich deutlich von Russland und Putin distanzieren. ImageImageImage
Am 25.2.22 kam Winfried Kretschman zu Besuch und wurde von #Querdenker’n belagert.
Am 26.2.22 gab es #Querdenken Demo. Obwohl #Ehrensauter schon ein Schild zum #Ukrainekrieg hatte, ignorierten die #Coronaleuger das Thema und demonstrierten noch gegen Impfungen und Masken. ImageImageImageImage
Auch bei der noch großen Demo am 12.3. waren nicht “#Frieden” das Thema, sondern #Impfpflicht. Es gab schon erste Bewegungen Richtung “BionTec” oder Ganser. Aber impfen war dominant. #Querdenker #Demos #Freiburg ImageImageImageImage
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America’s efforts to block oil & gas pipelines from #Russia date back to #JFK, who pressured #NATO allies into an embargo of the Friendship pipeline in 1962.

This 2019 Radio Free Europe article on #NordStream2’s construction is quite telling indeed……
#JFK’s 1962 embargo on oil pipes and pipeline technology marked a foundational decision that became a template for future #USSR-USA conflicts, as shown by the embargo on pipeline technologies in the early 1980s by Ronald #Reaganʼs government to halt the Trans-Siberian pipeline.
Let’s go back to the summer of 1961, when — in the words of US delegates at #NATO — the main discursive line was that European countriesʼ Soviet oil & gas trade was allegedly imperiling the security the entire Western bloc.

The Friendship pipeline was a threat, the U.S. said.
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Does anybody like Monday mornings?
Here's another daily thread with all the war news for & about #Ukraine.

We've reached Day 397 of #Russia's full invasion.
That's 130 times longer than Putin expected to capture #Kyiv!

Here's the link for Sunday's news:
With everything going according to plan for #Russia, there's absolutely no need to fire any more Commanders.

Oh wait... I'm hearing Colonel General Rustam Muradov has been sacked as Air Defence chief.

Looks like #Putin is unnerved by how easily drones can fly into its air space
#Ukraine crews have completed their UK training on Challenger-2 tanks.

The teams are already back home, ready to resume the fight against #Russia. For security the tanks' location is not revealed.

Two weeks ago Britain's MoD released this video of the training
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